Thursday, December 17, 2020

 Comments on this Blog

I have become aware that since I have began focusing on the Convid 19 pandemic as being a deception that I have been getting a lot of comments on my Blog that are completely discounting the notion and are calling it a Conspiracy Theory.  Either these comments are made by Snakes pretending to be blind Sheep or they are made my Sheep who are so brain dead and unquestioning that they see nothing I have said on this Blog about Convid 19 as being a reality.  Either way, all such comments saying this will be deleted on sight.  I am not going to put the comments on moderation as many other Blogs are doing because I hate that on other Blogs.  I understand why it is done but I hate it.  I will allow anyone to comment on this Blog but if any commenter shits on one of my posts as these recent comments have done I will delete it.  I do not expect everyone to agree with me and I am open for comments that are respectful and try to argue a different viewpoint but I will not tolerate a comment that completely trashes my message and calls it a Conspiracy theory.  If anyone reading my Blog thinks that what I am saying is a Conspiracy theory then you are free to go elsewhere.  I never invited you here.  No comments that trash my posts will be tolerated.  If you disagree with me so much then why are you even here other than to ridicule and condemn what I say?  Just go somewhere else like  Its where you belong. 

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