Friday, December 4, 2020

 I am for Revolution against the Establishment

If its not already clear to anyone reading my Blog Entries, I am for Revolution against the Establishment.  

Who is the Establishment?

The Establishment is anyone in a position of authority in 2020.  This includes:

The Government of the country that you live in.  Corrupt and Owned.

All Politicians of the Government from both parties.  Corrupt and Owned.

The Main Stream Media.  Corrupt and Owned.

Organized Religion.  Corrupt and Owned.

The Scientific Establishment.  Corrupt and Owned.

Big Business.  Corrupt and Owned.

Big Tech companies.  Corrupt and Owned.

If any of the Establishment was honest then I would not be against it but in 2020 the entire System is corrupt and dishonest.  NOBODY in a position of authority can be trusted not to be corrupt and owned and following an agenda against the people.

Who am I for?  I am for the people who are NOT in any position of Establishment authority.  They are the only people I trust not be working for the snakes.

Its not enough to wake up the brainwashed about the corruption we face.

Its not enough to take defensive measures against the Establishment.

The only solution I see is total war with the Establishment to bring down the entire corrupt system as it exists and to replace it with an honest one.  Unless we deal with this now, we will all be forced into a corner from which there is no escape.  Now is the time to fight back.  

We already know what they are doing.  We know their plans.  They know we know their plans.  We need to resist them with everything we have.  We cannot do this as individuals sitting in front of our computers.  We need to go outside in public and join together.

Take off the Mask.

Ignore the quarantine.

Join up in groups.

Stand your ground against the Police.  Stay peaceful as long as the police are peaceful, but if the police resort to force and brutality, then be prepared to defend the people against the Police by any means.  Force should be met with force. 

Stop cooperating with the government. 

Reopen your business and ignore any unjust laws keeping your business shut down.  We need people who are willing to defend other people exercising their basic human rights that the Establishment is trying to take away with this unjust, illegal quarantine. 

Those in America who have big guns, get them out and buy lots of ammunition.  Exercise your Second Amendment rights and defend the people.  YOU are the people's defense against the police and government tyranny.  Defend the people.  Do what you were made to do.  This is YOUR time.  Recognize it.  No one in authority is going to fight for us or with us.  They are ALL corrupt and owned by the enemy. We have to do it ourselves.  All those with big guns have a responsibility to use them to defend the rights of people to live their lives without police and government harassment. 

This is war!





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