Monday, August 2, 2021

People who are Jews that most would never suspect of being Jewish

It has come to my attention that there are a lot of famous people and celebrities, etc. who are Jewish but that the general public does not know are Jewish.  The Jewishness of these people has been purposely hidden from the general public.  Some of these people may be crypto Jews.  In any case, to state the truth about name brand people who are not known to be Jews by the general public but who are in reality Jewish, here is a short list.

How many people in this list did you not know were Jewish?  They hid it from you.

Woody Allen

Roseanne Barr

Jeff Beck

Jeff Bezos

Jack Black

Michael Bolton

Adrien Brody

Jennifer Connelly

Alice Cooper

Sammy Davis, Jr.

Daniel Day-Lewis

Neil Diamond

Kirk Douglas

Bob Dylan

Jesse Eisenberg

Cass Elliot

Harrison Ford

James Franco

Art Garfunkel

Bill Gates

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Jake Gyllenhaal

Dustin Hoffman

Scarlett Johansson

Billy Joel

Shia LaBeouf

Barry Manilow

Angela Merkel

Elon Musk

Barak Hussein Obama

Joaquin Phoenix

Chris Pine

Natalie Portman (real name Natalie Hershlag)

Elvis Presley

Lou Reed

Seth Rogen

David Lee Roth

Paul Rudd

Adam Sandler

Klaus Schwab

Neil Sedaka

George Segal

Paul Simon

William Shatner

Phil Spector

Ben Stiller

Donald J. Trump

Luke Wilson and Vince Vaughn

Shelly Winters


Jews Who Change Their Names from Jewish Names to White Names

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