Thursday, December 3, 2020

Covid 19 for Dummies

I don't know how many Dummies are going to read this but something inside me tells me to write it anyway.

Convid 19 is a Psyop on a world wide level with the goal of getting everyone in the world "vaccinated against it".  Although Convid 19 is a Psyop, the vaccine will not be a Psyop.  The vaccine is the real thing and the evil payload of the entire Psyop. 

As many people have been noticing, the Convid 19 death rates and Convid 19 positive results have been hugely manipulated by the Establishment.  For anyone paying attention to what the Jewish MSM is saying about Convid 19, every new day is the worst day ever for Convid 19.  Every new day is a new record in some state.  The impression they are painting is that there are millions dead (BULLSHIT) and that unless everyone gets vaccinated that number will go up to tens of millions and higher.  All of this media fear stoking serves one purpose:  to get everyone to take the vaccine.

Just as the MSM is inflating the numbers every day to encourage everyone to want to take the vaccine, the MSM is going to be reporting that numbers are starting to go down once people do take the vaccine.  Of course they are going to manipulate the numbers any way they want to encourage the public to want to take the vaccine.  When the gullible CNN watching public sees that the numbers are starting to go down because people are taking the vaccine (and I guarantee you this will happen) then this will encourage all the sheep to want to take the vaccine.  Watch and see.

This is not a genuine virus pandemic and the vaccine is not going to be any genuine vaccine against it.  The vaccine for Convid 19 will be a Trojan Horse that serves some other purpose or possibly multiple purposes.  Various people including myself have speculated on what the true purpose of the vaccine will be.  Here are some of them, starting with my own explanation:

The vaccine will be ID2020 in disguise.  It will be a method to identify every single person, perhaps using their own DNA signature to help identify them.  It will also be a method to allow a person to be easily scanned to identify them.  The new 5G Technology is part of this scheme.  As a way of easily identifying people, (((they))) need a very fast wireless network that can be used to communicate information across the entire world and back very fast.  What the end goal of this all is is a cashless society.  Once they can scan everyone with a unique ID and then transfer that information very fast back and forth across the world, then that is all they need for a cashless society.  What they want to do is to control everyone's banking and financial information in a central location that is tied to the ID of the person.  By scanning the person, the person becomes a virtual credit card that ties to the central account.  No more need for money or credit cards.  IMO this is the eventual goal they are striving for with Convid 19.  Although it may take a long time before they get it all in place, (((they))) are very determined to get this in place.

The vaccine is a population reduction tool.  It will interfere with the ability of the host to reproduce or it will shorten the life span of the host in some way.  

The vaccine will alter the DNA and RNA of the host in some unknown way to control them.

Whatever the purpose is, the vaccine against Convid 19 is phony and is a Trojan Horse and nobody should get it or give it to your children.

Taking the vaccine is equivalent to selling your soul.  

If you do not already know it, they are going to try to blackmail everyone in various ways to try to force them to take the vaccine. Here is what I am already seeing:

You will be unable to fly on a plane anywhere unless you have been vaccinated.

You will be unable to get Government benefits or services unless you have been vaccinated.

You will be unable to work or hold a job unless you have been vaccinated.

You will be unable to buy things from stores unless you have been vaccinated. 

They will be keeping careful track of everyone who has been vaccinated in some kind of central database where they can instantly determine if someone has or has not been vaccinated.  Initially they may require those who have been vaccinated to carry around with them a certificate that proves they have been vaccinated.  Later on they will be able to scan someone in a certain spot on their body to determine if they have been vaccinated or not.

I am not trying to scare anyone by saying these things but I am trying to give everyone a heads up to what the real purpose of all of this is and where we are heading and what we are going to see in the future.

The Snakes need everyone to be vaccinated in order for their nefarious plans to be realized.  It cannot be that only part of the population gets vaccinated.  Everyone needs to be vaccinated is what they are going to tell us and what they are going to try to force everyone to do.  But there will be resistance and they have plans for this resistance.  For the resistors, I predict they will be physically forced to take the vaccine.  Martial Law may be declared and the military may be involved in forcibly vaccinating anyone who is still refusing to be voluntarily vaccinated.  

This is a time for everyone to have their eyes wide open.  Do not be deceived.


“You will not be allowed to access banking services if you have not been vaccinated.”


  1. I hear that the Talmud teach that the Jews are "God chosen people" so they can do all kind of "evil" things to other non-jew human without getting punishment. Is is not even "evil" by their difinition, because the Talmud said no matter what Jews do to human, it is not consider as evil, only when Humans do bad thing to Jews then it is consider as evil. Is this true that humans are like fishs and chickens to the Jews, so that the Jews can do anything on human life without getting punishment, like the way humans kill and cook animals without getting punishment from God?

    1. What you say about the Talmud is correct. Cattle is the best term I have been able to find for the way that Jews view non Jews. To them, we are Jewish cattle and they have a right to treat us in any way they want. They do not see us as human. Only Jews are humans according to Jews. I am not a believer in God the way you apparently are. I do not believe in the God of Christianity, for example. Nor in the God of Islam. I believe in a different type of God. But really you should leave God out of this conversation. The only two groups involved are Jews and non Jews. God does not interfere in human affairs IMO. If Humanity wants to deal with the Jewish problem then humanity must solve that problem itself. God is not going to rescue us from the evil Jews. We must rescue ourselves or be cast into perpetual planet wide slavery.

  2. Most everything you say here is true. Yes there are plenty of Jews involved, but behind the curtain can be found the Luciferians at the top of Free Masonry and a few other off shoot groups. Jews are going to be the fall guys, and when all populations are under control the wholesale killings will begin. Many Jews will go down too.

    1. There is an overlap between Judaism and Satanism as I have said on many posts on this Blog. Without doubt IMO, many Jews are Satanists and I think that the God worshiped by the Jews may actually be Satan. I am saying what the Jews call Yahweh may be an evil God who favors the Jewish race and encourages the Jewish race to be evil. Freemasonry is Jewish at its core but it also conceals a Satanic Cult IMO. Again, there is an overlap between Judaism and Satanism and its difficult to say where one starts and the other stops. In some ways, they are the same thing under the hood IMO. Jews are NOT the fall guys. Jews are NOT The victims. Do not believe that lie. Jews are the aggressor race and the only time they are victims is when someone stronger than them realizes what Jews are up to and punishes them. Jews bring such punishment and reprisals on themselves by their own behavior and then they play the perpetual victim card. I see a war between Jews and non Jews for control of the future of planet earth. I am not going to comment about Jews killing others Jews because I do not believe that. Jews will kill non Jews in a slaughter but I do not think other Jews will be touched.