Thursday, July 29, 2021

Google Killed Northern Truth Seeker!!!

So I discovered today that, one of the Blogs that I recommend and sometimes visit that has done an excellent job of exposing the evils of the injections (AKA "Covid 19 vaccines") has been killed by Google.   Click on the above image.

I am very saddened but not surprised by this.  As I have said repeatedly on this Blog, Google is Jewish owned media that heavily censors truth.  Google owns Youtube which heavily censors and deletes comments and entire channels of people.  Google owns the platform that Northern Truth Seeker was on and that this blog is on currently.  How long before my Blog suffers a similar fate?

There is a reason why Jews and their minions own all the major media, so they can do this to anyone who says what (((they))) do not want said.  Censorship comes automatically with Jewish control of media.  Jews are against freedom of speech.

I said before that I want to move this Blog off of this Google platform but I am not convinced I can find any blogging platform out there that is not ultimately controlled by Jews.  I firmly believe this but, based upon Google killing Norther Truth Seeker I am convinced now that I really need to find a new home for this Blog.  Google is a censoring Wolf who can no longer be trusted not to just to kill any Blog on a platform it owns.  Fuck Google and fuck all Google subsidiaries such as Youtube.  Everyone who is interested in the truth needs to abandon all Google owned media immediately.  Google is the ENEMY!

If anyone can suggest a good blogging platform, I am open to suggestions to where to move this Blog.

The Real Google:


I discovered that NorthernTruthSeeker has started an alternative blog on  Here is the link to that blog.

Once again, FUCK GOOGLE!


  1. I think Andrew Torba moved Gab to Epik (in Canada?) after it got dumped.

    Jim Stone's server is in Iceland, and he uses a straight IP address to avoid the dot-com extortionists. Man, they're really after him all the time!

    Of course the man, the myth, the legend when it comes to Internet censorship is Andrew Anglin at Daily Stormer, which has been using an "su" extension for several months now. He claims to live in Nigeria, but he still frequently mentions his roots in Ohio, so who knows?

    Other than ham radio, I think Stone's method is the most foolproof, though the other two are still standing after all this time.

    One thing you can count on: as a site gets less boutique and more traffic, the more relentless the attempts to kill it. The only site I can't figure out is Unz; how is he still going strong? He's like the Tucker Carlson of the web.

    1. Some of the people and web sites you mention I do not trust not to be disinformation agents. I am suspicious of a lot of so called "truthers" now when in the past I just accepted everyone who claimed to be truther at face value. Now I really question. If Jim Stone is the one I am thinking of who advocates Donald Trump all the time then that is a big reason not to trust him. Anyone who remains a big time advocate of Donald Trump even after Trump's train wreck of a Presidency is highly suspect to me. But I agree that sites with more traffic are most likely to be fucked with. This Blog gets little traffic so I have suffered little interference except for my posts on Sandy Hook being censored. Otherwise they have not really fucked with me that I can tell. Or perhaps they are fucking with me by restricting who can see this Blog on the internet to keep its viewership low. I suspect that but I do not know. Ron Unz is a Jew and I very strongly see him and his site as disinformation. He and his site tell some truth to attract the truther community but then he has a slant or spin to channel truthers toward a certain path and away from other paths. I do not trust him or his web site. And I definitely do NOT trust Tucker Carlson. Controlled opposition disinformation agent for the conservative right. NOT to be trusted.