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The Mark of the Beast


I call this post "the Mark of the Beast" because the concept I am going to be discussing here corresponds to the Biblical Mark of the Beast as discussed in the book of Revelation in the Christian Bible.  I want to point out that I am not a Christian but I do believe that the Jews have planned a system of control for everyone in the world that is similar to what is described about the Mark of the Beast, particularly the following passages.

“And he will cause all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: and that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”

I am going to be giving my own interpretation of this which is not based on Christianity but on technology.  Let me rephrase that in my own language, shown below:

Everyone will be forced to receive an identifier inside or on their body that will be used to control their finances. All financial transactions will be made via this identifier which everyone will be required to have.  Those who do not have the identifier will be prevented from buying or selling anything legally in the world. It does not mean that illegal black market buying and selling would not occur unless there is a rigid police state in place to prevent people from circumventing this system.  So a rigid police state is a prerequisite of such a system to enforce it upon all people of the world.

What this is really discussing is the concept of a cashless society.  Currently physical currency is being used to conduct financial transactions but I perceive of a time when there will be no physical currency; when all financial transactions will become digital and they will be tied to a unique identifier or ID assigned to each individual person.   This is what I am going to be discussing in some detail in this post.

What are the requirements for implementing a cashless society?  These are the requirements I have been able to identify:

1. Each individual must receive a unique identifier that is associated with the physical body of the individual.  The identifier must be using a system capable of identifying many billions of people uniquely, so that every single person can be identified.  It must be tied to the physical body of the person, either by being implanted inside the body or being engraved or tattooed on the body.  The ID must remain consistent for the lifetime of the person and must be tamper proof so it cannot be altered or fooled with to cheat the system.  The ID must be given to the person either at birth or before they reach the age where they will start to purchase things on their own.  Once the ID is assigned to the person it will be with them for their entire lives.

2. A way to easily read the ID or mark from outside the body is necessary.  In order to use this ID in a cashless society then the ID must be easily read from outside the body in any location where the person is going to make financial transactions.

3. A central database must be maintained to match the ID of each individual to their financial bank account.  This database will be under the control of the banking system and not under the control of the individual.

4. A way must be created to transmit information across the world very fast to make such a system possible so it can control all financial transactions.  Information must be transmitted from the point of purchase to the central database location and back again very fast.  All of this information transfer will be digital and automated.  

5. A rigid police state is required to enforce this system on humanity.  Unless this is enforced then people will attempt to cheat the system by simply going around it and creating black market economies on their own outside of the system.  This system cannot be successful unless a police state is there to enforce it universally.  In other words, the world must become a prison to enforce this on humanity.

With such a system, no currency is necessary.  No credit cards.  No checks. Nothing physical is required to make financial transactions. Only the unique ID inside or on the body is required.  Everything else becomes automatic. For now forget about how such a system could be implemented and just understand the theory of it.  Do you understand how such a system could be used to implement a cashless society?  If you don't please ask questions in the comments section before reading further.  You have to understand the theory of a cashless society before looking at the implementation of it.

If you look at the previous post concerning Aaron Russo, what Aaron Russo described is a cashless society but not just a cashless society but a way to control and enslave all of humanity. He describes a system where every aspect of a person's life comes under rigid control; a very dystopian society where individuals are slaves and anyone who does not submit to their slavery can be denied access to all basic services, including the ability to buy food.  In such a dystopian society, you either conform or you die.

RFID Chips

RFID chip technology is a way to identify a physical object such as an animal or a person or an item of physical inventory.  Its a method of tracking a physical entity digitally over a central network.  Each RFID chip has two primary functions, as follows:

1. It contains within it a unique ID using a system that is capable of many billions of such identifiers so it can track a single item within a population of possibly many billions of such items.

2. When a certain radio frequency is beamed at the RFID chip then the RFID chip will respond with its unique identifier over a small antenna embedded within the chip.  This allows the RFID chip to be monitored remotely.

RFID stands for Radio Frequency identification and its primary purpose is to identify and track physical objects remotely.  This allows the RFID chip to be remotely monitored and tracked wherever the physical object it is contained to goes.  For example, if an RFID chip is put inside of a box of parts of a certain kind used in the manufacture of a car then that RFID chip allows that box of parts to be tracked and identified wherever it goes.  This is a very useful way for a large company to track and control its physical inventories. It can be used to track anything.

If you look at the theory of a cashless society that I described above, the RFID chips could be used to implement 1 and 2 of that system.  If you look at the following two videos about William Pawelec, he discusses RFID chip technology very well and he also discloses that billions of such chips were made in secret and then they disappeared.  

Human microchipping Technology

Full William Pawelec Interview

In the past there was no wireless technology as we have today.  To monitor an RFID chip from a long distance away required small antennas inside the RFID chips and also remote monitoring stations that could be used to identify and track the RFID chips remotely. 5G and later 6G technology is a way to identify and track without the need for antennas and without the need for remote monitoring stations.  5G wireless networks penetrate the physical body to be able to communicate with an RFID chip very easily.  If you look at the theory to create a cashless society, then a wireless network that transmits electromagnetic frequencies is encapsulated in 4. Without doubt, wireless network technology will be used in any identify and tracking system and in a cashless society.  

RFID chip technology is what I consider to be old school technology that has been greatly surpassed by more recently developed technologies but at the time that Aaron Russo was alive, the Jewish plan was to insert an RFID chip into each person in order to create a cashless society.  But there are some major drawbacks to using RFID technology to implement a cashless system, which are the following:

Drawback number one: A physical RFID chip similar to the one shown in the above image must be implanted in every individual.  Most people are going to be resistant to having these chips implanted inside them so they will not want to be voluntarily chipped.  Microchipping can be done and I believe has been done in the past to many people without their awareness.  For example, a microchip can be secretly implanted inside a person when they are under anesthesia during surgery or some other operation in a hospital settings.  These cases have been documented but as for getting every person to take a chip inside their body without their awareness is not practical and not possible, which is the reason that I believe the RFID chip technology has been abandoned in favor or more advanced technologies in order to implement a cashless society without most people being aware that something is being implanted within them.  I will be discussing this later in this post. 

Drawback number two: Another drawback is that these RFID chips can be surgically removed from the body and if the technology inside the RFID chip became understood then it could be tampered with so that the transmitted ID was changed or some other exploit.  The RFID chip can be tampered with and this makes it not useful for a cashless society.  A cashless society requires a non tamper proof ID that cannot be removed from the body. It must become part of the human body itself, tied to the individual that cannot be altered.

These two drawbacks led to the Jewish decision to abandon the RFID chip plan for a cashless society to a more advanced technology which would not have these drawbacks.  This leads directly to a discussion of the world wide injection (AKA Covid 19 vaccine) push today.  I hope you already see where I am going without me having to say it, but in the following I am about to show how the Covid 19 injections can serve the very same function as a physical RFID chip without the two draw backs discussed above.  


In one of the very first posts I made about Covid 19 on this Blog I linked it to ID2020.  That post was made before the Covid 19 vaccines even came out but what I saw as early as then is that the Covid 19 vaccines were going to be the Trojan horse implementation of ID2020.  I admit I do not fully understand ID2020 but what I do know is it is about digitally identifying people uniquely on a world wide grid.  Such a system would mean a complete loss of individual privacy and a carte blanch transfer of control of a person's life to a global entity.  But at its root, ID2020 is about assigning a unique identifier to the individual.  Understand that before I go on.  There are some readers of this Blog who have stated that they believe ID2020 to be a conspiracy theory.  Its no conspiracy theory but a fact.

How could the injections (AKA Covid 19 vaccinations) be used to identify an individual uniquely among the many billions of people on planet earth now and yet to be born?  There are two ways I see this could be done which I discuss below.

1.  Each injection has a hidden identifier embedded inside it.  At the time a person gets the injection, information is recorded about the person getting the injection that ties them to the hidden identifier.  This is one way it could be done but its rather clumsy and error prone.

2. The injection allows a unique identifier which is already in the human body to be remotely read.  We each have a unique identifier inside of our bodies which is our DNA signature.  The most accurate identifier society has for an individual is their DNA signature.  Up to now a blood test and a lengthy expensive analysis of the blood has been required to read the DNA signature.  What if a technology has been secretly developed that can read the DNA signature remotely without a blood test and expensive analysis to be done?  This is what I suspect is the case in the case of the injections; which is that the injection contains technology allowing the unique DNA signature already inside of each person to be easily remotely read from outside the body.  This would be the ideal way to identify a person uniquely and I suspect this is the case.

As many people have been reporting, there is something metallic and/or magnetic inside the injections and what I believe is the purpose of that is to allow the unique ID to be easily transmitted over wireless networks.  These small particles act as an antenna to allow electromagnetic waves to detect the ID and to remotely monitor it.  So the ID (either in the injections or from the DNA signature of the individual) and the metallic/magnetic particles which allow that ID to be related over a wireless network already replace the RFID technology.  The RFID technology is very crude compared to what is in the injections IMO.  The injections are what the Jewish Establishment has chosen to implement a cashless society over the older much cruder physical RFID chips.  Can you understand how the injections could serve the exact same purpose as the RFID chips and actually be much more efficient and accurate than the RFID chips?

How would using this injection technology circumvent the two drawbacks I listed above that pertained to RFID chips?  

Regarding the first drawback of how to get the ID into people voluntarily without their objection, it is being done using deception.  The entire Covid 19 phantom was created specifically for the purpose of getting these IDs into every human being.  The Covid 19 plandemic had this in mind from before the time Event 201 happened.  From Event 201 to now, everything is about getting this ID inside of every person.  Covid 19 is just the means to an end of getting all the cattle to take their shots like good Goys.  People are stupid not to see through this but the Jewish world is all about keeping most people stupid and ignorant and passive and compliant.  Everyone who is getting the injection is actually setting themselves up to be identified on the world wide web.  I guarantee you that this technology has already been developed.  Look at Smart Dust, for example.

Regarding the second drawback, this system is tamper proof.  Once a person gets injected then their cell function gets modified.  In effect, their cells have been modified to perform a function or functions never intended by God but something which will be used by evil men to enslave and control society.  Once the cells are modified with this technology then there is no going back.  The injections modify people on a cellular level and once done its permanent.  If the ID assigned to a person is the DNA signature as I suspect then of course there is no way to change that.  This would be the most tamper proof system for identifying and tracking a person almost everywhere they go that I see.  Anytime a person is in a 5G wireless zone then they can be identified.  I predict that more and more 5G and later 6G networks will be created in every country of the world to help implement this system.  It may take a long time for the ultimate cashless society that Aaron Russo described to become a reality but I believe this is the Jewish Plan for the entire world;

If what I suspect is true then getting the Covid 19 injection is the same as getting the mark of the Beast.  Its being done by deception without people's knowledge or consent but the end result is the same.  You take the Jab, you take the Mark.  Everyone who takes the injection is dooming humanity to a very dark future.  Hear my warning.

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