Wednesday, December 9, 2020

 Everyone in America needs to watch this Video

 Everyone in America needs to watch this Video.  Also read the comments under the video in Youtube.

Comments from Freedom loving people who are NOT sheep:

The founding fathers would revolt. We are brain washed and dumbed down.

The only fix is removal of the criminal elites by force if necessary and take our lives back.

Humans will not go quietly into the long dark night. Valhalla beckons. Stand righteously.  Love 2 u all.

It will continue as long as we keep our heads in the sand and not stand up ,they work for us ,it will stop if we stand.

Im already calling for revolution its time to take our lives back.

DO NOT COMPLY!!!! That is the only thing that will save us. EVERYONE NEEDS TO OPEN THEIR DOORS AND STOP THIS! We have the power, not them. They can't  stop us if nobody complies.

I'm surprised the peasants have not yet taken up their pitchforks, hammers and axes and stormed the castles.

Fight back!!!

It’ll need a spark.


  1. How do they hoax an entire world? Countless doctors, politicians, scientists, the entire world confirm that Covid-19 is really a dangerous threat for its spreading ability. Not just America, but entire world have to lockdown to stop this virus.

    1. They do not hoax the entire world. They hoax you. You are the only one they have to convince. They make you believe in a false reality and then once you believe it, it becomes real for you. You have not understood anything in my Blog. To you deception is an impossibility because that is what you believe.

  2. Why do highly educated and highly intelligent people who study a lot (Asians for example) tend to believe Covid-19 is a serious threats while the ones who don't believe Covid-19 are often uneducated people, poor people who is not so capable in life? Isn't it should be the other way around? In the US, I saw people who tend to believe bullshit conspiracy theories about "covid hoax", "depopulation vaccine" are often Black people who are uneducated or low IQ. While Asians (highest IQ) take Covid so seriously and wear mask often. By your view, the world is so strange I cannot understand.

    1. It is your own belief that is being used to deceive you. What you believe (which is what you have said in this post) has become your reality. You believe what you have been told and anything contrary to that to you must be delusion or bullshit or stupid. You are the most blue-pilled person reading my Blog and you think you know it all and you are telling me I am all wrong. I understand you all too well because I used to be you before I woke up. You cannot understand because you have not seen anything I have been trying to tell you. I have been using the best words I know to convince people like you but I can see it has not done any good. By this post you have shown me that everything I have said to try to wake you up has fallen on deaf ears. Your conclusion is that I am unintelligent and delusional and completely wrong about the world. I hear what you are saying loud and clear and it makes me sad that I have failed so miserably to get through to you on any level. I am going to address these comments you made in a new post because I believe I need to discuss them in detail. I understand the way you think and feel and I feel compelled to make you understand what I am saying and why which you do not now know. Maybe there is nothing I can say that will reach but perhaps I can. Watch for this post.

    2. Dude, it is the reality. In the US, people who tend to believe bullshit conspiracy theories about "Covid hoax", "depopulation vaccine" are often Black people. I talk to a lot of them facebook, Instagram, Quora....etc...while I also meet a lot of Asians who are engineers, software programmers, doctors, architect,....etc...tend to believe Covid-19 are real and serious and they always wear masks.

    3. Dude, you don't need to make a new posts. I absolutely believe, not just believe, I figure out myself before and fully feel it and understand it - that Covid-19 is truly a hoax, no doubt about that. It is 100% hoax, even stupid people will realize it is a hoax. However, I don't understand that why so many highly educated and intelligent Asians (and whites as well) that I have ever meet tend to believe Covid-19 is real and serious, the Asians (highest IQ) always wear masks. In social media, about the topic "depopulation vaccine", "ID2020"...etc...I only talk with White and Blacks, I talk more with Blacks, and I have never meeet a single Asians who believe "ID2020 - injecting chip - cashless society", it is also hard to imagine the East Asians will believe it. I fully believe you, it is not just believing, I figured out it long before.

  3. I believe Covid-19 is a hoax but intelligent, rich and successful people in this world are so crazy. You just go to the places who has a lot of Chinese, Japanese or Koreans. They all have high degree who are master, doctors, engineers...etc... and they have high IQ and they always wear masks. I believe Covid-19 is a hoax, I really feel it, it is so clear, it is a hoax, I repeat. But I just don't understand the Asians (which is high IQ, high degree and have high income job). Covid 19 is a hoax, 100% hoax, I absolutely feel it and understand it like you