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Jews are behind "Covid 19" and the Injections

As I have said many times on this Blog in posts such as this one, Jews are behind "Covid 19" and the push to inject every man, woman and child on the planet with a substance which is being called a vaccine but which is not a vaccine at all.  Instead it is a trojan horse method to deliver something inside the human body that Jews want there.  

While the Jew owned main stream media and controlled opposition press has been doing everything in its power to blame China for "Covid 19", China is the country that Jews chose to be the scapegoat.  Jews love to hide in the shadows behind scapegoats that Jews control and Jews control the Chinese government in secret as they control the U.S. Government in secret (not so much of a secret here anymore) and as they control the Russian Government as they control virtually every world government except for a few stubborn hold outs like the Iranian government.  This is part of the Jewish Master Plan, for Jews to control all world governments with Israel to be the Jewish capital of the Jew World Order, but I digress.  What I want to stress is that the only reason that China is even being discussed is that Jews chose that country to be the "origin" of "Covid 19".  Jews could have chosen any country which they control to have been the one in which their Covid 19 PSYOP but they chose China.  In Bill Gate's (and Bill Gates is a Jew even though this is being hidden from the public) simulation for Covid 19, some South American country was the origin.  To use a South American country for the "real" Covid 19 outbreak would have been too obvious so they chose a country all the way around the world from South America so the Goyim would not become aware that they are being fooled.  Nobody should be calling "Covid 19" the Chinese virus as I have heard it referred to in many places.  If you want to say its a real virus then call it the Jewish virus, not the Chinese virus, because the Jews are behind "Covid 19" and the injection push and China is just the willing scapegoat.

As with most industries, Jews are leaders of the pharmaceutical industry today.  In my research I exposed that Jews are in the top positions of all the major pharmaceutical companies today, including of course Pfizer.  See the below link about the Pfizer CEO being Jewish.

Pfizer CEO’s Jewish Past Inspired Vaccine Work

But its not just Pfizer.  Jews run every single pharmaceutical industry today that is pushing the injections on humanity and is involved in every aspect of the world wide "vaccination" (its not a vaccination at all) push.  Its no surprise why Bill Gates (who is a Jew) is heavily involved in pushing the injections.  He is also heavily invested in the Jewish pharmacutical companies so he personally profits by the world wide injection push.  This evil Jew is getting very rich by being invested in the "vaccines" but its not just profit and greed that is involved here.  Of course all of these Jews love money and getting rich but their motive for pushing the injections goes beyond that and hides something else which I want to discuss in this post.

To understand the way Jews think and the way Jews feel toward non Jews, you must understand the Jewish Talmud.  This document is an instruction manual for the Jewish race about how to think of and treat non Jews.  I have made several posts on this Blog exposing what the Jewish Talmud really says.  Although Jews deny that the Talmud says anything evil about non Jews, the reality is far different.  Its very unpleasant to understand what this book really says but every non Jew has a responsibility to know what this book says about non Jews.  Below are some links to posts I have made on this Blog exposing the Talmud.  I strongly suggest you read them because this applies to "Covid 19" and the world wide injection push.  You better believe it does.

The Jewish Talmud is Evil Hate Speech against non Jews

The Talmud, the Satanic Book of the Jews

Even the Best of the Goyim should be Killed

Implementing the Talmud is Part of the Jewish Master Plan

The Talmud is a large book but if I can summarize its content for you it would be the following:

Jews are to own and control the entire world and everything in it.  Jews are to own ALL property.  Concerning non Jews, Jews are to either kill them or enslave them.

Killing and enslaving and exploiting and discriminating against non Jews is what the Talmud is really about. In verse after verse after verse after verse, this becomes evident the more of the Talmud that you read. To understand "Covid 19" and the injection push you must understand the above.  Of course Jews do not want any non Jew to understand what the Talmud really says but on this Blog we discuss the truth that the Jews do everything in their power to hide and conceal.  But you must understand what the Talmud says concerning non Jews to understand the Jewish motivations for what they are doing today concerning Covid 19 and the injections.

As we know, death and destruction is associated with both "Covid 19" and the injections.  Although the Jewish main stream media super inflated and super hyped the number of "Covid 19" deaths initially as a way to usher in the injection, there were actual deaths involved in "Covid 19".  What I sincerely believe is that Jews and their minions PURPOSELY created biological agents in their labs and released them into the world as a way to usher in the mass injection push.  As I have said in previous posts such as this one, "Covid 19" is just a means to an end of getting all the Jewish cattle to take the Jewish Jab.  Its always been about getting the cattle to take the injections from Day one.  Everything else including the masks, social distancing, the lockdowns and now vaccine passports all are just a means to an end of forcing the cattle to get that shot.  

But if you are aware you will notice that the "vaccines" are not protecting anyone from getting "Covid 19".  Just the opposite is true.  Those who take the injection are more likely to die from "Covid 19" than those who take no injection.  See the following link.

Alarming Data from PHE Shows the Fatality Rate in the Vaccinated Under-50s is 57% Greater Than in the Unvaccinated

The injections were supposed to prevent people from dying from "Covid 19" but there are more deaths from "Covid 19" from the vaccinated than the unvaccinated.  How could that be?  This could be from a little thing called Antibody Dependent Enhancement or ADE.  Of course the Jewish Main Stream Media has not said a word about this to the public and they never will because the truth is not in them but scientifically these "vaccines" make a person more susceptible to dying from a virus in the wild than less susceptible, just the opposite of what the Jewish liars lead us to believe are their main stream media channels.  To understand ADE, there is a good video that I have previously posted on this Blog that explains it.  I am reposting that video below so you can listen to what this man says about ADE.  While I highly recommend that you watch this entire video because this man explains what is really going on very well, the part about ADE starts at around the 11:00 mark if you want to go right to that.

A person would have to have their head examined to take the injection after watching that video but if you choose to do that then you sign for whatever comes of that, including death.  Do not expect any sympathy from me or flowers on your grave if you make that foolish choice.  But as you can see from watching that video, the chances of dying from "Covid 19" due to ADE goes up astronomically if you take the injection, compared to if you do not take the injection.  This is one reason I believe Jews are pushing the injections so hard, to kill and injure as many sheep as they can.  Even the Best of the Goyim should be killed (and sickened and maimed and injured), including kids.

But it is not only death and illness that Jews are trying to cause with the injection.  Its also enslavement.  A French doctor named Pierre Gilbert discovered a plan as early as 1995 to contaminate the bloodstream of humankind in order to enslave humanity.  He said that viruses and diseases would purposely be created to get the injections inside the body that have the purpose of mind control and enslavement.  Please see this link.


Jewish Press Explains Why There Just So Happens To Be So Many ‘Jews Behind The COVID Vaccine’


Jews are behind the Injections

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