Tuesday, August 17, 2021

The Parkland School Shooting was a Jewish PSYOP

The Parkland School "Shooting" was a Jewish PSYOP very much like the Sandy Hook School "Shooting".  In both PSYOPs Jews played an integral part by serving as victims and crisis actors.  Here is an article that goes down this rabbit hole if you are interested.

One Dead Jew found Alive in the Parkland Hoax. What happened to the other 16?

Speaking of dead Jews who are still alive, this is just a reminder that little Noah Pozner from the Sandy Hook School Shooting Hoax is alive and well.  This is for you, Reuben...I mean "Lenny". 

https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelvabner  <=== Noah Pozner

More to Come if there is interest.


  1. The guy who wrote the post that you referred to is ridiculous. He said the man at the funeral was Aeron Feis, but we can only see the back (the behind) of the man and we cannot see his face. So many people have the same rear look. There is no proof that this is the same man, I saw countless fat bald men who have the same rear appearance as him. We need to see the front appearance to check if it is the same man.

    1. I will do more research into Aaron Fais being alive and the Parkland School shooting being a PSYOP. I believe that the person behind the No Disinfo web site to have been a legitimate truther and not a disinformation agent but that does not mean he is correct about everything he says. Unless I do the research myself then I cannot say 100~ that he is correct. But it is a fact that Jews are used as fake dead victims in school "shootings" as I know that for a fact after personally investigating Sandy Hook. So even if the person behind the No Disinfo makes a mistake (if he did make a mistake) it does not mean he is ridiculous. The concept here is that Jews are behind many and possibly all school shooting PSYOPs and that Jews are used as fake dead victims in these PSYOPs.