Thursday, December 31, 2020

 The Simulation Described, Part one

So I have heard Harry Vox describe the world as a simulation (in other words, a simulated reality) and I recognized by his description that he is talking about the very same thing I have been talking about for a long time ever since I took the red pill.  I decided it would be a good idea to create a series of posts that illuminate this concept so that everyone knows exactly what is being referred to here as a simulation.  This is for everyone who wants to know what the Matrix really is. 

Before I tell you what it is, I am going to first tell you what it is not.  It is not a simulated reality that is created by a computer or by AI or by alien technology to fool people into believing in a world that is not real.  It is not people plugged into a machine that is simulating reality for everyone as in the Matrix science fiction movies.  It is not a simulated reality as described by Elon Musk when Musk says there is a very high probability that we are living in a computer simulation.  It is none of these things.  

The Two Worlds Paradigm is the simplest, clearest explanation of the simulation in layman's terms that I have been able to formulate.  I came up with it long ago when I started looking for an explanation for the world after realizing what 9-11 really was.  I have also called it the Jewish Matrix when I was on Twitter, because Jews are the creator of the simulation.  Jews are at the very center of the Matrix but before I get to the Jewish problem or Jewish question I want to describe the simulation that the Jews have created for us all to live in.  It has to be fully understood to be appreciated.  Its not obvious until it is seen.  Once it is seen it becomes obvious. 

Read the Two Worlds Paradigm again and realize its not just talking about lies and deception.  What it is really talking about is an entirely different version of reality for people to live in that is completely divorced from actual reality.  Actual reality is the truth.  The False World or simulation or Matrix is a series of lies that is often the very opposite of the truth.  Its like living in a completely different world based on an illusion of all the lies that have been told by the Establishment.  Its a world of false belief that has nothing to do with actual reality, which is truth.  Most people live in this false world because they don't any better.  Its all they have ever heard their entire life, so how would they know anything different?

I like to go back to the first Matrix movie and discuss various quotes from it because I think it illuminates what I am trying to say better than anything else I have seen.  As I have said, the first Matrix movie is in many ways allegorical.  On the surface it is a science fiction movie but its themes are describing important real world concepts that everyone who would take the red pill needs to have a firm grasp of.  We all need to understand and be on the same page when discussing this.  Jews love to divide people and cause confusion and uncertainty so nobody can understand anything.  Its one of their M.O.s to keep non Jews from seeing through Jews and how Jews use Lies and Deception to enslave and control the world.  Everyone needs to understand these concepts clearly, so I will now discuss some quotes from the first Matrix movie that are allegorical to the real world and give my commentary on them as a way to elucidate and illuminate what I am talking about.

In the following quotes, you have to look beyond the science fiction movie to the real world meaning of each.

The Matrix is a world that has been pulled over your eyes that involves brainwashing from birth.  The purpose of the Matrix is to blind you from the truth.  It is to keep you living in a false reality based upon man made lies and to hide truths from you that do not benefit the ruling power structure of the world. 

The Matrix is a System based on Lies and Deception created by evil men to control the world.  That system and those who are behind it are humanity's greatest enemy.  

This is a very profound statement.  I can write a million pages telling you what the Matrix is but unless you see it for yourself then that would be futile.  Words from me cannot show you the truth.  You have to realize the truth for yourself.  And the best way to realize the truth for yourself is to recognize all the lies of society.  As I have said before, You have to see the Lie before you can see the Truth.  Although the Jewish Establishment has done its best to deceive us, God has given each of us the innate ability to recognize lies when we see or hear them.  Recognition of Lies is the path to the truth but its up to you to follow that path.  I can help you but you must be the one to walk it.  Only you can see the truth from your eyes, not from my eyes.  And once you really see it, the Truth will set you free.

In this context, I am acting as Morpheus trying to awaken a person who has not seen the truth yet.  I am trying to free your mind from your brainwashing but I can only show you the truths from the outside.  Unless you really want to know the truth then these words will fall on deaf ears.  As I have said in other posts, the truth cannot be told to others from the outside.  The truth has to be realized from the inside by a thinking honest person who is really determined to know the truth and is not afraid of knowing a bad truth.  You have to discover the truth yourself.  My words may help you do that but the discovery has to be your own.  Only a truth discovered from within will be accepted as the truth.  So you have to want to know and be willing to experience negative emotions to see it.  You are the key to knowing the truth for yourself, not me.  I can only point the way. 

The Blue Pill is not wanting to know the truth.  The Blue Pill is wanting a comforting Lie over an unpleasant truth.  Many people when they begin to learn the negative truth about the world run away from it back to the false world that they have been accustomed to. This is taking the Blue Pill. 
The Truth is too heavy to handle so they cry "Run away!  Run away!"  As one who has taken the Blue Pill many times during my search for the Truth, I know it well.  I cannot condemn anyone who takes it because that would be to condemn myself.  All I say is that it is better to know a bad truth than a comforting lie.  There is great power to knowing the truth.  If you know the truth you can do something about it.  I urge everyone reading this to face your fears and find out the truth for yourself.

I talked about this before in this post.  Discovering the Truth about the world and the way it really is is not a pleasant experience.  Its unpleasant.  It does not bring happiness to know a bad reality.  It brings fear, sadness, depression and other negative emotions.  If you expect the truth to bring you happiness then you are not ready to see it.  But if you are willing to experience these negative emotions in order to see the truth then you are ready for the red pill.  

This is for everyone who has taken the red pill who tries to reach those who have not to awaken them.  Its extremely difficult.  People who have been brainwashed their entire lives to believe a lie are going to accept that lie and defend that lie as their own and reject anything that contradicts the lie.  In other words, people who have internalized a lie and made it into their reality are going to accept that lie as the truth and defend it as the truth.  Even though the lie did not originate with them, they have made the lie their own and based their life on it and so they protect the lie as they would protect their life.  Anyone who attacks the lie(s) that their life is based upon is seen as an enemy who is attacking their life.  This is the great challenge we face in trying to awaken others.

There is a difference between knowing what the truth is and dedicating your life to doing something about it.  Knowing the truth comes after taking the Red Pill but that is only the beginning.  The Path is to awaken others from the Matrix and to destroy the evil System based upon Lies and Deception so that Humanity is forever freed from its nefarious control.  Freeing Humanity from the System is the Path and all who take the red pill are expected to walk it.  You do not learn the truth about the world to keep it to yourself. You learn the truth about the world so you can help free the world from the great evil that has ensnared it.   If God has graced you enough to know the truth then you have a responsibility to do everything in your power to wake up others to the truth that has been shown to you.  Its not enough to just learn the truth.  You must use the truth to help free the world. Everyone has a part to play in this.  You must do your part.

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

 Recommended Viewing

Harry Vox's Youtube channel (click below image):

The reason I am an admirer of Harry Vox is because he sees the problem I see and he describes it perhaps better than anyone else I have seen do so on the internet.  He has zero tolerance for Bullshit.  Although his style of presentation may seem over the top and off putting to some, I admire his straight talk.  He hates these Snakes with a passion as I do.  We need more people like him.telling the no holds barred truth about the Snakes who run our world.  Give me a thousand people like Harry Vox and we could begin to reach the masses with the true message they need to hear about the complete corruption and dishonesty of society.  Unless people know that society is dishonest then they are pawns for being deceived by anything the Establishment can think of to deceive them.  Convid 19 is just the Deception du jour for the Snakes who rule the world.    

 More Discussion about the JonBenet Ramsey murder

Here is my main post about the JonBenet Ramsey murder.  For people who want to know the primary source of my information in that post, it is Nancy Krebs.  I have talked about Nancy Krebs in many other Blog posts but she is the witness who I believe over all others regarding this case.  Everything Nancy Krebs said in her testimony to Boulder, CO authorities in 2000 checks out, including the information about her sister.  I knew nothing about her sister until another researcher revealed her identity to me and everything about her is exactly as Nancy testified.  See this post about her sister.  If you carefully read Nancy Krebs' transcripts as I have then you know that all the factual information about her sister checks out.  Her sister's daughter witnessed the death of JonBenet Ramsey in the true location of the murder.  The location where JonBenet Ramsey was murdered was NOT at the home of John and Patsy Ramsey.  It was somewhere else in Boulder, Colorado.  Although I have speculated various places where the murder could have taken place, I do not know exactly where it took place.  It was some secretive unknown location in Boulder, CO.  When Burke Ramsey mentioned being shocked by an electric fence at the Christmas day party, this is a big clue IMO about the location.  Where would an electric fence be used?  I contend that the location of the Christmas day party at the Fleet White Jr. residence is a ruse and that the real location of the Christmas day party and the murder was somewhere else entirely.  There is a huge veil of secrecy surrounding this so that its impossible for anyone to find out anything on the internet about it.  Whatever the secret is, it involves Fleet White Sr, who is the father of Fleet White Jr that everyone following this case already knows about.  Fleet White Jr. (the son) had involvement but the real involvement in the murder is his father, Fleet White Sr.  This was the main testimony of Nancy Krebs, that it was Fleet White Sr. who did the murder.  Fleet White Sr. was a famous person from Southern California who owned a big oil and gas company and who was also a former Hollywood movie star who starred in two 1948 films.  Ask yourself as I have asked myself, why in all the coverage of Fleet White Jr. in the JonBenet Ramsey murder did not a single person in the press/main stream media ever say even once that Fleet White Jr. had a famous father?  There was a cover up in the media to completely hide the connection of Fleet White Jr. with his famous father.  There was no mention at all that Fleet White Jr. was employed in his father's oil company, Fleet Oil Company.  Does that bother you?  It should, especially in light of what Nancy Krebs said about Fleet White Sr. being the true perpetrator of this crime.  Fleet White Sr. was a famous person who was well known in the Los Angeles, CA area and who hung out with Hollywood celebrities, but try to find a picture of him on the internet and you cannot.  I have looked everywhere for his picture which should be there but its not.  Its like almost all information about this man was scrubbed from the internet at some point in the past and what remains about him is very obscure.  I have had to dig and connect dots everywhere just to get a minimal picture of who he was and still I know very little about him.  He is the key to understanding the truth about this murder.   The truth is still out there waiting to be discovered by some honest person who is not fooled by all the Lies and who is not afraid of finding out the truth.  People deserve to know the truth about what really happened which they are not getting now.  JonBenet Ramsey deserves the minimal justice of the truth about her death being known, even if nobody gets prosecuted for it.  I implore all truth seekers to pick up the thread where I left off and take it further.  Find out about Fleet White Sr, who I call the International man of mystery.  He is the key to understanding.  Put the puzzle together.  I did my best but what I have done is not good enough.  I do not have enough information available to me to put it all together.  I leave it up to you to see what I have done and to find out the truth I could not.

Monday, December 28, 2020

Kathleen Sorenson died to give you this

Satanism is real.  I am not talking about the Anton Levay type Satanism that most people are brainwashed into believing is all there is when it comes to Satanism.  No, I am talking about the Satanism that is involved in murder and child sacrifice and every other evil thing under the sun.  Anton Levay was a Saint compared to real Satanists.  I have talked about this in various posts on my Blog such as this one and here is another article I want to publicize so that people know what real Satanism is all about.  Most people reading this probably won't accept it as the truth but this is the truth and its just the beginning of going down a deep scary rabbit hole that is not for the squeamish.  Its only for those who really want to know the truth and are not afraid of finding out what it is.  Most people do not want to acknowledge that such evil exists in the world but it does and it is far more prevalent than anything I have described in my Blog.  When it comes to Satanism, I have only scratched the surface of discussing it.  I need to discuss it more so that I shine a light of illumination upon what it really is.  

Remember, all that I offer is the Truth. I did not say it would be pleasant to know.  

Here are some significant Revelations from this document:

1) Children from Satanist families would be sacrificed without the parents' knowledge or consent.  In other words, leaders in the Satanic cult would make the decision of which children were to be sacrificed and the parents of the children had no say so in it.  When I think about this, the JonBenet Ramsey murder immediately comes to mind.  Although I have maintained in my Blog Entry about that murder that it was an accidental death that had to be covered up to protect the Satanic cult, I have always maintained the possibility that it was a Ritual Sacrifice of JonBenet Ramsey by the Satanic cult.  If this is the case, then I fully believe that Patsy Ramsey had no knowledge that it was going to happen before it did.  Had she known, then Patsy Ramsey would have never consented to the murder of her daughter.  She would have protected her daughter. 

 2) Christmas time is a common period for ritual sacrifice of children in Satanic cults.  Again the JonBenet Ramsey murder immediately comes to mind when I think about this.  I always thought that the date and time of JonBenet Ramsey's murder was not coincidental but was significant in understanding her death.  She could have been murdered at any time but to be murdered at midnight on Christmas is significant to Satanic cult ritual sacrifices.  Why?  Christmas has significance to Satanic cults because it is a Holy Day of Christianity.  Satanism has such a rabid hatred of Christianity that it turns Christian Holy Days such as Easter and Christmas into evil Pagan holidays that involved ritual sacrifice.  This is one of the biggest reasons for me to suspect that the death of JonBenet Ramsey was a premeditated murder ritual sacrifice instead of an accidental death during Satanic Ritual Abuse.  

Saturday, December 26, 2020

 To those who attempt to Profit from the Truth

Those who attempt to personally profit from the truth are not worthy of telling it.  


I spit on Jon Rappoport and everyone like him who attempts to profit from the truth.  You are a scoundrel and I will not listen to a word you say because you are attempting to profit from it.  The Truth is not for sale.  I Pray that God condemns you for what you are doing.

If you care about the truth, if you care about humanity, then you will tell the truth for free.  All those who sell the truth are no better than the money changers that Jesus drove out of the Temple.  You have no place among truth tellers.  

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Stimulus Payments Set Stage For The Revolution’s Sedation (Click Image)

$600.00 or $2000.00, it does not matter.  It is pennies in compensation compared to the huge loss of most people in 2020 and the even bigger losses of freedom and liberty about to come in 2021.  Its a cheap bribe of a corrupt Government to silence the growing dissent of the American people.  It won't work.  I have already foreseen that a Revolution is coming; that a Revolution MUST come in order to right the wrongs that the Jewish Establishment is attempting to force down the throat of every American citizen.  

This is a time for Rebellion and no cheap Bribe is going to quell it.

 How Well I Know It

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

 From the Mouths of Jews (the most racist people in the world)

To be Continued

Friends of the Truth

In this post I want to document those individuals and web sites which I see as Friends of the Truth.  In a world full of Lies and Corruption as this one surely is, its important to know who are the friends of the Truth.  Here is a list of friends of the Truth as I see them. Some are living and some are dead.  If you click on each image it will open a web site that discusses the Truth that these people have exposed. All friends of the Truth are Friends of God and Humanity.  All friends of the Truth are Enemies of the Snake (i.e. the Jewish Establishment).  Some of them have been assassinated by the Snake.  All these people are Heroes. If anyone wants to know the truth, get your truth from these people and not from the Establishment or from controlled opposition web sites. These people are the real deal.

Sibel Edmonds

Truth about the Convid 19 Evil Establishment Agenda

Bobby Fischer

Truth about the Jewish Menace

Benjamin Freedman

Truth about the Jewish Menace

Wolfgang Halbig

Truth about the Sandy Hook School Shooting Deception

Bill Kaysing

Truth about the NASA Apollo Moon Landings Deception

Dave McGowan

Truth about the NASA Apollo Moon Landings Deception, etc. 


Truth about the JFK Assassination

Ralph Rene

Truth about the NASA Apollo Moon Landings Deception

Simon Shack

Truth about 9-11

Nancy Schaefer

Truth about Child Protective Services and Satanism

Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Truth about Many Subjects

Bart Sibrel

Truth about the NASA Apollo Moon Landings Deception

David Sorenson

Truth about the Convid 19 Evil Establishment Agenda

Brandy Vaughan

Truth about the Convid 19 Evil Establishment Agenda

Harry Vox

Truth about the Convid 19 Evil Establishment Agenda, etc.

More to Come

Everyone Was Wrong About Trump 

Everyone was Wrong about Trump (click image below)

The Real Donald Trump:

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

 I Hate to say I told you so but I told you so

Employers Can Legally Fire You for Refusing COVID-19 Vaccine (click below)

As I said, anything they can do to force you to get the injection(s) they will do.  This is just the beginning. Unless a Revolt happens to challenge it, things are going to get really really really ugly in 2021.  

This is a Time for Heroes

At this time in its history, Humanity all over the globe is under a well planned, well financed, well orchestrated attack by the Snakes who would control and enslave the entire world.  Its happening in literally every country simultaneously and the very people that Humanity depends upon and trusts (i.e. the Government, the Police, the main stream media, the military, the health industry, etc.) are all complicit and working together in lock step against the rest of Humanity in alliance with the Snakes.  This is Treason and Treachery against Humanity on a global scale.  Looking beyond all the lies told by the Establishment about Convid 19, this is the reality that Humanity is confronted with in the year 2020 and going forward.  

Getting everyone injected is the true goal of the Convid 19 Psyop.

What is the number one agenda of the Snakes regarding Convid 19?  It is to force every single person to be injected with what is said to be a vaccine against Convid 19 but in reality is a Trojan Horse for something else.  The vaccine against Convid 19 is just a cover story being used by the Establishment to inject every single man, woman and child on the planet with something that is not good for Humanity; that does not benefit humanity.  It benefits the Snakes who control the Establishment. Its a misnomer to even call it a vaccine. Its an injection or multiple injections that are going to be used against Humanity and that has nothing to do with Convid 19.  Just as 9-11 was a means to an end for the USA to control middle east oil,  Convid 19 is just the means to an end being used by the Establishment to get everyone injected.  This has to be seen and understood.  This is not about Convid 19.  This is about getting everyone injected.  Many people have already recognized this. 

The Establishment is Playing Hard Ball against Humanity

As I have said in multiple posts such as this one, the Establishment is Playing Hard Ball against Humanity when it comes to achieving their agenda of getting everyone on the planet injected.  Its initial attack has been to cause fear and hysteria in the public using the Main Stream Media to get the public to voluntarily take the injection(s) and to pay for them out of their own pocket so they will be "safe" against Convid 19. I have no doubt that a lot of people who watch the MSM are going to do this but many people are not going to do it and the Establishment has a plan for dealing with them.  As I said in that earlier post, the Establishment will use Blackmail to get the people to take the injections.  Since the Establishment controls almost everything that most people depend upon to live, the Establishment will place restrictions on anyone who has not gotten the injection(s) so that it becomes impossible for a person to live unless they comply.  Those who say now that they will never get the injection(s) may change their mind when they discover that, for an example, they can no longer get a drivers license to drive a car unless they prove they have been injected.  Anything the Establishment can do to force the people to be injected they will do.  This Blackmailing of society by restricting freedom and liberty will cause a lot more people to be injected but there will be still be hold outs.  As a final way to deal with the hold outs, I believe there is a plan for military martial law and to go into people's houses and forcibly inject all those who have not complied after a certain period of time.  In other words, refusal to get the injections is not going to be an option of the people.  One way or another everyone will be forced to get the injections.  This is the long term goal of the Establishment.  The Establishment is very determined to get what it wants and it will not back down.  It will never stop until it gets what it wants.  Humanity is in a very vulnerable position right now because this is the future it faces unless a real organized resistance to the Establishment agenda forms. 

This is a Time for Heroes

What is a Hero? In the Context of the Convid 19 Psyop, a Hero is a Leader who leads Humanity (or a portion of Humanity) in Resistance to the injections.  I consider Louis Farrakhan to be a Hero because he is the Leader of the Nation of Islam who stood up as the representative of his people and boldly said We will not take the vaccine.  For doing this he is a Hero not just to the Nation of Islam but to the entire Human Race.  Everyone who rises up and says "No, I will not conform to your evil agenda!" is a Hero.

Another Hero is Catholic Cardinal Raymond Burke who has warned that the COVID-19 pandemic is being exploited by proponents of “The Great Reset” to “advance their evil agenda.”  Good for him.

Unfortunately in America right now we have a lot of people who call themselves Patriots to America who are following a man called Donald J. Trump who is the very opposite of a Hero.  He is FOR the injections.  All those who support Trump who wants the injections are useful idiots who serve the agenda of the Snakes without even knowing it.  Put Trump in the garbage can and forget about him.  He was never on your side in the first place. He does not serve the American people. He is nobody's Hero except Israel's.  Anyone who supports Trump at this point is certainly no Patriot to America.  I consider them the enemy of America just as much as I do Antifa.  Trump supporters and Antifa are both Anti American.  Both sides are nothing but controlled opposition with Jews pulling the strings of both like a puppet show.  Its disgusting.

All the Politicians and other Leaders that most people Trust are in Bed with the Snakes

As if it has to be said, all the Politicians and other Leaders of the people in most countries are in bed with the Snakes.  This is the most true in the United States of America.  Both political parties are owned and corrupt.  The Congress is owned and corrupt.  The President is owned and corrupt.  The Governors of the States are owned and corrupt.  Every one of these leaders is corrupt and working in lock step for the Snakes to force the injections down everyone's throat.  Freedom and individual liberty are tossed to the curb and blind obedience to the will of authority is pushed onto the entire populace.  This is intolerable.  Humanity is being stabbed in the back by the very people who are supposed to defend it.  

What America needs and what every other country needs is for Leaders to stand up who are AGAINST the Establishment injection agenda and not for it.  I will follow any leader I see who is against the injections.  All leaders who support the injections are traitors against their own people.  In America, almost every single Politician is on the side of the injections, with very few exceptions such as people like Rand Paul who does not represent his party.  Its time for a Real resistance in America to this forced injection agenda.  It must come. I have no doubt that it will come.  When the Establishment starts taking away freedoms to force the injection, and it will, then you will see the Resistance rise up.  America is not going to bow down in submission to forced Tyranny.  America is going to rise up in Revolt.  It will happen.  America needs Heroes who will Lead the Resistance against the forced injection Tyranny. 

More to Come

Monday, December 21, 2020

 A 2014 post about the JonBenet Ramsey murder 

So I found an old 2014 post I made about the JonBenet Ramsey murder in a private communication with someone on when I used to be a member there. Nancy Krebs was not the source of my information in this post. Long before I started posting about it on this Blog, I thought this:

Thanks for responding. I am a truth seeker and if I see something which I think is truth than I want to share it with others who are looking for the truth too.  I knew I would set myself up for ridicule for posting what I did here but I am beyond caring what others think of me personally.  Getting answers and finding out what the truth is is all that is important to me.

I do not believe this was a ritual killing but instead I think it was an accidental killing that occurred while JBR was being sexually abused.  Had it been a premeditated murder it would not have been handled so sloppily and would not have gotten so much media attention.  It is apparent to me that "they" did not plan for this to happen.

I believe the entire Ramsey family (and not just the four immediate family members) were involved with the "group" you describe.  PR's mother (JBR's grandmother) was also heavily involved. Its pretty much a family thing, so they were all involved in it as a family. I believe the "group" is Satanic in nature.

Yes, I could very much see JR involved in this with his first family.  I read the things his daughter said and also noticed she was tragically/conveniently killed in a car accident so she wouldn't divulge anything else she happened to remember from her childhood.  That is one of their signatures, to silence people who could expose them.  I think they silenced PR because she was a very emotional woman who I believe was very upset about what happened to her daughter.  Even though she allowed her daughter to be put in that situation, she never expected anything like that was going to happen.  I think it bothered her a lot.  She said a lot of things over the years that if you look, she was trying to come clean in some way. "We never intended for this to happen" is a very significant statement in this regard. That was PR being honest.  She said a lot of other things and I suspect someone felt threatened by her "loose mouth" and made sure she died of "cancer", or whatever else they could blame it on.

I appreciate the list of names you gave me and I will research them as best I can, but I want to say something special to you about Randy Simons.  I was very intrigued by what he said when I read his statements.  Although I cannot find it now, I read somewhere where he said "I'm dead!"  For a long time I did not understand his statements but now I believe I do.  In a significant way, RS exposed himself (and them) by what he said. He demonstrated he felt threatened by them and even said a paramilitary group was harassing him and that he had shot one of them in the leg with an arrow. I believe he was present at the time JBR was murdered.  He was present because he was involved in taking child pornographic pictures and videos not just of JBR during this event but also of the other children who were present.  JBR was not the only child there who was being sexually abused.

Although I am very curious about this individual case (because I have been trying to understand it for so long) I am also afraid to learn too many details about it.  Too much knowledge about something that powerful people do not want known can be a dangerous thing, if you catch my meaning.  I just want to know enough so that I understand without knowing "too much" about them and what they do in secret.

I believe that all members of the Ramsey family were involved in the group/ring/whatever you want to call it.  

I think Christmas was very significant in this crime because it is not just a Christian celebration.  Others celebrate Christmas also for an entirely different reason, not a good reason.  

I think JBR's murder happened at a private party somewhere.  That party did not take place at the Ramsey house.  We all hear about the party that took place at the White house.  It is possible it took place there but I think it took place somewhere else entirely in a much more secure location.  BR's electric fence comment comes to mind.  Why would there be an electic fence there?

From his statements and from his actions, I believe BR was present at the time of the murder and witnessed the murder.  He talked about a hammer being used on his sister. He saw his sister being killed but he was sworn to silence and would never speak of (and never will). 

I do not believe this murder took place in the Ramsey home for various reasons although a great deal of effort has been put into deceiving everyone to make it appear it happened there.  JBR's murder happened during a party with a lot of people present.  That party could not have been held at the Ramsey house because people would have seen it and reported it to police.  They can't get everyone to lie for them.  It is obvious when you think about it that the murder did not take place there.  It happened BEFORE they came back to their house. That is why I stress that everyone should try to find out where the Ramsey's really were before they came home.

In the past I have considered the forensic timeline to be the holy grail of solving the murder but now I believe it to be nothing more than a carefully crafted lie supported by false clues and false statements (from many parties, some of those parties within the BPD).

I am 100% saying that the gift deliveries the Ramsey's supposedly made on their way back to their house are a fabrication and everyone who supposedly confirmed their story is part of it.  Did you notice some of those people could not seem to get their story straight, as I did?

Let me just say this.  These are very deceitful, clever people who were involved in this, and I am not just talking about the Ramseys.  I am talking about powerful people who are connected and who can work together to deceive the general public. They can make it "very convincing" that something happened a certain way when in reality it did not happen that way at all.  Keep an open mind and realize that a lot of what you thought you knew about this case you really don't know at all.

I believe JBR was being sexually abused before this time/had been sexually abused by adult men at parties like this one before, but on this night they were escalating her sexual activity to vaginal intercourse with someone present who wanted to have sex with her. This person raped her, or was raping her.  She resisted much stronger than anyone thought she would even though she had long been in training for this event.  But she resisted strongly and someone got mad at her and struck her with a hammer.  The hammer is used as a punishment tool to force children to cooperate with something they don't like.  The head is the most sensitive place on a child and you can imagine how much fear it would put into a six year old girl to be struck in the head with a hammer.  It would be something they would want to avoid at any cost.  But whatever was happening to her was so unpleasant that maybe she screamed or fought back or whatever, and her adult sex partner or her "trainer" got angry with her and accidently delivered a fatal blow to her head, cracking her skull open. Nobody expected it to happen and there was a lot of panic and confusion after it did.  After it happened, the NUMBER ONE PRIORITY was to get her (JBR) out of the house and somewhere else, so nobody would know where the murder took place and who was really involved.  Security and secrecy are very important to these people.  JBR was strangled to death to silence her and make sure she could never reveal anything.  She was taken back to her house and all the staging was set up to make it look like it happened at the house.

The woman from California.  I'm sure you read about her.  I don't know how she knows what she knows but I think her account is accurate.  Read again what she said and she is saying the same thing I am but she is not the source of my information.

I have a lot more where this came from, but this is enough for now.  If you are in contact with others who are open minded as you are then please feel free to share with them what I have shared with you.

 Lock her up  

This post is for all the Die Hard Trump supporters out there who really believe that Trump was against Hillary Clinton.  You have been royally played since 2016 and are still being royally played if you believe Trump is one of the good guys.  Unfortunately, stupidity of this magnitude has no cure.  If you support Trump in 2020 then YOU ARE A FOOL.

Trump against child sex Trafficking

Another case of Trump's base being royally played.