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Boycott all Business requiring vaccine to enter or do business

So I saw that there are Bars in San Francisco that are requiring either vaccine passport or proof of negative Covid 19 test to enter.  I cannot speak for anyone else but myself but I what I say and encourage others to do is is the following.

Boycott any business or Establishment that requires Vaccine passport or anything to do with the vaccine.

Boycott any business or Establishment that requires wearing a face mask.

Do not in any way subsidize these businesses. This is what I will do and what I encourage others to do but if what I predict is going to happen happens, then it will not be so simple to boycott these businesses.  I hope I am wrong with what I say in the following.  I do not want anyone to call me black pilled and say I want any of this happen because I do not.  If I had my way, all this Bullshit would be gone yesterday.  But what I predict, to be honest, is that laws are likely going to be passed in the future on the local, state and national levels that require all businesses to ask for vaccine passports, including grocery stores. I predicted last year on this Blog that they would not allow those who have not had the shot to buy groceries.  Imagine that.  That seems like a nightmare scenario now but I envision a time in the not too distant future when that could be a reality.  It kind of explains a world where this sign could become a reality.  I am trying to warn you of Dystopia.  Jewish Dystopia.  Unless we rise up to resist this tyranny it may be unavoidable that we are all faced with this nightmare Jewish world.

For those in America who still have a right to own a gun, I suggest you buy big guns and plenty of ammunition.  I predict you are going to need it just to defend yourself and your family in this new Jewish world.

Something the Jews hate for citizens to own:

Why the Injections? Why Now?

One of the purposes of this Blog is to grok the Truth.  What the truth is is not always apparent.  Disinformation agents will attempt to tell the common man what the truth is in order to deceive them, in order to manipulate them, in order to control them.  Truth gets spun a million different ways to support a hidden agenda of the disinformation agents but actual truth serves no agenda.  It simply is.  This blog searches for that elusive animal called Truth that cannot be tamed or caged or used by selfish men for their own selfish goals.  

Today there is a push to get every human being on the planet to take an injection inside their body.  The lie that the disinformation agents are telling is that this injection is a vaccine to keep people safe from catching "Covid 19".   I and many others have exposed this as a lie.  I and many others have exposed that these injections are killing as many people as they are "saving". I and many others have exposed that these injections are causing horrible damage to those who have taken it, such as heart damage, unnatural blood clotting, amputations, catching rare diseases, and many other bad "side effects".  I and many other people have exposed that these injections are making people actually more vulnerable than less vulnerable to any "viruses".  I and many other people have exposed that there is a hidden agenda behind the mass injection push that nobody in the Establishment is talking about.  In this post I want to explore this hidden agenda further to shed the light of illumination on what is really happening here.  Because the truth is not what they tell us it is about this or anything else.  There is a hidden truth that is not being told and that is what this Blog wants to uncover.

So I do not call the injections vaccines because I do not believe they are vaccines against anything. But they are injections of a foreign substance inside the human body and there is a push to get this foreign substance inside the body of every human being on the planet.  Why is this happening and why is this happening now?  In answering this question I want to make clear that I do not believe "Covid 19" has anything to do with anything other than being an excuse that the lying Jewish Establishment is using as a pretext to get every human being in the world to take this injection inside their body.  So forget about "Covid 19".  It is completely irrelevant, regardless of all the 24-7 media hype and fear mongering.  There is a reason behind the agenda to get the entire world to take this injection but it has nothing to do with "Covid 19".  Understand that before I continue.

On this Blog I have referred to this world as a Jewish Zoo because I believe that this is the way that Jews view the world which they have managed to get control of through evil means.  Jews view non Jews as animals who exist only to serve Jews.  That is the clear message of the Jewish Talmud which is highly revered and echoed by all the leaders of the Jewish community.  On this Blog I have talked repeatedly about the Jewish Master Plan, which is the Jewish plan to control the entire world.  A major component of that plan is to keep the majority of humanity and especially non Jews under Jewish control.  Jews love to control others.  They are control freaks at heart.  While normal people just want to live and be happy, Jews want to control everyone and everything.  Control of others is what Jews are all about.  

A Sheep Farmer Analogy

Let me create a little analogy here, for illumination purposes.  Suppose you are a sheep rancher who owns a big herd of sheep who are in a corral.  As a sheep rancher, keeping the sheep under control is your business.  Keeping the sheep clueless about their captivity so they will be passive and submissive and never resist what you want to do with them is in your best interest.  You want to keep those sheep dumb and submissive and passive and clueless so they will allow themselves to be fleeced of their precious wool and on occasion be killed for their meat.  Its all about exploitation of the sheep for the profit of the sheep farmer.  Now imagine one day that some of the sheep start to become aware of what is going on and telling the other sheep what is going on.  The sheep start to become aware of what is happening and as they gain awareness they become less and less controllable by the sheep farmer.  Over time the Sheep farmer realizes he is losing control of his flock and that there are some sheep who are waking up the other sheep.  The Sheep farmer uses his connections at Google and Apple and Facebook and Twitter to muzzle the trouble causing sheep to silence them but despite everything the sheep farmer is doing, the sheep are waking up to their enslavement and they are becoming less and less controllable.  The sheep farmer realizes he has a serious problem on his hands and that unless he deals with this problem he is going to ultimately lose control of his herd, which means no more profit for the sheep herder.  What does he do?

Despite the fact that the sheep farmer views the sheep as dumb animals who exist only to provide his livelihood, the sheep can think and they have free will.  Sheep that can think and that have free will is against the interests of the sheep herder who just wants to exploit the sheep and does not give a fuck about them outside of that.  Are you understanding the analogy yet?

So the sheep farmer goes into his think tanks and comes up with the ultimate plan which will ensure that he has control of the sheep forever and that they will be unable to resist.  The plan concerns injecting all the sheep with something which will prevent them from thinking for themselves and will take away their free will and allow them to be controlled remotely by the sheep herder over his 5G and later 6G networks.  All he has to do is to get all the sheep to take the injection and then the problem is solved.  No more thinking sheep who have the ability to resist the sheep farmer's control over them.  

I used that particularly analogy because I see it as being closest to the truth about the "Covid 19" injections.  We are Sheep and cattle to the Jews who want only to use and exploit us for their personal profit.  The mass injection agenda is to control all of humanity in a way that humanity is not going to be able to resist once they have taken the injection inside their bodies.  The injections are a control mechanism for humanity to ensure that non Jews remain as passive slaves to Jews forever, which is the Jewish Master Plan

Certain people have found out about plan and they have attempted to warn humanity about it.  One such person who attempted to warn the world about this was a French doctor named Dr. Pierre Gilbert. In a 1995 speech he talks about a future program to contaminate the blood of humankind in order to control them.  I firmly believe he was talking about exactly what is happening today.

Many people have referred to these injections as kill shots but I am not one of them who believe that.  Even though there have been many deaths attributed to the injections I see these deaths as side effects and not the intended purpose of the injections.  I see the injections as being the ultimate Jewish mind control weapon against the Goyim.  I believe that the Jews have not activated the mind control system yet.  They want to get as many people as possible to take the injection before they activate the system.  Why?  Because I believe that once they activate the system there will be a very radical change of behavior in the vaccinated that anyone who is not vaccinated is going to clearly see.  Jews want everyone to have gotten the injection before they activate the mind control system.  I cannot see clearly what change will happen but I believe that the thinking and behavior of humanity will be radically altered by the injections and the remote mind control system that Jews are creating.  I am sounding the warning to every sentient human being NOT to take the injection under any circumstances regardless of what threats or blackmail is made against you to compel you to take it.  Even if you lose your job you should not take it.   Only bad things will come from taking the injection.  If you value your freedom and your independence and you value your basic humanity you will never take the injection.   But if you disregard my warning and take it then you are lost to humanity.  Jews own you.  Learn to say "BAAAAH!" and really mean it. Any parent who gives the injection to their children is the very worst of humanity who is ensuring their children will be slaves.   God will not forgive any parent for giving the injection to their children.  The Injection is the Mark of the Beast which severs a human being from God forever.

Friday, July 30, 2021

Malcom X was Red Pilled about the Jews

Zionist Logic -- Malcolm X on Zionism

The Jewish Control Over the Entertainment Industries

The Jewish Control Over the Entertainment Industries


The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth?

In Mathew 5:5 of the Christian Bible it is quoted that Jesus Christ said these words "Blessed are the Meek for they shall inherit the earth".

Almost every Christian knows those words but I just want to point out the obvious for anyone who is paying attention.  Jews are the least meek people on planet earth.  There are many words that can be used to describe Jews such as Arrogant, Pushy, unkind and many others but meek is not in the Jewish vocabulary.  Jesus Christ was meek and led a meek life but the Jewish race today is not meek and never will be meek.  And if you are familiar with the Jewish Master Plan that I have been talking about forever then you know that Jews have virtually conquered this entire planet and they view this planet as theirs.  They also claim that the Christian God has chosen the Jewish race above all others and has condemned non Jews to be slaves to Jews.  

So I want to ask a very obvious question in this post.  This question is especially directed toward those of you who call yourselves Christians.  How in the world are the meek going to inherit the earth?  In what reality is that going to happen in?  There is something really wrong here.  Jews are not meek.  Jews will never be meek.  Jews have this world in the palm of their hand and according to them, God is on their side.  So I see no way that the meek can ever inherit the earth unless the Jewish race were entirely taken out so that the rest of the planet could live in peace and harmony without this evil Jewish race fucking up the world for everyone else.  I would be very happy if this is the way it turns out but so far I see no evidence of this other than this quote from Jesus.  Is this an accurate quote from Jesus?  Is this deception to deceive the Goyim?  Or is this really an accurate prophecy of the future?  And if it is accurate prophecy, then what becomes of the Jews so the meek can inherit the earth?   Come on, Christians.  This is your time to think and answer this question.  I know that Christians are not taught to think for themselves but I think its time to start.


So I see that the Christian response to my question is crickets, which does not surprise me.  I did not expect any Christians to even touch with a ten foot pole something which threatens to expose both their Religion and their "Savior" as a fraud.  But since Christians refuse to answer this question either because they are afraid of it or they have no answer for it, allow me to be the one to offer an answer for it.  I offer two answers.  One answer is from the non Christian POV which is what I really think.  The other answer is a pro Christian POV.  What I state in the following is my own opinion.

The Anti Christian Answer:

Christianity is a deception.  Christianity is a Jewish PSYOP where the target audience of the deception are the non Jewish races world wide.  Whether Jesus actually ever existed as a real person or if he is just a creation as part of the PSYOP, these words attributed to Jesus are a lie.  Jews are the opposite of Meek.  Jews have conspired among themselves to rule the world.  Jews will never be meek.  The Meek will never inherit the earth.  The quote from Jesus that the meek will inherit the earth is just part of the deception to tell the targets of the deception what they want to hear, which is not the truth.  Most Christians are meek so to tell them that they will inherit the earth is exactly what they want to hear.  Its deception to make them accept the unfavorable present status quo in the false believe that someday the world will be made right, but that is a lie.  Jews are never going to give up their control of the world unless it forcibly taken away from them by the unmeek who choose to go to war against the Jews to regain their freedom.  If that happens, those who wrest control of the world from the Jews also will not be meek.  They will be warriors who stand up for right against evil.  But in any case, the meek will never inherit the earth and it is disinformation for Christians to believe such an obvious lie.

The Pro Christian Answer:

The normal state of humanity is to be meek.  The Jewish race is not the normal state of humanity but a great perversion of the normal state of humanity.  The Jewish race prides itself on lying to and deceiving the rest of the world and this is a great abomination to all honest, non corrupt men who see it clearly.  I say that what the Jewish race has done must also be an abomination to the True God.  By the True God I do NOT mean the God of the Old Testament, Yahweh.  The true God is not that.  I say the true God views the Jewish race as the evil abomination on humanity that it is and that the true God hates the Jewish race for what it has chosen to do to the rest of humanity.  I say that the true God wants to wipe out everything that the evil Jewish race has done to corrupt the earth to return the earth to the state was intended to be in before the evil Jewish cancer corrupted it.  I say that God wants to remove the Jewish race from planet earth forever as a way to restore the planet to its intended state.  In that sense I can see the meek inheriting the earth because God has solved the Jewish problem once and for all.  This is the only way I see that the meek could inherit the earth.  I believe the meek should inherit the earth but with the Jewish race in control of the world, that is impossible.  

Something I Learned the Hard Way


Any person or web site that aligns itself with the Republican Party and strongly advocates the Republican Party is not to be trusted.

Any person or web site that aligns itself with Donald Trump and strongly advocates Donald Trump is not to be trusted.

Real Truthers want nothing to do with either Donald Trump or the Republican Party.  Real Patriots to America want nothing to do with either Donald Trump or the Republican Party.  Just because Joe Biden and the Democratic Party sucks BALLS is no reason to advocate Donald Trump or the Republican Party.   You should support neither side.

The Most Dangerous Man (or Woman)


Other People I Suspect of being Disinformation Agents

There are various people who have come forward as truthers and who are trusted in the truther community today that I suspect of being disinformation agents, for various reasons.  I have heard nobody ever question the legitimacy of these people in the truther community but its high time somebody did.  On this Blog I state the Truth, and the Truth is that the Truther community has long been infiltrated by disinformation agents and has even been led by disinformation agents.  But here are some people I suspect of being disinformation agents.  I may go into further detail about them later but here I simply list them.  If anyone questions why I suspect them, ask questions in the comments section.

Fritz Springmeier

Cisco Wheeler

Bill Cooper

Corydon Hammond

Julian Assange

David Icke

I want to make clear that I have been a believer in all of these people at an earlier point in my life but only now after seeing the bigger picture and connecting a lot of other dots do I question them.  This post is directed toward honest people who really do want to know the truth, which is my definition of a truther.  As a truther talking honestly with other truthers, my very strong message to you is that the truther community has long been infiltrated by agents of the Jewish Snake and a lot of people that you and I have been conditioned to listen to and trust are not who they appear to be.  My mission is to wake you up to this fact.  The enemy we face is a very clever, devious one who will use any and all means to deceive and one method they use is fake truthers, i.e. Snakes in Sheep's clothing.  I have exposed so many of these people such as Alex Jones on this Blog but there are many others who I have not exposed and I need to.  Because to me the greatest sin that anyone can do is to believe a lie to be the truth.  I am here to expose lies and liars to the truther community.

Remember what this guy said.  He's not just talking about the Main Stream Media, as many have interpreted this.  He is talking about disinformation agents in the truther community too.  Wake up!

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Tooj Nijenhuis is a Disinformation Agent

In going down the "Fiona Barnett" rabbit hole, the woman known as "Tooj Nijenhuis", pictured above, is someone that "Fiona Barnett" uses to bolster her own story.  Since I have read this woman's testimony before and believed it, I would be remiss if I did not make a post about her at the same time as I am exposing "Fiona Barnett".  Good honest people like myself are being deceived by these people, who always have a hidden agenda, so it is my responsibility to expose them for who they are, so nobody will be deceived by them any longer.

In case you don't know her story, here is a link stating her story.  Not surprisingly, this is on a pro Trump web site and we all know what Donald Trump is by now, don't we.  I do not condemn anyone for being temporarily deceived by Donald Trump but anyone who would create an entire web site around this man is definitely a disinformation agent in my very strong opinion, but I digress from the purpose of this post.  From reading the above link you can clearly see that Tooj Nijenhuis is making the very same types of claims as "Fiona Barnett" about evil child raping Satanists running the world.  She and Fiona are birds of a feather.  I have not fully investigated all of her claims as I have investigated the claims of FB but I automatically suspect that she is another disinformation agent like FB, just in a different country.  FB is in Australia.  Tooj is in Brussels.  Although Tooj may be mixing some truth into what she says to give it credibility, I distrust her story.  I must distrust her story.

Here is one significant claim that Tooj Nijenhuis making that I want to address specifically.

Five international judges are examining evidence of child rape, torture, murder and kidnapping allegedly done by global elite members of the Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult network.

Its a very sensational claim and when I first saw it many years ago I was immediately intrigued.  I immediately began researching this entity called "Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice network".  And what I found not surprisingly is a lot of disinformation web sites all making the exact same claims but offering no evidence at all of its truthfulness.  No links to more detailed information were ever given.  And this is because the Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Network is intended to be another name of the Vatican.  So its the Catholics who are the real Satanists who are behind all the evils.  Jews are lily white Saints to Fiona Barnett and Tooj Nijenhuis.  Very telling.  But in case you have not understood, there is not such thing as the Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult Network.  There are no five judges on the international justice court looking into the claims of Tooj Nijenhuis.  This is 100% disinformation and this woman is spewing shit out of her mouth, just as FB has done.  Tooj Nijenhuis is a disinformation agent who, like Fiona Barnett, makes fantastic claims designed to get people's interest, but there is no truth at all to her claims.  She is just bait for truthers to guide them away from the path of truth and onto the path of Bullshit.

One thing you notice is that these people always scapegoat "the Nazis".  Its the evil Nazis who are behind this.  These people are very quick to blame the Nazis, which, to no surprise, is what the Jews do. You cannot trust anything these disinformation agents say.

Here is a link claiming that Dr. Antony Kidman was silenced by the Ninth Circle cult.  BULLSHIT!

So whenever you see some person or web site making similar claims to these, your bullshit meter should register.  Do not be misled by blatant disinformation like this.

But here are some rules.  Learn them:

Anyone who points to the Catholic Church as being behind the world's evil is a disinformation agent.

Anyone who points to the Jesuits as being behind the world's evil is a disinformation agent.

You will see the Catholic Church and the Jesuits demonized on many web sites.  This is a disinformation campaign and you should not be deceived by it.

Predictive Programming


Dystopia Cometh

The Global Landscape on Vaccine ID Passports and Where It’s Headed: Part 1

The Global Landscape on Vaccine ID Passports Part 2: How Your Digital Identity is Moving to The Blockchain for Full Control Over Humans

Jews are Determined to Kill the World that has been and to create a new World in their Image.  This world will be an evil Godless world if the Jews get their way.  See the Jewish Master Plan.

Google Killed Northern Truth Seeker!!!

So I discovered today that, one of the Blogs that I recommend and sometimes visit that has done an excellent job of exposing the evils of the injections (AKA "Covid 19 vaccines") has been killed by Google.   Click on the above image.

I am very saddened but not surprised by this.  As I have said repeatedly on this Blog, Google is Jewish owned media that heavily censors truth.  Google owns Youtube which heavily censors and deletes comments and entire channels of people.  Google owns the platform that Northern Truth Seeker was on and that this blog is on currently.  How long before my Blog suffers a similar fate?

There is a reason why Jews and their minions own all the major media, so they can do this to anyone who says what (((they))) do not want said.  Censorship comes automatically with Jewish control of media.  Jews are against freedom of speech.

I said before that I want to move this Blog off of this Google platform but I am not convinced I can find any blogging platform out there that is not ultimately controlled by Jews.  I firmly believe this but, based upon Google killing Norther Truth Seeker I am convinced now that I really need to find a new home for this Blog.  Google is a censoring Wolf who can no longer be trusted not to just to kill any Blog on a platform it owns.  Fuck Google and fuck all Google subsidiaries such as Youtube.  Everyone who is interested in the truth needs to abandon all Google owned media immediately.  Google is the ENEMY!

If anyone can suggest a good blogging platform, I am open to suggestions to where to move this Blog.

The Real Google:


I discovered that NorthernTruthSeeker has started an alternative blog on  Here is the link to that blog.

Once again, FUCK GOOGLE!

Mother Teresa and Robert Maxwell

One of the things I exposed in my Pictures from the Real World post is that Mother Teresa is not who she appears to be in the False World but is a minion of the notorious Jewish Mossad agent Robert Maxwell, father of notorious Jewish Mossad agent Ghislaine Maxwell and mentor of Jeffrey Epstein, also a Mossad asset.  Some viewers of this Blog expressed shock that such an association existed and I myself was shocked to discover it.  Mother Teresa in the False World appears to be a Saint going around the world doing good who would have no association with the Mossad or the likes of Robert Maxwell. Corruption and innocence do not mix. So what the fuck is going on here?  Its time to go down the rabbit hole to discover why this unlikely association between Mother Teresa and Robert Maxwell exists.

In researching this topic I came up with a video that shows a different side of Mother Teresa that most people have never heard about, including myself until now.

Hell's Angel (1994) is a British Channel 4 television documentary about Mother Teresa by Christopher Hitchens, a precursor to his book, The Missionary Position. The film claims that she urged the poor to accept their fate, while the rich are portrayed as being favored by God.

And then I found this 1995 Vanity Fair expose on Mother Teresa which paints a far darker picture of her than anything I suspected.  Click on the image below to view it.

Going deeper down the rabbit hole on Mother Teresa, we find there are child trafficking allegations against her organization. 

More to Come

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Disinformation Memes


























More to Come

Fleet White III

I watch the statistics of this Blog and one thing I can see is when people visit this Blog from links which coms up from internet search engine search results.  So it was that I saw a search had been made for "Fleet White III" which compelled me to want to create a post about him.

On this Blog I have said next to nothing about Fleet White III but I have made many posts discussing his father, Fleet White Jr and his grandfather, Fleet White Sr. in relationship to the JonBenet Ramsey murder.

I did a small amount of research into Fleet White III and came up with the following video where we see Fleet White III as well as other members of his family proclaiming themselves to be innocent of any involvement in the JonBenet Ramsey murder and painting themselves as being victims of slander.

Fleet White III:

As I have said repeatedly on this Blog, I believe Nancy Krebs to be an honest witness in what she reported to the Boulder Colorado authorities in February 2000.  I have read her testimony very carefully and I understand and believe what she says about the White family being directly involved in the death of JonBenet Ramsey.  But this post is about Fleet White III who was just a child when JonBenet Ramsey was murdered.  I discuss him here because someone was doing research about him and I want to tell the truth about him as I believe it to be from researching his father and especially his grandfather.

Despite what I have said on this Blog about Satanism being used as a false front for Jewish World Control, I believe there is a thing called Satanism that is not a front and that has nothing to do with Jews.  Its entirely separate from Jews but I believe that Jews and Satanists worship the same "God" behind the scenes, so they have an alliance in the world.  I believe there are many families who are involved in Satanism.  These are called intergenerational families because their Satanism is passed from one generation to another through their children.  I believe that the White family is one of these Satanist families.  I believe that all members of the White family are involved in Satanism.  Of course their Satanism is hidden from the public but I believe they are all Satanists.  

So since Fleet White Sr. and Fleet White Jr. are Satanists, I conclude that Fleet White III, shown in the image above is also a Satanist.  He is the heir of a wealthy Satanist family. 

Who was Dr. Antony Kidman?


This post is spawned from an earlier post discussing "Fiona Barnett" as a PSYOP.  In that post I said that I cannot trust anything that "Fiona Barnett" has said not to be a lie.  If you know the story told by "Fiona Barnett", one of her big claims is that Dr. Antony Kidman (pictured above), who is the father of Australian actress Nicole Kidman was an evil child raping Satanists who raped her multiple times when she was a child and also performed horrific mind control experiments on her as a child.  In that earlier post I questioned why Fiona Barnett would make such a strong accusation against this man.  I do not know who Dr. Kidman is outside of Fiona Barnett's claims but in this post I want to go down the rabbit hole of exploring who was Dr. Antony Kidman.  In doing so, I want to completely disregard the claims of Fiona Barnett and just look at sources not from her and not from others who have been misled to believe her story.  

Some Facts about Antony Kidman are as follows:

He was a Clinical Psychologist at the University of Technology, Sydney Australia

He had two daughters.  One is Nicole Kidman, the famous Australian actress.  The other is Antonia Kidman.  They are shown pictured together in the below image.

Age at time of Death: 76.

Sisters Antonia and Nicole Kidman:

Some Claims made about Antony Kidman outside of what Fiona Barnett said:

He was in Singapore, Malaysia where he died while visiting his daughter, Antonia Kidman who lived in Singapore Malaysia in 2014.

Below is an early picture of Nicole Kidman getting kissed by her parents, one of which is Antony Kidman.

Here is a link to an article about Antony Kidman's death shortly after it happened:

Singapore police probe death of Nicole Kidman's father

The verdict is as follows:

Dr. Kidman was nothing like what "Fiona Barnett" claimed he was.  Everything FB said about Antony Kidman is an unsubstantiated lie.  Fiona Barnett has no credibility whatsoever and all those who repeat her story have no credibility either.  These are SHILL sites.  Here is a short list of them.


Why would Fiona Barnett Lie?


I follow the statistics of this Blog and I notice that there is a continued interest in Fiona Barnett.  Based upon this interest I feel compelled to go a little further down the "Fiona Barnett" rabbit hole to shine the light of illumination there for the sake of revealing the truth.  This Blog is always about revealing the truth and that is what I want to do here.

First of all, as I have said before on this Blog I was once a full believer in the story of Fiona Barnett and I studied everything she said.  In that study I noticed some things she was saying that did not seem right to me but, not knowing what to believe, I kept my suspicions at bay and just listened to her story.  Slowly I uncovered her deception and now my opinion of her today is that she is a lying disinformation agent.  Her name is very likely not Fiona Barnett at all but that is just a name she has chosen for herself or that has been chosen for her.  I see her as a PSYOP.  

There are many ways to reveal "Fiona Barnett" as a PSYOP.  One of those ways is to use the Deception Detector. Like the Two Worlds Paradigm, that is something I came up with on my own to understand the truth about this crazy lying world.  It just takes a single exposed lie to reveal an entire story to be a lie and in the tale told by "Fiona Barnett" are multiple obvious lies once one has looked deeply enough into the world as I have.  So I cannot believe anything she says not to be a lie.  

Another obvious way to reveal Fiona Barnett as a PSYOP is the following.  If Fiona Barnett was telling the truth about Satanists running the world then they would just kill her and make it look like an accident or fast acting cancer, etc.  There are many ways that she could have been silenced.  But instead she is allowed to live and is followed around everywhere by reporters with microphones and cameras stuck in her face to capture her every word to get it out to the public on Jewish main stream media.  Remember that the truth is not what they want you to believe. 

The PSYOP known as "Fiona Barnett" made her first appearance in the world that I can tell under the name "Kate Gardiner" on the old David Icke Forum in May of 2013 with this archived post.

But the question I want to ask here is why is she a PSYOP?  Why is she telling the specific story she is telling?  Who benefits from the lies she is telling?   Why has she targeted the people she has targeted, such as Dr. Antony Kidman?  These questions need to be explored in order to understand "Fiona Barnett".  Its not enough to just state that she is a disinformation agent.  We must understand the reasons behind her PSYOP to get to the truth of the matter.

First of all, I want to make clear as others who have investigated her have said, that this is not just one woman doing all of this.  This is one woman who is supported by a team of professionals in Australia and outside of Australia also.  Links to "Fiona Barnett" lead to Russia, indicating that Russia or more accurately Russian intelligence is somehow involved in this PSYOP.  But Australian intelligence is also involved.  Russian intelligence and Australian intelligence cooperating with each other?  That seems improbable in the False World but in the Real World such alliances can definitely happen.  In the False World there is a false separation between the West and the Eastern Bloc nations but in the Real World Jews control both.  So in the Real World Jews in Russia and Jews in Australia cooperating with each other is not an anomaly.  As I have said repeatedly on this Blog, the Jewish race are their own nation, regardless of what physical country they reside in.  Jews claim the entire world as their own so it does not matter where they live on this planet.  This has to be understood.

One thing that "Fiona Barnett" is clearly doing is putting the blame for all the world's evils on Satanism and Satanists and completely whitewashing the Jewish problem.  According to Fiona and I asked her this question specifically when I was in contact with her on Facebook messenger, Jews are not guilty of anything.  Its the Satanists who are doing it all.  And this leads me to conclude that Satanism is being used as a False Front or False Flag or as a patsy for the Jewish problem in some or perhaps many cases.  See this post.  So there is a Jewish disinformation campaign involved here to blame Satanism and not Jews for all of the evils of the world.  How many others beside Fiona Barnett are involved in this Jewish disinformation campaign?  I don't know but I suspect that a lot of those people on the internet who make claims of Satanists running the world are disinformation agents.  It does not mean that everyone is lying but we must at least suspect that people who make a lot of wild unsubstantiated claims concerning Satanism may be disinformation agents who are trying to purposely mislead the public and to place attention on Satanism and direct attention away from Jews.  Understand that. 

Another thing that Fiona Barnett has done is to blame many famous people in Australia of being Satanists and claiming that they either directly participated in rape of children or murder of children or stood by and watched it happen.  One would think that Fiona Barnett would be sued for defamation of character by these individuals but I do not know that she has been sued.  It makes me wonder if these people she has targeted are allowing themselves to be targeted, for whatever reason.  To exemplify what I am saying, I want to go to the case of Isaac Kappy who I view as a disinformation PSYOP similar to Fiona Barnett.  Just as Fiona Barnett claimed that many famous people in Australia were involved in child abuse and murder, Isaac Kappy made similar claims about famous people in America.  For example, he claimed that the actor Seth Green had a hidden rape room in his home and that Seth Green is a child rapist and child murderer.  Kappy made similar claims against Tom Hanks and other Hollywood celebrities.  But apparently none of the individuals Kappy accused of horrific crimes ever responded to his claims.  They just allowed themselves to be smeared by Kappy and did not respond.  And this got me to thinking that these individuals were allowing themselves to be smeared by Kappy because they were somehow part of a bigger disinformation campaign.  Do you understand what I am saying?  I suspect the same about all the people Fiona targeted in Australia who also did not respond to the accusations. Normally one would suspect that those who are accused of horrible crimes would react to it and defend their reputation but these people apparently have not done that and that is very suspicious.   I suspect that the people Fiona and IK accused were told not to respond to it, because its an Illuminati thing.  I suspect that everyone Fiona and IK accused are members of the Illuminati who played along and silently allowed themselves to be accused of these horrible crimes without responding.

Regarding Dr. Antony Kidman, father of Australian actress Nicole Kidman I do not believe the story that Fiona Barnett has said about this man.  I view the death of Dr. Antony Kidman as suspicious and unnatural.  I believe that Dr. Antony Kidman was involved in something that I do not know or understand but I do not believe all the claims made about him by Fiona Barnett.  What I believe is that there was a reason to completely destroy the credibility of this man and Fiona Barnett was used as a weapon against him to totally destroy him.  The reasons behind it I do not know.  I believe that Nicole Kidman knows the real reason behind her father's death but she is keeping silent about it, for whatever reason.  I do not believe that there was any association between Fiona Barnett and Dr. Kidman as she claims.  I think that Fiona Barnett said what she did about Dr. Kidman because there was a reason for the Illuminati to want to destroy him that had nothing to do with Fiona Barnett.  I do not know what that reason is but I do not believe Fiona Barnett's claims about him.  I feel compelled to do a separate post on Antony Kidman to show who he really was, outside of the claims of "Fiona Barnett".  Watch for that post.

As I was researching this subject I found a good article discussing both Dr. Antony Kidman and Fiona Barnett's claims about him.  Read it here.

But to step back and see the Forest for the trees and answer the question, why would Fiona Barnett lie? The answer to that question is to put some Bullshit out there and convince the public that its the truth.  To confuse the public.  To deceive the public. To make the public believe lies.  To make it impossible for the public to distinguish the truth from a lie.  To make the public not know what the fuck is going on.  

And if you think its just the CIA involved in this disinformation campaign, think again.  The CIA is just a Jewish front.  Jews always use fronts or proxies for everything they do and the CIA is one of their proxies.  There are many others.  But this disinformation campaign is not just the CIA and its not just directed at the U.S. public.  This disinformation campaign is Jewish and it is directed at non Jews world wide. Keeping the Goyim confused, distracted and not knowing what to think is part of the Jewish Master Plan.

More to Come

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Exposing the Real Donald J. Trump

If Donald Trump is your personal hero and you think he's the greatest American since George Washington and Abraham Lincoln then you should just stop reading now and close this post, because I am about to completely demolish your Hero and expose him for who he is. 

One of the most outrageous lies promoted by Trump supporters is that Trump was fighting sex trafficking.  That was the big claim by such pro-Trump liars as QAnon and that claim got repeated over and over again throughout the Trump Administration.  Remember the so called "secret indictments" where it was alleged that the Trump Administration had secret indictments on a lot of powerful people in Hollywood and the "Deep State"?  Sure you remember that since it was repeated so often.  So what happened to those secret indictments?  Big shock but they never existed.  Remember the Hillary/Huma face slicing video which QAnon and other shills swore existed but they cannot show you because its illegal to show it?  Sure you remember that.  It never existed.  I saw through that lie long ago but there are idiots to this day who are still repeating it and painting Trump as some kind of a child saving Hero.  BULLSHIT!!

To set the record straight, I want to show some pictures about who Donald Trump hung out with and what he said about these people.  Two of the worst people involved in sex trafficking and Blackmail are Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell and Donald Trump was very close to both of them.  This shows who Donald Trump really is and proves that all the claims of him fighting sex trafficking are nothing but disinformation.  He may have fooled the rubes but he has not fooled me and hopefully he has not fooled you.

Trump and good friends Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell

Trump and Jeffrey Epstein, very close friends

Bring out the thirteen year old girls:

Trump and Ghislaine Maxwell, very close friends:

Epstein's Little Black Book:


Trump cares about sex trafficking alright.  He wishes the sex traffickers well 😮:

Donald Trump wishes Ghislaine Maxwell 'well' as ex-girlfriend of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein awaits trial  

Who the fuck could support this guy?

But wait.  There's more.

A woman whose identity is being protected has filed a civil lawsuit against Donald Trump and billionaire Jeffrey Epstein (a convicted sex offender) accusing them of raping her in 1994, when she was thirteen years old. The mainstream media have been almost unanimously silent about this.

All Documents in the Doe v. Trump Lawsuits

More to Come

How to view the January 6th "Insurrection"


So I see that the Jew Owned Main Stream Media is showing the American people that the Jew owned U.S. Government is holding Congressional "Hearings" on the so called January 6th "Insurrection".  Although I do not call what happened on January 6th, 2021 an insurrection by any honest definition of the word, I do have a take on what happened that day, in case you are interested in hearing my opinion.  But before we can view what happened on January 6th accurately, we must first view the man named Donald J. Trump accurately because he is central to this little story.

Donald J. Trump, False Patriot to America:

As someone who was once foolish enough to be a supporter of this man I believe I have earned the right to talk about him honestly.  This Blog is about honesty and truth and I am going to be brutally honest and blunt about Donald Trump.  First of all, as in everything else, the Two Worlds Paradigm heavily applies to Donald J. Trump.  Now here I want to say something which I have not said before but that is very true.  There is not just a single False World.  The False World is normally what the Establishment as represented by CNN tells the people about any subject.  So what CNN says about Trump is one False World but its not the only False World.  There is an alternate false world that those who call themselves Trump Supporters, bolstered by such shills as QAnon, have been conditioned to believe in.  In this False World Trump is a great Patriot to America who had the second term of his Presidency blatantly stolen from him by the "Deep State" (AKA the Democratic Party).  This view of Trump is as false and untrue as the CNN version of Trump and perhaps even more so.  But there is a truth about who Trump is in the Real World that very few are talking about.  I have been talking about who Donald Trump really is since before I started this Blog.  Others have been outing Trump for who he is also.  I applaud everyone who is telling the truth about Trump but just in case you don't have an accurate view of Trump, here it is, in as blunt of language as I can put it.  You need to understand who Trump is in the Real World before you can even begin to comprehend January 6th.

First of all, and this has been carefully hidden from the general public but the truth is out there for those who choose to look.  Trump is Jewish.  His father was Jewish and a very strong supporter of Israel and Jews.  Trump is also Jewish and  a very strong supporter of Israel and Jews.  Duh!

Second, Trump is dishonest controlled opposition to Liberals and the Democratic Party who he pretends to oppose.  You must understand how controlled opposition works to see Trump for who he is.  He is a pretend opponent of Liberals and Democrats, etc but Jews control both sides.  What Trump really is is an actor on the Jewish Stage that planet earth has become under Jewish control.  He was a Reality TV star before he became "President" and he was a reality TV star all during his pathetic excuse of a Presidency also.  

Trump is an Agent serving Israel and Jews.  Let me say that again in case you did not understand.  Trump is an Agent serving Israel and Jews.  That is who he is in the Real World.  You must understand this.  He is dishonest and corrupt, not because CNN says he is but because it is a fact.  Just because CNN says Trump is a liar does not mean that Trump is not a liar.  Regardless of what CNN says or does not say, Trump is a dishonest corrupt Jew.  Understand that.  Yes, I believe he has fucked his daughter multiple times when she was a teenager.  He has had sex with other young teenage girls when he was an adult.  He has so many skeletons in his closet but he does not need to be blackmailed. I believe he is a blackmailer himself who has learned from some of the best blackmailers around.  People such as Roy Cohn, Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.  This is NOT a good man.

But getting back to the January 6th fake insurrection, here is my take on that.  Jews are afraid (and with good cause) of the American people revolting against and overthrowing the U.S. Government.  Especially now with all the Bullshit being perpetrated over "covid 19" and the mask mandates and the "vaccine mandates" and the taking away of people's basic rights and freedoms and liberties.  Americans are getting fed up and their anger is focused on the U.S. Government (or at least it should be).  But Jews do fear a political uprising by the American people against the government and the staging of this fake insurrection has a purpose that is related to that, which is to paint Patriots to America who are angry and fed up with the status quo, people like me, as terrorists.  

Jews ALWAYS turn the truth on its head.  Jews turn Black into White and White into Black.  So this January 6th PSYOP is a way to demonize Patriots and to make Patriots afraid to revolt.  I saw that the corrupt Jew owned U.S. justice system handed an 18 month prison sentence to one of the "insurrectionists".  Word to U.S. Patriots.  If you attempt to revolt we will lock your ass up.

Where does Trump fit into the January 6th fake insurrection?  He is part of it.  He was fully complicit in this. As a Jewish Agent, he encouraged it and then he let those who actually fell for it be sent to jail and prison.  I cannot stress enough what a complete scumbag this man really is.  

All those who support Trump in 2024 are at best useful idiots and at worst are Traitors to America.  Real Patriots would NEVER EVER support a Jewish conman like Trump.  Real Patriots condemn Trump for who he is and this has nothing at all to do with the way CNN or the Democratic Party says they view Trump.  All that is controlled opposition and it is meaningless.  Its a drama that you should ignore.  All that matters is the truth about the man.

All you fake Patriots who support Trump make me want to VOMIT.   I see you as the enemy of America just as much as I see the communist Democratic Party to be the enemy of America.  Do not support Trump or the Republican Party.  Do not support Biden or Harris or the Democratic Party.  Think Revolution.  Not a fake Revolt like January 6th but a Real Revolution where you drag those traitors out into the street and dispense justice.

A Video to Watch

Click on the above image to watch the video.  I hope she is wrong about her future prediction but it would not surprise me if she is right.  Those who take the injection are playing Russian Roulette with their lives.  How stupid can you be?  And if you give the injection to your children then you are a monster.

The Jewish Wolves are Circling Me


I check the statistics of this Blog and what I notice is that this Blog is being looked at by the Administrators of Google and its subsidiaries.  Here is the partial statistics from just now.

This is nothing new for this Blog.  Every few days I notice I am getting looks from the Adminstrators of Google.

I feel very much like the wolves are circling me, watching and waiting for the time to go in for the kill.  I anticipate that I may wake up one day to find that this Blog is killed by Google.  I do back up this Blog routinely in the event that happens but still it is a very uncomfortable feeling to be so closely watched and monitored by the very same people I am exposing on this Blog.

In case you are unaware of it, this Blog is hosted on a Google platform and Google is owned by the Jewish Snake.  Google is one of the worst media platforms out there in terms of censorship but I use this platform for convenience.  I would like to move this Blog to a different platform but I am not convinced that I could find a blogging platform not under Jewish control.  This is why Jews purposely own the media and have a monopoly on the media, so they can control what is said on the media which Jews own.  Jewish censorship on Jewish media is a no brainer, but of all the information Jews want to censor on their media is information exposing Jews.  So I am not at all surprised that this Blog is getting a lot of hard looks by the Jewish administrators of Google. What I am doing on this Blog is exposing the Jewish problem on Jew owned media.  I am sure they do not like it.  

My message to you in this post is to let you know that the Jewish wolves are watching me and that this Blog may be killed outside of my control.  I do not want that to happen but it could happen.  I just want you to know what is going on in case you do discover this Blog is taken off the air.  It will not be me doing it.