Thursday, August 26, 2021

Human Microchipping Technology


This is a subject which I know almost nothing about and yet I believe there is truth here to be looked at.  This is a rabbit hole to be gone down and it looks quite deep but I think it is important for me and you to learn about this subject because I suspect that this relates in some way to the world wide injection push we are seeing today.  To start our journey down this rabbit hole here is a video on this topic that I just happened to come across that looks very interesting. What I already suspect without knowing is that the technology being described in this video is primitive compared to the technology being used in the Covid 19 "vaccines". Please tell me what you think in the comments section of this post.

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In the above video go to around the 13 minute mark to where the interviewer asks "Who do you think they are?" for something which I think is particularly important in this video.


Remember what Aaron Russo said before he was killed about the plan to microchip all of humanity.  Please watch this video.  I believe this relates directly to what is being discussed in the above video.  FYI Aaron Russo was a Jew but he is what I consider to be a good Jew who was a friend of humanity instead of an enemy of humanity.  As for Alex Jones conducting this interview, maybe Alex Jones was at one time honestly trying to expose the truth but he became a 100 percent shill later on.  Alex Jones is NOT to be trusted. But this video interview of Aaron Russo is really great.  Besides microchipping humanity it also discusses 9-11, the wars in the middle east being pre planned, etc.  Aaron Russo describes the Two Worlds Paradigm perfectly in what he says. This is the kind of thing I want to open people's eyes to, which is that the people who control this world are completely dishonest and contemptuous of humanity.  Nothing in the world is what it appears to be because these people are running the world.  I see this clearly and I am trying to open your eyes to it in all things.  This is the most important red pill you can ever take.  


Remember that I told you before that all it would take is a unique number inside the body of every individual to create a Mark of the Beast Type system.  No physical chip is necessary to be implanted in the human body.  All it takes is a unique number or code or identifier which can be remotely monitored from outside the body.  What I suspect is that each injection (AKA Covid 19 "vaccination") contains a hidden ID which is matched to a physical person who receives the injection. This information is being recorded for everyone who receives the injection to match people with an ID in a database.  It would be just that simple to create such a Beast system. The 5G and 6G wireless network technology is being used to monitor these IDs remotely and perhaps also to control people remotely as Dr. Pierre Gilbert said in his 1995 speech.  If you want to understand why the Establishment is so fanatical and insistent that everyone receive this injection, I strongly suspect that this is the real reason behind the worldwide "vaccination" push that we see happening in every country of the world today..  They lie and say its for our welfare but it is clearly not.  It is instead a nefarious evil plan to insert this ID into every human being so they can be tracked, monitored and controlled.  This entire global plandemic was purposely created for just this reason.  I do not think killing people is the goal of the world wide injection push but its about control.  Jews are control freaks who think they own the world and everything and everyone in it.  It would be just like them to want to insert this ID into all of "their cattle" (they see us as nothing more than animals) to monitor and control them.  

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  1. This is fascinating. Pawelec's "The Four Horseman" is about what I've come to think are the real PTB. The Pawelec video is a great find.

    1. I have never heard of the Four Horsemen reference before he said it. I do not know the source of that and would like to find out more where he is coming from. Do you know of something else which discusses the Four Horsemen?