Wednesday, June 15, 2022

An Index to various Red Pills

This Blog is my honest Effort to spread the Truth that I see about various topics to others.  I cannot control what others Believe.  All I can do is to present my best case for the Truth and let others who read it make up their own minds about what I say.  This Blog is how my mind sees the world after a long difficult journey to discover the Truth.  I share this with you not for my own Ego but because I feel a solemn duty to Humanity and God to do so.   Jews will try to get you to believe that Truth doesn't matter but Truth does matter. Truth is the Foundation for everything else.  Read what I think is the truth about the world WE live in.

The Jewish Master Plan (very old)

Biggest red pill:  Jews are following a very old plan for Jewish world domination and control.

The Jewish Oligarchy ruling the World

Biggest red pill:  A hidden Jewish oligarchy rules most of the world in secrecy without the awareness of the vast majority of people.

Joseph Stalin

Biggest red pill:  The 1917 Bolshevik Revolution was 100% Jewish

Adolf Hitler (1933 - 45)

Biggest red pill:  Adolf Hitler led to the destruction of his country and his people

The JFK Assassination (1963)

Biggest red pill:  Jackie Kennedy assassinated JFK!

Miscellaneous information related to Jackie Assassinating JFK

P.I.D. (1966 onward)

Biggest red pill:  Multiple look a likes were playing the role of Paul McCartney in the Beatles

The Faked Apollo Moon Landings (1969-73)

Biggest red pill:  Man has never walked on the moon and likely never will

John Lennon Assassination (1980)

Biggest red pill:  Mark David Chapman may have been a mind controlled assassin

The attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan (1981)

Biggest red pill:  John Hinkley was a mind controlled assassin to replace Reagan with Bush

Oklahoma City Bombing (1995)

Biggest red pill:  Bombs inside the Alfred T. Murrah building did the damage, NOT a Uhaul truck filled with Ammonium Nitrate

Dr. Pierre Gilbert (1995)

Biggest red pill:  Dr. Pierre Gilbert predicted the Plandemic and said that secret mind control is one of the big purposes of it.

The JonBenet Ramsey Murder (1996)

Biggest red pill:  The public has been told a carefully crafted lie about the death of this child to hide the truth.

9-11 (2001)

Biggest red pill:  9-11 was a giant Jewish PSYOP that was planned for decades in advance

Barak Obama (2009)

Biggest red pill:  The man known to the world as Barak Hussein Obama was a homosexual pedophile "married" to a homosexual man pretending to be a woman with FAKE kids.

The "Death" of Osama Bin Laden (2011)

Biggest red pill:  The U.S. military raid on the compound in Pakistan was a complete fake to make Obama look like a hero to the American people when his fake birth certificate was being exposed.  All of the Deaths of Seal Team 6 members is because someone on Seal Team 6 was a whistleblower to the above.  Yes, (((they))) murdered Seal Team 6 in retaliation.

The Sandy Hook Fake School Shooting (2012)

Biggest red pill:  The Sandy Hook School Shooting is a Jewish Lie

Boston Marathon Bombing (2013)

Biggest red pill:  Crisis Actors participated in this, meaning it is a Deception

Paul Walker faked Death (2013)

Biggest red pill:  The man known to the world as Paul Walker is not dead

ISIS (2014)

Biggest red pill:  The ISIS beheadings and other atrocities are faked.  Some were filmed in CIA/Mossad studios in Ukraine.

Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Allegations (2014)

Biggest red pill:  Bill Cosby was defamed and his son assassinated by the Jews because Cosby was trying to acquire control over NBC

Donald Trump (2016)

Biggest red pill:  Donald Trump is a corrupt Jew who doesn't give two Fucks about the American people

QAnon (2016)

Biggest red pill:  QAnon is a Jewish disinformation campaign to make Donald Trump look like a courageous hero to the completely gullible and stupid.  Did I just call your name?

The George Floyd Murder (2020)

Biggest red pill:  The official story about George Floyd being murdered by police (Derek Chauvin) is a Jewish Lie meant to cause conflict between the white and Black races (which the Jews love to do).

The Plandemic (current)

Biggest red pill:  The Plandemic is a giant Jewish PSYOP that was planned decades in advance.

School Shooting in Texas (recent)

Biggest red pill:  Question every alleged shooting event reported by the Jewish MSM

Klaus Schwab (current)

Biggest red pill:  Klaus Schwab is a Rothschild Jew who is very much involved in the Jewish Plandemic

Ukraine War (current)

Biggest red pill:  Russia invaded Ukraine because NATO was operating in Ukraine illegally and conducting secret (biological) warfare against Russia from Ukrainian territory

Speech from Putin translated into English  <=== WHAT THE JEWISH MSM WILL NEVER SAY

Fake Truthers

Biggest red pill:  Almost all the name brand "truthers" are Disinformation Agents controlled by the lying Jews who spread (((their))) message to a clueless public

Jewish Censorship

Biggest red pill:  Besides lying their asses off about virtually everything, Jews are actively involved in censoring the Truth when it appears on non Jewish internet media.


More to Come

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