Tuesday, August 31, 2021

The Mark of the Beast


I call this post "the Mark of the Beast" because the concept I am going to be discussing here corresponds to the Biblical Mark of the Beast as discussed in the book of Revelation in the Christian Bible.  I want to point out that I am not a Christian but I do believe that the Jews have planned a system of control for everyone in the world that is similar to what is described about the Mark of the Beast, particularly the following passages.

“And he will cause all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: and that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”

I am going to be giving my own interpretation of this which is not based on Christianity but on technology.  Let me rephrase that in my own language, shown below:

Everyone will be forced to receive an identifier inside or on their body that will be used to control their finances. All financial transactions will be made via this identifier which everyone will be required to have.  Those who do not have the identifier will be prevented from buying or selling anything legally in the world. It does not mean that illegal black market buying and selling would not occur unless there is a rigid police state in place to prevent people from circumventing this system.  So a rigid police state is a prerequisite of such a system to enforce it upon all people of the world.

What this is really discussing is the concept of a cashless society.  Currently physical currency is being used to conduct financial transactions but I perceive of a time when there will be no physical currency; when all financial transactions will become digital and they will be tied to a unique identifier or ID assigned to each individual person.   This is what I am going to be discussing in some detail in this post.

What are the requirements for implementing a cashless society?  These are the requirements I have been able to identify:

1. Each individual must receive a unique identifier that is associated with the physical body of the individual.  The identifier must be using a system capable of identifying many billions of people uniquely, so that every single person can be identified.  It must be tied to the physical body of the person, either by being implanted inside the body or being engraved or tattooed on the body.  The ID must remain consistent for the lifetime of the person and must be tamper proof so it cannot be altered or fooled with to cheat the system.  The ID must be given to the person either at birth or before they reach the age where they will start to purchase things on their own.  Once the ID is assigned to the person it will be with them for their entire lives.

2. A way to easily read the ID or mark from outside the body is necessary.  In order to use this ID in a cashless society then the ID must be easily read from outside the body in any location where the person is going to make financial transactions.

3. A central database must be maintained to match the ID of each individual to their financial bank account.  This database will be under the control of the banking system and not under the control of the individual.

4. A way must be created to transmit information across the world very fast to make such a system possible so it can control all financial transactions.  Information must be transmitted from the point of purchase to the central database location and back again very fast.  All of this information transfer will be digital and automated.  

5. A rigid police state is required to enforce this system on humanity.  Unless this is enforced then people will attempt to cheat the system by simply going around it and creating black market economies on their own outside of the system.  This system cannot be successful unless a police state is there to enforce it universally.  In other words, the world must become a prison to enforce this on humanity.

With such a system, no currency is necessary.  No credit cards.  No checks. Nothing physical is required to make financial transactions. Only the unique ID inside or on the body is required.  Everything else becomes automatic. For now forget about how such a system could be implemented and just understand the theory of it.  Do you understand how such a system could be used to implement a cashless society?  If you don't please ask questions in the comments section before reading further.  You have to understand the theory of a cashless society before looking at the implementation of it.

If you look at the previous post concerning Aaron Russo, what Aaron Russo described is a cashless society but not just a cashless society but a way to control and enslave all of humanity. He describes a system where every aspect of a person's life comes under rigid control; a very dystopian society where individuals are slaves and anyone who does not submit to their slavery can be denied access to all basic services, including the ability to buy food.  In such a dystopian society, you either conform or you die.

RFID Chips

RFID chip technology is a way to identify a physical object such as an animal or a person or an item of physical inventory.  Its a method of tracking a physical entity digitally over a central network.  Each RFID chip has two primary functions, as follows:

1. It contains within it a unique ID using a system that is capable of many billions of such identifiers so it can track a single item within a population of possibly many billions of such items.

2. When a certain radio frequency is beamed at the RFID chip then the RFID chip will respond with its unique identifier over a small antenna embedded within the chip.  This allows the RFID chip to be monitored remotely.

RFID stands for Radio Frequency identification and its primary purpose is to identify and track physical objects remotely.  This allows the RFID chip to be remotely monitored and tracked wherever the physical object it is contained to goes.  For example, if an RFID chip is put inside of a box of parts of a certain kind used in the manufacture of a car then that RFID chip allows that box of parts to be tracked and identified wherever it goes.  This is a very useful way for a large company to track and control its physical inventories. It can be used to track anything.

If you look at the theory of a cashless society that I described above, the RFID chips could be used to implement 1 and 2 of that system.  If you look at the following two videos about William Pawelec, he discusses RFID chip technology very well and he also discloses that billions of such chips were made in secret and then they disappeared.  

Human microchipping Technology

Full William Pawelec Interview

In the past there was no wireless technology as we have today.  To monitor an RFID chip from a long distance away required small antennas inside the RFID chips and also remote monitoring stations that could be used to identify and track the RFID chips remotely. 5G and later 6G technology is a way to identify and track without the need for antennas and without the need for remote monitoring stations.  5G wireless networks penetrate the physical body to be able to communicate with an RFID chip very easily.  If you look at the theory to create a cashless society, then a wireless network that transmits electromagnetic frequencies is encapsulated in 4. Without doubt, wireless network technology will be used in any identify and tracking system and in a cashless society.  

RFID chip technology is what I consider to be old school technology that has been greatly surpassed by more recently developed technologies but at the time that Aaron Russo was alive, the Jewish plan was to insert an RFID chip into each person in order to create a cashless society.  But there are some major drawbacks to using RFID technology to implement a cashless system, which are the following:

Drawback number one: A physical RFID chip similar to the one shown in the above image must be implanted in every individual.  Most people are going to be resistant to having these chips implanted inside them so they will not want to be voluntarily chipped.  Microchipping can be done and I believe has been done in the past to many people without their awareness.  For example, a microchip can be secretly implanted inside a person when they are under anesthesia during surgery or some other operation in a hospital settings.  These cases have been documented but as for getting every person to take a chip inside their body without their awareness is not practical and not possible, which is the reason that I believe the RFID chip technology has been abandoned in favor or more advanced technologies in order to implement a cashless society without most people being aware that something is being implanted within them.  I will be discussing this later in this post. 

Drawback number two: Another drawback is that these RFID chips can be surgically removed from the body and if the technology inside the RFID chip became understood then it could be tampered with so that the transmitted ID was changed or some other exploit.  The RFID chip can be tampered with and this makes it not useful for a cashless society.  A cashless society requires a non tamper proof ID that cannot be removed from the body. It must become part of the human body itself, tied to the individual that cannot be altered.

These two drawbacks led to the Jewish decision to abandon the RFID chip plan for a cashless society to a more advanced technology which would not have these drawbacks.  This leads directly to a discussion of the world wide injection (AKA Covid 19 vaccine) push today.  I hope you already see where I am going without me having to say it, but in the following I am about to show how the Covid 19 injections can serve the very same function as a physical RFID chip without the two draw backs discussed above.  


In one of the very first posts I made about Covid 19 on this Blog I linked it to ID2020.  That post was made before the Covid 19 vaccines even came out but what I saw as early as then is that the Covid 19 vaccines were going to be the Trojan horse implementation of ID2020.  I admit I do not fully understand ID2020 but what I do know is it is about digitally identifying people uniquely on a world wide grid.  Such a system would mean a complete loss of individual privacy and a carte blanch transfer of control of a person's life to a global entity.  But at its root, ID2020 is about assigning a unique identifier to the individual.  Understand that before I go on.  There are some readers of this Blog who have stated that they believe ID2020 to be a conspiracy theory.  Its no conspiracy theory but a fact.

How could the injections (AKA Covid 19 vaccinations) be used to identify an individual uniquely among the many billions of people on planet earth now and yet to be born?  There are two ways I see this could be done which I discuss below.

1.  Each injection has a hidden identifier embedded inside it.  At the time a person gets the injection, information is recorded about the person getting the injection that ties them to the hidden identifier.  This is one way it could be done but its rather clumsy and error prone.

2. The injection allows a unique identifier which is already in the human body to be remotely read.  We each have a unique identifier inside of our bodies which is our DNA signature.  The most accurate identifier society has for an individual is their DNA signature.  Up to now a blood test and a lengthy expensive analysis of the blood has been required to read the DNA signature.  What if a technology has been secretly developed that can read the DNA signature remotely without a blood test and expensive analysis to be done?  This is what I suspect is the case in the case of the injections; which is that the injection contains technology allowing the unique DNA signature already inside of each person to be easily remotely read from outside the body.  This would be the ideal way to identify a person uniquely and I suspect this is the case.

As many people have been reporting, there is something metallic and/or magnetic inside the injections and what I believe is the purpose of that is to allow the unique ID to be easily transmitted over wireless networks.  These small particles act as an antenna to allow electromagnetic waves to detect the ID and to remotely monitor it.  So the ID (either in the injections or from the DNA signature of the individual) and the metallic/magnetic particles which allow that ID to be related over a wireless network already replace the RFID technology.  The RFID technology is very crude compared to what is in the injections IMO.  The injections are what the Jewish Establishment has chosen to implement a cashless society over the older much cruder physical RFID chips.  Can you understand how the injections could serve the exact same purpose as the RFID chips and actually be much more efficient and accurate than the RFID chips?

How would using this injection technology circumvent the two drawbacks I listed above that pertained to RFID chips?  

Regarding the first drawback of how to get the ID into people voluntarily without their objection, it is being done using deception.  The entire Covid 19 phantom was created specifically for the purpose of getting these IDs into every human being.  The Covid 19 plandemic had this in mind from before the time Event 201 happened.  From Event 201 to now, everything is about getting this ID inside of every person.  Covid 19 is just the means to an end of getting all the cattle to take their shots like good Goys.  People are stupid not to see through this but the Jewish world is all about keeping most people stupid and ignorant and passive and compliant.  Everyone who is getting the injection is actually setting themselves up to be identified on the world wide web.  I guarantee you that this technology has already been developed.  Look at Smart Dust, for example.

Regarding the second drawback, this system is tamper proof.  Once a person gets injected then their cell function gets modified.  In effect, their cells have been modified to perform a function or functions never intended by God but something which will be used by evil men to enslave and control society.  Once the cells are modified with this technology then there is no going back.  The injections modify people on a cellular level and once done its permanent.  If the ID assigned to a person is the DNA signature as I suspect then of course there is no way to change that.  This would be the most tamper proof system for identifying and tracking a person almost everywhere they go that I see.  Anytime a person is in a 5G wireless zone then they can be identified.  I predict that more and more 5G and later 6G networks will be created in every country of the world to help implement this system.  It may take a long time for the ultimate cashless society that Aaron Russo described to become a reality but I believe this is the Jewish Plan for the entire world;

If what I suspect is true then getting the Covid 19 injection is the same as getting the mark of the Beast.  Its being done by deception without people's knowledge or consent but the end result is the same.  You take the Jab, you take the Mark.  Everyone who takes the injection is dooming humanity to a very dark future.  Hear my warning.

Monday, August 30, 2021

A Clarification about Aaron Russo

A comment was made on this Blog recently concerning this video interview of Aaron Russo which I posted a link to.  What the commenter said is that because Alex Jones is doing the interview of Aaron Russo and because Aaron Russo does not identify Jews as being behind what is going on but instead talks about the CFR and the Rockefellers that Aaron Russo is just another disinformation agent.  I feel compelled to address in this post what I consider to be a fundamental misunderstanding on the part of the commenter and possibly other readers of this Blog.  I may have contributed to this misunderstanding in previous posts so I want to set the record straight for everyone reading this what I think about Aaron Russo.

First of all Aaron Russo is a Jew and as I have said I am very untrustworthy of Jews as people who tell the truth about Jews to non Jews, but there are exceptions.  Bobby Fischer is one such exception in being a Jew who tells the truth about the Jewish race and I respect Fischer for it.  I consider Aaron Russo to be another exception.  Aaron Russo was given the choice to join the Jewish big table of the CFR and he rejected it.  He not only rejected it but he made the decision to expose parts of the Jewish Master Plan.  For this reason I consider Aaron Russo a Jewish hero who did the right thing when it would have been so easy for him to just to be one of the bad guys like so many fellow Jews have done.  

As for Alex Jones who is conducting the interview of Aaron Russo in that video, as I have said on many posts on this Blog I consider Alex Jones to be a Zionist disinformation agent but its possible that Alex Jones was at one time honest and trying to expose he truth and then at some point he changed and started putting tin foil on his head.  I do not know the full story of Alex Jones but what I want to say is that just because Alex Jones is conducting this interview of Aaron Russo is no reason to disregard the video as disinformation.  The truth can sometimes come from bad or questionable sources and we should not throw out the baby with the bathwater by categorically dismissing what Aaron Russo says just because the fat Zionist PSYOP known as Alex Jones (which is not even his real name) is asking the questions here.  I want people to ignore Alex Jones in that video and just focus on what Aaron Russo says.

As for Aaron Russo talking about the CFR and the Rockefellers and not Jews as being behind what is going on, that means nothing.  The CFR is a front organization controlled by Jews, which everyone here should already know.  As for the Rockefellers, they are secretly Jewish.  It does not matter at all that Aaron Russo never specifically mentions Jews in that interview.  Russo mentions the CFR and the Rockefellers which are both Jewish so he is talking about Jews without specifically saying the word "Jew".  I do not want people to be so rigid that they reject anyone who does not say the word "Jew" as being a truth teller.  

I consider Aaron Russo, even though he is a Jew who is being interviewed by Alex Jones and who never explicitly says the word "Jew" as a Hero who outed to the world part of the Jewish Master Plan which was revealed to him.  I one hundred percent believe that his decision to do that cost Aaron Russo his life.  He was murdered to silence him so he could not disclose anything else which was revealed to him by the Jewish higher ups.  He told us the truth at the cost of his own life is they way I see Aaron Russo and I cannot respect him more for doing that.

In the remainder of this post I want to list everything that Aaron Russo said in that interview for further analysis because I think that what he said is VERY important.  What he is revealing here is the plans of the Jews for the world in the future.  There is nothing more important than this that I can say on my Blog.  We need to know what the plans of the Jews are.  So here is a summary of everything Aaron Russo said in that video.

The Jews want to create a one world government run by the banking industry/bankers (Jews).

The European Union is a means to an end of the one world government the Jews have planned.  Consider the European Union where many nations are grouped together and controlled from a central source as being a model for the plan the Jews have to control all nations of the world from a central source in Jerusalem. 

The Jews plan at some point to create a new currency called the Amero, similar to the Euro for the European Union.  Note:  This was the plan earlier but they may have since abandoned this plan in favor of going straight to a cashless society (discussed below).

The Jewish agenda is to create a one world government where everyone has an RFID chip (or more advanced technology that has been developed since the death of Aaron Russo). 

The Jews want a cashless society where all the financial information is tied to the individual via these RFID chips or more advanced technology.  Instead of having cash, the financial and banking information for a person will be taken out of the control of the person and put in the control of the banking industry (Jews).  For example, if you owe money on a bill or if you owe taxes then (((they))) can automatically deduct that from your account outside of your control.  Bill paying will be taken out of the hands of the individual and instead be automatic, so your bills get paid whether you want them paid or not.  You will have no say so in the matter.  All financial transactions will be digital.

If anyone protests against authority in this system then (((they))) can just turn off your account so you have nothing.  You cannot buy food or anything. This is the ultimate form of control that the Jews want to have over people.  Anyone who is not a willing slave to the Jews will not be able to buy or sell anything because their central account will have been disabled. If they turn off your account then its like you don't exist in the world anymore and you become a refugee and an outlaw. If that sounds like Dystopia to you it certainly is and this is what Jews have planned for the entire world once they get enough control. This gives the Jews total control over the people of the world.  This is the long term Jewish Master Plan and I one hundred percent believe that the Jewish Jab is related to this and is the real reason which has noting at all to do with Covid 19 that they are so insistent that everyone get the injection. Capiche?  EDIT TO ADD:  What Aaron Russo did not say but implied is that a global police state will be used to enforce this financial and economic control of everyone in the world.  In order for this system to exist then there must also be a police state which enforces that control with an iron fist approach. Individual freedoms and rights will be gone and the individual will be physically forced to comply with the demands of the state. What Aaron Russo is discussing requires a Police State to enforce it, similar to that of Russia after the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution but on a world wide scale.

Eleven months before 9-11 happened Aaron Russo was told that there was going to be an event, and out of that event the U.S. was going to invade Afghanistan to run oil pipelines from the Caspian sea; we were also going to invade Iraq to take over the Iraqi oil fields and to establish a military base in the middle east, to make the middle east part of the New World Order, and we were going to go after Hugo Chavez in Venezuela.  It is my belief that Huge Chavez was purposely given fast acting cancer to get rid of him.

The Global War on Terror was pre planned.  Its a deceptive never ending war with no real enemy.  The GWOT is a way for the U.S. Government to take over the American people.  The GWOT is a farce and fraud that exists only to terrorize and control the American people. 

9-11 was done by people in the U.S. Government and the Banking system (Jews) to perpetuate the fear of the American people and to subordinate themselves to whatever the U.S. Government wants to do. 

Everything that Aaron Russo said above I consider to be the truth. All I can do is to put the truth in front of your eyes.  What you choose to do with that truth is up to you but I hope you spread this information to others who badly need to know it. You have the responsibility to spread the truth to others just like I do.  Please do your part.

Sunday, August 29, 2021

The Two Worlds Paradigm Example of the Building 7 collapse


The anniversary of that infamous Jewish PSYOP known as 9-11 is almost upon us again and before long all the Jewish main stream media channels from CNN to Fox News to the (False) History Channel and many others are going to be portraying it as a real historical event instead of the pre planned Zionist PSYOP that it actually was.  Its happened every year since 2001 and we can expect it will be done this year and enhanced with the recent Bullshit in Afghanistan.  The timing of this latest Afghanistan PSYOP to take place right before the 20 year anniversary of the 9-11 PSYOP should not be lost on any of the red pilled and this is just another proof that what has happened in Afghanistan recently is exactly what has been planned and intended to happen.  If you are reading this, I hope you are red pilled and not one of the brain dead who believes what they see on TV as being reality.

But I do not want to discuss Afghanistan in this post but 9-11.  Despite all of my efforts and the efforts of people like me to show that 9-11 was a dishonest deceptive PSYOP and not a real terrorist attack on America, I already know that the internet is about to be filled with people talking about 9-11 as a real event in which thousands of Americans died. Even web sites that are created by alleged truthers will be doing this.  There is nothing I can do about such ignorance other than to tell the truth as I know it to be and hope that others see the truth I am telling.  This post is about the collapse of Building 7 of the WTC complex, which you might know nothing about. The main stream media gave almost no coverage to this building's collapse while focusing all attention on the collapse of the twin towers and on the Pentagon.  But here is your red pill about Building 7.

The Two Worlds Paradigm


Building 7 was close to the two twin towers and was damaged by them when the twin towers collapsed.  It was weakened by the collapse of the twin towers and by fires inside that building.  It was so weakened that it collapsed on its own around 5 pm on the day of 9-11-2001.


Building 7 was a secure building that was fortified. It collapsed in a controlled demolition as perfect as any controlled demolition has ever been, shown at the top of this post.  This building was purposely wired with explosives and brought down by man intentionally.  It did not collapse for any other reason and this controlled demolition collapse exposes the entire 9-11 event as the pre planned PSYOP and FRAUD that it obviously was.  Only a complete idiot would believe that this secure fortified building collapsed so perfectly due to damage or fires.  The reason that the main stream media gave almost no coverage to the building 7 collapse and basically hid it from the public is because if the people saw that it would wake a lot of people up that there was something wrong about 9-11 and we were lied to about it.  What the Jewish main stream media does not want to do is to wake people up to the truth so they hid this, to the point that most Americans today probably do not even know that a third building collapsed that day.  

Any questions?


There are a few more secrets about Building 7 that I have deduced that I have never shared on my Blog before and I think this is a perfect place and opportunity to do so.

First of all, regarding the fires inside of Building 7, these were not caused by damage to Building 7 but were because evidence and property inside of key floors inside of Building 7 were being burnt to make sure all evidence was destroyed before the building was demolished, and the reason for this is because there was concern among the conspirators that some evidence in terms of paperwork would survive the collapse and be found by people not involved in the conspiracy, so (((they))) wanted to ensure that all such paperwork related evidence was burnt up by fire and reduced to ashes before the building was collapsed.  This is a key bit of information to understanding why there were fires on certain key floors in this building just prior to the collapse.

Second of all, it is my very strong opinion that Building 7 was originally planned to be collapsed earlier than it actually was.  As I have said, 9-11 was a pre planned scripted event where everything that "happened" on that day was planned in advance and was known in advance.  Those reporters who reported that Building 7 had collapsed earlier than it actually did were simply reporting what they had told to report, which was according to the original script.  At some point that script got changed due to unplanned circumstances that occurred that day, and those reports were not made aware of the change of plans/change of script.  This is the reason that at least two different reporters (from overseas) erroneously reported that Building 7 had collapsed when it was still very much standing. 

Third, it is my opinion that something was supposed to happen on 9-11 that would explain the sudden collapse of Building 7 but that for some reason this did not happen.  Something did not go according to the plans of the conspirators and in response (((they))) had to change their plans regarding Building 7 collapsing.  It is possible that the original plans for 9-11 called for another plane to hit Building 7 but for some reason this did not take place.  It is possible that the "plane" that allegedly crashed into the empty field in Pennsylvania was intended to crash into Building 7.  Or its possible that the entire reason for the delay in the collapse of Building 7 is the last minute concern by the conspirators that paperwork evidence contained inside of Building 7 would survive the collapse and be found and so the decision was made to thoroughly burn all of this paperwork evidence so none of it could be found.  

Now, to go deeper down the rabbit hole with actual evidence, below is a diagram listing all of the tenants of WTC 7 and the floors of the building that each tenet was on.  I invite you to look at this very carefully to understand why fires were observed on certain key floors of Building 7 and not other floors.  Those floors where the most fires were observed relate directly to the tenets who were on the floors and this relates to the purposeful burning of evidence on those key floors before the building was intentionally brought down.

Click on the below image to view it in higher resolution:

More to Come

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Death by Vaccination


Not long after the "Covid 19 vaccinations" came out, a lot of truth oriented web sites such as Northern Truth Seeker (killed by Google) began to call these injections kill shots because of all the illnesses and deaths of those who were stupid enough to take the Jewish Jab into their body.  I have been aware of all those deaths and non lethal adverse effects caused by the Jewish Jab but I did not like the term "kill shot" applied to the injection because I thought it was disinformation.  To call the injections kill shots is to imply that their primary purpose is to kill the receiving host and to me I have considered this to be disinformation up to now.  What I have thought is that adverse effects were an unintentional side effect of a plan to get these injections inside of every human body (or as many human bodies as possible) but that the real goal of them is not to kill but to control.  Since last year I have been focused on the plandemic as being ID2020 in disguise to get everyone injected with something that can be used to identify them and track them and control their finances. Please note that I made that post before the vaccines even came out. More recently I have become aware of Dr. Pierre Gilbert and what he said in 1995 about the vaccines being used as a trojan horse to mind control humanity.  But in both cases I have been focused on the control aspects of the worldwide injection push and have not been really looking at the deaths and injuries caused by taking the "vaccine" as anything more than collateral damage.  Up to now this has been my opinion about these adverse effects related to the injections but I am beginning to think differently about it which I will begin to discuss in the following paragraph.

I have a background in science. My career has been related to the field of computer science but I am not ignorant about other fields of science such as Biology.  I was already familiar with DNA and RNA and cell architecture before the plandemic even started but there is something that really concerns me which I need to discuss here.  This relates to the term ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement) which I want to break down for you in as simple terms as possible as I understand it to be. If you have not already been introduced to the subject of ADE then I recommend you listen to this guy explain it starting at around the 11 minute mark in that video.  He explains ADE very well so start with that and then I will break down the topic of ADE further in following paragraphs of this post to express my concerns about it.

If you watched that video and understood it, then you understand the following:

1. These injections which are called Covid 19 vaccines are not like previous vaccines have been in the past.  They are mRNA vaccines which instruct the cells of the human body to purposely create spike proteins similar to the very virus that the body is supposed to fight in order to get the body to create a defense against it.  In theory, the body will create antibodies to the spike proteins which will then protect the human from catching Covid 19.  This is what the Establishment wants us to believe.

2. Antibody Dependent Enhancement or ADE is a situation the arises when the human immune system becomes confused as to which biological entities are naturally part of the human body and which are foreign invaders that should be attacked and destroyed.  The human immune system is designed to identify foreign invaders into the body and to attack and destroy them.  By having the cells of the human body creating the actual spike proteins associated with a corona virus, the immune system can get confused in that it loses the ability to distinguish between spike proteins being produced in the cells (because of the mRNA vaccine) and spike proteins from actual bad viruses that are foreign to the body which may have a very similar biological signature to the cell produced spike proteins. So if someone who has received an mRNA vaccine is exposed to some variant of a corona virus then the immune system, which would normally fight that corona variant may instead not fight it and let it in the door because it thinks its part of the human body and not to be attacked.  Thus, the immune system becomes compromised and allows bad biological agents into the body without defense and these can kill the host.

I hope I did not talk over your head in the above paragraph.  What it says in a nutshell is that taking the Covid 19 mRNA vaccination can very easily compromise your immune system and make you much more vulnerable to death due to exposure to Covid 19 variants then you would have been if you had had no vaccine at all.  The human immune system as designed by God is very capable of protecting humanity from many biological agents.  Most people have like a 99% chance of surviving Covid 19 or variants of it just fine without any vaccination IMO.  But after being vaccinated with an mRNA vaccine the chances of survival due to being exposed to a virus in the wild drops astronomically.

When animal testing was done of mRNA vaccines similar to the ones being pushed on the human race right now, very bad results were determined.  Those animals who received the mRNA vaccine appeared to be fine at first but then when they were reintroduced to the virus in the wild that they were supposedly being protected against, they all died, and the reason they died is because their natural immune systems had been compromised so they could no longer fight the virus in the wild effectively.  

Are you aware that the animal testing phase for these mRNA Covid 19 vaccines have not been done?  Are you aware that the FDA approval of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine has been given the green light without animal testing being done?  Do you understand what that means?  Let me tell you what that means as I see it.

This entire world wide injection push is at best a very dangerous and reckless experiment on humanity that not only does not protect people from getting Covid 19 but it compromises their natural immune systems so they are actually much more susceptible to dying with the vaccine than without it.  All of this is being withheld and hidden from the public.  Instead the public is being pushed and blackmailed to get the injection and told that you cannot work or fly or go to night clubs or go out to eat or go to the gym and in Australia you cannot even go outside your house unless you have been injected.  This is IMO a purposeful and dishonest attempt by the Establishment to murder most of humanity.  Just because people have not started dropping dead yet means nothing.  As I see it, variants of the Covid 19 virus are going to continue to be introduced to the world.  Viruses mutate and never stay the same.  My greatest concern is that a more deadly variant of the virus will be introduced into the world either purposefully or due to natural virus mutation and that when that happens, all these people who have taken the mRNA vaccine are going to pay a very nasty price for trusting a non trustworthy media and government.  I predict there will be many deaths world wide, starting as early as this winter.  Those who have taken the mRNA vaccine are basically fucked.  Since their natural immune system has been compromised then they will have no natural defense against these variants and they will die.  The only way they will not die is if they receive further injections and booster shots which are designed to protect them from the variants.  Those who have taken the mRNA vaccine will then be forced to take a new mRNA vaccine to fight every Covid 19 variant that comes along since they will not be able to fight it naturally anymore.  Their immune system has been fucked up so they now have no natural immunity against Corona type viruses in the wild and are forced to depend upon man made "immunity" by taking more vaccines (AKA Booster shots).  This is a horrible mess for humanity world wide and I believe a purposeful crime against humanity has been committed here.  

Have I explained this well enough? Please leave comments on this post to ask any questions or to tell me what you think about what I have said here.   


Of course the lying Jewish Establishment is going to say that these deaths caused by ADE are due to the Corona virus and blame those deaths on the people who smart enough to refuse to get the injections.  This is undoubtedly the game that will be played by the Jewish Establishment.  All the Jewish Establishment cares about is getting everyone to take the injection and they will use any lie in the book to make that happen.  The main stream media will never mention ADE as being the cause behind any spikes of death but will blame the unvaccinated for these deaths. And they will use those deaths as a justification for more and more dystopian methods to get people to take the injection, including declaring martial law as has already been done in Australia. Do you understand what they will do?  This is all part of a nefarious plan. Its the Jewish Master Plan.  If you want to see that plan, please email me at ThomasPickering666@yahoo.com.

ENDLESS SHOTS: Canada just ordered 7 doses of covid vaccines for every man, woman and child


I created this post after seeing an article about this posted on a site I visit.  Here is a link to that article followed by my brief commentary about it below.

Humanity is under a vicious Jewish assault not just in Canada but in every country of the world.  There is a great crime against humanity world wide being committed here but until the people wake up and realize what is really going on and who is really behind it then this will continue to what I perceive to be a very bitter end for us who are friends of humanity and who are the enemies of the Jewish Snake.  Unless Humanity wakes up then humanity is nothing but a Bitch for the Jews who the Jews are going to use in any way they want.  I do not know what else I can say or do to help people see this. The need for a Revolution against this Jewish world wide tyranny is going to become more and more urgent as time goes on.  How bad will have to get in order for the people to rise up?  Look at what is happening in Australia right now, which I predict will spread to other parts of this world this winter.   Here is the bottom line as I see it for everyone to understand.  Jews have planned this entire thing in advance.  Its a means to an end for them.  Jews are not going to stop until they either get what they want or until they are stopped.  What this means is that unless humanity rebels against what is happening then humanity is going to be transformed into what Jews want humanity to be, and I guarantee you that is not going to be good for humanity.  What is good for Jews is NOT good for humanity.  Remember what the Talmud says.

The Ultimate Red Pill concerning Afghanistan


On this Blog I made a post called the Ultimate Red Pill which is the conclusion of everything I have learned from taking the red pill. What that post says can be summarized in the following paragraph.

In a dishonest Jewish world where the Two Worlds Paradigm applies to almost everything, everything that is seen by the public is just a temporary dishonest means to an end that the Jews have planned in advance.  The means is not important but the end is important.

If anyone reading this does not understand the above paragraph then please feel free to ask me about it, but I consider this the ultimate red pill.  Its your "They Live" sunglasses to be able to see this world as it really is instead of the way the lying deceiving Jews want you to see it.  In this post I want to apply the Ultimate Red Pill to what is happening in Afghanistan right now.  Before I do, I want to post a link to a previous post I made about Afghanistan that 100% applies to the Afghanistan situation.

Afghanistan for the Red Pilled

When I created that post I could not see clearly what the Jewish plans were but I predicted that the U.S. military would be going back into Afghanistan.  Since that time, I see the picture clearer.  I see that ISIS is suddenly back in the picture.  I see all the Jewish disinformation news channels focused 24-7 on Afghanistan so I know that something big is in the works.  It came upon me suddenly as an epiphany what is really going on here, which I summarize in the following paragraph.

(((They))) are jump starting the "Global War on Terror" which has gone stale after twenty years since their 9-11 deception.  Considering the ultimate red pill post, everything that has happened in Afghanistan recently from the sudden decision to withdraw from Afghanistan militarily to badly "botching" that up, to the suicide bombing and to the reemergence of ISIS is all just the means to an end of restarting the GWOT.   There are no actual terrorists involved but fake terrorists like ISIS owned and controlled by the Jews.  Any terror is either a deception or a false flag operation.  None of this is genuine or honest.  But the actual end is for the Jews to control the world and especially to control the middle east, the same as it was twenty years ago. 

As exposed by Aaron Russo, the GWOT is a purposely planned unending war against an unseen and undefined enemy that exists simply to deceive the people.  The GWOT is as unreal as the 9-11 "terrorist attack" was but the people behind those schemes (WHO ARE JEWS and JEWISH MINIONS) do not want their deception of twenty years ago to go to waste and to be forgotten so they are restarting for a whole new generation who was not around in 2001 or was too young to know what was going on then.  It should come as no surprise to anyone that they are doing this and that they waited for almost 20 years exactly to do so.  Undoubtedly this is what they planned to do all along. But this time they have other goals in mind also.  This time I predict that Iran is going to become a real target of the U.S. military and its allies for "regime change".  

Another reason I see this is happening now is as a way to distract the public's attention away from the Dystopian world wide measures to get the Jewish Jab into every human body on the planet.  An increasing number of people are seeing the truth about what is happening concerning this nefarious Jewish plan and so Jews want to distract people's attention away from that and onto this Afghanistan Bullshit in order to keep the public ignorant about the Jewish hidden hand in this whole Covid 19 thing.  I predict they will fail.  Too many people already know about the dishonesty of the entire Covid 19 plandemic and they will not be distracted by this Jewish sleight of hand in Afghanistan.  The red pilled should ignore Afghanistan and ISIS and the GWOT completely and keep focused on the plandemic.  The fake plandemic is where our focus needs to stay.  Do not be distracted away from the truth by the Jewish liars on CNN and Fox News.  

Friday, August 27, 2021

Psychedelic Gems from the Sixties

To be continued

The Only Jew I Really Respect


Red Pill of the Day


Spread it around.


Just to explain this post for anyone who does not understand it, I consider "Covid 19" to be for the most part media driven hysteria by the Jew owned Establishment.  The vast majority of the alleged deaths from Covid 19 IMO is either disinformation (i.e. complete fiction) or death by other causes that have been purposefully misclassified as Covid 19. The purpose of this Establishment disinformation was to make the public believe that a deadly virus was spreading all over the world with the end goal in mind of getting everyone injected.  Its been about pushing the injection into everyone from the very beginning. But since the beginning of the plandemic I have had no fear at all of catching Covid 19.  I will never be injected.  I will never wear a mask, to the best of my ability unless I am forced to in order to get some service which is denied to me unless I wear a mask).  I will not social distance.  I do not give a shit about Covid 19 and I hate those who are behind it.  That said, I believe there are likely some who are getting sick and dying from some purposely spread biological agent to certain people or in certain areas in order to give the appearance of legitimacy to the Covid 19 scam.  It is very likely that they are doing that, however I think the general public is in no danger of catching this.  The real enemy of the public is the Jews who are behind this very evil scheme to transform the entire world into a Jewish kingdom.  We need to go war against the Jews. Unless we do they are going to keep doing things like this and it will inevitably get worse and worse and worse.  Jews will NEVER stop unless they are stopped. Hear my voice!

Full William Pawelec Interview

In a previous post on this Blog I started going down a rabbit hole about human microchipping and in that post I showed a partial video by an engineer named William Pawelec discussing this subject.  I was impressed enough by listening to him in that video that I searched for and found the full video interview of this man.  Its noteworthy that this man made this interview before 2001 and he requested that it not be released until after his death.  On this Blog I follow the truth (the white rabbit) wherever it leads me and the truth leads here. You may not consider this to be particularly important to know about but I do because what I suspect is that the "Covid 19" injection is an advanced form of this technology disguised as a vaccine.. I already know its about control.  (((They))) do not really give a fuck about our welfare but they do want to control us because they are control freaks of the worst type.  Control of humanity is what the worldwide injection push is really about.  But what William Pawelec said is important to understand because it shows who is really behind the Covid 19 plandemic and what their goals really are.  So here is the full video from William Pawelect I found.  Please click on the image below to watch it.  He is very easy to understand and I strongly suggest you watch it from first to last.  Come down the rabbit hole with me and also ask me any questions you have about this subject in the comments section.


Go to around the 22:30 mark of this video and especially watch from there to listen to some information which I believe is of particular significance.


I am not a believer in the existence of off world alien craft visiting this planet.  That is the definition of UFOs to many but all UFO means is a flying object that is not identified as a commonly known plane or aircraft of human origin.  Such UFOs could very well be of human origin using advanced technology that is known to a certain group of people but has been hidden from most of humanity.  That is the type of UFO that I can believe in.  I do not want to focus on UFOs here but on the microchipping technology.   Below are some links of interest about microchipping humans either with or without their knowledge:

Tens of Thousands of People Have Received Chip Implants

Mark of the Beast will come in through the Medical System

The Connection Between Alliance ID2020 and 5G (Mark of the Beast)

Bill Gates’ Quantum Dot Digital Tattoo Implant to Track COVID-19 Vaccine Compliance

Satan’s Attempt to Corrupt Man’s DNA

How to remove an RFID IMPLANT  <===== Interesting read

Unwitting Victim

Criminal and Scientific Misconduct Involving Neural Prosthesis Research Funded by the NIH/NINDS/NPP and The Alfred E. Mann Foundation   

Mind Control, Biometric Passwords Could Change the World

Questions to Ask:

Could the 5G technology that is available today be used to read implanted technology without the use of a physical antenna but just using the electromagnetic waves themselves that are broadcast and penetrate even the human body?   


One thing that Bill Pawelec suggests is that New Mexico Congressman Bill Schiff, pictured above, was purposely given fast acting cancer to stop his investigations into the alleged Roswell, New Mexico UFO incident.  I am aware that the military and intelligence agencies have a fast acting cancer weapon that they can use to silence someone who is becoming a thorn in the side of the establishment without that being able to be traced back to anyone.  Its a way for the Jewish Establishment to murder someone without being blamed for it.  This technology has IMO been used it at least three different cases; that of the death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez; the death of investigator Dave McGowan and the death of Jack Rubenstein.  If what Bill Pawelec says is true then it was also used on Arizona Congressman Schiff to stop his Roswell investigation.  Pertaining to the alleged Roswell UFO incident, I have never been a believer in it.  I am not a believer in UFOs as alien craft from other planets but the thought that this man may have been given cancer to stop his investigation does make me curious to know exactly what he was investigating and perhaps what he may have been uncovering which led to this "murder by cancer" action taken against him. 

In addition, he said that former U.S. Commerce Secretary Ron Brown, pictured above, was assassinated with a bullet to the brain.  I have heard this before and I believe it to be true.  I believe this man was killed to silence him because of what he knew and was possibly threatening to divulge.  I have not done any post about Ron Brown on this Blog but he would be a prime candidate for me to do my own investigation into his death and the real reasons behind it.  Yet another rabbit hole to go down.  

Red Pill 101

 You may be wondering why I am creating a post like this after creating many previous posts about the red pill on this Blog and the reason is that I perceive that most of humanity is completely blue pulled despite the best efforts of myself and others to spread the truth to them.  When I look at the comments of people responding to what is happening in Afghanistan right now for example, I realize that the vast majority of people think like innocent trusting children who not only believe what they see on the main stream media to be the truth but are so brainwashed that they are incapable of even questioning the official narrative.  It disturbs me to realize that so many people are unaware of what is really going on in this world.  Even though I have learned the truth about the world because I took all the time and made all the personal effort to do so, most people are blind to the truth.  One of the main reasons I started this Blog was to red pill the masses by breaking down the truth to others in a simple way that can be understood by anyone.  That is what the Two Worlds Paradigm is about, which is way of seeing the entire world in a way that anyone can understand.  What I am saying in that post is not rocket science.  Its easily understood by anyone once they lose their basic trust in the honesty of society.  Trust is the enemy of man in a dishonest deceptive world such as this one.  

The first thing that anyone must do to become red pilled is to lose their trust in the honesty of society.  Trust is a natural human attribute and we are all conditioned from birth to trust others.  First our parents then our family then our friends then our teachers and classmates and eventually society itself.  Trust is one of the foundations of being a human being but trust is also the main thing that makes a person blind to dishonesty and deception in this world.  It is okay to trust those who are trustworthy like your family and friends but it is not okay to trust most people.  So the first step of being red pilled is to lose your trust in the honesty of society.  Society is dishonest about most things in the world and the sooner you realize it the better.

The second thing is to have an understanding about the people who run this world. It does not matter if they are Jews or not.   It does not matter what you call them.  What does matter is that you know they exist and you know what they are like.  Here is what I define as the main attributes describing these people.

1. They are dishonest.  They lie.  They have no morality or conscience about lying to the public. Telling lies is a way to easily control the public.

2. They are deceptive.  Lying is deception but deception goes beyond the mere telling of lies to staging fictional dramas and portraying them as non fictional reality in order to deceive the public.  They have no morality or conscience about deceiving the public.  Deceiving the public is another way to control the public.

3.  They are control freaks.  They believe that the entire world and everyone and everything in it belongs to them and that they have a right to decide what happens in the world.  They believe they have a right to tell all people what they can and cannot do.  They believe it is their right to rule this world because they have the intelligence and cunning and will to do that.  

4. They control the world and all institutions.  They control almost all major governments.  They control all main stream media.  They control all organizations and institutions of any significance. 

5.  They hide themselves and control via minions.  The people who control the world are not seen by the public but they work through minions who are seen by the public.

To be red pilled, you must be aware that these people exist.  You must always see (((them))) and  (((their))) hidden hand in all things in the world. Unless you do this, you are blind.

This is the basic red pill and its the most fundamental thing that anyone must understand about this world, including but not limited to:

What is happening in Afghanistan right now.


The Global war on terror.

The Global Covid 19 pandemic

The JFK assassination

The Apollo moon landings

and so many other things.

Knowing the basic red pill can help you see the world clearly but without this knowledge you are blind.  

Please spread this around to people who do not know to try to enlighten them.

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Pedo Joe really needs some hair to sniff about now


Before I proceed to discuss the press conference where Joe Biden showed the American people and the entire world the strong forceful American President that he really is, I want to post a link here to another post on this Blog about Afghanistan that is very relevant to what happened today.

Afghanistan for the Red Pilled 

What the above link says in a nutshell is that everything that is happening in Afghanistan is exactly what has been intended to happen and if you believe otherwise then you are a blue pilled fool.

Do not give a fuck about Afhanistan.

Do not give a fuck about Joe Biden.  He is just a temporary actor playing a role on the Jewish Stage and nothing more than that.  He is not running anything.  He is just the temporary spokesperson for the Jewnited States of America. Before long he will be replaced by her:

Madam President (soon):

Here is the bottom line for all you people who are red pilled.  Do not give a fuck about the clown show and that is all this entire thing is, a clown show meant to play upon your emotions to manipulate you and deceive you.  Do not fall for it.  Remember the Two Worlds Paradigm.  

Remember who Joe Biden really is, which is a Jewish puppet who was down on his knees like a dog before two representatives of Israel in the Oval Office.  This is who this Joker really is.  He is just a Jewish puppet on a string who is only President because it was "his turn".  Jews killed the last legitimate President this country had and replaced what should be the leader of America with this pathetic excuse for a man:  JFK would be rolling over in his grave if he knew how far America had fallen since the Jews put a bullet through his brain.

The Real Joe Biden, Good Goy:

As you can see from the above link, Jews are running the Government of the United States so what is happening in Afghanistan is exactly what Jews want to happen.  Jews will now use this in their favor in some underhanded nefarious scheme that Jews are famous for.  The clown show is just beginning.

And I don't know what the fuck "ISIS K" is but just so you know ISIS is and always has been a Zionist PSYOP.  Don't fall for the never ending stream of lies coming from "the leaders" of the Jew S.A.  All they can do is lie because the truth is not in them.

Don't be surprised if the Dog gets Wagged in Afghanistan to make this senile old man look like a President again or maybe to make Madam President look good when she takes his place.  I suspect that was the plan all along.  Either way I predict that the dog is about to wagged somewhere in the world to show that the U.S. Military is not the weak pussy it appears to be under Biden's superior "leadership".  Remember what Reagan did when America got a bloody Jewish nose in Lebanon.  Two days later the U.S. went to war against the tiny island nation of Grenada to show the U.S. is still tough.  What country will the U.S. attack now to show its not defeated if the U.S. military does not go back into Afghanistan?  Maybe Iran.  Watch what happens now as the U.S. tries to save face.  As I said, the clown show is just beginning.  Grab the popcorn and pull up a chair so we can watch it together on CNN.

A bit of sarcastic humor from 4chan showing the apparent insanity of the U.S. actions but I say its not insanity at all but the intentional Jewish plan.  This is what happens when Jews get control of a government and a military.  They intentionally fuck it up.

Australian Dystopia


A reader of this Blog asked me what is happening in Australia because he has not been watching any main stream media sources to learn about it.  I decided to create a post summarizing the Australian situation for this person and for anyone else like him but before I do I want to say that before I created this Blog I too cut myself off from all main stream media "news" for a long time.  I did this for two reasons.  One is that I hated the main stream media and I did not want to even be subjected to its 24-7 lies and propaganda.  The other reason I cut myself off from the media is for my own peace of mind.  This was in 2019 when the global plandemic was just heating up for the first time and I was so disturbed by what I was seeing on the news that I refused to watch it.  I did not watch any news for a long time.  I completely cut myself off from the outside world but after doing this for a sufficient amount of time I felt I was losing contact the outside world.  I felt the need to know what was happening in the world, even if what is happening is bad.  Those who take the real red pill are never going to be happy with what they see in the world because its a very heavy negative scene to behold.  But I say it is better to know than to not know what is going on in the world.  We have a responsibility to know about bad things in the world so at least we can address them honestly as I try to do on this Blog.  

Now on to the topic of Australia.  To be honest, I have been afraid to look too closely at what is happening in Australia because it is too upsetting to me.  Some things I really do not want to see too clearly lest I be emotionally and mentally injured by the knowing of them so I have not spent a great deal of time looking at the Australian situation beyond seeing that a very bad Dystopia has befallen Australian society and the Truckers of Australia are courageously staging a nation wide protest over it at the end of this month (see the image above).  I really do not want to see what is happening in Australia but for the sake of the commenter I will provide some links to demonstrate the Dystopia that has befallen Australia over the Covid 19 injections.  I predict this kind of thing will spread to other parts of the world and it is horrifying to me to think of how bad it could get.  It could get really fucking bad.  But without me having to look at it too closely, here are some links for the red pilled about the Australia situation and also a video.

Australia is Under Dystopian, Military-Enforced Lockdown Despite Less Than 5 COVID Deaths a Day

Australia Dystopia

And you thought “Road Warrior” was dystopian. How about Australia now? [Video]

Australia Is in the Middle of a ‘Dystopian Nightmare’

Australia’s Dystopian Future

Welcome to 1984, Australian Style. If you pray, pray for the people of Australia who are caught up in this Dystopian madness and also pray that it does not come to where you live.

Two More Web Sites I want to recommend

My Recommended Web Sites list has overflowed but here are two more web sites I want to recommend for readers of this Blog to look at.

The EveryDay Concerned Citizen

Washington's Blog (archived on the Wayback machine)

Human Microchipping Technology


This is a subject which I know almost nothing about and yet I believe there is truth here to be looked at.  This is a rabbit hole to be gone down and it looks quite deep but I think it is important for me and you to learn about this subject because I suspect that this relates in some way to the world wide injection push we are seeing today.  To start our journey down this rabbit hole here is a video on this topic that I just happened to come across that looks very interesting. What I already suspect without knowing is that the technology being described in this video is primitive compared to the technology being used in the Covid 19 "vaccines". Please tell me what you think in the comments section of this post.

Click on the image to watch the video


In the above video go to around the 13 minute mark to where the interviewer asks "Who do you think they are?" for something which I think is particularly important in this video.


Remember what Aaron Russo said before he was killed about the plan to microchip all of humanity.  Please watch this video.  I believe this relates directly to what is being discussed in the above video.  FYI Aaron Russo was a Jew but he is what I consider to be a good Jew who was a friend of humanity instead of an enemy of humanity.  As for Alex Jones conducting this interview, maybe Alex Jones was at one time honestly trying to expose the truth but he became a 100 percent shill later on.  Alex Jones is NOT to be trusted. But this video interview of Aaron Russo is really great.  Besides microchipping humanity it also discusses 9-11, the wars in the middle east being pre planned, etc.  Aaron Russo describes the Two Worlds Paradigm perfectly in what he says. This is the kind of thing I want to open people's eyes to, which is that the people who control this world are completely dishonest and contemptuous of humanity.  Nothing in the world is what it appears to be because these people are running the world.  I see this clearly and I am trying to open your eyes to it in all things.  This is the most important red pill you can ever take.  


Remember that I told you before that all it would take is a unique number inside the body of every individual to create a Mark of the Beast Type system.  No physical chip is necessary to be implanted in the human body.  All it takes is a unique number or code or identifier which can be remotely monitored from outside the body.  What I suspect is that each injection (AKA Covid 19 "vaccination") contains a hidden ID which is matched to a physical person who receives the injection. This information is being recorded for everyone who receives the injection to match people with an ID in a database.  It would be just that simple to create such a Beast system. The 5G and 6G wireless network technology is being used to monitor these IDs remotely and perhaps also to control people remotely as Dr. Pierre Gilbert said in his 1995 speech.  If you want to understand why the Establishment is so fanatical and insistent that everyone receive this injection, I strongly suspect that this is the real reason behind the worldwide "vaccination" push that we see happening in every country of the world today..  They lie and say its for our welfare but it is clearly not.  It is instead a nefarious evil plan to insert this ID into every human being so they can be tracked, monitored and controlled.  This entire global plandemic was purposely created for just this reason.  I do not think killing people is the goal of the world wide injection push but its about control.  Jews are control freaks who think they own the world and everything and everyone in it.  It would be just like them to want to insert this ID into all of "their cattle" (they see us as nothing more than animals) to monitor and control them.  

More to Come