Monday, March 29, 2021

Time to connect some Dots

In a previous post I began to discussing the links between Jews, Freemasonry and Satanism.  Please read that post if you have not already seen it because there is a connection although its not at all obvious.  In the False World there is no connection.  In the False World Satanism is just a joke but in the Real World things are different.  Real World Satanism and False World Satanism are completely different animals and there is a connection in Real World Satanism to many other things such as mind control and child sex slaves. In this post I want to connect a few dots in your mind to expand your awareness of what the Real World is actually about. I don't give a fuck about the George Floyd Murder or the Derek Chauvin trial that is the latest thing in the False World.  On this Blog we discuss deeper things than the charades that the deceivers put on for us.  

In that post I said that U.S. Senator Robert C. Byrd was a 33rd Degree Freemason and also a Satanist without giving any evidence of him being a Satanist.  So now we are going to start to make some connections so you begin to see how all these things interrelate in the Real World.  

Robert C Byrd owned Mind Controlled Sex Slaves

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Don't Fall for the Lies.  Its a Fraud.

One of the agendas behind this PSYOP is to promote divisions between the White and Black races just as the recent Georgia shooting is to promote divisions between the White and Asian races. It's all related. Nothing major happens by coincidence especially those things talked about by the Main Stream Media but its all part of a plan. Because (((they))) want us divided and fighting against each other instead of unified and fighting against (((them))), especially now when so many people are losing faith in the System and waking up over the obvious Convid 19 Bullshit.

Internet search terms: George Floyd Murder, Derek Chauvin, BLM Protests, PSYOP

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Friday, March 26, 2021

Symbolism and Meaning in The Prisoner

This is my interpretation of the 1960's British science fiction series called "The Prisoner".  Like the move The Matrix (1999), the Prisoner is an allegory telling a story on two different levels.  On the surface level it is about a British intelligence agent who attempts to resign and is captured and brought to a remote island to interrogate him and to prevent "the enemy" from getting access to the secrets inside his head after a life time career as an agent.  But underneath that level is a completely different story being told which is what this post is about.  Many others besides myself have attempted to interpret the hidden meaning behind the allegory that is The Prisoner but this is my interpretation after a long study of this enigmatic series.

No. 6 represents every man and the series itself clearly indicates this in the closing credits.

No. 2 represents the false authority over No. 6. It only has authority as long as No. 6 believes it is real.  Although No. 6 feels trapped and helpless and under the control of No. 2, in reality No. 2's authority over No. 6 is an illusion in No. 6's own mind and he can choose to be free anytime he wants to if he believes he is free.

No 1 is No. 6.  No. 6 controls his own world although it is hidden from him.  No. 1 is his Higher Self that is in control while No. 6 is his Lower Self.  No. 1 and No. 6 are both different parts of the same person in two different identities.  Although No. 6 does not know about No. 1, No. 1 knows all about No. 6.  No. 6 is a subset of No. 1.  No. 6 does not really exist except in the mind.  Only No. 1 exists in the Real World and No. 6 is merely a persona in his imagination.  

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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

The Two Worlds Paradigm of the Death of Osama Bin Laden by Seal Team 6

The Two Worlds Paradigm

In the False World, the U.S. CIA discovered that Osama Bin Laden was hiding in a protected compound in Pakistan and the great U.S.A. sent its vaunted Seal Team 6 in to assassinate the notorious terrorist to take revenge for the over 3000 deaths caused by this new Hitler.  Seal Team 6 got its man and killed Osama Bin Laden dead and Barak Obama who was President at the time was hailed as a great American hero who was able to do in a short time what his predecessor George W. ("I'm the War President") Bush wasn't able to do in eight years.

This should be linked to the Two Worlds Paradigm post about 9-11 because it directly relates to it In the Real World, 9-11 was a long planned Jewish PSYOP in which very few Americans actually died despite the 24-7 American Main Stream media screaming daily that 3000 Americans had been killed in a devastating terrorist attack on the nation.  But the American people believed the lie of 9-11 and so the natural follow up to that lie was the killing of the terrorist responsible for all those American deaths.  Of course the Government of Pakistan fully cooperated with this PSYOP and allowed one of their compounds to be the location of this fake assassination.  Seal Team 6 either did not go to Pakistan at all or if they did go to stage a fake assassination they certainly did not kill Osama Bin Laden during it, who died long before of kidney problems.  But the problem with telling a lie concerning Seal Team 6 is that not everyone on Seal Team 6 was willing to go along with the lie even though I am sure they were ordered to cooperate.  Somebody talked and told the truth and it got out and then it was open season on Seal Team 6.

Of course the big lie that you are supposed to believe is that it was Al Queda who killed these Seal Team 6 members to avenge the death of their leader but the hard cold truth of the matter is that these men were all killed to silence a whistle blower.  Since it was unknown who exactly that was, they killed everyone who it could have been.  This is the Real World.  Imagine a brutal Mafia running the entire world and you will be pretty close to the truth.

Saturday, March 20, 2021

The CIA and Mind Control

Please see the following PDF as it is highly relevant to other information on this Blog.The CIA has long been involved in some very evil shit.  If you know anything about Fiona Barnett then you already know that the CIA exported its mind control technology to the Australian Government and it was used on Fiona for very evil purposes.  Its been used on countless other children in the U.S. and around the world for very evil immoral purposes.  This also links to the JFK assassination, the JonBenet Ramsey murder and many many other things. If you want to know what the Real World is really about, you need to know this.  

"The Search for the Manchurian Candidate" The CIA and Mind Control by John Marks Allen Lane.

JFK Assassination:

Drunk with power, the CIA was not about to let any man interfere with it, not even the President of the United States.  When JFK openly threatened to break the CIA up into a thousand pieces, the CIA conspired to assassinate him with the backing of the Mossad and Israel and the Jewish Snake who was upset at JFK for several reasons.  It was an Unholy alliance between the CIA and Jews that made the assassination of JFK a reality in November of 1963.

Dr. Sidney Gottlieb (pictured below) links directly to the JFK assassination in that he was responsible for the CIA created chemical agent that immobilized JFK (AKA the throat shot) so JFK could be easily assassinated by his treacherous wife.

Mind control of child victims

Sidney Gottlieb protege John Gittinger (pictured below) went to Australia to advise the Australian government on the proper application and use of CIA mind control technology.   

One of the Australian mind control scientists that Gittinger advised was Dr. Antony Kidman, who is the father of Australian actress Nicole Kidman.  See the two images below of Dr. Kidman.

Dr. Kidman was murdered to punish him after Fiona Barnett recovered her memories and started talking.  In the False World, his death was suicide or accident (take your pick) but in the Real World Kidman was murdered because it was his responsibility to make sure that mind control victim Fiona Barnett never recovered her memories and he failed in this most basic task. 

EDIT TO ADD:  Make no mistake that Nicole Kidman knows why her father really died just as she knew exactly what her father was into.  Fiona Barnett revealed that Nicole Kidman was present during some of the abuse of her.  Nicole Kidman has a dark secret that explains her success in Hollywood and its because she grew up in a Satanic cult environment and has been a willing member of it since she was a teenager up to today.  She is certainly not the only Hollywood celebrity to fall under this category. Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, George Clooney and others are also accepted members of the cult.  Whenever you see a current successful Hollywood star that can seem to do no wrong in terms of the Establishment then its likely this is reason behind it.  

JonBenet Ramsey Murder:

This also links to the JonBenet Ramsey murder because CIA created mind control techniques were being used on six year old JonBenet Ramsey to turn her into a child sex slave for adults, with the full cooperation of her father John Ramsey.  When something went wrong and one of JonBenet's clients accidentally killed her, the CIA helped to cover up the entire affair to hide their abuse of mind control technology on children to control them for sexual purposes.

Monday, March 15, 2021

People who are demonized or appear to get in trouble in the False World

Considering the Two Worlds Paradigm, there are people who are not seen in a favorable light in the False World and in this post I want to discuss what this really means.  To be more specific, there are some people who are clearly demonized and made to look bad to the people by the Establishment.  There are other people who appear to have gotten in trouble in the False World and have effectively fallen from grace.  Both of these are in the false world, which is the world that most people ever see and know about.  The status of these people in the Real World, which the people do not see is often far different.  In this post I am going to be discussing this using specific people as yet another example of the differences between the False World and the Real World.  Below is a series of images of people who fall into this category.

Bashar Assad:

Badly demonized by the Jewish Snake, in the False World, Bashar Assad is a mass murderer who has used poison gas on his own people multiple times and is guilty of International War Crimes.  In the Real World, Bashar Assad is the victim of a Jewish plot to completely destroy his government and the people of Syria because Jews and Israel want to expand into Syria from Israel and call the whole region Greater Israel.  In reality, Assad is a great Patriot to the Syrian people and is seen as a Hero by them.

Bill Cosby

Also badly demonized by the Jewish Snake, in the False World Bill Cosby is a notorious rapist of women and a scumbag to be despised by all decent people.  In the Real World Bill Cosby's great sin that brought the wrath of the Jewish Snake down upon his head is that he, a non Jew, tried to acquire ownership of an American Main Stream Media company called the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC).  Had the Jews not stopped it, Cosby would have gotten control over NBC but for a non Jew to have control over a major MSM company threatened the Jewish Snake MSM monopoly in American so the Jews unleashed the wrath of Hell on Cosby and his family.  Not only did countless accusers suddenly come out of the woodwork to defame and destroy Cosby's reputation and credibility, the Jews put out a contract on Cosby's son who was killed by an assassin in cold blood.  See below image.

Ennis Cosby, murdered by the Jews in retaliation:

Most people have no idea how treacherous Jews can be when they want to destroy someone but as Bill Cosby (and John F. Kennedy for that matter) found out the hard way, they can turn a person's life completely upside down in a heartbeat and you don't even see it coming before it suddenly happens.  That is the hallmark of Jewish treachery, careful cold blooded planning that is unleashed without warning.  

Jeffrey Epstein:

In the case of Jeffrey Epstein, he is not actually demonized by the Jewish Snake at all for which Epstein was a willing tool for many years but he is demonized by the general public in large part due to the negative exposure he suffered during the Pizzagate episode.  In the False World he is known as a child sex trafficker but this hides what Epstein was really involved in the real world.  Epstein was not acting for himself but was an agent for the Jewish Snake from the beginning.  What he was involved in for the Jewish Snake was Blackmail of significant people in order to control them, which is similar to what Trump mentor Roy Cohn was involved in.  As a side note, notice the close association between Trump and Epstein and Trump and Cohn, which conceals a story deserving of its own post on my Blog but let's just hold that thought for now.  The big thing to know about Epstein is that the things he allegedly got in trouble for in the False World pale in comparison to the things that Epstein was involved with in the Real World.  Epstein may have become a scapegoat for the Jewish Snake to put all the blame on him and to hide the involvement of a lot of other people (including for example Donald Trump) so that the clueless mob called for Epstein's head while giving everyone else a pass.  Leave it to the useful idiots of the mob to believe whatever they are told and to never look beyond it as they are manipulated by the Jewish Snake like marionettes. 

Dennis Hastert:

Just as in the case of Epstein, what Hastert allegedly got in trouble for pales in comparison with what he was really involved in.  Concerning Hastert, I am of the strong opinion that he was being Blackmailed as all U.S. Politicians of any significance are to control them because the Jewish Snake likes to have leverage over its puppets.  Hastert as Speaker of the U.S. House during the Bush Administration certainly held a significant position and so he was being blackmailed.  In fact, Hastert might have chosen specifically because he had something in his past that allowed him to be blackmailed or (((they))) created a blackmail situation to control him, such as setting him up with a young boy or girl and then filming it.  Hastert knew about the blackmail but this is the price you pay for getting to hold a high level position in the corrupt, Jew owned U.S. Government.  But Hastert did something or said something that caused (((them))) to want to destroy his political career, which they certainly did but the allegations against him are nothing compared to the Blackmail material IMO.  

Adolf Hitler:

As I have said before, I have been reluctant to talk about Adolf Hitler on this Blog but this post wouldn't be complete without a discussion of the most demonized man in world history.  And there is zero doubt that he is demonized by the Jewish Snake, who wants to make every single person hate this man and to hate Germany during WW2.  And the reason that the Jewish Snake hates Adolf Hitler and Germany so much is that this man had the balls to do what no other man in human history has attempted, which is to go to war against the Jewish Snake.  Actually that is not true.  The truth is that the Jewish Snake went to war against Adolf Hitler and Germany first and then Hitler was forced to go to war to help defend his country from being overrun on all sides by the forces that the International Jews brought against him.  As we all know, he lost that war and Germany was crushed but Hitler deserves great credit for waging the war even if he had no chance of winning against the extremely well financed and organized International Jewish Snake.  At least he and Germany stood up against them instead of kneeling in submission like the main Western powers of Britain, France and the USA. 

In the False World, Hitler was a homicidal maniac trying to take over the entire world who murdered six million Jews.  Hitler started World War two for no other reason than his own ego and his hatred against the Jews caused the Holocaust.  This is what the Jews want us to believe about Hitler but what is the truth about him in the Real World? More disinformation has been created about Hitler than perhaps any other man mainly to demonize him in the eyes of humanity but the following is my opinion about Hitler after looking at the situation. In the Real World, Hitler was a man who became cognizant of the horrible destruction of his country and his culture by International Jewry and he led a Patriotic resistance movement inside Germany against this negative Jewish influence of his country.  He eventually assumed leadership of Germany and in that position he forcibly removed Jews from all positions in which they could do harm to Germany, such as the Government and in the Main Stream Media. Hitler also started a new German National currency which completely abandoned the Jewish Banking System in Germany. This action by Hitler removing Jews from power in Germany as well as creating their own currency caused the Jewish Snake to declare war against Hitler and Germany in 1933.  Of course you never hear about this from the Jewish MSM who wants to put all the blame on Hitler but here it is, Jews of all the World Unite in Action against Germany.  So the Jewish Snake went to war against Germany in March of 1933, effectively starting World War two.  

Jews started World War two in 1933 and it was a purely Economic war before it became a shooting war. Again Jews, who always paint themselves as snow white innocent and natural victims of anti Semites only want to talk about the alleged "Holocaust" and nothing else.   But what else would one expect from an evil lying deceptive Snake?   I need to create a post exposing the Jewish fraud of the Holocaust but this is not the place to do it.  Here it will suffice to say that Jews were talking about six million of them being killed long before Hitler even came on the scene, so that six million figure is complete bullshit and they know it but let's just hold that thought for now.  There will be plenty of time later to expose this. 

In 1939, Hitler who was a Patriot for the German people wanted to make a way for people of German ancestry to be able to travel into German territory by annexing the Danzig corridor.  Hitler's only purpose in doing this was to link the German people together but Britain, France and Poland seized on this move to allow Britain and France to declare war on Germany over existing treaties with Poland.  In reality, the Jews were looking for a way to bring Britain and France into a war against Germany and this is what they used to do it.  Hitler did not want war but he did want to protect the German nation and the German people and he was prepared to defend Germany when war was forced upon him.

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Richard M. Nixon:

Richard Nixon was a willing tool of the Establishment for many years as evidenced by his cooperation with the American Apollo moon landings hoax, which many perceive to be an American deception when in reality it was a Jewish deception.  The thing that got Nixon in trouble is not Watergate but that Nixon was openly critical of Jews and their bad influence in the U.S. Government and America in general. After his comments about Jews reached certain ears, a plan was set in motion to not only remove him from the Presidency but to completely disgrace him.  

Vladimir Putin:

Jimmy Saville:

Kevin Spacey:

Donald Trump:

Harvey Weinstein:

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Sunday, March 14, 2021

My prediction that Camille Harris will become the next POTUS

I predict that Camille Harris will become President of the United States before the 2024 election because those who control the United States desire it.  This goes back to the Two Worlds Paradigm.  In the False World, things just happen by chance and coincidence and there is no secret plan or plot to direct the course of what happens in the world.  But in the Real World, anything of any significance or importance is carefully planned well in advance and those who control the real world make those things happen because those things serve one or more agendas of those who run the world.  

The choice of who "becomes" President of the United States is certainly significant to those who control the world.  In the False World, the United States is a Democracy where people vote and choose who becomes President but that is not the case at all in the Real World.  In the Real World, the USA is a Jewish Fascist state pretending to be a Democracy and the President of the USA is not chosen by the people at all but is instead chosen by those who control the USA.  In other words, Jews control who gets to become POTUS.  Its a completely rigged game and nobody who reaches the White House is honest and non corrupt.  This of course includes Donald J. Trump despite all the fools out there who still believe this man is honest and a Patriot.  Get fucking real.  

I said I predict that Harris will become POTUS before the 2024 election, which means that something will happen to Joe Biden.  He will die either of natural causes or even better yet for the Jews who run the country, Biden will be assassinated by an "angry Trump supporter" who is convinced that Biden stole the election from Trump.  Imagine that.  That would go right along with the January 6th insurrection and all the talk of Domestic terrorism following it and give those who are demonizing Trump's original base (which just happens to be the White race) an excuse to go after the white race and clamp down on the entire nation like never before.  Why just serve one agenda when many agendas can be accomplished at the same time?  I am not saying this will happen but it would be perfectly in line with everything else we have seen that appears to be leading up to an unknown future event.  Certainly the Jews who run America already know what is going to happen but we normal humans don't.  We just have to watch the clues and try to figure it out to the best of our ability.  But a Black woman is who the Jews want to be President and not an old white very possibly Senile man like Joe Biden.  Joe Biden is just the transition to Harris.  So something will take Biden out of the way and Harris will be President.  I am certainly not the only one to see this but it occurred to me pretty strongly that this must be the case, hence this post.  I could be wrong but this is my prediction.

As for Trump, he is finished.  There is absolutely no way this man will ever become POTUS again.  He had his one shot and he fucked it up so badly that nobody on either side wants this crazy anywhere near the White House.  Go be king of Israel, because that is where you always belonged.

Friday, March 12, 2021

 The Two Worlds Paradigm Example of the Barak Obama Family

Two Worlds Paradigm

False World Explanation:  

Barak Obama was born under the name Barak Obama and he is a straight man who is married to a woman named Michelle Obama (born female as Michelle Robinson) in a heterosexual relationship. They had two children through sex which are pictured above.  This is a normal family just like any other family.

Real World Explanation:

Barak Obama is a gay man, not straight. He is a Muslim, not Christian.  His alleged female wife is in reality another gay man whose real name is Michael LaVaughn Robinson.  These are two gay men who are living in a homosexual relationship.  In this Homosexual relationship, it is Michael who is on top and Barry who is on the bottom.  The two kids shown in the above photograph are not the the children of these two gay men but are the children of completely different parents who are pictured below.  The picture above shows a completely fake family of two gay men holding the hands of children who do not belong to them.  This is extreme perversion that is posing as a normal American family.

The real parents of the "Obama Children":

The two people shown in the above image are Dr. Martin Nesbitt and Anita Blanchard, who are the real parents of the two Obama children.  If you doubt that, which you may, shown below are images of these two people along side the Obama children.  In the case of the older Obama girl, Malia, there is no doubt that she the daughter of Martin Nesbitt.  Just compare their faces to see it.

Meet the Real Parents:

Anita Blanchard is the OBGYN who claims to have delivered both girls but this just a lie to support the illusion that Michelle Obama is a woman with a vagina instead of a man with a penis..  

Please see the following thread:

Is it a man or a woman?  (Hint: it's man)

So what goes on here, you might rightfully ask?  Have Barak and Michelle Obama adopted these people's kids?  And the answer to that question is No.  Barak and Michelle Obama are in reality two gay men in a homosexual relationship who have no interest in kids other than to promote the illusion that they are a normal family consisting of a man and a wife when in reality they are something FAR different.  It is not that these two gay men care about kids but that those who put these two gay men in the White House (who I contend are high level Jews) paired the two gay men with these kids to promote the illusion of a normal family to give them acceptance.  But kids or not, the reality is that two gay men occupied the White House for eight long years living in a homosexual relationship.  That is what is important to understand here and its also important to understand the reason behind in the Jewish hive mind..  

When the tongue slips the truth comes out. Click image below.

They also know you're on top:

Is anyone reading this still in denial that Michelle Obama is a man?  If so then shame on you.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

More Pictures from the Real World

Please see the first post, Pictures from the Real World before looking at this post because it is more of the same.  

Keywords for internet searches: Kidnapping, The Finders, CIA, Afghan child prostitutes, Fake Beatles, Fake Pauls, Boston Bombing PSYOP, Drag Queens forced on kids, Perverting of America, Transgender Kids, Disney, Illuminati, Pope, Reptilians, Freemasons, Skull & Bones, Kevin Spacey, Jewish Ritual Murder, Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Gates, Jewish Treachery, Jewish Traitors, Franklin Credit Union, VIP child sex parties, Fiona Barnett, Dr. Antony Kidman, Paul Walker alive, Pizzagate.

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