Monday, May 31, 2021

I am getting more discriminating in web sites I trust

I have noted that I am getting much more discriminating in the web sites I trust.  I do look at many other web sites to see what others are saying but I realize that over time I am becoming less satisfied with what many truth-oriented web sites call the truth.  Here is a web site that I used go to all the time and at one time I was satisfied that this web site was truthful but no longer.  My idea of truth has become more refined and this web site no longer satisfies my thirst.  Like many web sites, it is telling a version of the truth that is not really the truth.  After looking at everything it says I am left with a bad taste in my mouth and do not feel as if am getting the real truth.  Its what I refer to as "spun truth", which is meant to appeal to the emotions of  a certain audience but its not really the truth.  In many ways it is bullshit and I reject its message.  In my quest for the truth I have gone far beyond what web sites such as this have to offer.  I seek a higher truth and this web site is never going to give me that so I am not going to go there anymore.  There are very few web sites that I know of that I feel I can trust, so few I can count them on the fingers of one hand and that is very sad but that is the nature of the internet.  Perhaps you can understand my feeling or maybe you have not climbed high enough on the truth ladder to do that.  One of the commenters of this Blog referred to me as a Detective who researches everything to come up with my own answers and the reason I do this is because I do not trust anyone out there to give me the truth.  I only trust myself.  I would much rather trust myself than to be misled or follow someone else to be limited to the answers they give me.  I provide my own answers to my questions that are often independent of what anyone else says. A guru is a person or web site or tv channel or whatever that a truth seeker goes to (or consults) to find the truth.  I do not require a guru because I have become my own guru.  The following is a great article by Miles Mathis where he talks about becoming your own Guru because no other guru can be trusted because they are controlled opposition.. The Establishment provides almost all the gurus itself in order to mislead people and prevent them from understanding the real truth.  Anyone who believes one of these establishment-provided gurus has not taken the red pill at all but a false red pill. They are clever snakes in sheep's clothing who are put there to deceive.  I understand perfectly what Miles Mathis is saying here because I have lived it.  While I disagree with Miles Mathis about some significant things, he sees a lot and this article is proof of it.  

What I finally understood - Miles Mathis

More About Jewish Ritual Sacrifice

This post is a continuation of a series of recent posts on this Blog concerning the topic of Jewish Ritual Sacrifice, abbreviated as JRS.  If you have not already done so, I invite you to look at my post titled Patterns of Jewish Ritual Sacrifice which I have reformatted and added to. Some readers of this blog may be tired of hearing about this subject and wonder why I am spending so much time investigating it and the reason I give is I think it is important for non Jews to fully understand what JRS is because this exposes the true nature of Jews and Judaism in the world both in the past all the way up to today. Anything this Blog can do to shed light on the secret bad behavior of Jews it will certainly do so that all non Jews know what Jews are really about at the highest levels of their secret society.  

Although some people disagree with me, I contend that Jews knew from long ago the benefits of certain hormones that are released into the bloodstream of humans who are tortured or very severely traumatized, benefits such as anti-aging and helping a person look and feel young far beyond what would normally be possible, and they actively sought out these hormones in the blood of JRS victims.  JRS may have many purposes but I contend that one purpose of it is to allow Jews to gain access to these hormones which they desire for various purposes.  

If you have ever heard of the term "blood sucker" applied to Jews, it is because of JRS.  The meaning of blood sucker when applied to Jews has been twisted to mean that Jews cheat and swindle non Jews at every opportunity concerning money and financial matters and while it is certainly true that Jews do cheat and exploit non Jews monetarily every chance they get this is not the original meaning of the term Blood sucker which has gotten lost.  The meaning of Blood sucker is that in the past Jews have been discovered sucking blood from (traumatized) victims of JRS.  Below is an image depicting this from ancient times.

What I contend is that there is no benefit to Jews from simply drinking blood but if hormones from a traumatized victim have been dumped into that blood because of the trauma before it is collected then there is a benefit to Jews from drinking it.  The blood is just a medium containing the hormones that the Jews are really after.  I contend that it is not the blood but the hormones contained in the blood that the Jews are really after. The hormones come from the torture inflicted on the victim before the blood collection.

I say that JRS is going on today just as much as in the past but today it is carefully hidden so that it is not exposed to non Jews and non Jews do not know about it.  JRS has not stopped but has gone deeply underground (to protect Jews) so there is nobody writing about any current instances of it as there was in the past.  It is completely hidden but still is going on just as much as in the past and the reason it has not stopped is because it is an integral part of Judaism

Sunday, May 30, 2021

A Word about Adrenochrome


As I was going down the rabbit hole on the topic of Jewish Ritual Sacrifice (see this post and this post), I connected some dots that I have never read anyone connect before so I wanted to make a post about this while it is still fresh on my mind. Here are two important dots that I want to connect for you in the case of JRS:

First dot:  As I noted in my post Patterns in Jewish Ritual Sacrifice, blood from JRS victims is always collected from the victim while they are alive and never after they are dead.  Only after blood has been collected from the living victim is the victim put to death.

Second dot:  Victims of JRS are often found to be have tortured, sometimes for days on end before they are killed.

In this world, you have to think for yourself and not wait for others to give you answers to the questions you have.  I asked myself, why would Jews want to torture their victims sometimes for up to three days before finally collecting their blood and killing them?  Of course one answer that many people have come up with is that these Jews are just evil people who hate non Jews and Christians so much that they love to torture them but another answer jumped out at me right away when I thought about Adrenochrome.  Adrenochrome is a hormone that is released into the blood of the human body when it is under severe trauma.  Severe torture of a victim would cause this hormone to be released into the blood stream.  It is said that this hormone Adrenochrome is highly prized because of its qualities.  It is also said that the purest form of Adrenochrome comes from young kids and not from adults.  Note that in JRS most of the victims are young children and not adults.  Although adults are sometimes chosen as victims of JRS, for example Catholic Priests, Jews seem to target young non Jewish children as JRS victims.  

It is the torture aspect of JRS prior to the blood collection that got my interest in the most that the entire reason for the torture is to get the JRS victim to release Adrenochrome into the blood which is then collected.  Do you see the connection between torturing the victim and then collecting blood from the tortured victim that has the Adrenochrome released into it?  The more torture, the more Adrenochrome would be released into the blood.  In some cases of JRS the victim had been tortured for three days before the blood was finally collected and the victim killed.  

This post is just to get you thinking that torture is done during JRS for the specific purpose of getting the Adrenochrome into the blood, which is then drank or used in food or other rituals.  Adrenochrome is also important in Satanic rituals where torture is also used on still living victims to get the blood laced with Adrenochrome so they can drink it in their Satanic ceremonies.  I want to end this post with various links discussing Adrenochrome for your further research down this rabbit hole. Once more I am not saying I agree with all these links or sources so read these with discretion.

Satanic Ritual Murder vs. Jewish Ritual Sacrifice

I have been going down the rabbit hole recently on the topic of Jewish Ritual Sacrifice, which I abbreviate as JRS. In this post I want to discuss the similarities and differences between JRS and another type of murder/sacrifice in Satanism referred to as Satanic Ritual Murder. Comparing Judaism and Satanism is another rabbit hole in itself which deserves to be fully explored but the relationships between the two are so hidden and obscure that its very difficult to do that.  I have posited in more than one post on this blog that there is a hidden relationship between Judaism and Satanism which is very difficult to discern. Here is one such post where I question the relationship between Satanism and Jews.

But in this post I merely want to compare and contrast Satanic Ritual Murder with Jewish Ritual Sacrifice to try to determine what the similarities and differences between them are.  As I said before, this Blog freely goes anywhere to find the truth, even dark disturbing places that few are willing to discuss openly.   

Satanic Ritual Murder is a murder done in sacrifice to the deity of Satanism, which we are told is Satan.  It is often a very violent murder where the victim is horribly tortured before they finally die. Human Blood from victims of SRM is an important part of the ritual.  Sometimes this blood is collected in goblets and drank by Satanists during the ceremony.  There is no documented evidence that I have seen that blood from these ceremonies is collected in bottles and distributed for later rituals but that may be the case. These sacrifices happen to coincide with holidays that Satanists see important to themselves

Jewish Ritual Sacrifice is a murder done in sacrifice to the deity of Judaism, which the Jews call God.  It may be violent.  As noted by many people, many victims of JRS suffered torture, sometimes for days on end, before they were finally put to death.  Blood collection from the victim while they are still alive is an important part of JRS and this blood is distributed among Jews to be used in other Jewish rituals.  These sacrifices happen to coincide with important Jewish Holy days such as Passover and Purim.

From just looking at the above two paragraphs you can clearly see the similarities between Satanic Ritual Murder and Jewish Ritual Sacrifice which indicate clear parallels between Satanism and Judaism.  I do not say that Satanism and Judaism are the same but I do believe they share many common attributes with each other that are secret to most and this is what explains why the two co-exist in the world and never conflict with each other.  

Saturday, May 29, 2021

They are lying about the number of people who have been vaccinated

They are lying about the number of people who have been vaccinated.  First, I want to stress that I have not read anyone saying this before.  Nobody told me this but nobody had to tell me.  Once you become aware of the true nature of our enemy then you understand what they do and why.  Remember that during this plandemic, the number of people who allegedly "got" Covid 19 was HUGELY overinflated.  In fact, they completely stopped counting deaths from other causes for a long time and just classified all deaths as being from Covid 19 regardless of the cause.  It is an undisputed fact that they did this and it is no surprise why.  In case you do not know why they did this, allow me to explain in the following paragraph.

Covid 19 is a PSYOP.  It has always been a PSYOP and the purpose of the PSYOP is to get every single person vaccinated with a "Covid 19 vaccine".  What they call a vaccine against Covid 19 I call something else but that is not important here.  What is important is that the goal of the Covid 19 planedemic is to get every single person "vaccinated".  It served the interest of the Snakes behind this PSYOP to hugely overinflate the death toll and to make it appear that Covid 19 is an extremely deadly disease so that people would want to get vaccinated to protect themselves.  I mean, if a virus is not really deadly (or does not really exist at all) then why would anyone want to get vaccinated against it?  No, the people had to believe that Covid 19 was a real death threat to induce them to get the vaccine and so all deaths were classified as Covid 19 deaths for this purpose.  It was all about tricking people into taking the vaccine voluntarily.  But how many people have really taken the vaccine?  That is the topic of this post.

Just as the snakes of society hugely overinflated the death toll to induce ignorant people to take the vaccine out of fear, I contend that the snakes of society are also hugely overinflating the number of people who have received the vaccine for the very same purpose.  If a person who does not know better hears on the TV and radio repeatedly that everyone is getting the vaccine, then its much more likely that that person will feel comfortable about taking the vaccine him or herself since they believe that everyone else is doing it.  It serves the interest of the snakes of society for people to believe that hundreds of millions of people are taking the vaccine willingly and voluntarily and that it is completely safe.  Hey, everyone is doing it so you should do it too.  That is what the Snakes want the people to believe but I contend that the reality is different than what the MSM wants us to believe.  I contend that the actual number of people who have voluntarily taken a covid 19 vaccine is far less than what is being reported in the main stream media.  The main stream media is hugely overinflating the count of the vaccinated as a way to manipulate the unvaccinated public into willingly taking the vaccine.  As I said, nobody told me this but I know it because I know my enemy.  I know my enemy lies and deceives all the time and I trust nothing it says to be the truth and neither should you.  Everything the MSM does is part of an agenda to manipulate and control the public in a certain way.  After you see it enough times then you recognize what is happening.  

So the next time you hear CNN tell you that over half of the American population has received a Covid 19 vaccine, don't you believe it.  CNN is just telling you what they want you to believe.  The truth is what they never tell you.  They always have an agenda for everything they say and do.  Never forget that. 

Patterns in Jewish Ritual Sacrifice

In my previous post I discussed a forbidden topic known to many as Jewish Ritual Murder.  I prefer to use the term Jewish Ritual Sacrifice because as I understand it, these murders are sacrifices by Jews to the Jewish deity.  Whatever you or I may think of what the Jewish deity really is or whether it is real or imaginary is irrelevant.  These murders are sacrifices for the Jewish deity and I think it is more accurate to refer to them as sacrifices and not just simply as murders which is ambiguous.  But in this post I want to note some patterns that I have observed when looking at all the past cases of Jewish Ritual Sacrifice that others have noted with the goal of attempting to learn the true purpose of these sacrifices. I did not say that this would be a pleasant subject to learn about (it isn't) but we cannot avoid looking at the truth just because it is unpleasant and disgusting. So these are patterns of Jewish Ritual Sacrifice, which I will abbreviate as JRS. 

Victims of JRS are always non Jews who are kidnapped and killed by Jews. Young children are common victims of  JRS although sometimes adults are the targets.  The reason for young children being chosen may be due to convenience (ease of kidnapping) or there may be a goal to target children because of their innocence. Also I want to note that thousands of children disappear each year and are never found and it would be very easy for some of these missing unaccounted for children to be secret victims of JRS.  It appears that Christians are targets of JRS over non Christians, for example a Catholic Priest may be targeted simply because he is a Christian who represents the Christian church which many Jews hate.

Human blood is always taken from victims of JRS and this blood is distributed among Jews (for example in bottles) to be used in Jewish rituals and this is the primary reason for JRS.  Although completely hidden from non Jews, it is a requirement of the Jewish Religion to routinely commit JRS to get human blood to use in Jewish Religious rituals.  

It is an important part of JRS that the blood be collected from the victim of JRS while the victim is still alive.  Blood is never taken after the victim is dead, only while the victim is alive and this is a core part of the ritual.  Jews require fresh blood from a still living victim for their rituals. Only after the blood is extracted from the body will the victim be killed. 

The methods of getting this blood from victims of JRS have changed over time.  In the past it was the custom to make multiple stab wounds all over the body of the JRS victim to get the blood to drain out as quickly as they could.  Sometimes a barrel with spikes inside was used.  A human baby or small child would be placed inside the barrel and it would be rolled down a hill.  In the process the child would be pierced by the spikes all over and killed and the blood would fill the barrel.  All the Jews had to do was to open the barrel and collect the blood afterwards.  Below is an image of a child JRS victim inside of one of these barrels with Jews collecting the blood from the dead victim:

The Blood drained from JRS victims is commonly collected in a large pan or bowl such as the one shown in the image at the top of this post.  After the blood has been drained from the victim into this bowl then it is put into one or more containers such as bottles and the blood is distributed among members of the Jewish race particularly to Rabbis in Synagogues to be used in Jewish Religious rituals. Below are more images of blood being collected during JRS.  In every image below you can see the pan or bowl or sometimes even a bucket being used to collect the blood drained from the JRS victim.  Also note in these images how well dressed the Jews are, indicating these are very wealthy individuals at the highest levels of Jewish society who are conducting the JRS.  Its never poor peasant Jews who are involved in JRS but wealthy Jews who are the heads of Jewish society.  This is yet another pattern of JRS, that it is performed by the wealthiest leaders of Jewish society. 

Besides collection of blood, it has been noted that torture of JRS victims is common place, sometimes for days on end, before the victim is finally put to death.  See this article for incidents where torture of JRS victims was noted. I can only speculate why they would torture JRS victims if all Jews want is their blood.  What I contend is that JRS victims are tortured to cause hormones such as Adrenochrome to be released into the blood which is then collected. I note that in Satanic rituals torture of victims is very common.  See this post about Adrenochrome.

JRS usually happens to coincide with one of the three prominent Jewish Religious holidays and these are as follows: Purim, Passover and Hanukkah.  Easter is another time when JRS commonly happens as it coincides with the birth of Jesus who many Jews hate and despise. 

There is a misconception that Jews make these sacrifices because they hate non Jews but this is not the case.  These sacrifices happen because they are a core part of the Jewish Religion, hidden from Non Jews, which Jews believe that their deity has commanded them to do.  So when Jews commit JRS they do not see themselves as doing evil.  They see themselves as obeying their God's command.  It is a Religious Duty to them.  If you ask the question how could a Jew not feel guilty or not think they were doing wrong by killing another human being to get their blood, just remember that the Jewish Religion does not view non Jews as being human beings.  According to Jewish Religion, non Jews are animals and animals can be freely sacrificed and treated in any way imaginable that others would see as inhumane. This view of non Jews as animals is one of the main reasons why Jews can commit all manner of evil against non Jews and not see it as being wrong.  

It is my opinion that Jews use this human blood collected during JRS among other things in Occult rituals involving the Jewish Kabbalah, etc.  Jews are involved in Black Magic and they use human blood collected from non Jews who have been violently murdered in these occult rituals.  This is as far down the rabbit hole as I have ventured but someone who is not a Jew needs to go down to the very bottom of this rabbit hole and shine a light around and tell us what they see.  I think that I would be horrified to discover the truth about the way high level Jews hate and conspire against non Jews in a very wicked way.  I want to go further and say that I have posited that there is a relationship between Judaism and Satanism.  I could never say what this relationship is but in this paragraph I think you see the relationship.  The God that Jews worship at the highest level is to me unspeakably evil.  

Sometimes marks or patterns are cut into the skin of JRS victims that has to do with Jewish occult rituals.  Specifically, representations of Jewish symbols or Hebrew letters may be cut into the skin of JRS victims that has a specific meaning in the Jewish ritual.

Sometimes Hebrew curses against Non Jews and especially against Christians are spoken during JRS.  This is IMO part of the occult ritual aspect of JRS.

Some child victims of JRS are purposely sold to the Jews for gold or money by the child's parent(s) or by the child's caregiver or by complete strangers who have kidnapped children for the specific purpose of selling them to the Jews in exchange for gold/money.  I note that it is possible that some of the many child abductions reported today may be from strangers who are making money by kidnapping children and selling them to Jews in secret.

In the past it has been observed that crucifixion of JRS victims occurred in many cases.  This still may be the case today in secret JRS ceremonies attended by only Jews.  The reason behind the crucifixion appears to be a mimicking of the crucifixion of Jesus who many Jews hate and despise. 

In the past it has been observed that forced circumcision of previously uncircumcised JRS victims occurred in many cases. Since many non Jews are circumcised from birth today (I contend not for health reasons but because Jews have influenced this to happen because they think everyone should be circumcised) this probably happens much less frequently today.  You might ask why would Jews want to circumcise someone who they were going to kill anyway?  That is a good question and only the Jews can answer it but I can only guess that Jews have had a goal of getting everyone circumcised from long ago and whenever they encountered someone uncircumcised then they would be compelled to perform that ritual on the uncircumcised person.  Who the fuck knows why they would do it but they did in many cases when the body was discovered circumcised afterwards.

For whatever reason, victims of JRS are never buried under the ground to conceal their bodies after death.  I note that it would be extremely easy for Jews to hide what they had done by burying the victims but they never do this and I contend that there is a reason why they never do it that is a part of the Jewish ritual procedure which I as a non-Jew do not understand.  The body of the JRS victim may be dumped somewhere on top of the ground in a remote area or it may be thrown down a well or into a river or a lake. The body may be cut up into pieces and distributed.  The body may be dropped into a pit. The body may be incinerated or disposed of in other ways but it is never buried under the ground and there is a specific reason for this that is known only to Jews.  Perhaps Jews believe that only humans should be buried under ground and because JRS victims are not seen as human since they are non Jews, they are not buried under ground for this reason.  This is just my speculation.

Friday, May 28, 2021

A Forbidden Topic

This Blog is not afraid to go anywhere to find the truth, especially when that truth concerns the Jewish Snakes that I contend rule the entire world in secret.  It should be less than a secret now to readers of this Blog but the vast majority of people are completely clueless to this fact and that is by design.  Because Jews work best in complete secrecy where nobody knows that they are the ones who are pulling the strings on things such as the Covid 19 plandemic and making it happen.  But the purpose of this post is to once again venture into what I consider a very forbidden topic, at least when it comes to what non Jews are supposed to know about the highest tenets of the Jewish faith or Religion.  High level Jews know this and it gets passed down from generation to generation but non Jews are not supposed to know anything about it, and this subject is Jewish Ritual Murder. 

Its very difficult to find out information about this.  Forget about trying to find information about this in the Google search engine because you will only come up with links about "Blood Libel".  This is the Jewish answer to anyone investigating Jewish ritual murder.  What the Jews want us to believe with the term "Blood Libel" is that all accusations against Jews for Jewish ritual murder are false and made purely to libel the Jews or falsely accuse the Jews just because some people hate Jews.  Understand that.  Jews say there is no such thing as human sacrifice in their Religion (Judaism, Talmud, etc.) and that anyone saying that is just an anti-Semite who is making false claims just to hurt the reputation of the Jewish race and the Jewish Religion. This is what the Jews want us to believe concerning the topic of Jewish Ritual Sacrifice but I contend that, like with so many other things in the world, the truth is not what the Jews want us to believe it is.  On this Blog we do not accept the Jewish version of events but we investigate them ourselves to determine what the actual truth is.  

I did a previous post on this topic early in the life of this Blog but I have not gone back to it since then (until now) because it is a very deep rabbit hole to go down as well as being a depressing subject to investigate.  In my investigations into it though, I 100% believe it to be true but it is a very secretive thing.  It is very difficult to find out information about it for one thing.  Jews go to a tremendous effort to keep this secret but I do believe it is part of the real Jewish religion that non Jews are meant never to know about, because this is the kind of thing that could destroy the Jews if it ever became proven public knowledge.  So its a very hidden subject and only those who are willing to go down the deepest rabbit holes will discover the truth about it.  I have not done enough research on this subject and I want to do more.  I would like to get readers of this Blog who are interested in this subject researching it also.  So, in the interests of further research by myself and others, the rest of this post is going to be links to information about this subject. I am not saying I agree with everything contained in these links but they are for further research.  You decide what the truth is.

2000 years of Ritual Murder

Jewish Ritual Murder (The Full Original Banned Documentary)

Jewish Ritual Murder - Chicago, 1955

Jewish Ritual Murder PDF

The Jew the Gypsy and El Islam (Sir Richard F. Burton)

Jewish Ritual Murder - Blood Magic

Jewish Ritual Murder - a historic investigation

Ritual Murder Resources

The Shootings are Back

Although I do not believe in the lies of the main stream media I do pay attention to what the MSM is telling the people because I like to know the agenda of the Jewish snakes and what I have discovered recently is that the shootings are back.  Remember all the shootings reported by the media during the Obama Administration?  There were a lot of them and I believe that a significant portion of them were unreal, but let us hold that thought for now.  The point I am trying to make for my astute readers is that there were a whole rash of shooting incidents in America reported by the main stream media during the eight year Obama Administration.  This trend of almost one new shooting every single day seemed to taper off a lot during the four year Trump Administration.  We got a break from the daily barrage of televised shootings during the Trump Administration with the notable exception of the 2017 Las Vegas shooting incident.  But now that Joe Biden is "President" (I do not believe that America is a Democracy where the leader is elected by the people so I put that word in quotes) I have noticed that the high incidence of shootings is back, almost like an assembly line of shootings, the latest incident of which is a mass shooting allegedly in San Jose California.  I contend that there is a clear agenda behind these string of shooting incidents that the American people are being barraged with on an almost daily basis and I predict right now that you will continue to see shooting incidents all over America during the remaining Biden Administration.  And if Kamille Harris assumes the Presidency because Joe dies of a CIA induced heart attack (who wants an old senile white man when you can have a young black woman instead?) then these shootings will continue during her Administration too.  And the reason behind these things is that (((they))) want the second amendment of the U.S. Constitution to go bye bye, particularly for the big guns.  They are less concerned about hand guns but the big guns are what they really want to take out of the hands of the American citizen.  Why, you may ask, would they want to do this?  Two reasons come to my mind very strongly.

1)  If the American people were ever to get fed up with the U.S. Government and decide to overthrow it in a real Revolution (not a fake PSYOP like the January 6th Insurrection that CNN and MSNBC are talking about a hundred times a day) then big guns is what the American people would use to overthrow the U.S. Government.  So the corrupt Jew-owned U.S. Government has a vested interest in removing these big guns from the hands of people who might use them against the Government so it can protect itself. 

2) If the corrupt, Jew owned U.S. Government ever decides to declare martial law against the American people, then these big guns in the hands of citizens would be a serious impediment to the ability of the U.S. Government to stage martial law.  So it is in the vested interest of a corrupt Government who plans or may plan to declare martial law to remove these big guns so the American people are helpless against the guns and weaponry of the U.S. Government.

So the U.S. Government is involved in staging PSYOPs and false flags involving shootings using big guns for this purpose such as the Sandy Hook School Shooting.  Perfect example.

I have not investigated the latest allegedly shooting in San Jose California but I would not be surprised at all to find that it is either a PSYOP or a false flag.  Understand the difference in a PSYOP and a false flag if you don't already.

A PSYOP is a staged drama in which the MSM says there are mass deaths but in reality nobody has died.  The Sandy Hook School shooting in 2012 is an example of a PSYOP.

A false flag is a real event/incident in which people die but the shooter(s) are agents who are killing as part of an agenda for the government. Or the shooter has been programmed by the government (the CIA) to be a shooter against his will. I cannot give you a specific example of this but I believe this happened at least once during the Obama Administration.

Since a lot of people are waking up to the fact that a lot of these shootings are part of an agenda and not coincidental, I am sure that there will be many people investigating the San Jose shooting to see if it is real or a false flag or a PSYOP.  In any case, what I am predicting right now loud and clear is that you will see in America a whole string of shootings all over the country in the coming weeks and months and years of the Biden/Harris Administration.  When they happen, I will be here to tell you I told you so. Because they want your guns to go away.

To Find Yourself, Think for Yourself


In other words, stop believing what the lying bastards want you to believe, such as the Covid 19 pandemic and the George Floyd murder. I wish more people would do this.  This would be the Establishment's worst nightmare, if a significant portion of the population were to completely lose all trust in the SYSTEM as I have. Please let me help you lose all your faith in this lying Jewish System.

Google and Facebook are CIA fronts


It is my contention that both Google and Facebook are CIA Fronts.  For example, I contend that all search queries made using the Google Search engine get sent to the CIA for analysis along with tags that help identify the user making the search query.  In this way the CIA and other intelligence agencies can develop an intelligence profile on every single American citizen and also citizens in other countries who use the popular Google search engine.  Likewise I contend that Facebook is also a CIA front and that all the personal information that Facebook users are foolish enough to trust with Facebook get sent to the CIA and other intelligence agencies for the same purpose, to develop individual profiles on every American citizen and even foreign citizens who use Facebook. Anyone who is red pilled can see what a Goldmine of free information this would be for the CIA and only a na├»ve blue-pilled person would believe its not possible. I contend that Mark Zuckerberg is a CIA front as is Elon Musk and a lot of other people in the False World.  I am far from the only person to say that Google and Facebook are associated with the CIA. In the remainder of this post I am going to provide links to various web sites that associate Google and Facebook with the CIA for your further reference should you decide to research this for yourself.  They are spying on everything we do.

Truth About Facebook - CIA, U.S. government - Everything Related !

Thursday, May 27, 2021

What Jews really think about Non Jews

This Blog serves multiple purposes.  One of the main reasons I started it was not to talk about Jews at all but to point out obvious cases of deception in the world such as the Apollo Moon Landings and the Sandy Hook School Shooting.  To me, pointing out that these things are indeed lies is much more important than pinning blame for them on Jews and their minions.  But ultimately all of these deceptions when fully investigated and explored eventually does get back to the Jews.  But the purpose of this post is to provide some links to web sites and information that explain how Jews really feel about Non Jews and the total contempt that Jews have for other races.  When one realizes that Jews view their race as superior to all others and that they view members of other races as being like animals compared to them, well, it helps to explain why Jews would have no morality about lying to and deceiving non Jews who are not even considered human to them.  It was very shocking for me to realize this but after seeing enough examples of it from high level Jewish sources, I came to accept that this is the truth and in fact this racism is encoded in the Jewish religion.  Although the Jews go to great lengths to hide the true racist, Jewish Supremist nature of Judaism and the Talmud, it is there in writing for any Goy to see who wants to know bad enough how Jews view non Jews.  This is a depressing subject and you might not want to know it but then again, knowing it might wake you up to the reasons why this world is so full of lies and deception everywhere such as the Convid 19 plandemic.  If you want to begin to understand these things then you need to understand the thinking of high level Jews, because ultimately high level Jews are the source of these deceptions.  So with this introduction the rest of this post are links to what I believe are informative articles that describe the Jewish Problem or Jewish Question.  These are topics for further research for myself and for you if you want to know more about this.  I have not really gone down the rabbit hole on the full Jewish question but at least I am aware of it.  So here are the links.  Look at them if you will.

Judaism on “Who is human? Who is not?”

Who is Human?  Who is Not?

The Soul of a Jew and the Soul of a Non-Jew

What Does Rabbinic Judaism Say About What Makes Jews and Gentiles Different?

British Jewish Scholar Comes Close to Admitting the Jewish Racism in the Talmud.


Jewish Manipulation of World Leaders

Ban the Talmud as hate speech

The Muzzled Jacek Miedlar Shares His Expansive Knowledge on Jews.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Fleet Russell White Sr.

The Two Worlds Paradigm Example of Fleet Russell White Sr.

The Two Worlds Paradigm

FALSE WORLD EXPLANATION:  Fleet White Sr. was just some old man living in Aspen, Colorado who just happened to be the father of Fleet White Jr.  Fleet White Sr. was not rich.  He wasn't a powerful person.  He did not own anything significant.  John Ramsey in his book said that Fleet White Sr. might have owned a gas station in California, but that's it.  Fleet White Sr. was in Aspen Colorado or in Southern California in December 1996 when the JonBenet Ramsey murder took place.  Fleet White Sr. had no involvement whatsoever in the murder of JonBenet Ramsey.  

REAL WORLD EXPLANATION:  Fleet White Sr. is a mysterious person with a hidden past.  He is the father of Fleet White Jr.  Fleet White Sr. was a very wealthy powerful well connected man who I contend was very likely a 33rd Degree Level Freemason but good look finding proof of that.  Fleet White Sr. was the owner of a significant oil company in California named Fleet Oil Company which I contend still exists today that is even bigger and more powerful than when Fleet White was alive..  His son, Fleet White Jr. was employed in his father's oil company.  John Ramsey lied in his book when he said that Fleet White Sr. might have owned at most a gas station in Southern California.  John Ramsey was fully aware of Fleet White Sr.'s oil company and that his son (Fleet White Jr) was employed in it.  Fleet White Sr. was in either Boulder Colorado or Denver Colorado or the area around them in December 1996 when the JonBenet Ramsey murder took place.  Fleet White Sr. was present at the location where JonBenet Ramsey was murdered.  Fleet White Sr. is one of the prime suspects as being the murderer of JonBenet Ramsey but this information has been completely concealed from the public to protect him.  

I have made a lot of posts about Fleet White Sr. on this Blog because I contend he is the prime suspect in the murder of JonBenet Ramsey based upon the testimony of Nancy Krebs.  Following is a list of links to previous posts I have made about this man in an attempt to shed light on who he really was and about Fleet Oil Company.

The EXTRA TV Episode discussing the death of JonBenet Ramsey

Doing the Deep Dive in to Fleet Russell White, Sr.

An Introduction to Fleet Oil Company

An investigation into the hidden Business Interests of Fleet White Sr

The Lie they want you to believe about Fleet Oil Company

Early 1997 Denver Post article about Fleet and Nyla White

Obituary for Fleet White Sr from the Aspen Times in 2006

Fleet Exploration, Ltd.

The West Mahala Southern California Oil Field

The 1997 New Year's Day party in Aspen, Colorado

Ron Nunn of Brentwood, California

Questions about Fleet Oil Company

Bombshell Discovery about the father of Fleet White Sr.

Fleet White Sr. and Goldie Hawn

A Word about W.T. Ray AKA "the Cement Czar"

Fleet Oil and Truck Supply

More to Come

Big Brother Google is looking at me again

I must be doing something right for this to happen.  Time to back up my entire Blog again in case the Jews at Google decide to pull the plug on it.  Yes, this Blog is on a Google platform and so Google could easily kill it if they wanted to in the very same way as Google killed my long existing Youtube account.  I already know the story.  Someone reported my Blog to Google because they do not like the content and now Big Brother Google is looking at my Blog to see if I have stepped over the line.  Google already censored one of my posts on this Blog about the Sandy Hook School Shooting Hoax but otherwise they not have molested it.  I said before that if any more censorship by Google happens on this Blog then I will switch to a different platform outside of Google's control.  But I just wanted to let my readers know that Google Big Brother is looking at me and so that although I don't think it will happen but if this Blog were suddenly pulled off the air then you will know that this is the reason.  If that does happen, I have the blog fully backed up and I will immediately move to another platform.  

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

More Derek Chauvin Links

In a previous post I revealed Derek Chauvin to be a Hoax and part of a PYSOP.  In this post I want to give other links that point to the entire George Floyd murder as being a PSYOP but before I do I want to expose a Conspiracy theory that has been purposely created to discredit the concept of this being a PSYOP.  As I was researching I found a lot of links for example on saying that Derek Chauvin was Ben Bailey.  You have to see through this trick.  The evil Snakes of the world purposely spread lies like this that anyone can see is not true (the man in the video playing the role of Derek Chauvin is clearly not Ben Bailey) just so they can discredit anyone who says that the George Floyd Murder is a PSYOP.  Do you understand what I am saying?  I am saying that the Establishment knows that honest people are going to expose this PSYOP and so they create their own web sites saying it is a PSYOP but then they put an obvious lie in it that anyone can see through to discredit ALL websites saying it is a PSYOP.  When a normie researches on a search term like "Derek Chauvin" + PSYOP, chances are good that he is going to see one or many of these disinfo sites come up.  He will read it and he will reach the conclusion that these Conspiracy nuts have to be blind not to know that Derek Chauvin is not Ben Bailey and so Joe Normie will automatically dismiss the possibility that the George Floyd murder was a PSYOP and conclude that it must have been real.  He will also probably have a bad opinion of all Conspiracy theorists and distrust anyone in the future who questions the Establishment story. Its time for Joe Normie to stop asking silly questions and go back to his football game and beer.  Just so you understand the game being played.  But in this post I will give some links to sites that question the Derek Chauvin narrative. I am not saying I agree with all these links but I include them here so that people can do their own further research into this incident.

Derek Chauvin Mug Shot looks Suspicious  

Russia Designates George Floyd “Incident” Psyop Operation—Warns CIA Is Main Target

Glaring Anomalies, Obvious Agendas in the Case of George Floyd

Who is Nancy Krebs?

Nancy Krebs is a second hand witness to the JonBenet Ramsey murder who travelled to Boulder Colorado in the year 2000 to provide testimony to Boulder Colorado officials investigating that murder.  On this Blog I have created many posts discussing Nancy Krebs because I believe her testimony to be factual and crucial to understanding what really happened in this murder.  In this post I want to provide links to all my other Nancy Krebs related posts for anyone who wants to know what she said and also my own personal take on what she said.

A Word about Nancy Krebs

Doing the Deep Dive on Nancy Krebs

A Deeper look at Mackey Boykin

The Sequence of Nancy Krebs' Abuse

The Manson Family connection to Nancy Krebs' Family

Doing the Deep Dive on Gwen Krebs, Mother of Nancy Krebs

Typed Transcript of Linda Wickerman's Notes

Summary of Linda Wickerman's Notes

Dossier of Nancy Krebs' younger sister: Shirley L. Krebs Reed

Chronology of Nancy Krebs

Doing the Deep dive into Nancy Krebs' grandmother, Alyce Christoff Sprague

The Identity of Nancy Krebs younger sister revealed

The JonBenet Ramsey Murder and its cover-up

The Two Worlds Paradigm example of the JonBenet Ramsey Murder

The Two Worlds Paradigm 

False World Explanation: Nobody knows who killed JonBenet Ramsey.  It is a big mystery that nobody has been able to figure out including the entirety of law enforcement.  It will never be known who killed JonBenet Ramsey but many different people have theories that can never be proven.

Real World Explanation: Many people know EXACTLY what happened in the death of this child, including the other members of her immediate family but nobody in her immediate family is the murderer.  Many people know what happened, why it happened, how it happened and where it happened, which is NOT the Ramsey home as the public has been led to believe.  It is not a mystery at all to these people what happened.  It is only to mystery to us because the truth has been covered up so well and so much disinformation has been spread around so that nobody in the general public knows exactly what happened. 

This is the second Two Worlds Paradigm Post I have made about the JonBenet Ramsey murder.  Here is the first one.  The first post is more specific and gives more details.  This post is more general but I think its also important to help people see the forest for the trees when it comes to this child death. The people involved in this murder and the cover up of it want people to believe its a big mystery that will never be solved but that is complete bullshit. The truth about this murder is known by many people who will NEVER disclose it because they are corrupt and dishonest and part of an official cover-up to hide the truth.  There is only one person who came forward to tell the truth about the murder and what we do know about it comes from her and her alone. Outside of her important testimony, almost all of the information about this murder and the people involved in it such as John Ramsey, Patsy Ramsey and Fleet White Jr. is disinformation meant to hide the truth, not reveal it.

Like the so-called 9-11 "Truth" movement, the JonBenet Ramsey murder "truth" movement was infiltrated long ago (or instead of being infiltrated it was created as disinformation from the very beginning) by shills whose only purpose is to hide the truth, NOT expose it.  I know there are people reading this who will have a difficult time accepting that but its true and would you expect anything less from the Snakes running the world?  The following is a principle that the Snakes live by:

The best way to control the opposition is to lead it yourself.

This is very true and very significant in a world such as the one we live in and all truth seekers should know it by heart.  The Snakes tell you what they want you to believe.  They never tell you the truth.  Dishonest corrupt people outnumber honest people on the internet a hundred to one or a thousand to one.  Its not even close.  Remember that the next time you look on the internet trying to find the truth about anything because its more than likely that the person or web site giving you "the truth" is a well funded disinformation agent.  

So do not trust the 9-11 "truth" movement to tell you the truth about 9-11 because they never will.

Do not trust the vast majority of web sites talking about the JonBenet Ramsey murder to tell you the truth about because they never will.  They are Snakes spreading disinformation, NOT truth seekers spreading the truth.  Do not be deceived. 

As with 9-11, most information on the JonBenet Ramsey murder found on the internet is disinformation that either leads to a dead end or it leads to people going around in circles indefinitely chasing false leads and red herrings.  It NEVER leads to a resolution.  It NEVER leads to the truth. And this is by design because Snakes are running those web sites.

As an example of a Snake running one of the main web sites discussing the JonBenet Ramsey murder I give you WebSlueths which is run byTricia Griffith.  This Snake will not allow anyone except for the four Ramsey's to even be discussed as suspects in the murder on her disinformation web site. She is a liar and deceiver who has admitted that she knows the White Family personally.  That right there is a huge conflict of interest for her running a web site in which members of the White family are prime suspects in the murder that she will not even allow to be discussed as suspects.  Do not ever go to this web site for the truth about the JonBenet Ramsey murder because all you will see there is disinformation.  

Monday, May 24, 2021

I Don't Believe in Pizzagate

I came to the conclusion years ago that the phenomenon known by many as Pizzagate was nothing but a PSYOP.  Even though there are many on the internet especially on the Right who talk about Pizzagate as factual and 100% real, it is not real and let me explain why I say this.

When the Pizzagate phenomenon first appeared shortly before the 2016 election, I was one of many people who was investigating the claims made by the pro-Pizzagate crowd to determine its truthfulness.  Although I tended to believe their claims based upon my own personal biases, I wanted to verify that what was being said is the actual truth and I diligently investigated all the major claims.  My goal in this investigation was NOT to debunk Pizzagate which I initially believed was honest and true but what I discovered on my own is that everything I investigated proved not to be true.  Although there was a huge amount of very tantalizing disinformation being spread around everywhere concerning this, when I investigated it I came up with nothing.  Pizzagate was all smoke and no fire and in the end the only thing that Pizzagate did was to help put a corrupt Jewish Billionaire in the White House who probably would never have been elected if there was no Pizzagate.  Because Pizzagate like QAnon is very politically one sided.  The people that Pizzagate went after were all Democrats and Liberals.  And since Pizzagate was happening right before a Presidential election, it had IMO a large influence on the 2016 election.  Everyone who believed in Pizzagate was going to vote for the Republican candidate (Donald Trump) and vote against the Democratic candidate (Hillary Clinton).  This was especially true in the case of Hillary Clinton, which Pizzagate hugely demonized, making her look like a face slicing Satanist who eats children for breakfast just to get their Adrenochrome.  Remember the Hillary Clinton emails which everyone in the Pizzagate campaign was scouring with a fine tooth comb to find evidence of her evil and Obama's evil?  Everything they came up with was incorrect and bullshit.  We were played big time.  It was all Bullshit but millions of Americans especially on the conservative right believed that shit and I really do believe that Pizzagate put Trump in the White House.  Looking back on the entire episode now I feel the same way about Pizzagate as I do about QAnon.  Both were PSYOPs that benefitted Donald Trump and Conservatives and the Republican Party and which completely demonized the Democratic Party and its leadership. Pizzagate was never real just as QAnon was never real.  They served their purpose by putting Trump in the White House but now everybody should see them as the frauds they actually were.

Pizzagate was not real

Everything QAnon said is a lie, including the Deep State and the Cabal.

Trump was NEVER fighting human sex trafficking.

There were never any secret indictments, zero, nada, zilch.  That was all 100% disinformation. 

So if any of you still believe in Pizzagate its time to end the illusion.  It was never truthful.  It was a politically motivated PSYOP designed to influence the 2016 election in the favor of Donald Trump and it did that in spades.  Everyone who believed in it should be ashamed now. 

The Derek Chauvin Hoax

I have made several posts on this Blog about the tale told about George Floyd and Derek Chauvin is a PSYOP such as this one and this one.  I am two hundred percent certain that the entire incident of Derek Chauvin killing George Floyd by putting his foot on his neck is completely unreal and has been invented to manipulate and control the public.  That is the definition of a PSYOP.  

During the recent fake show trial of Derek Chauvin in America I searched the internet high and low for anyone saying that the incident was a fake and to my dismay I was unable to find anyone saying it.  Even web sites in the past that had exposed this as a PSYOP had been wiped off the internet and everyone remaining were all speaking in lockstep treating the incident as 100% real.  I found this very depressing and disillusioning that there were so many liars, either deceivers or those who have been genuinely deceived (how would you distinguish between the two categories?) and there was absolutely nobody to be found (at least on the search engine I was using (DuckDuckGo) even questioning the official narrative.  That tells you where we are at in terms of honesty in 2021 and I predict in the future it will get even worse as people telling the truth are censored, removed from the internet or their web sites are made impossible to find using any establishment search engine.  If nobody can find an honest web site then it might as well not even exist for all the good it does.  But I digress from the purpose of this post.

One of the main reasons I know that everything about Derek Chauvin (and thus everything about the George Floyd killing) is a fraud is because I can see from ten miles away that there are two completely different people playing the role of Derek Chauvin who look similar to each other but there is no doubt in my mind that they are different people.  One is the man who was shown in that video with "George Floyd" (who I say is also a fraud) and who allegedly put his foot on Floyd's neck killing him.  The other is the man who was arrested for the "George Floyd murder".  Here are the two men for comparison.

The "Derek Chauvin" who "murdered" "George Floyd";

The "Derek Chauvin" who was arrested and went on trial recently:

As I said in that earlier post, these two pictures depict different people who certainly look similar to each other but are not the same.  The first picture depicts someone older with a much more elongated face.  The second picture depicts someone younger with a much more round face.  I am not the only one to notice this.  Following are two links to articles which also say or question whether two different men are playing the role of "Derek Chauvin":

There are some people who are fooled by the show or the drama shown on the main stream media so they cannot comprehend that its even possible for two different people to be playing the role of Derek Chauvin.  Their brainwashing will not allow them to see this and they tell me I am wrong about this and these are the same man.  I don't care what these brainwashed people say.  I am not fooled by the show.  When I see something wrong I say it loud and clear whether it be this or what I clearly see in the Zapruder film that so many others apparently are blind to.  Again, I don't care what others see or don't see.  I care about the truth.  

But this is certainly not the first time when different but similar looking people have been portrayed as the same person.  As an example of another hoax involving Stephen Hawking being replaced with a similar looking person, I provide these two links from Miles Mathis in which he very clearly proves with photographic evidence that there were three different people playing the role of Stephen Hawking, the famous Physicist.  There was the original Stephen Hawking who died in the 80's or before and there were two different substitutes for him who replaced him.  Read the articles carefully to get a clear example of how the Establishment does this type of thing and then relate that to the case of Derek Chauvin.

Stephen Hawking died and has been replaced

They finally retire the Stephen Hawking Imposter

In the case of Stephen Hawking (((they))) found a very similar looking person to the original Stephen Hawking who died of Lou Gehrig's Disease and had him to write books and go on speaking tours, etc. under the identity of the original (deceased) Stephen Hawking.  The person they found to imitate the original Hawking was extremely similar and we can only tell the difference because the teeth of the original and the substitute were significantly different among other things.  This is proof that the Establishment plays this trick on society and they are quite good at finding similar people to play the role of a single person.  The similarity is so close in many cases that most do not even see it but some do, especially those who have seen the trick played before.     

What I am telling you is that the entire George Floyd/Derek Chauvin narrative is false and is merely a manipulation of the public (in other words, a PSYOP).  The alleged trial of Derek Chauvin shown everywhere on the main stream media and on the internet is part of the same PSYOP.  In all things, remember the Two Worlds Paradigm because it applies to everything in this lying deceiving Jewish World.  What they want you to believe (in other words, what they show you on their main stream media) is not the truth.  It is manipulation.  It is a drama meant to deceive YOU and you should be wise enough to never fall for it.  The best and easiest way not to fall for the drama is to completely disconnect from the main stream media and refuse to watch it or believe it.  That is my attitude.  Its a circus meant to deceive the clueless public.  I am trying to wake you up to this fact if you do not already know it.