Sunday, January 31, 2021

The never ending Audacity of the Jewish Press

Add ‘The Auschwitz Report’ to Your Must-see Holocaust Movies List

So this link came up on my Google Page and caused me to want to make this post in response.  So the Jews really really really want us to care about the Holocaust, so much so that they are constantly hawking it and bring it to our attention every chance they get.  They tell us that we should love learning about the Holocaust so much that we have "must see" Holocaust movie lists.  This is what the Jews want the Goyim to be.  Unfortunately not all of us conform to what the Jews want for us.  For myself, I do not give a Goddamn about the Holocaust IF it was even a real event.  There is something very shady about it and the constant attempts of the Jewish media and Jewish Hollywood to push this over and over and over again ad nauseum.  I am sick and tired of hearing about the Holocaust.  I HATE movies about the Holocaust and always will.  So the writer of the above article can shove it up his ass.  


The very next day after the above link came up in my Google page feed on my phone, yet another Holocaust related link came up in my Google feed.  

He Saved 669 Children From Nazis — A New Book Tells His Story To Kids

I usually don't look at my Google news feed but these two links that came up on consecutive days are very indicative that the Jews are constantly pushing the Holocaust narrative everywhere they can all the time.  Its very important to them while everyone else is sick to death of hearing about this.   I have not talked much about the Holocaust on this Blog at all because I really do not know if Hitler's Germany mass executed Jews during WW2.  Let me say that if he had done it I would understand perfectly why Hitler did it but I don't know so I keep silent on the matter.  But what I do know is that the six million figure that the Jews chant constantly as if it were gospel truth is a boldface lie.  I know that they were talking about six million Jews being killed before Hitler came into the picture so at least that part of the Holocaust is a lie.  As for the rest of it, I don't really know and to be honest I don't really care.  

More to Come

 Jackie Killed JFK

This is a web site I have tried to find in the past on search engines such as Google and it failed to come up in my search results.  Today I did another search in Google and it came up. This is the web site that opened my eyes to the truth that Jackie killed her own husband and that the entire U.S. (Jewish) Establishment let her do it.  Here is the link to it.

Although the title of the web site is "Jackie Killed JFK?", there should be no question mark or doubt that Jackie did indeed kill JFK.  Her murder of JFK exposes a very dark secret about America that the Jewish Snake absolutely does not want you to know.  The Zapruder film exposes the real world in a way that no words or staged dramas to the contrary can ever refute.  Man Lies but the Truth lives forever.

The only reason JFK was assassinated is because JFK was attempting to cock block Israel's nuclear weapons program so they killed him using his own wife to pull the trigger and replaced him with a Zionist who would allow Israel to do whatever it wanted (including sinking U.S. warships).  There is no better example of the Real World vs the False World than this.  Jews create the False World for everyone to believe in but the Real World (the truth) is all that really matters.

The Head Shot Bullet Trajectory

I find it amazing the total denial of so many people not just of the above gif taken from the Zapruder film that clearly shows Jackie assassinating the President for anyone with eyes to see but also the evidence of the Head Shot bullet trajectory that is also shown clearly in the Zapruder film.

Frame 314 of the Zapruder film shows the bullet trajectory the best:

In case you are blind and cannot see it or refuse to see it, there is a trajectory shown in that frame going up from the President's head up into the air at a diagonal angle with something solid at the end of the trajectory which I say is the projectile that killed the President.

And if you follow that projectile back along the trajectory path to its origin what you find is that it goes right back to Jackie's hidden hand which conceals the weapon she used to murder her husband.

Its right in front of your face for anyone to see.  And then there is the evidence of smoke inside the Limousine also shown in the Zapruder film.  As anyone knows smoke from a fired weapon will be generated in the immediate vicinity of where the weapon is fired, so if smoke is seen inside the Limousine it means the weapon that was fired was also inside the Limousine. Frame 315 shows the smoke the best:

All you Deniers need to recognize that the evidence that Jackie killed her husband is right in front of you and always has been.

In the lower right of frame 315 is the white Blob which I mentioned in a previous post that appears to be something in the grass on the ground outside the limo but strangely enough this Blob leaves a reflection on the trunk of the limo in a later frame showing it is not on the ground at all but is above the limo.  Only something above the limo could reflect its image down onto the trunk.  In the earlier post I noted that this Blob is later in the perfect position to conceal something being thrown up in the air out of Jackie's hand which I contend is the small murder weapon she used to kill her husband.  It is no coincidence that this light reflecting blob first appears in Frame 313 (the head shot frame) and that it is in the position right above her open hand as she throws the weapon up, which later falls back onto the trunk of the Limo.  You have to realize that this blob was drawn onto each frame from 313 on until the Blob "went out of sight" and its entire purpose is to conceal Jackie getting rid of the weapon.

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Saturday, January 30, 2021

Talking about The Mark of the Beast

I have talked in various posts about Covid 19 being a front or a lead in to the Mark of the Beast without really describing what the Mark of the Beast is by my interpretation of the term.  First I want to say that I am not a believer in Christianity although I was raised in a Christian background.  After learning about Jews and their long term plan to control the entire world, I do not trust Jews or anything from Jews or anything that elevates Jews to a position of prominence above other people.  Since Jewish Supremacy and Israeli Supremacy are a core part of Christianity, I simply do not trust Christianity not to be yet another one of the tools that the Jewish race has used to put itself in a position to control the minds of non Jews and make non Jews believe things that benefit the ever deceitful Jewish race.  My awareness of the Jewish Menace (or Jewdar) tells me not to trust it but this does not mean that everything in the Bible is a lie meant to deceive non Jews and make them think good things about Jews and Israel.  

Discussion of the Mark of the Beast happens in the Book of Revelation of the Bible.  In general terms, it is an economic system by which the financial transactions of all people of the world are controlled via a mark on the body.  It is an economic system in that nobody can buy or sell anything unless they have this mark in specific locations on their bodies.  In this post I want to discuss such a system and what it would take to implement it.

Regarding such an economic system, this would be the ultimate prize for the Jewish Bankers and the Jewish Snake that would allow it ultimate control over everyone's life.  It would transfer all control of a person's finances and economic transactions from the individual to a centralized system under control of the Jewish Snake.  It would be the ultimate form of slavery that would allow the control of virtually every aspect of an individual's life.  The Jewish Snake is a control freak at heart, and this would be the ultimate way for it to control everyone in the world on a very personal basis.  It is my very strong conviction that what we are seeing now with the Covid 19 scamdemic are the initial stages of a very long term plan to implement such an economic system world wide. 

So what would it take to implement such a system as the Mark of the Beast?  Many people are under the impression that it would require a chip that stores the personal information about a person inside the body but this is not the case.  It would not require a chip at all but simply a unique identifier (a number or a code) inside a person's body and an easy convenient method to be able to detect this identifier from outside the body.  Once this has been set up, then the identifier inside the body can be tied to a digital bank account stored in a central location in the world and under full control of the Jewish Snake.  That is the foundation of the control system but it requires a few other pieces to make it a functional reality.  It requires a method to transfer information across the world very fast so that economic transactions using such a system can process financial transactions against the centrally controlled digital bank account in real time.  This is where 5G and even faster technologies such as 6G come into the picture.  In order to make such a system feasible it is required that information can be transferred very fast around the world to record all these transactions, which are debits and credits to the centralized bank account of each individual.

Such a system as described in the book of Revelation would also require a Dystopian society where everyone is closely monitored and controlled.  It would require a Police State on a world wide level.  Unless this were the case, then individuals would trade goods and services among themselves outside of the Jewish Snake controlled system so Force is required to make everyone comply to the system.  So a Police State is required to make such a system feasible and what we are seeing today more and more is that America, a country that was founded on freedom and individual liberty is turning more and more into a Police State where everything the individual does and says is controlled and censored.  America is heading away from a free country straight into a Dystopian society where the Mark of the Beast could become reality.  Its not just America but all the Western nations such as the U.K. that are being turned into Police States.  Remember that the Jewish Snake is a control freak and it requires physical control of everyone's life in addition to economic control.  

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Friday, January 29, 2021

 Everything according to Plan

Clicky the Image:

Its just the beginning, Goyim!  Death is the perfect cure for Covid 19.

This is why Jews got control of everything, so they can do exactly what you are seeing now all over the world.  When you own everything and own everybody of any significance then there is virtually no limit to what (((they))) can do as long as (((they))) keep the majority of the population deceived and clueless of (((their))) real intentions. This is where we are in 2021. Unless Humanity rises up to stop it, the world is headed toward a Jewish Dystopia that will unveil the Mark of the Beast.  

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Jews gonna Jew.  Its in their DNA 

Take that Needle, Goyim.  Its your Patriotic duty.  If you don't take it voluntarily, we gonna have to force you. So be a Good Goy and roll up your sleeve after you pay us to take our poison. 

On the topic of Faked Deaths, Part Deux

In my previous post I introduced the topic of Faked Deaths as something that the Jewish Snake does to benefit itself somehow.  In that post I listed the cases of four individuals (Jeffrey Epstein, Isaac Kappy, Paul Walker and George Floyd) who IMO have had their deaths faked by the Jewish Snake for various reasons. In this post I will expand the discussion of Faked Deaths by the Jewish Snake, particularly in the area of PSYOPS.

It is important to remember that the key attribute of the Jewish Snake is Lying and Deceiving for the benefit of itself and to the harm of others.  This is the foundation of the entire corrupt Jewish empire.  Faked Deaths are one of the ways that the Jewish Snake lies and deceives.  

In this Blog I have discussed various PSYOPS.  For anyone who is unfamiliar with what a PSYOP is, its a method of lying and deceiving the public that involves staging a fictional drama and portraying it as a real non-fictional event on the Main Stream Media and by the government.  To successfully stage a PSYOP requires the cooperation and control of both the Main Stream Media and the government to speak with one voice to deceive the public about the reality of the staged fictional event.  Since the Jewish Snake controls both the Main Stream Media and the government in most all countries of the world it is in the position to stage Psyops on a world wide scope such as the Covid 19 scam.  But I am digressing from the topic of this post, which is faked deaths.

It is to be noted that many PSYOPS involve Faked Deaths because there is perhaps no better way to get people's attention and to manipulate their emotions than to talk about death.  Death gets people's attention and causes fear, which is often the goal of a PSYOP.  Using Fear of Death to control and manipulate people is very often one of the major goals of the PSYOP.  But PSYOPs are not real events and any deaths in them are not real deaths.  They are Faked Deaths.  Following is a short list of PSYOPs that include Faked Deaths:

Covid 19


The Sandy Hook School Shooting 

In a fake PSYOP that involves Faked Death what is important is to give the public the impression that people have died.  It does not mean that all the people who have allegedly died are real people.  For example in the case of 9-11 it is my contention that many of the people who are said to have died in this PSYOP never existed as real people.  They were simply disinformation spread by the Main Stream Media to give the impression of mass death without there being any physical bodies associated with them. These are simulated victims, known as Vicsims.  Many of the alleged victims of 9-11 fall under this category as exposed on the September Clues Forum.  In other words they were not real people at all but fictional creations of the Main Stream Media to create a false perception of mass death.  But I do not want to discuss Vicsims in this post. I also do not want to discuss people who play the roles of people who have allegedly died in a PSYOP (for example the Jew Michael Vabner playing the role of Noah Pozner in the Sandy Hook Hoax).  In this post I want to discuss real people who allegedly died during a PSYOP such as 9-11 who in reality did not die at all.  This is the kind of Faked Death I am discussing here.  In the previous post I listed Isaac Kappy as a Faked Death of a PSYOP meant to discredit the Pizzagate Hollywood VIP Pedophile naming movement.  I also listed Paul Walker as being a Faked Death of a PSYOP.  I also George Floyd as being a Faked Death of a PSYOP meant to cause racial divisions in the USA.  In the rest of this post I am going to list other specific Faked Deaths of real people who allegedly died in a PSYOP who did not actually die at all.  

Charles Burlingame

What the Jewish Snake wants us to believe is that Charles Burlingame was the pilot who flew a passenger jet full of people (American Airlines 77) into the Pentagon on 9-11-2001 but the problem with that is no passenger jet flew into the Pentagon.  So Charles Burlingame did not die in the manner we are told he died.  This qualifies as a Faked Death by my definition of the term.  Charles Burlingame was a real person who the Main Stream Media reported as dead during the giant Jewish PSYOP known as 9-11.  I have been very interested in the Burlingame incident ever since I heard of it.  I have been extremely curious to find out what really happened to this man.  Looking at his background he appears to be a man of integrity who would not willingly be part of a PSYOP so what is the deal with him?  Either he died by some other means than "Death by Pentagon" or he did not die at all.  I believe he did not die at all and if that is the case then it is to be expected that his relatives would be in secret contact with him on the down low.  And this brings us to the case of his daughter, Wendy Burlingame, who died under very mysterious circumstances some time after the alleged death of her father.

Without more information I can only guess what happened to cause her death but my suspicion is that she was contacting (or attempting to contact) her still living father and this was considered a security risk that could expose 9-11 as a fraud by someone and so she was killed to silence her and to prevent any further contact or attempts to contact her father.  

Barbara Olson

What the Jewish Snake wants us to believe is that Barbara Olson was one of the passengers on American Airlines 77, the same airliner that Charles Burlingame was allegedly piloting when it slammed into the North face of the Pentagon on 9-11-2001 killing everyone on board.  But what the Jewish Snake does not want you to even suspect is that no jet airliner crashed into the Pentagon on 9-11 and that all the damage televised on the MSM was either caused by detonations of explosives planted inside that wing of the Pentagon or that a U.S. cruise missile slammed into the Pentagon and caused that damage, possibly in addition to pre planted explosives to cause a shock and awe type fireball.  But I digress from the purpose of this post, which is Faked Death.  No passenger jet full of people slammed into the Pentagon and so Barbara Olson did not die as the Main Stream Media reported.  This qualifies as a Faked Death by my definition of the term.

More to Come

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

On the topic of Faked Deaths

So I was watching one of the Fast and Furious movies and I saw Paul Walker playing his iconic role, which brought me to the subject of today's post.  I have talked in various entries of this Blog about Faked Deaths but I have not really explained what I mean by the term.  Of course, a faked death means that someone who is reported to be dead is actually alive but my definition of Faked Death goes beyond this.  My definition of Faked Death relates directly to the Two Worlds Paradigm.  

The Jewish Establishment AKA the Snake is a pathological liar.  It lies because its character is to lie.  The Jewish Establishment has turned its lies into "the truth" and has turned the actual truth into lies or Conspiracy theory.  My definition of a Faked Death is a case of the Jewish Establishment telling the public that someone is dead via the Main Stream Media when in reality the person is alive.  In my definition, it is not the person faking his death but the Jewish Establishment faking the person's death and the person whose death is being faked goes along with it.  Understand the difference in a person faking his death and the Establishment faking his death.  

So by the Two Worlds Paradigm, a Faked Death is a case in which the Jewish Establishment wants the public to believe that a person is dead when in reality the person is not dead.  The Jewish Establishment does not want the public to even suspect that the person is still alive.  The Jewish Establishment uses its control of the Main Stream media and the internet to convince the public that the person is indeed dead and if anyone suggests that the person is still alive, then the Jewish Snake condemns this as a lie and a Conspiracy theory.  This is the M.O. of the Snake and we have seen it many many times.  

Going further, the Snake itself is behind the Faked Death.  The Snake benefits in some way from the Faked Death.  

In a case where the Jewish Snake wants the public to believe that a person has committed suicide, it is a common tactic for the Snake to promote a secondary lie (often from alt right disinformation agents) that the person who allegedly committed suicide was murdered.  This is called putting your eggs in more than one basket and it is a common tactic of the Snake.  The Snake never relies on one lie but creates multiple lies that all serve the same purpose.  For those who do not accept Lie number one, the Snake gives you Lies number two, three and four as alternatives.  But they are all lies and all from the same source.  As an example of this, I give you the cases of Jeffrey Epstein and Isaac Kappy, both Jews and both working for the Snake.  The primary lie is that both men committed suicide.  The secondary fall back lie is that both men were murdered.  Both are lies to conceal the truth that the death of both of these men was faked because both of these men were working for the Jewish Snake.  The Snake does not kill its own but it certainly can fake it.  

There are four significant cases that I strongly suspect are Faked Deaths by my definition of the term. I am going to discuss each one of these below.

Jeffrey Epstein:

What the Snake wants us to believe is that Billionaire and likely Mossad asset Jeffrey Epstein, who not uncoincidentally is a Jew committed suicide in a New York City jail cell while on suicide watch.  There is an alternate narrative which I believe is also from the Snake that Jeffrey Epstein was murdered.  In either case, what the Snake wants people to believe is that Jeffrey Epstein is dead either by suicide or murder.  What the Snake does not want the public to even suspect is that Jeffrey Epstein did not die at all.  Why would the Snake be behind Jeffrey Epstein faking his death?  The answer goes back to Pizzagate.  Although I am very suspicious about the legitimacy of Pizzagate, one thing that it did is to put the public spotlight on people such as Epstein and it generated a demand for justice for this man who committed so many crimes and got a very light sentence for them.  It is this public outrage due to Pizzagate that led to the arrest and retrial of Jeffrey Epstein as a way to appease the public.  The Jewish Snake that runs the Federal Government wanted to show the public that this man was not above the law because of his wealth and connections and that anyone who breaks the law will be convicted.  Of course this is simply Bullshit but that is what the Jewish Snake wanted the public to believe. But of course this was all a charade to deceive the public that the System really is fair.  Jeffrey Epstein went along with the charade.  But I am rambling.  The purpose of faking Epstein's death was to make the public believe that justice was served in his case and to take him completely off the radar so that Epstein could go deep cover and assume a completely different identity.  A well connected Billionaire and Mossad asset is not going to die to satisfy public outrage and demands for justice.  His death was faked so he could continue to live under a new identity and serve his true loyalty (Israel) in some other capacity.  

Isaac Kappy:

What the Snake wants us to believe is that Isaac Kappy committed suicide by jumping off a bridge in Arizona.  There is an alternate narrative which I believe is also from the Snake that Isaac Kappy was murdered and his death was made to look like a suicide.  In either case, what the Snake wants people to believe is that Isaac Kappy is dead either by suicide or murder. What the Snake does not want the public to even suspect is that Isaac Kappy did not die at all.  Why would the Snake be behind Isaac Kappy faking his death?  The answer to that question goes back to my conviction that Isaac Kappy from the time he became a "pedophile whistle blower" was a Psyop whose purpose was to discredit anyone naming Hollywood VIPs as pedophiles.  As I have noted in my Blog, the people who Isaac Kappy accused of being pedophiles such as Seth Green were not pedophiles at all.  For example, Isaac Kappy accused actor Seth Green of being a child rapist with a hidden rape room in his house.  This was a patently false claim by Kappy that he knew to be a lie but he repeated it many times because his purpose was to discredit the Pizzagate movement which was naming many Hollywood VIPs as pedophiles.  IMO this is the entire reason why Kappy became a fake pedophile whistle blower.  By naming non pedophiles as pedophiles, he discredited the entire Hollywood pedophile naming movement.  So what about his faked Death?  IMO Isaac Kappy's Psyop came to an end for whatever reason and those behind the Psyop wanted to take him out of the picture while painting him as a martyr.  IMO his actual name was never Isaac Kappy.  IMO Isaac Kappy was a Hollywood stage name given to him but his real name was never Isaac Kappy.  Like Epstein, he is a Jew and his real name is Jewish. IMO the man known as Isaac Kappy was a Jewish asset to the Snake.  First he served the Snake as a Hollywood actor and then he served the Snake as a Psyop to discredit Pizzagate.  When the Psyop was finished, he appeared to die but an asset working for the Snake in a Psyop does not really die.  He only pretends to.  I very strongly suspect he is alive and well and living under his real identity (which was never Isaac Kappy) somewhere, probably in Israel.  

Paul Walker:

What the Snake wants us to believe is that Paul Walker died in a fiery car crash.  What the Snake does not want us to even suspect is that Paul Walker did not die at all but is still alive.  Why would the Snake fake Paul Walker's death?  This is an interesting question but IMO the reason has to do with the Fast and Furious series of movies.  Hollywood is an integral part of the Jewish Snake and Hollywood (or a segment of Hollywood) benefits in some way in the perceived death of Paul Walker that benefits the popularity and financial bottom line of a segment of Hollywood.  I had no suspicion at all that Paul Walker's death was fake until I came across certain internet sites discussing it.  I approached the topic initially just as I did with 9-11.  It was curiosity that led me down the path of investigating Paul Walker's alleged death.  And when I did the research myself I came away with the conclusion that his death was not legitimate but was faked.  If you do a search in your search engine of choice using the term "Paul Walker faked death" you will see a lot of links that say that Paul Walker is dead and its a hoax that he did not die.  Ask yourself why there would many links that say that it is a Hoax to say that Paul Walker did not die.  The reason is because a segment of society believes he is still alive and the Jewish Snake wants to convince everyone that this is a hoax.  This is what the Snake does with its control of the internet.  If there is a truth it wants to hide, it makes sure that any search result into that subject shows what the Snake wants people to believe.  In this case the Snake wants everyone to believe that Paul Walker is dead so it makes sure we see that when we do internet searches.  This is a very common tactic of the Jewish Snake.  These search engine results have nothing to do with the truth but about what the Snake wants us to believe.  Ignore these results.  There are sites on the internet that discuss the Paul Walker death as being faked that do not show up in the search results because I have read them.  I know not to trust what the Jewish Snake wants me to believe.  I go looking for the truth that the Jewish Snake is trying to hide from me and you should too.  I discussed how the Snake uses search engine results to promote the lie and hide the truth in various posts on this Blog.  

Following are some links to look at that says that Paul Walker's death was staged.  Ignore the Deceptive Site warning on the first link.  More Jewish Snake chicanery to keep you away from the truth.

There is another site which I can no longer find in my search results that gave the best documented evidence of Paul Walker's death being faked.  That is the site that I really wanted to show you but the Jewish Snake does not want you to see it so it does not appear in my results.  But in any case the two links I provided are the beginning of going down this rabbit hole for anyone who wants to know the truth. 

EDIT TO ADD:  I did a previous post about the Paul Walker death which I provide a link to here:

George Floyd:

What the Snake wants us to believe is that George Floyd was murdered by a racist white cop named Derek Chauvin, and that this act of obvious police white on Black racism spawned the BLM riots.  What the Snake does not want us to even suspect is that the George Floyd "death" was a Psyop to create black vs white racial division in America and to distract everyone's attention away from other topics that the Snake did not want the people looking at.  

Below is a link to a post I previously made about the George Floyd murder being a Psyop:

See this link:

One of the big indicators that we have that the George Floyd murder is a Psyop is that the actor in the psyop who supposedly killed George Floyd is portrayed in the lying Jewish Main Stream Media by two obviously different people.

The person who the MSM tells us killed Floyd is in reality two different people who look somewhat similar but who are definitely not the same person.  It does not take a rocket scientist to see this.

The "Derek Chauvin" who allegedly killed George Floyd:

The "Derek Chauvin" who was arrested for killing George Floyd:

What the lying Jewish Main Stream Media wants you to believe that both of these pictures depict the same person but that is obviously not the case.  In picture one we have an older man with an oblong face.  In picture two we have a younger man with a much more round face.  Not the same person at all but this is what the lying Jewish Main Stream Media tells us with a straight face and expects us to accept it.  With a population as dumbed down as the American people they expect this to be accepted just because the MSM says it is so.  For a population of dumbed down programmed Sheep, this is the truth.  For those of us with a functional brain and eyes that actually see it is an obvious lie. 

To be continued.

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Food for Thought

Murdered Covid 19 Researchers and whistle blowers

Click on below image

Do you remember all the microbiologists who ended up dead under mysterious circumstances before Covid 19?  If not, here is an article about that, which shows a similar pattern to what is documented in the above article:

I have always been extremely curious about those microbiologist deaths and I do not believe they are coincidental.  I believe those microbiologists were intentionally murdered.  There is a definite pattern to it.  In a world controlled by the Jewish Snake, it does not take a rocket scientist to see that these researchers were silenced, for whatever reason, because of the work they were doing. Although the Jewish owned Main Stream Media goes to great effort to make the case that these deaths have nothing to do with the work the researcher is doing,, the thinking rational person sees through this as the smoke screen that it is to hide the truth.  

In the case of Covid 19, I can offer some possible explanations why Covid 19 researchers would be assassinated:

Possible Reason one:  The researcher discovers evidence that Covid 19 is man made and not a naturally occurring virus.  In such a case, the researcher would be silenced to prevent this information from getting to the public.

Possible Reason two:  The researcher discovers a cure for Covid 19 that does not involve vaccination.  Since the Jewish Establishment is using Covid 19 as a cover to get everyone to take the vaccine(s), the researcher would be silenced so that the vaccine is the only publicly available "cure" for Covid 19.  

Possible Reason three:  The researcher discovers a cure for Covid 19 that involves a legitimate vaccination that actually cures the disease instead of the Jewish Establishment offered vaccination that is not a cure for Covid 19 at all but is intended for nefarious purposes that have nothing to do with Covid 19.  As I have said repeatedly on this Blog, the Jewish establishment is using Covid 19 as a cover to get everyone to take a vaccine whose real purpose has nothing to do with Covid 19.  Covid 19 is just a means to an end to get everyone to take an Establishment offered vaccine.  So if an honest medical researcher was working on an vaccine to actually cure Covid 19 outside of the Jewish Establishment agenda then that researcher would be seen as a threat to the goal of the Jewish Establishment and this is a reason why such a researcher would be murdered.  

As for who is actually behind these murders, I very strongly suspect it is the Israeli Mossad.


Saturday, January 23, 2021

Mission Accomplished

Click on Image Below

In many ways Trump has been like a Terminator sent by the Jewish Establishment to completely derail, discredit and destroy the Patriot movement in America.  Now any American Patriot who is against the U.S. Establishment and says CNN is fake news is automatically associated with Trump and deemed an enemy of America.  Can you say Mission Accomplished?  The Jewish Snake must be patting itself on the back for its brilliant move to hurt the greatest threat to it in a long time.  

Unfortunately there are many people who still believe that Trump was a great President sent by God to save America.  It makes me sad to see so many people so clueless.  I wish that all those still supporting Trump will wake up and recognize as so many others have that the man is nothing but a Snake who knows how to speak your language while totally betraying your cause.  How can you support a two faced man like this who has hurt your cause more than anyone else possibly could?  

EDIT TO ADD:  Trump left office in disgrace just as was intended but the real disgrace is not on Trump but on the American Patriot movement.  Now the American Patriot movement is in a far worse position than it was in 2016 before it accepted Trump as its leader.  We were greatly deceived but in 2020 there is no excuse for anyone to still be deceived about Trump.  He completely betrayed our cause and it was all by design.  His entire purpose for becoming POTUS was, outside of giving Jerusalem and the Golan Heights to Israel (his true loyalty), to turn our cause into something that the American public would perceive as ugly and to be shunned when in reality our cause is very noble.  We were played by Trump and his Jewish backers but that is now in the past.  Let us stop talking about this man once and for all.  He is nothing but a distraction away from what it is important to us.  I consider anyone still supporting Trump at this point or in the future to be an enemy. 

Friday, January 22, 2021

 I'm sure its just a coincidence

Purple suit and pearls worn by Kamala Harris at inauguration are IDENTICAL to outfit worn by Lisa in 2000 Simpsons episode when she became President.

It wouldn't be the first time we have seen Predictive Programming on the Simpsons such as in this 1997 episode:

 If only the America People had the Balls to do this

I used to be proud of the American people.  Now I look at almost everyone wearing masks everywhere (I am one of the few exceptions who refuses to wear one) and I think to myself, what in God's name has happened to the American people to make them so dumbed down?  What has happened to make the American people spineless and without any resolve at all?

I am not proud of my country.  In some ways I believe the clueless American people deserve exactly what they are getting.  Especially the ones who take the vaccine.  All those who die because they took the vaccine get no sympathy from me.  If you are dumb enough to take the vaccine then you deserve whatever you get, including death.

I greatly respect the people of the U.K. for organizing a resistance against the Establishment insanity and I only wish the people of America had the balls to do so.  Shame on the American people for being blind dumb sheep without an ounce of courage to fight back against their enslavement.  

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Where is the Bullet with this guy's name on it?

Bill Gates Buying Up Huge Amount Of Farmland While ‘Great Reset’ Tells Americans Future Is No Private Property

Where is the bullet with this guy's name on it?  I know that some American Patriot has to have it.  Maybe its just me, but it looks like he's begging for it.

Puppets speaking for the Snake

All the puppets of the Snake speak the Snake's message in unison to the people.  You'd have to be blind not to see that the Snake controls all the world leaders. The World leaders are only the front men and women puppets who are doing the bidding of the Snake.  Come on sheeple.  Wake the fuck up!  It's right in front of your face. And you actually believe you live in a Democracy.

The Jewish Snake runs the world and all the world "leaders" are merely puppets to it.


The Two Worlds Paradigm exemplified:

The Two Worlds Paradigm

What (((they))) want you to Believe:

What (((they))) don't want you to even suspect:

The Two Worlds Paradigm exemplified:

The Two Worlds Paradigm

What (((they))) want to to Believe:

What (((they))) don't want you to even suspect:


The Two Worlds Paradigm exemplified 

The Two Worlds Paradigm

What (((they))) want you to Believe:

What (((they))) don't want you to even suspect:

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Anteroom of Our Own Extinction

Click below image

Please read the article and then I will give my own thoughts and insights below.

Most people don't see the Snake at all and for those who do see it, there is great disagreement about what the Snake is and who is behind it. All that is by design.  In a world based on lies and deception (which is the world we live in). this is to be expected.  Keeping the people divided and distracted and confused and unable to tell what the truth is has long been the strategy of the Snake in its long term plan for total world domination.  No matter what the corrupt governments and main stream media want  the people to believe, Covid 19 is really about World Domination.  Everyone who seeks to know the truth must realize that Covid 19 and the Establishment response to it is not genuine but is in reality the implementation of a plan by evil men to dominate the entire world.  

I have made many posts about the Snake on this Blog such as this one and this one and this one but I do not think I have adequately explained what it is.  In order to understand what is happening in the world in 2021 and beyond, we need to have a clear understanding of the Snake.  We need to clearly understand what the Snake is and what the Snake wants so I am going to talk about that.

As for what the Snake wants, that is easy.  The Snake wants to control the entire world and everything in it.  It wants to control all the people.  It wants to control all the Governments.  It wants to control all the resources.  It wants to control all the property.  It wants total world domination. 

It is important to state that the Snake is an organization of evil men who have conspired to control the entire world.  The Snake is made up of men.  It is not Satan. It is not Demonic. It is not an evil God or force external to the world.  It not Aliens from another planet or another dimension.  It is not shape-shifting Reptilians.  It is nothing external to this world.  It is men (human beings) within this world.  We all have to be clear about that so we know what the Snake is.  Now that I have said that the Snake is made up of men, I can begin talking about these men who make up the Snake.  

Who are the men who make up the Snake?  Why is this Blog called Stranger in a Jewish World?  Although there will be disagreement by some to what I say, I say that at its core the Snake is Jewish.  I say that long ago Jews made an evil plan (or plot) to control the entire world and that they have been working ever since that original plan to see it fulfilled.  Certainly not all members of the Snake are Jewish. Anyone who is corrupt and willing to work with the Snake to help fulfill its goals can be a member of the Snake but at its core the Snake is Jewish. So the Snake has a Jewish center but anyone who is corrupt and willing to go to bed with the Snake for personal profit can become part of the Snake.  The Snake is exactly like a world wide Mafia that has managed to take over everything.  The Snake runs the world in 2021.  Now I can talk about the common attributes of the Snake as an organization.   

Lies and Deception are the foundation of the Jewish Empire. The Jewish race has built its success upon lying and deceiving non Jews.  Truth is the great enemy of Jews because the Truth is a force that can be used to destroy the entire Jewish Empire like the house of cards that it really is.  Jews love the lie and they hate the truth.  Since Jews are running the world and have been for a long time, we see lies and deception everywhere.  As Hitler pointed out, Jews are the master of the Big Lie and the Jewish Big Lie du jour is Covid 19.  Covid 19 is just a means to an end for the Jewish Snake to tighten its coils around the entire world and to control everyone's life in every country of the world on a very personal basis.  

Arrogance is another attribute of the Snake.  The Snake is very arrogant.  It believes it can get away with anything it plans to do if it is determined enough to get it.  It has no shame and no morality to stand its way as most of humanity would if it attempted to do what the Jewish Snake does.  Since the Jewish Snake cares only about itself and sees the rest of humanity as animals, it believes it has the right to do anything it sets in mind to and what Humanity thinks about it is of no concern to the Snake.  Might makes right and since the Snake has come into control of all the major governments of the world, it believes that anything it wants to do is right and it is up to Humanity to conform to the will of the Snake.   You can see the utter arrogance of the Snake in the Covid 19 deception.  I mean, the arrogance is in your face every single day. 

The Snake is above the law.  No man made Law restricts the Snake.  Since the Snake owns the Government and the Snake owns Law Enforcement (Police, FBI, District Attorney, Courts, etc.), no laws made by the Government apply to the Snake.  Those laws apply to Humanity but not to the Snake.  So the Snake can get away with what what others who are not part of the Snake cannot, including murder.  All that the Snake cares about is concealing its activities from the public but it has no concern about Law Enforcement.  Any honest members of Law Enforcement who try to go after the Snake will find themselves either transferred off the case by their Snake-owned Superiors or they will end up dead themselves.  

The Snake owns the Government and all the main Politicians in it.  The Snake owns the Political Parties.  The Snake owns the Democratic Party.  The Snake owns the Republican Party.  The Snake owns Joe Biden.  The Snake owned Donald J. Trump. There is no such thing as an honest Politician. Whichever party is "in control" of the government, the Snake is really in control.  

The Snake loves controlled opposition.  Controlled Opposition is used by the Snake to give an illusion of a Democracy to the people when in reality there is no Democracy.  For example, in the USA the Snake plays the Democratic Party against the Republican Party in a play staged for the benefit of the American people who do not know they are being played.  Since both political parties and all the Politicians in them work for the Snake, they put on a puppet show for the people to convince the people that they really do live in a Democracy when in reality they do not.  A government that does nothing productive for the people but endlessly argues among itself serves the Snake well.  This is the American government.  Its just a drama for the people by the Snake. 

More to Come

Monday, January 18, 2021

When will the Trumpenstein Supporters ever learn?

I have an answer to that question:

You all are supporting a Jewish con artist as if he was the greatest Patriot to America of all time.  Do you know what fools you look like to those of us who know better? You've had four long years to see through this guy but you STILL believe in him as much as you did in 2016, even after everything he has done and not done to prove he does not give a fuck about your values. If you don't know who Trump is by now then I guess you never will.  If it makes noises like a Patriot and it Tweets like a Patriot (oh my bad, it can't Tweet anymore) then it must be a Patriot.  Patriots for Trump are NOT Patriots to AmericaYou are a cult of personality and no sane rational person wants to have anything to do with you.


Just because Joe Biden and the Democratic Party sucks Balls does not mean that you have to circle the wagons around Trump.  As a former Trump supporter who has jumped completely off the Trump train with no regrets whatsoever, what matters is our shared values, not Trump.  Trump was never one of us.  Trump hijacked our cause in 2016 to get himself elected POTUS and then he completely abandoned our cause.  Every one of you should dump him.  Its about your values which are also my values.  We share the same values but unlike you I see Trump for who he is.  I hope and pray to God that every one still pimping Trump as a Super Patriot to America such as L.Lin Wood and Jim Stone and many others will come to their senses and see that Trump does not give a fuck about the things we care about other than to use them for his own personal political ambitions.  He was never our friend.  Time to dump Trump.

Saturday, January 16, 2021

The Dire Threat Posed by Zionism/Satanism to the USA and the World

Click the image below:


You will never see me shedding any tears for a dead Rothschild.  Instead you will find me cheering.  Karma has spoken.  May he and your entire evil family rot in Hell for what they have wrought on humanity.  It would be far better for Humanity if the Rothchilds had never existed. They have brought misery and suffering to the entire world for the profit of evil Jewish men.

Friday, January 15, 2021

We have Great Opportunities for Positive Change in 2021

Although it may not be apparent to most, we have Great Opportunities for Positive Change in 2021 on two different fronts:

1) The end of the Trump Presidency and the guaranteed dissatisfaction of tens of millions of American citizens with the upcoming Biden Presidency set to begin January 20th.

2) The Snake push to take away individual freedoms and liberties, to censor free speech and to push for every American citizen to take an unwanted vaccination against "Convid 19".

I will now elucidate in the following how these are great opportunities for positive change for those who do not see it.

Regarding the Trump Presidency coming to a quick end on January 20th, let me begin the discussion by saying that a large number of people who were initially Trump supporters in 2016 (because we were against Hillary) have become completely alienated by the Trump Presidency.  Trump showed us his ugly Zionist face and we disowned him as our President. This happened years ago.  Unfortunately many people did not see through Trump and continued to support him and Champion him as the American Patriot's best ever friend in the White House.  This charade continued up to the 2020 election and it continues today.  With the defeat of Trump in the 2020 election, many Americans who should know better have circled the wagons around Trump as if he personally is our last hope against the evil Democrats and Liberals who want to turn America Communist.  Oh yes, I have read the articles by these people saying Trump is our only hope and we must put our faith in him for the future of freedom in America.  The people writing these articles are fools who cannot see anything past their own brainwashing and they should be ignored by all sane rational people.  Trump followers are a cult and we should have nothing to do with them.   Our cause is not about Trump but about bringing positive change to America which Trump never once brought during his entire Presidency.  Although Trump campaigned in 2016 about Making America Great Again, in 2021 America is significantly less great than it was before Trump took office.  If you ignore Trump's words and just look at the sad state of America now you realize that Trump has done absolutely nothing to change America for the positive.  He has been the most do nothing President in American history.  That is the truth.  If he had been reelected, he would continue to be the most do nothing President for another four years.  Everyone needs to realize that.  Trump does not represent the American Patriot movement.  He hijacked the American Patriot movement and transformed it into his own personal cult of personality.  So its very good he is getting kicked out of the White House regardless of how bad Biden/Harris is.  At least with Biden/Harris we know who they are.  With Trump, you always had a man saying one thing and doing another.  So it is far more honest that Biden/Harris becomes President.  Its better that we have a Snake as President that everyone knows is a Snake than a President who is a Snake in disguise who wraps himself in the American Flag and shits red, white and Blue for a cult of clueless Trump worshippers and QAnon followers chanting to themselves endlessly "God Bless POTUS!"  At least that Bullshit is coming to an end and I say Thank God for that.  QAnon is a Psyop but if it were a person I would have it up in front of a firing squad for blatant Treason against the American people for all the lies it told about Trump and all the good things he is doing for American Patriots.  

As long as Trump was in the White House, he gave the false impression that there was at least someone in the U.S. Government on the side of the American people and American Patriots in particular.  He was like a Placebo to those who want the U.S. Government to work for the American people.  Now that he is going and is being replaced with someone who is clearly against the American Patriot movement, that Placebo will be no more.  Now that the Democratic Party is going to control the Presidency, the Senate and the House, the entire U.S. Government is against the U.S. Patriot movement.  All illusions are gone and that is a good thing for us. Trump was a liar and deceiver from the beginning but Biden is not a liar.  He is a WYSIWYG President.  All bad for us without a doubt but I prefer him 100% over Trump because he is not a deceiver like Trump.  I prefer a clear enemy like Biden as President who lets everyone know he is the enemy over a President like Trump who talks our language to seduce us into believing in him and then totally betrays our cause.  That is exactly what Trump did to deceive so many in 2016 but there will be no deception with Biden.  Take Obama and Hillary combined and you will have Biden/Harris.  So the opportunity we have, in case you still do not see it, is that now that Trump is gone and we have repudiated his name, we can reestablish the true American Patriot movement against the U.S. Government.  The entire U.S. Government is against us now.  The Presidency.  The House.  The Senate.  The Supreme Court.  All against us. Much better to know where we stand and this is where we stand in 2021 going forward. Now it is us against the U.S. Government.  All American Patriots must know it.  

As I said earlier, it is guaranteed that tens of millions of American citizens and particularly those who call themselves American Patriots are not going to accept the Biden Presidency set to begin on January 20th or an American Government that is represented by the Hated Democratic Party.  This is a great opportunity for us to use these tens of millions of people effectively to implement the kind of changes that truly benefit us for a change.  Trump was never one of us and he never represented our interests.  Likewise, the Republican party never represented our interests but only pretended to.  But with Biden and the Democratic Party, there is no pretense at all.  Biden and the Democratic Party are openly against our interests and they are the new face of the U.S. Government for the next four years at the minimum.  So we know that for the next four years at least the U.S. Government is our enemy and it is very good that we know it.  No more pretense.  Now it is us against them.  Do you see the great opportunity we have in the next four years to use the ex-Trump supporters to implement positive change?  If not, you are blind.  To be more specific, what I am NOT talking about is creating a new political movement around some other political leader who will represent our interests within the totally corrupt U.S. political system.  What I AM talking about is the American people rising up against the corrupt U.S. Government in protest completely outside of the American political system.  The Solution to the problems we face is not a political one.  The Only Solution is a Revolution by the American People against the corruption that has completely taken over our Government.  

As for the Convid 19 scam, the great opportunity we have in it should be obvious.  The Snake in its arrogance and drunk with power and control that it has obtained through deception, infiltration, assassination, bribery, blackmail and every other evil method believes that it can turn all of Humanity into its Bitch, in fact it is betting the House on it.  Everyone with their eyes even partially open can plainly see that the Convid 19 scam is naked lies and deception.  Everyone who cares about the truth has been documenting it everywhere but it does not matter to the Snake.  The Snake is very determined to get what it wants and it believes that its control over everything (and it does control basically everything) is going to get it what it wants.  What does the Snake want?  The Snake wants more for it and much less for all of us.  It wants to restrict our freedoms and liberties.  It wants to censor our speech online.  It wants to force an unwanted vaccination program on all of humanity and it intends to use its control of government and media to blackmail humanity into compliance.  It intends to pass laws to take away basic freedoms and liberties that humanity has always enjoyed unless we get the vaccines.  And they want us to pay for it.  They want us to pay them to take their poison into our bodies.  That is like asking a condemned man to buy the noose that will be used to hang him.  But the Snake believes it can get away with anything now.  It is drunk with its own power and it believes that Humanity is just going to drop down to its knees in subservience.  The Snake is forcing Humanity to go to war against it just so we can preserve our current way of life.  That is the opportunity the Snake is giving us.  It goes hand in hand with the first opportunity.  Again, Revolution is the only Solution left to us because the Snake will never back down.  It cares not what Humanity wants.  The Snake only cares about what it wants and it will use any means no matter how nefarious to get it.  So we must revolt and I have no doubt that a Revolution is coming not just to America but to every major country in the world against what the Snake is doing.  Humanity vs the Snake.  Its a war that badly needs to be fought and Humanity must win because for the Snake to win would be unthinkable for us and all future generations of Humanity.  If the Snake wins, we will have the mandated Mark of the Beast and the Jewish Bankers will control the world much more so than they already do now.  They will control your bank account.  This is the Jewish wet dream to have control over everyone's bank account.  You must see that this is the ultimate goal of Convid 19 and the injections they are trying to force on us in every single country of the world.  This has been well planned for years and it is being executed in front of our eyes.  We know what we need to do. We need to rise up against the Snake and overcome it.  I pray that we have the courage to do it. 

Who Hears my Voice?

Thursday, January 14, 2021


An article about Trump I 100% agree with.  I wish all current Trump supporters would get wise about the Snake that has conned you into believing in him.  He is not worthy of your support.  He is a Snake in Sheep's clothing whose only purpose is to deceive YOU and prevent you from doing anything to change the status quo in America.  You have to be smart enough to recognize the great con of Don the Con.  To continue to support this man undermines everything we are trying to achieve.  Put Trump in the garbage can of History where he belongs and give your support to someone who is truly worthy of it.

Following is excerpts from this linked article that I particularly agree with in Black and my own commentary in Blue.

TRUMP IS FALSE OPPOSITIONAs I have been saying from the beginning of the creation of this Blog, Trump is controlled opposition whose purpose is to neuter the Patriot movement of America and to transform it into something it was never meant to become.   Trump is just a controlled opposition puppet to the Snake on the Right just as Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Shumer are controlled opposition puppets to the Snake on the Left.  Since before he became President and all during his Presidency Trump has been a willing tool of the Jewish Establishment while pretending to oppose it.  He is a False Prophet who very unfortunately is still believed by many to be the voice of the American Patriot movement.  The very best thing that the American Patriot movement could do is what I have done and this is to completely disown Trump.   He is our enemy pretending to be our friend.  MAGA is good but Trump never represented it or believed it in outside of a cheap meaningless campaign slogan which he quickly discarded once be become President so he could he be could be all he could be for Israel.  He threw MAGA and the American Patriot movement under the bus, which is why no American Patriot should support him.  He is a Snake who knows how to speak our language but he does not represent our views.  

 For the Trump Supporting Idiots

This post is for all the idiots who are still supporting Trump.  I know you are out there, not because of the lying Main Stream Media but because I read your articles on the internet. I know you are deceived by Trump's talk and you see him as the greatest thing for America since George Washington.  Like Baseball, the American Flag and Apple Pie, he represents America to you.  I have told you repeatedly on this Blog to ignore Trump's talk and to watch his actions.  Trump is a master manipulator of his supporters in his speeches.  He knows how to reach inside his Base's heart and push the buttons to get people to support him.  I fully acknowledge that Trump talks the talk even today that can make people who sees themselves  as Patriots to America gravitate around him as a "Savior" of America.  Remember, I used to be one of you before I saw through Trump.  Trump's actions are completely at  odds with his words. It has been so for his entire Presidency since he took office in 2017. And here is something else that Trump has done (or that someone acting in Trump's name has done since I say Trump is no better than a puppet for his masters who are really running the show).  Look and learn Trump Supporters to see who Trump really is.  You have been deceived.

Click on the image:

Outside of all the talk, this is who Trump really is and what he supports.  He is not one of you.  He is one of the (((them))).  I pray to the God of Truth and Justice that all those who are still supporting Trump will recognize that this man is unworthy of their support and that he is a Snake wearing Sheep's clothing.  Stop supporting an evil man who does nothing but tell lies and work against what you believe in.  Find someone honest to support.