Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Why would Fiona Barnett Lie?


I follow the statistics of this Blog and I notice that there is a continued interest in Fiona Barnett.  Based upon this interest I feel compelled to go a little further down the "Fiona Barnett" rabbit hole to shine the light of illumination there for the sake of revealing the truth.  This Blog is always about revealing the truth and that is what I want to do here.

First of all, as I have said before on this Blog I was once a full believer in the story of Fiona Barnett and I studied everything she said.  In that study I noticed some things she was saying that did not seem right to me but, not knowing what to believe, I kept my suspicions at bay and just listened to her story.  Slowly I uncovered her deception and now my opinion of her today is that she is a lying disinformation agent.  Her name is very likely not Fiona Barnett at all but that is just a name she has chosen for herself or that has been chosen for her.  I see her as a PSYOP.  

There are many ways to reveal "Fiona Barnett" as a PSYOP.  One of those ways is to use the Deception Detector. Like the Two Worlds Paradigm, that is something I came up with on my own to understand the truth about this crazy lying world.  It just takes a single exposed lie to reveal an entire story to be a lie and in the tale told by "Fiona Barnett" are multiple obvious lies once one has looked deeply enough into the world as I have.  So I cannot believe anything she says not to be a lie.  

Another obvious way to reveal Fiona Barnett as a PSYOP is the following.  If Fiona Barnett was telling the truth about Satanists running the world then they would just kill her and make it look like an accident or fast acting cancer, etc.  There are many ways that she could have been silenced.  But instead she is allowed to live and is followed around everywhere by reporters with microphones and cameras stuck in her face to capture her every word to get it out to the public on Jewish main stream media.  Remember that the truth is not what they want you to believe. 

The PSYOP known as "Fiona Barnett" made her first appearance in the world that I can tell under the name "Kate Gardiner" on the old David Icke Forum in May of 2013 with this archived post.

But the question I want to ask here is why is she a PSYOP?  Why is she telling the specific story she is telling?  Who benefits from the lies she is telling?   Why has she targeted the people she has targeted, such as Dr. Antony Kidman?  These questions need to be explored in order to understand "Fiona Barnett".  Its not enough to just state that she is a disinformation agent.  We must understand the reasons behind her PSYOP to get to the truth of the matter.

First of all, I want to make clear as others who have investigated her have said, that this is not just one woman doing all of this.  This is one woman who is supported by a team of professionals in Australia and outside of Australia also.  Links to "Fiona Barnett" lead to Russia, indicating that Russia or more accurately Russian intelligence is somehow involved in this PSYOP.  But Australian intelligence is also involved.  Russian intelligence and Australian intelligence cooperating with each other?  That seems improbable in the False World but in the Real World such alliances can definitely happen.  In the False World there is a false separation between the West and the Eastern Bloc nations but in the Real World Jews control both.  So in the Real World Jews in Russia and Jews in Australia cooperating with each other is not an anomaly.  As I have said repeatedly on this Blog, the Jewish race are their own nation, regardless of what physical country they reside in.  Jews claim the entire world as their own so it does not matter where they live on this planet.  This has to be understood.

One thing that "Fiona Barnett" is clearly doing is putting the blame for all the world's evils on Satanism and Satanists and completely whitewashing the Jewish problem.  According to Fiona and I asked her this question specifically when I was in contact with her on Facebook messenger, Jews are not guilty of anything.  Its the Satanists who are doing it all.  And this leads me to conclude that Satanism is being used as a False Front or False Flag or as a patsy for the Jewish problem in some or perhaps many cases.  See this post.  So there is a Jewish disinformation campaign involved here to blame Satanism and not Jews for all of the evils of the world.  How many others beside Fiona Barnett are involved in this Jewish disinformation campaign?  I don't know but I suspect that a lot of those people on the internet who make claims of Satanists running the world are disinformation agents.  It does not mean that everyone is lying but we must at least suspect that people who make a lot of wild unsubstantiated claims concerning Satanism may be disinformation agents who are trying to purposely mislead the public and to place attention on Satanism and direct attention away from Jews.  Understand that. 

Another thing that Fiona Barnett has done is to blame many famous people in Australia of being Satanists and claiming that they either directly participated in rape of children or murder of children or stood by and watched it happen.  One would think that Fiona Barnett would be sued for defamation of character by these individuals but I do not know that she has been sued.  It makes me wonder if these people she has targeted are allowing themselves to be targeted, for whatever reason.  To exemplify what I am saying, I want to go to the case of Isaac Kappy who I view as a disinformation PSYOP similar to Fiona Barnett.  Just as Fiona Barnett claimed that many famous people in Australia were involved in child abuse and murder, Isaac Kappy made similar claims about famous people in America.  For example, he claimed that the actor Seth Green had a hidden rape room in his home and that Seth Green is a child rapist and child murderer.  Kappy made similar claims against Tom Hanks and other Hollywood celebrities.  But apparently none of the individuals Kappy accused of horrific crimes ever responded to his claims.  They just allowed themselves to be smeared by Kappy and did not respond.  And this got me to thinking that these individuals were allowing themselves to be smeared by Kappy because they were somehow part of a bigger disinformation campaign.  Do you understand what I am saying?  I suspect the same about all the people Fiona targeted in Australia who also did not respond to the accusations. Normally one would suspect that those who are accused of horrible crimes would react to it and defend their reputation but these people apparently have not done that and that is very suspicious.   I suspect that the people Fiona and IK accused were told not to respond to it, because its an Illuminati thing.  I suspect that everyone Fiona and IK accused are members of the Illuminati who played along and silently allowed themselves to be accused of these horrible crimes without responding.

Regarding Dr. Antony Kidman, father of Australian actress Nicole Kidman I do not believe the story that Fiona Barnett has said about this man.  I view the death of Dr. Antony Kidman as suspicious and unnatural.  I believe that Dr. Antony Kidman was involved in something that I do not know or understand but I do not believe all the claims made about him by Fiona Barnett.  What I believe is that there was a reason to completely destroy the credibility of this man and Fiona Barnett was used as a weapon against him to totally destroy him.  The reasons behind it I do not know.  I believe that Nicole Kidman knows the real reason behind her father's death but she is keeping silent about it, for whatever reason.  I do not believe that there was any association between Fiona Barnett and Dr. Kidman as she claims.  I think that Fiona Barnett said what she did about Dr. Kidman because there was a reason for the Illuminati to want to destroy him that had nothing to do with Fiona Barnett.  I do not know what that reason is but I do not believe Fiona Barnett's claims about him.  I feel compelled to do a separate post on Antony Kidman to show who he really was, outside of the claims of "Fiona Barnett".  Watch for that post.

As I was researching this subject I found a good article discussing both Dr. Antony Kidman and Fiona Barnett's claims about him.  Read it here.

But to step back and see the Forest for the trees and answer the question, why would Fiona Barnett lie? The answer to that question is to put some Bullshit out there and convince the public that its the truth.  To confuse the public.  To deceive the public. To make the public believe lies.  To make it impossible for the public to distinguish the truth from a lie.  To make the public not know what the fuck is going on.  

And if you think its just the CIA involved in this disinformation campaign, think again.  The CIA is just a Jewish front.  Jews always use fronts or proxies for everything they do and the CIA is one of their proxies.  There are many others.  But this disinformation campaign is not just the CIA and its not just directed at the U.S. public.  This disinformation campaign is Jewish and it is directed at non Jews world wide. Keeping the Goyim confused, distracted and not knowing what to think is part of the Jewish Master Plan.

More to Come


  1. Dr. Antony Kidman got murdered and his reputation got destroyed. If he is one of them, they can just protect him like they protect Jeffrey Epstein. Jews/Illuminati members can accept to be defamed for the sake of their organization (too many examples), and they can even go to jail for the sake of their organization (I suspect some fake insurrectionists who went to jail purposely accepted being jailed), but they probably never accepted the death for their organization/their boss.

    1. I do not know that Dr. Kidman got murdered but it is suspicious that there is more than one story about how he died. Some say a heart attack. Some say a fall. That makes me think he may have been murdered. His only accuser is Fiona Barnett. Nobody except her is accusing him of anything that I can tell. So is his reputation destroyed? Only to those who believe Fiona Barnett is his reputation destroyed. In the establishment media he has a good reputation. I agree with you about fake January 6th insurrections being sent to jail. At least some were fake but I believe some innocent honest people have been caught up in that too. Despite everything I have said about Dr. Kidman I admit I still do not know the truth about him. I suspect that neither Fiona Barnett nor the Establishment is telling the real story about this man. Secrets are being kept from the public. But I just cannot trust Fiona Barnett. She has told enough lies to prove herself and her story to be entirely untrustworthy.

  2. Satanism is real in my opinion. Too many people talk about it in great detail to be considred as fake. Satanism is for people who don't have Jewish genetic but still want to worship Satan so that he/she can get blessed by Satan (to get fame, money, lust satisfaction, etc.). Illuminati = Jews + Satanist in one organization.
    Of course not all people who are celebrities or successful in whatever field are Satanists.

    1. I too believe Satanism is real but that does not mean that Fiona Barnett is not a liar and an agent. As for the Illuminati, its difficult for me to get a clear picture of what it really is but I like your definition of it. I have called it the Jewish Illuminati because I know Jews are fundamentally involved in it but I believe that Satanists are also involved in it. So Jews + Satanists is probably a good definition. I agree that not all celebrities are Satanists. I do not trust everyone accused by Fiona Barnett as being a Satanists. For example, I do not believe Richard Nixon was a Satanists or a child rapists. Richard Nixon was red pilled about the Jewish problem and that is not something a Satanist would care about.