Saturday, October 31, 2020

 Some quotes about Jews by notable people from history:

 Banned from Jewtube

So today I discovered that my Youtube account has been banned.  I have been posting on Youtube for years and so it is no coincidence to me that my Youtube account got suspended as soon as I started telling the truth about Jews on my Blog and posting links to it on Youtube.  I should have seen the writing on the wall when I discovered 9 hits from one or more Google administrators recently.  Jews are notorious about shutting down anyone who starts telling major truth about them so I can guess that my account was reported and then Jewtube shut it down using the justification that I have violated Google Terms of Service:

In case you have not noticed, the first amendment of the Constitution is dead and has been replaced by Jew written terms of service.  So sorry, Goyim.  We own the media so we tell you what you can and cannot say on our media.  Enjoy your freedom of speech that we control.  How sickening.  This is the problem with Jews having a monopoly like control over all of the major internet media.  They can censor whatever they want and we have no recourse except to find a media that is not controlled by Jews.

I cannot say that I am surprised by this.  Its happened to many other Youtube accounts, mostly to people who have channels.  I have never had a channel but I was using Youtube to spread the truth.  Now I will have to switch to some other media.  

Jews assume that they have the right to control what everyone says about them (and about anything else) and they use their ownership of the media to enforce their censorship. This is a major problem in the world

I know that I could get around this by simply creating a new account but how long would it be before that account was reported and banned too?  I do not want to play this game.  I do not want to be a member of Youtube or Facebook or Twitter or any other Jewish media that is going to openly censor what I can say.  I would rather not be on any media than to be on a media that censors me. Please direct to some media that is not owned by Jews so I can tell the truth about them without fear of being muzzled.

Thursday, October 29, 2020

 The internet is full of these (snakes pretending to be sheep):

And most of them come from where?  You guessed it:

A nation of liars and deceivers that get paid to lie and deceive.  What could be more natural?

 How Jews really feel about non Jews according to Jewish Religion

Killing Gentiles

Jews are quick to accuse Gentiles of hating them without cause but the truth is that Jews hate Gentiles far worse than Gentiles hate Jews and Jewish hatred of Gentiles is encoded into the highest tenets of their Religion.

Only Jews are Human

Gentiles are Animals

Gentiles have Satanic Animalistic Souls

Kill even the best of the Gentiles

Are you beginning to get the picture yet?

The complete guide to killing non Jews  Use Google translate to translate the genocidal contents into your own language.

Here is some of this document translated into English from Hebrew:

It is permissible to kill any gentile who poses a danger to the people of Israel, even if he is a child or a baby. This is what Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira states in his book "Torat Hamelech" which he wrote with another rabbi. This is being used to give IDF and Israeli soldiers the authority to brutally murder Palestinian men, women and children in Gaza, in Lebanon, in Syria and where ever else Arabs exist that Jews feel pose a threat to them.  This excuses Jewish genocide.  Any other people would be condemned for this but the Jews are not condemned.  Instead Jewish atrocity is completely ignored.  Something is EXTREMELY WRONG with this picture. 

How to kill Goyim and influence people

Israel is Developing 'Ethnic Bomb' for Growing Biological Weapons Arsenal

Why do we tolerate this genocidal hate filled race to live among us?  They are not fit to live among us.

I contend that this policy of killing anyone who poses a danger to the Jewish people has long been the unwritten and unspoken policy of high level Jews inside and outside of Israel.  Note that this policy does not only justify Israelis or Jews killing Palestinians or Arabs, it justifies Jews killing ANYBODY of ANY RACE who poses a danger to or threatens the security of Israel.  I contend that this policy is the reason that JFK was assassinated because his threat to close the Dimona nuclear plant in Israel was seen as a threat to the Israeli people and it justified the assassination of JFK.  And look who they got to do their evil deed for them, the President's own treacherous Jewish wife:

Jackie protecting Israel by murdering her husband in cold blood:

This policy also justifies killing any non Jew exposing Israel in a negative light such as Michael Collins Piper:

Did Israel Assassinate Michael Collins Piper

More to come

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

 Here is a group I like called Brian Jonestown Massacre

Forgotten Graves:

Panic in Babylon:


 The Big Lie of Israeli statehood.

Israeli Historians Expose Myth of Israel's Birth

The Illusion that the World is Honest

This is the most basic red pill of all:

In this post I want to talk about the illusion that most people are under that the world is honest.  This illusion is created by brainwashing from birth.  Every human being is raised to believe that the world is honest and that the world would never purposely lie to the people about anything.  It is this illusion that serves the evil snakes who run the world so well and allows them to easily deceive everyone who is under the illusion.  In every case of deception, a person who is under this illusion will be unable to see the truth. Instead they will believe the lies told to them by the government and the media as fact and it will never even enter into their brainwashed minds to question the reality of what they have been told.  It is very sad to see that the vast majority of American citizens are under this illusion as I once was before I took the tremendous amount of time and effort necessary to break my brainwashing.  Now I can see the truth but my attempts to tell it to others are impeded by the brainwashing of others.  Here is the truth beyond the brainwashed induced illusion that most people will never see because they are too lazy and apathetic to ever find it:  The world is not honest.  The people who run and control the world are not honest.  The Governments and the media is not honest.  They are openly lying to the people about virtually everything and stating boldface lies as fact.  Here are is a short list of the big lies they are telling as fact:

The Apollo moon missions that landed men on the moon. - Boldface Lie.

9-11 was a terrorist attack against America - Boldface Lie

Sandy Hook School shooting was real - Boldface Lie

Oswald killed JFK - Boldface Lie

Convid 19 is a real virus - Boldface Lie

Those who are awake know all these things and they know not to trust anything coming from the government or the MSM as truthful.  Those who are asleep believe all the lies they have been told and trust that the government and the media would not shamefully lie to them and use them.  

Those who are under the illusion will never see the truth about these things nor can they because their brainwashing will not allow them to.  Only the person who has broken his brainwashing will be able to see the truth and it is a very obvious truth once seen.

All I can do as an awake person is to try to spread the truth to those who are still asleep and under the false illusion that the world is honest.  Even though most people do not listen to my message and I am greatly ridiculed by some for saying it, I will never stop spreading the truth. It is my moral responsibility to spread the truth to others. I am a friend of all the brainwashed people who are being lied to but I am the arch enemy of the corrupt lying snakes who run the world.  I want death for the corrupt lying snakes who run the world.  Not imprisonment but death, because death is what they deserve for the crimes they have committed against humanity.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

 A look at Jewish Ritual Murder (JRM)

The purpose of Jewish Ritual Murder is to drain the blood from human sacrifice victims so that the blood can be used in Jewish rituals.

PDF: Jewish Ritual Murder by Arnold S. Leese 

Three male child victims of JRM in Chicago, 1955:

Two female child victims of JRM in Chicago, 1955:

All the children's bodies were drained of blood.

Both cases remain officially unsolved despite hundreds of man-hours of investigation by the Chicago police.  Hmm.  Where have we seen this before?  The JonBenet Ramsey murder.  Corrupt police will never solve a crime that they never want to solve.  In both cases, the public was never meant to know the truth so the solution is to never solve the crime.   This indicates prior corruption of Law Enforcement that I have noted on my Blog.

Anton Schuessler Sr. with his two sons before their brutal murder:

Joseph Lohman, corrupt Jewish Cook County Sheriff who immediately placed Anton Schuessler under arrest after Schuessler demanded that the possible Jewish ritual murder aspect of his sons' murders be investigated:

A Jewish deputy named Horowitz was sent to the Schuessler home with a party of men who searched it looking for evidence and placed Eleanor Schuesstler and the rest of her family under virtual house arrest:

Anton Schuessler and his wife Eleanor Schuessler devastated by the murder of their two sons.  

They got no sympathy all from the Jew controlled Chicago police department.  The father was arrested and put in jail by the above crooked Jewish sheriff and the mother and the rest of her family were placed under virtual house arrest by a Jewish Chicago deputy named Horowitz (pictured above) who ransacked their home looking for "evidence".  Can you smell the Jewish corruption?  Does it reek? 

Dr. Leon Steinfeld, Jewish Doctor who murdered Anton Schuessler by electroshock treatment:

Jewish corruption of America goes way back.  See my profile avatar.

PDF - Blood Passover

More to Come

Monday, October 26, 2020

 I really hate to talk about the so-called Corona virus but in this post I will.

I very rarely listen to the news on the radio or on television because who wants to listen to lies and propaganda?  But occasionally I do listen just to hear the Lie du jour and what I have heard during the brief times I tune in to American Pravda is that all the government officials are apparently getting Convid 19.  For example, Trump got it.  The Vice President and his staff got it.  The Governor of the State I live in got it.  Who knows how many other government officials got it.  But I am not surprised to hear this and neither am I fooled by it.  I have been studying the snakes that run American society long enough to be able to think like them and I already know their game plan.  Its as clear as it can be what they want to do.  In case you have not seen the forest for the trees, what they are doing is setting the stage for forced vaccinations of the entire American public at some point in the future.  All these public officials supposedly getting the Corona virus are part of setting the stage.  Of course all these corrupt owned politicians are getting the Corona virus.  Who would expect anything different?  They are all pawns for TPTB who are ravenous to create a cashless society that (((they))) control.  Corona virus/Convid 19 is Bullshit but it is a means to a very nefarious end that the jackals who run the world want to usher in.  These people plan things for a long time and they usher in changes gradually but its all moving toward the same goal.  Eventually they will want to vaccinate all American citizens for the good of all the people they will tell you but the real purpose of the vaccine is to uniquely identify every American so they can be scanned.  Just imagine that.  You go to a grocery store check out counter and before your groceries are scanned, you are scanned to check your bank account which is under (((their))) control, not yours.  You will be required to have this identifier before you can even buy anything.  You no longer need cash.  You no longer need credit cards.  YOU are the credit card now that they scan.  This is the end goal that the snakes who run the world are trying to achieve.  They have already started the process and they will never quit until they get what they want.  I guarantee you that forced vaccinations are coming.  They may very well enact a medical quarantine and military martial law of the entire nation during a coming time as they are forcing every American citizen to be vaccinated.. I am not trying to scare people by saying this or be black pill but I am just telling everyone what I see coming.  I am not a snake but I have the ability to think like them and I know that this is their plan.  They do not give two fucks about the health of the American people but they pretend to as they push their own agendas on a clueless brainwashed population who will not believe the truth even when they read it. You have been warned. 

When you see them setting up scanning stations to test who has had the vaccine and who has not had it, watch out, because this is a necessary precursor to what I am saying.  

Edit to add:  All the sheep willingly wearing masks everywhere (even outside) are going to line up like slaves to be vaccinated.  You can bet that.  But not everyone is going to be willingly vaccinated and they have a plan for that.  It starts with the scanning stations to test if people have been vaccinated.  Once they have that in place then they can use it to blackmail people to be vaccinated.  How?  They can put the scanning stations by the cash registers in the store and pass laws that nobody who has not had the vaccine can buy groceries.  And they can also put them in places of employment and pass laws that you cannot be employed unless you have been vaccinated. This will force a lot of people into compliance.  But there will be resistance and this is where martial law comes in.  Unless freedom loving people rise up to stop it, I see all this coming down the pike for America.  

My purpose in writing this is not to scare people but it is instead to warn people that we are ruled by lying Psychopaths who definitely do not have our best interests in mind.  Every American citizen is going to have to make a choice between compliance and slavery or resistance and independence. Every person is going to have to choose and your choice will effect everyone around you.  Choose wisely. 

 A look at Tal Jones:

There is another character in the JonBenet Ramsey murder mystery that I have not covered up to this point and that is Tal Jones.  I have not discussed him because I have not seen him as being really relevant to the murder but after seeing his name come up enough times in the research of other people, I guess it is time for me to do a post about him as part of doing due diligence to explore every possible avenue of research that might shed better light on the truth.  So in this post I will be doing my little expose on Tal Jones and how he fits in to the big picture.

Just who is Tal Jones and where does he fit in everything I have discussed about the JonBenet Ramsey case on my Blog? Talfryn Jones is the eldest son of Albert Sprague. Albert Sprague was the second husband of Alyce Christoff. So Tal Jones is Nancy Krebs' step uncle and is Gwen Krebs Boykin's stepsister.

Tal Jones has made posts on various forums and web sites on the internet.  Here are some of them:

Tal Jones is nicknamed Spade by a lot of researchers for whatever reason.

Tal Jones has been actively involved in spreading BDI posts on JBR forums. 

There is speculation that Tal Jones knows the Whites, perhaps intimately. He also knows Nancy Krebs. Nancy Krebs said that Tal Jones is one of the people who tried to get her to keep quiet about her story and not tell it to Boulder, CO officials.

More to Come.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Comparisons between Jews and Satanists

As I have said in previous posts, it is my contention that there is a hidden relationship or alliance between Jews and Satanists in the world. Both Jews and Satanists exist in the world and yet they never interfere with each other.  Jews do not interfere with Satanists and Satanists do not interfere with Jews.  So what exactly is their relationship?  In this post I will delve into that question as I compare Jews and Satanists.  First I will examine important similarities between Jews and Satanists and then I will examine differences in the two.

Similarities between Jews and Satanists

Lying and Deceiving.  Perhaps the biggest similarity I see between the two groups is a propensity to lie and deceive the public about a great many things across the board.  Many people are aware that many Jews lie ro and deceive the Goyim but Satanists also lie to a deceive the general public.  Dishonesty is a common trait of both groups.  

Ownership and Control of the Main Stream Media. Jews have long made it their business to own the main stream media using their wealth, the main stream media being television, radio, newspaper, magazines, book publishing, internet, etc.  As for the controlling the content of the media, Jews and Satanists both share control. Both groups have a mutual interest in using main stream media to push their agendas and to push censorship upon the public. Ownership of the main stream media makes it very easy for both groups to use it to lie to and deceive the public. 

Control of Government on all levels

Human Sacrifice. That real Satanists sacrifice humans is well documented. Satanists are known for sacrificing innocent babies and children.  What is less known because it has been very well hidden is that Jews sacrifice humans also in very secretive Jewish rituals performed by high level Rabbis.  It is called Jewish Ritual Murder (JRM). Relatively few people know about this but high level Jews perform human sacrifices mostly of Christians and innocent children and they use the human blood taken from the sacrificed human in their Jewish rituals.  Its a very nasty business that the Jews have taken every measure to hide from the public but you cannot hide the truth from everyone.  Jews twist the truth about this and call it blood libel, insinuating that everyone who makes this claim is purposely lying because they hate Jews but that is not the truth.  The truth is that Jews practice human sacrifice in secret because they believe that their "God" has commanded them to do so.  In future posts I hope to go down this rabbit hole to expose this truth in greater detail but its a very depressing subject to me. So much ugliness in the world. 

More to Come

Tuesday, October 20, 2020


The only question is, who's on top and who is taking it up the ass?  The Horror of this filth being in the White House for eight long years is proof for anyone with eyes to see that the U.S.A. is Sodom and Gomorrah. 

Sunday, October 18, 2020

 Satanism as a Religion

Just as Christianity is a Religion to many people, Satanism is also a Religion to many people.  While Christianity preaches good, Satanism preaches evil.  In many ways, Satanism is the inverse of Christianity and Christians are certainly the enemy of Satanists.

Satanists take their Religion very seriously and they make sure that their children and grand children are indoctrinated in Satanist practices from birth. Satanism is very secretive.  It is practiced in secret to hide it from the general public who, if they knew about it would try to destroy it.  To protect themselves and their way of life, strict secrecy is maintained as much as possible.  Secrecy is maintained in many ways, mostly by death threats and threats to harm others.  If anyone in the Satanist fold tries to talk, that person will very likely end up dead.  Secrecy is taken very seriously by Satanists.

America used to be a Christian country but more and more it is becoming a Satanist country.  That becomes obvious to anyone who compares the America of the 1940's - 1960's to the sewer that America has become in 2020.  Its not even the same country.  The America of the past is dead and the new America is evil and is controlled by evil people.  There is no saving America, I am afraid.  The way I read the tea leaves, America is doomed to swirl father and father down the toilet bowl toward dystopia unless a miracle of God saves it.  And Trump is no savior of America.  He is a snake wearing sheep's clothing to fool the naive and believers in fairy tales.  The time for believing in fairy tales is over.  This is a time for everyone to wake up and recognize that the snakes are in charge of the hen house and Trump is one of them.  

More to Come.

Significance of Christmas time to Satanists

The origins of Christmas predate Christianity through the Pagan holiday called Saturnalia, which was a week-long of lawlessness from December 17th through December 25th that honored Saturn and included human sacrifice, intoxication, naked caroling and rape. During these seven days, there were no punishments for breaking any laws, according to Roman law.

Saturday, October 17, 2020

 See my previous post, which I had several epiphanies from.  Now I want to give a different scenario which I think is closer to the truth than anything else I have considered about the JonBenet Ramsey murder.

The Christmas day party happens at the home of Fleet White Jr. and Priscilla White as the official story says.  Where the official story deviates from the truth is the claim that the four Ramseys left the White residence at around 8:30 to 9;00 PM to go back to their house.  In reality, at around 8:30 to 9:00 PM the four Ramseys, Fleet White Jr and Priscilla White, Fleet White Sr. and Nyla White, Gwen Krebs and her granddaughter, the Stines, the Fernies, Don and Nedra Paugh and whoever else traveled from the White residence to St. John's Episcopal Church in Boulder which was being used partially as a front for Satanist activities.  The sex party did not happen at the White residence but it happened on the grounds of this church.  Where I contend it happened was inside a large windowless basement area of this church that was accessible only by going through an electric fence at ground level.  This explains the comment by Burke about being shocked by an electric fence that night.  Of course they would hold a Satanist sex party in a very secure location that no outsider could ever walk in on and this is the way they did it.  

So the sex party did not happen at the White residence but it happened inside a secure basement area of this church.  Fleet White Sr. was a high level Satanic priest from Southern California who attended this sex party.  There was a midnight Satanic ritual held at this party that involved Fleet White Sr as the Satanic priest who was sexually abusing JonBenet on an alter.  Her death happened as she was being sexually ritually abused.  Her death may have been accidental or it may have been purposeful.  

I am going to revise my main theory so it is consistent with this because it makes the most sense to me. 

 An alternate theory about the JonBenet Ramsey murder and a different location for it.

I read something recently that gave me an entirely different explanation for the death of JonBenet and also gave me a different location for the death.  Its from an old justice watch thread from the year 2000:

In that thread, one of the participants said this: I hate to lose credibility with the "normal" folks of the forum...but with the new MW info, and the old Moe information...and the tal jones connection with the story above to enlighten me with thoughts I'd be happy to have never considered, the fact that their minister got there PDQ...I'm leaning toward some sort of church cult that these people all belonged well as other power brokers in Boulder, where jbr was on the altar and "this was't supposed to happen".

From reading this, an entirely different scenario popped out at me and I have to say it here on my Blog while it is still fresh in my mind. If you look at my previous post, it says that St. John's Episcopal Church was being used as a Satanist front in Boulder and that other Presbyterian churches in other parts of the U.S. have been used as Satanist fronts.  One person I am contact with says that he witnessed babies being sacrificed inside a Presbyterian church when he was in a Satanic cult as a child. So here is the alternate theory that jumped out at me.

The Christmas day party and a later sex party is held at the home of Fleet White Jr. and Priscilla White and then late that night a core group of people from that sex party travel to St. John's Episcopal Church where a Satanic ceremony is to be held at midnight on Christmas day.  Christmas night at midnight has special significance to Satanists in terms of their rituals and this is a prime time for them to perform Satanic sex rituals.  The four Ramseys, Fleet Jr. and Priscilla White and their children, Fleet Sr. and Nyla White, Gwen Krebs and her granddaughter and others (Don and Nedra Paugh?) all travel from the White residence to this church for a midnight Satanic ceremony or Satanic mass.  Other people come to the ceremony such as Glen and Susan Stine, John and Barbara Ferne and of course Rolland Hoverstock who is the Satanic high priest over this Boulder cult.  Fleet White Sr. and Nyla White, although they are not members of this Boulder cult are high level Satanists from Southern California who attend this Satanic ritual.

I can see JonBenet being ritually sexually abused on an alter in that church. But if it was held this way then it becomes much more likely that it was not an accidental death at all but a sacrifice. 

This is just a theory but my gut sense in processing all the information I have seen is that there is a real possibility that this is the truth.  I need to contemplate this more.  

 Presbyterian Churches being used as fronts for Satanism

It has come to my attention that Presbyterian churches are sometimes used as fronts for Satanists.  This does not mean that all Presbyterian churches are Satanist fronts.  It also does not mean that other churches are not also sometimes used as Satanist fronts.  It simply means that I have discovered a trend of Presbyterian churches being used as fronts for Satanist activities.  In this post I am going to discuss specific examples of this. 

The first example is my contention that St. John's Episcopal Church in Boulder, Colorado was being used as a Satanist front in 1996 during the time that JonBenet Ramsey was murdered.  I contend that some members of this church were Satanists including John and Pasty Ramsey, Glen and Susan Stine, John and Barbara Ferni, Rolland Hoverstock and possibly many others. In public this church worshiped God.  In private this church worshiped Lucifer or Satan.  It was a front.  

In another example, a person known as "W." was present for four Satanic baby sacrifices at a Presbyterian church in an undisclosed location.

In another example in Mansfield, Ohio, baby sitters sexually abused children in the basement of the First Presbyterian church while the adults attended Sunday Services.

More to Come

Thursday, October 15, 2020

 The sequence of events leading up to the Christmas Day 1996 Party and sex party

So in the previous post I have been digging in to Nancy Krebs younger sister, Shirley L. Krebs, and connecting dots from this new information.  From this, I believe I see better now than ever before some of the sequence of events that led up to the Christmas Day 1996 Party and sex party.

At some point before Christmas day, Fleet White Jr.'s parents (Fleet Sr and Nyla) fly from Southern California to Denver International airport which is around 30 minutes driving time from Boulder.  The specific days they would have come are Saturday December 21 or Sunday December 22.  Fleet Jr. and Priscilla White would have picked them up from the airport and driven them back to their house in Boulder to spend the Christmas holiday with them.  

So Fleet White Sr. and Nyla White were staying at their son's house before Christmas day. Nyla White was involved in cooking food for the Christmas party. On December 23, she was cooking up a storm for all the guests they were expecting on Christmas day.

At some point before Christmas day, a secret arrangement is made between Fleet White Sr., Gwen Krebs and Shirley Krebs for Shirley Krebs' five year old daughter to be available for a late night sex party to be held on Christmas night.  As part of the arrangement, Gwen Krebs was to fly from Trona CA to Denver, CO and to be be picked up by Shirley at the Denver airport and brought back to her house in Arvada, CO so that Gwen would be available to bring her granddaughter to the parties on Christmas day.  

Although the Christmas party is being held at the home of Fleet Jr. and Priscilla White, it is really being hosted by his parents, Fleet Sr and Nyla White who are international socialites known for hosting big fabulous parties.  This Christmas party was hosted by them (Fleet White Sr and Nyla) but it was held at their son's house.  

On Christmas day, Gwen drives her five year old granddaughter from Shirley's house in Arvada to the White residence in Boulder so they can attend first the Christmas party and then stay for the later sex party.  Note that starting around 1966, Gwen Krebs made her daughter Nancy available for Fleet White Sr. to sexually abuse in Southern California.  Now thirty years later in 1996, Gwen Krebs made her granddaughter available for Fleet White Sr. to sexually abuse in Boulder, CO.

So by the time of the sex party, everyone is there who is going to attend.  All four Ramseys, Fleet Jr and Priscilla White and their kids, Fleet White Sr and Nyla White of course who are staying at their son's house, Gwen Krebs and her granddaughter.  At a minimum, these twelve people attend the sex party.  Who else attended the sex party besides these twelve is speculation but this was the core group of people involved in the sex party. I believe there were other people present who witnessed the death of JonBenet, possibly a lot of other people. 

The Identity of Nancy Krebs younger sister revealed

A friend of mine revealed to me the identity of Nancy Krebs younger sister and now I am going to reveal it to you.  Another piece of the puzzle falls into place.

Nancy Krebs younger sister is Shirley L. Reed:

As proof that this indeed Nancy Krebs sister, I will now correlate various items from that web page to testimony that Nancy Krebs gave to Boulder, Colorado authorities in February 2000.

1995 - 1998 Accountant, Centrally Managed Career Intern Program, DFAS, Denver, CO.  Note that in 1995, Shirley moved from Sacramento, CA where she had been living and working to Arvada, Colorado.  She lived in Arvada, CO and worked in Denver, CO.  The distance between Arvada and Denver is around 20 minutes driving time.

1998 - 2001 Disbursing Officer, USAFE/FM, Ramstein Air Base, Germany. As Nancy Krebs testified, her sister moved from Arvada CO to Germany in May of 1998 and was located there during the time Nancy gave her testimony.

Dossier of Shirley L. Krebs

Looking at this woman's extremely busy career and all the different locations she moved to, I question whether this woman was a Monarch controlled slave herself from childhood.  I suspect she was and part of her usage as a mind controlled slave was to use her in the U.S. Government and the U.S. military and also to get her to be complicit in allowing her daughter to be used as Monarch controlled sex slave.  I very much suspect this. 

More to come.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

 A word about John Mark Karr

As most people know a man named John Mark Karr came forward during the JonBenet Ramsey murder investigation and claimed to have either killed JonBenet himself or to know who killed her.  

John Mark Karr:

My opinion of John Mark Karr has always been that he is a plant who came forward when he did to take the spotlight off the Ramseys and to purposely put it on himself.  I have never believed that he had anything to do with the death of JonBenet.  As far as I know this man was not even in Boulder, Co on the night of the death so I have seen him as someone with no credibility at all who was trying to save the Ramseys from possibly being arrested when a lot of heat was being put on them.

I never read any of the claims that John Mark Karr made until someone else pointed me to a web site where some of his claims are made.  Its a tabloid newspaper site (the Sun) which usually is of little value in terms of credible information but in this case some of the claims being made by John Mark Karr are similar to what I say happen.

Here is the web site first to look at and then I will list his claims and discuss them one by one.

And now here is list of the claims he makes in that article:

1. Her death was an accident. This I agree with.

2. He tried to save her. This I do not agree with.  IMO John Mark Karr was not at the sex party at all.  I believe that other people at the sex party tried to save her but not John Mark Karr.

3.  Nobody wanted her to die.  This I agree with.  IMO her death was accidental/unintentional.

4.  He was with her when she died but he was not the person who caused her death.  I disagree that John Mark Karr was with her when she died.  IMO John Mark Karr is trying to take the responsibility here for other people when in reality he was not there.

5. There was panic after the little girl died. This I agree with.  I think there was panic among everyone at the sex party at this unexpected turn of events.  I can see Patsy screaming.

6. She was not discovered in the place she lost her life. Of course this I agree with.  She lost her life at the White residence but her body was moved to the basement of the Ramsey home and crime scene staged there.

7.  How she was found, that is not how she died. Where she was found in the basement is not where she died. I agree.

8. He knows the identity of her killer.  John Mark Karr may know the identity of her killer or he may be lying.

9.  He staged her murder scene to throw cops off the scent of the real culprit.  I disagree that John Mark Karr staged anything.  John and Patsy Ramsey, Fleet White Jr and others staged the Ramsey home as a false crime scene but John Mark Karr had nothing to do with that.  He is lying to put all the blame on himself when he was not even involved. 

10.  Her lifeless body was "tampered" in a bid to throw off who the real killer was.  I agree with this.

11. Something happened to her and I had to take care of it.  Something happened to her and other people had to take care of it but John Mark Karr took care of nothing.  All he did was take on the blame on himself for what others did. 

12. The kidnap letter that was found was a fake. He said it was a prop to make her death look like a “botched kidnapping.”  I agree with this because it is obvious.  What is sad to me is all the clueless Americans who do not realize this obvious truth.

13. He refused to name the killer or detail the accident.  I do not think Karr even knows who the killer was to identify them.  Again, he is just putting himself somewhere where he has never been and taking blame for things he never did.  He is just a diversion away from the truth.  

 Connections between the U.S. Navy and Mind Control.


More to Come.

Connections between Satanism and the U.S. Navy:

Strongly suspecting that the U.S. Navy is involved in Satanism, in this post I will show links between the U.S. Navy and Satanism to support this:

Why did the US Navy and Marine Corps use satanic symbolism in WW2?

Naval Academy midshipmen seek Satanic Temple space.

More to Come.

 The first meeting of John Ramsey and Fleet White Sr and Jr.

Although the official story has John Ramsey first meeting Fleet White Jr. in Boulder, Colorado in 1994 and says he never met Fleet White Sr, I contend that this is a lie.  I contend that John Ramsey first met both Fleet White Sr and Fleet White Jr. in Southern California in 1966 when John Ramsey was stationed in Port Hueneme, California after his enlistment in the U.S. Navy.  Note that Port Hueneme, is just north of Los Angeles and close to where Fleet White Sr and Fleet White Jr. were living in 1966, which was Long Beach, CA.

The distance from Port Hueneme to Long Beach is 1 hour and 30 minutes and the distance from Port Hueneme to L.A. is even less.  So John Ramsey and Fleet White Sr and Jr were close enough to each other to have met and associated with each other as Nancy Krebs has stated. 

The question I have is how did they meet?  What was their association?

In order for John Ramsey to have been involved with Fleet White Sr and Fleet White Jr in sexually abusing Nancy Krebs, then John Ramsey must have been involved in that same kind of behavior in Michigan before he as transferred to Southern California. 

Was John Ramsey in a Satanic cult in Michigan through his father's involvement in the same Satanic cult?  I suspect this, especially considering James Ramsey's connection to North Fox Island, MI.

I note that both James Dudley Ramsey and Fleet White Sr had a connection to the U.S. air force. For example, James Dudley Ramsey served in the Air Force and received the Distinguished flying cross, the Air medal and three battle stars.  Fleet White Sr. enlisted as a trained pilot with the beginning of WW2 and served in England, France and Germany.  He participated in the Rhine Mission, where he flew his glider from France, crossing the Rhine into Germany. Is it possible that these two men met and were associated during WW2 in the U.S. air force and if so then could that explain how the sons of the two men could be later associated?  

More to come.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

 The association between John Ramsey, Fleet White Jr. and Macky Boykin

According to Nancy Krebs' testimony, both John Ramsey and Fleet White Jr, had an early close association with Macky Boykin and she saw the three of them together as she was being abused on multiple occasions.

Macky Boykin was proficient in using sexual asphyxiation techniques on children to make them feel sexual arousal as adults were sexually abusing them.  So since the three of them had a close association, this means that both Fleet White Jr. and John Ramsey could have learned these sexual asphyxiation techniques from Macky during the time they were together. This would include how to create implements of strangulation such as garrotes. It would also include how to create ligatures.   

Now fast forward to the Christmas night sex party when sexual asphyxiation techniques were being used on JonBenet Ramsey as she was being abused by Fleet White Sr.  Macky Boykin died in November of 1996 so he was unavailable to perform this service but someone else was taking his place during this party.  The two people at the party who knew how to do it were Fleet White Jr. and John Ramsey.  Either of them could have been performing the service for Fleet White Sr who was accustomed to having it.

Now fast forward even further to the staged crime scene at the Ramsey home and the garrote created out of one Patsy's paint brush handles and the loose ligatures found on JonBenet's body. The two people who know how to do that were both present in the Ramsey home, John Ramsey and Fleet White Jr.  So one of these two did these things.  I suspect that John Ramsey made the garrote out of one of Patsy's paint brushes.  Either one of them could have created the loose ligatures on the body. 

Here is what I think happened concerning the death of JonBenet at the sex party.

One person was sexually abusing JonBenet and this was Fleet White Sr.

One person was applying sexual asphyxiation techniques on her during the abuse and this was Fleet White Jr.

One person was filming the abuse and this was John Ramsey.

So, even though Fleet White Sr or Fleet White Jr was responsible for her death, all three of these people were involved and complicit in the death and would be convicted if the true circumstances of the death were made public.  This is a huge motivation for John Ramsey to keep silent about the death of his daughter because if the truth were known, he would go to prison too. But I contend that John Ramsey was a long time Satanist who would never disclose anything that happened inside the cult, including the unintentional death of his daughter. 

 The Location of the Christmas night sex party

When I believe is that the Christmas day party and the Christmas night happened in the same location but I am not certain where they both occurred.  Although the official story places the Christmas day party at the relatively small home of Fleet Jr. and Priscilla White, I have reasons to doubt this, as follows.

Reason one is my belief that Fleet White Sr and Nyla White were hosting the Christmas day party.  Fleet Sr and Nyla White are known for hosting big fabulous parties of over a hundred people.  For example, Fleet Sr and Nyla White hosted a big New years day party for 150 people at their Chalet in Aspen, Colorado and I strongly suspect that the Christmas Party in Boulder was also a large party with over a hundred people in attendance.  I question whether such a party would happen at the small White residence.

Reason two is my belief that Fleet White Jr. was much wealthier and more successful than the official story gives him credit for.  For example, the official story has Fleet Jr and Priscilla White living in a tiny rental house in Boulder when Fleet White Jr is the son of a millionaire and employed in his father's company, Fleet Oil Co.  It is not feasible that a wealthy son of a wealthy father would be living in a tiny rental house.  And then I look at the small house that we are told that Fleet Jr and Priscilla lived in in December 1996 and I question if this was really the house they lived in considering Fleet White's wealth.  Considering the wealth of both father and son and their entire family, I question if they did not live in much larger house in Boulder that was as large or even larger than the Ramsey home.  

Reason three is a strange comment made by Burke about being shocked by an electric fence during the Christmas party.  I question what kind of property would be surrounded by an electric fence.  Certainly not the small White residence.  This makes me think that there was another location that was surrounded by an electric fence for security reasons to keep any outsiders away from the sex party.

Reason four is that I have always questioned the official story that said the Christmas Party took place at the White residence.  I have always suspected this was a lie to cover up a hidden truth.  Although the official story is that a relatively small Christmas Party took place at the White residence, I think a much bigger Christmas party took place somewhere else inside a much larger home in Boulder.

Reason five is a careful rereading of the Nancy Krebs transcript reveals that she questions where the party took place.  Nancy said her mother Gwen told her that the party happened at the White residence but from the way Nancy talked she questioned it.

What I suspect is that the Christmas party and the following sex party did not occur at the small White residence but instead happened inside a much larger home in Boulder Colorado that was surrounded by the electric fence that Burke mentioned.  When considering who would have owned this property, I find it most likely that Fleet White Sr and Nyla White owned the property and it was they who were hosting the Christmas day party and it also they who were also hosting the Christmas night sex party.  I have no proof of this but I suspect it.

 U.S. Navy connections between John Ramsey and Macky Boykin

Nancy Krebs said that there was an early association between Macky Boykin and John Ramsey starting around 1966 and going forward.  In considering what their association might be, it came to my attention that the U.S. Navy is a common denominator between the two men.  Let me elucidate.

Macky Boykin's ties to the U.S. Navy is that he served in Korea at some point. Although I can find no details about it, it has been stated that he was officer in the U.S. Navy.  Also, toward the end of his life Macky Boykin was living on a small strip of land very close to the China Lake Naval Weapons Center in Southern California.  I and others suspect that Macky Boykin became a civilian working inside China Lake in some capacity.  

John Ramsey has early ties to the U.S. Navy.  In 1966-67 he was stationed in Port Hueneme in Southern California.  John Ramsey was an officer in military intelligence in the Navy with top secret security clearance.

So I see a U.S. Navy connection between the two men, however obscured it may be.  Although I do not see clearly that connection, I suspect it has to do with U.S. military intelligence and mind control programming.  

Additionally, I see John Ramsey's enlistment in the U.S. Navy in 1966 as being a front for his involvement in Satanism.  Satanists often use false fronts like churches to hide behind and I contend that they also use the U.S. military to hide behind.  For example, it would be the perfect cover for a Satanist in Michigan like John Ramsey to go to Southern California to be involved with Satanists there for John Ramsey to enlist in the U.S. Navy and transfer to Southern California.  On the surface its all legitimate but its just a front for Satanists to transfer from one location to another using this false front.  I say this because of the speed with which John Ramsey became involved with Fleet White Sr, Fleet White Jr. and Macky Boykin concerning the sexual abuse of Nancy Krebs.  John Ramsey joined the U.S. Navy in Michigan in 1966 and in that same year he was sexually abusing Nancy Krebs in Southern California.  In order for this to be possible, John Ramsey must have been involved in Satanism before and just using the U.S. Navy as a front.  It is very likely that many other Satanists have used the U.S. military as a front.  

More to come.

Monday, October 12, 2020

 The secret history of John Bennett Ramsey

As I have said in previous posts, John Ramsey has a secret history involving Southern California and the family of Fleet White Sr. and Fleet White Jr.  Although the official story makes the claim that there was no historical relationship between the two families at all and that Fleet White Jr. and Priscilla White and John Patsy Ramsey met for the first time in Boulder in 1994, I very much beg to differ with that claim. The official story about John Ramsey is a lie. In this post I am going to start discussing the real history of John Ramsey and his early relationship with the White family.  I will add content to this section over time to fill in the blanks of this hidden early relationship, It is time to connect the dots on John Ramsey and his family. Please bear with me while I do this.  Consider this to be a dossier on John Bennett Ramsey that is as accurate as I can get it.  

December 7, 1943:  John Ramsey is born in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Note:  Since this happened in the middle WW2, I infer that John's father, James Dudley Ramsey, did not serve in the U.S. military during WW2.

1957: John Ramsey left Nebraska and moved with the rest of his family to Okemos, Michigan. At they time they move to Michigan, John Ramsey is  age 13 or 14.  This same year James Dudley Ramsey becomes the director of the Michigan Aeronautics commission. I note how fast James Ramsey became the Director of the Michigan Aeronautics commission.  In the very same year he moved to Michigan he became the Director.  What this means is that he was set up to be the Director before he even came to Michigan.  In fact, an arrangement may have been made under the table for him to move from Nebraska to Michigan with the understanding that he would be Director in Michigan.  

1961: John graduates from High School in Michigan.  He is 18 at this time.

1961 - 1966: John Ramsey attends Michigan State University majoring in electrical engineering.  During this time he meets Lucinda Lou Pasch (who is later to become his wife) while they are both undergraduates at Michigan State University. John Ramsey is age 19 - 24 during this time.

1966: John and Lucinda become married. Their marriage happens in Michigan either before or after John joined the U.S. Navy.

1966: John joins the U.S. Navy and was in the civil engineer corps and went through officer candidate school at Newport, Michigan.

1966: John transfers from Newport, Michigan to Port Huaeneme, CA, north of Los Angeles to the civil engineering corp school. He is stationed at a U.S. Navy based there.

~ 1966 - 1972: Nancy Krebs said she saw John Ramsey with Fleet White Jr. and Fleet White Sr. during this time and their association concerned her child sexual abuse. John Ramsey was sexually involved with Gwen Krebs. John Ramsey is age 23 - age 29.  What this means is that John Ramsey was part of the same Satanic cult in Southern California that Fleet White Sr. and Jr. were in.  

1966 - March 1968: John Ramsey was stationed in Port Hueneme, CA while he was in the U.S. Navy. Port Huaeneme is just north of Los Angeles and would certainly put John Ramsey easily within driving distance of Gwen and Nancy Krebs and Fleet White Jr. and Sr. in Southern California.  John Ramsey is 23 - 25.

Nancy Krebs said that John Ramsey was involved in the business aspect of her abuse.  He was handling that part.  This means he was involved in prostituting her for money to other men and he was also involved in taking child pornography of her and selling it and distributing a cut of the profits of that to various members of the Satanic cult.

March 1968 - November 1969: John Ramsey was assigned to the Navy Public works Center at Subic Bay Training center in the Phillipines.  John Ramsey is 25 - 26. What was John Ramsey doing in the Philippines?  Was he involved in some kind of special training there?  If so, what did the training involve?

November 1969 - 1972:  John Ramsey is in the Navy in Southern California where he returned after his tour in the Phillipines. John is 26 - 29.

1969:  John Ramsey's first child is born.  This is Elizabeth.

1972 - early 1974: John Ramsey is in Southern California sexually involved with Gwen Krebs.  John is 29 - 31,

1974: During most of 1974  John is out of state and not in California but he is calling Gwen Krebs every week who he is romantically involved with. John is ~31.  Where was John Ramsey living in 1974? How old was John Ramsey in 1974?   John Ramsey is unhappy with his marriage to Lucinda. John Ramsey did not have a lot of money at this time.  He was not financially successful.

late 1974  - 1975: John Ramsey travels back to Southern California and is sexually involved with Gwen Krebs, mother of Nancy Krebs. John is 31 - 32.

~1975: John is living in Atlanta, GA.

~1975 - 1978:  North Fox Island was a child prostitution and child pornography ring operated by corrupt wealthy individuals Frank Shelden, Gerald Richards, Dyer Gossman and others with a man named Adam Starchild handling the child pornography distribution aspects of the operation. Children were sexually abused on the island and it was filmed to produce child pornography.  This child pornography was then distributed to New Jersey using a religious front called the Church of the New Revelation.  Organized crime elements in New Jersey were involved in the further distribution of this child pornography to other locations such as New York City. It was very profitable for all involved. During this time, the Michigan Aeronautics commission that oversaw all the flights to and from North Fox Island was headed by John Ramsey's father, James Dudley Ramsey. In that position, James Dudley Ramsey had to be aware of what was going on and he allowed it to happen. The elements of North Fox Island were child sexual abuse/pedophilia, child prostitution, child pornography creation and distribution, Michigan State government corruption, huge amounts of profit, organized crime and, hidden beneath the surface of it all, Satanism. 

Note:  In 1976 - 1978 when North Fox Island was in full swing, John Ramsey was age 33 to 35.  

After North Fox Island was exposed, several of the wealthy corrupt individuals involved fled the United States and went to Amsterdam Holland.  James Dudley Ramsey quietly announced his retirement as Director of the Michigan Aeronautics commission and stepped down without anyone investigating his personal involvement in North Fox Island.  

1978:  John Ramsey divorces from his first wife (Lucinda) for reasons that have never been made public.  John is age 35.

Unknown time period:  John Ramsey served in the Navy in Atlanta GA. During what Dates did John Ramsey serve in the U.S. Navy in Atlanta GA?

November, 1980: John Ramsey marries Patsy Ramsey in Atlanta, GA. John is age 37.  He invites his good friend Fleet White Jr. to attend the wedding and here they are all together in the below picture taken at that wedding:

1980's - 1990's: After some of the wealthy, corrupt individuals fled to Amsterdam, Holland in 1979, they of course wanted to repeat what they had done earlier on North Fox Island, MI which had been a highly profitable operation.  So these people and their cronies formed a media company front called Access Graphics in Amsterdam that on the surface would be a media company but in reality it would be involved in distributing child pornography in between Amsterdam, Holland and other countries such as the U.K,, France and he U.S.  

1989 - 1990:  John and Patsy Ramsey move from Atlanta GA to Boulder, CO. John is age 46 or 47.

Early 1990's:  Fleet White Jr. and Priscilla White move from Southern CA to Boulder, CO.  John is in early 50's.

John Ramsey's leadership of Access Graphics in Boulder, Colorado was not coincidental.  Unlike the official story which has John Ramsey starting Access Graphics in Boulder, Colorado, in reality Access Graphics was a company in Amsterdam, Holland that existed before John Ramsey's involvement in the company. John Ramsey and Don Paugh became involved in starting a U.S. branch of the Access Graphics in Amsterdam, Holland.  Access Graphics in Boulder was a front for child pornography distribution to and from Amsterdam.  John Ramsey's Access Graphics in Boulder, CO was simply the U.S. side of the child pornography distribution front company Access Graphics that already existed in Amsterdam, Holland.  In Michigan the people involved with North Fox Island had been doing business with John Ramsey's father, James Dudley Ramsey.  Now that James Dudley Ramsey was retired, they were doing business with his son, John Bennett Ramsey in a different state, Colorado.

The reason that Access Graphics in Boulder became so profitable is because it was dealing in child pornography distribution under the cover of being a media company. Access Graphics sales of One Billion dollars is proof of how profitable it was but it was a front for child pornography distribution and other things. Similar to North Fox Island, the elements of the Access Graphics operation were child sexual abuse/pedophilia, child prostitution, child pornography creation and distribution, Colorado State government corruption, huge amounts of profit, organized crime and, hidden beneath the surface of it all, Satanism. 

John Ramsey was profiting from his six year old daughter JonBenet Ramsey in two different ways.  He was profiting by pimping her out to wealthy Satanist pedophiles who wanted to use her.  He was also profiting by creating child pornography of his daughter's sexual abuse and selling it through Access Graphics.  Randy Simons, the photographer John Ramsey hired was helping him create this child pornography of John's daughter and getting a cut of the profits from it. John Ramsey was a pornographer and pimp of his six year old daughter and Patsy was complicit in this. 

December 1996: During the late night sex party at the White Residence, John Ramsey was filming his daughter's sexual abuse by various people at this party so it could be sold to others for profit in Boulder, CO and also distributed to others in other states and overseas through Access Graphics.  John Ramsey was filming his daughter's sexual abuse when she was killed either unintentionally or internationally.  John is around 53 at the time of the sex party.

 An early association between John Ramsey and Fleet White Jr. and Sr.

Nancy Krebs said she saw John Ramsey and Fleet White Jr. and Fleet White Sr. together on multiple occasions when she was a child. She estimates she was age four to ten when she saw them together which would be 1966 to 1972. She said that was a time period when she most saw those three people together and their association was related to her sexual abuse. 

If true, I find this extremely interesting.  I already speculated that John Ramsey and Fleet White Jr. were close friends before 1980 and that their association must have been in Southern California where Fleet White Jr and his family lived.  Fleet White Jr. was invited to John's wedding to Patsy in 1980.  Additionally, for John and Patsy Ramsey to have been invited to the sex party at the White residence meant that they all had a long association with each other and all of them could be trusted never to disclose anything going on during this sex party.  So Fleet White Sr., Fleet White Jr., Nyla White, John Ramsey and Patsy Ramsey had a long association with each other.  The claim that the Ramseys met the Whites for the first time in 1994 in Boulder is a Boldface lie.  

The next piece of the puzzle to be uncovered is to discover and document the real history of John Ramsey.  John Ramsey is not who he appears to be.  He has a huge secret history in Southern California.  In a future post I will start to document his true history and not the false history that has been propagated about him as part of the cover up. 

 A new thought about Tricia

I strongly suspect that Tricia, the Administrator of WebSleuths is a Satanist who is helping to cover up for the Satanists in the JonBenet Ramsey murder.  Her early accusation against Nancy Krebs of being a liar and a plant to falsely accuse the Whites is a big part of the reason why I see her that way.  No honest person could accuse Nancy Krebs of being plant but a Satanist who was helping to protect other Satanists that Nancy Krebs accused definitely would.  Another reason is the way that Tricia treated me when I started posting on WebSluths about the Whites involvement in the murder.  I posted links to my blog and she removed every one of them.  Then I started posting there and my posts were ridiculed by other members there.  I ignored the ridicule and continued posting and I was very quickly perma banned from the entire site.  Tricia is a Snake and a Satanist who is helping to protect other Satanists.  

Child sexual abuse in Satanic families:

As I study the transcripts of Nancy Krebs' testimony, I am starting to see a pattern that I want to discuss on my Blog, which is sexual abuse of children within Satanic families.  First, I need to define what I mean by a Satanic family.  By my definition, a Satanic family is a family that practices Satanism. A Satanic family is often or always an inter generational family.  In other words, the children of Satanist families form their own families which are also Satanist families so Satanism gets passed down from one generation to the next.  By my definition, the following families are/were Satanic families:  the family of John and Patsy Ramsey, the family of Fleet White Jr and Priscilla White, the family of Fleet White Sr. and Nyla White, the family of Don and Nedra Paugh, the family of Gordon and Alyce Christoff, the family of Don and Gwen Krebs, the family of Glen and Susan Stine, the family of John and Barbara Fernie and many other families.

These Satanic families have male and female children.  What I have noticed as a trend is for some children of Satanist families, usually female, to be designated and used for sex from a very young age.  Use for sex means to be available for adults in the Satanic cult to sexually abuse whether those adults are members of their own family or members of other Satanic families.  Use for sex also means prostitution, child prostitution and later adult prostitution.  Use for sex also means creation of child pornography for other Satanists to enjoy.  Mind control programming is very often used to train a young child from a Satanist family to be used for sex.  These children are used as child sex slaves by the male members of the Satanic cult.

These children are controlled in various ways by Monarch mind control programming, through fear, through threats of death and threats of pain and torture and threats of loss of things they love, etc.  Any and all means is used to control the slave to get her to cooperate and to keep quiet about her abuse. 

Here are examples of specific children from Satanic families that I see fit into this category: Nancy Krebs, Nancy Krebs' younger sister, Nancy Krebs' niece, Gwen Krebs, Patsy Ramsey, JonBenet Ramsey, Daphne White.

Female members of Satanic families are trained and conditioned to allow the sexual abuse of their daughters, granddaughters, nieces, etc and to never disclose it.  

Although I know nothing about Priscilla White's past, is very likely that she was also sexually abused in this same way and so she willingly allowed her daughter Daphne to be sexually abused. 

Had JonBenet Ramey not been killed and been allowed to grow up and have children of her own, then those children would very likely be subjected to the very same sexual abuse as she went through.  So the sexual abuse gets passed down from one generation to another in these Satanic families.

It is the males of Satanic families who are the primary abusers of these female children. Either they sexually abuse the members of their own family (INCEST) or they sexually abuse the members of other Satanic families which are made available to them either free of charge or for money (CHILD PROSTITUTION).  It is the males of Satanic families who are also the primary consumers of child pornography created by the sexual abuse.  In other words, everything is kept within the Satanic cult and nothing goes outside of it to keep the whole thing secret.  This is the way they get away with highly illegal activity and maintain their secrecy.  By keeping everything within the cult, secrecy is maintained.

This is why you will never see child pornography or the snuff film of JonBenet Ramsey on the internet. Even though it exists, it is only made available to trusted members of the Satanic cult.  Nobody outside of the Satanic cult will be allowed to see it.  

Sunday, October 11, 2020

 More information about the Satanic cult:

In a previous post I said that Fleet White Sr and Fleet White Jr and Gordon and Alyce Christoff were all members of a Satanic cult in Long Beach CA that went back at least to the 1920's.  I have also said that John and Patsy Ramsey and Fleet and Priscilla White and the Stines and the Fernies and Rolland Hoverstock and others were members of a Satanic cult in Boulder Colorado in December 1996.  People reading this might conclude that these Satanic cults are separate entities with no connection but based upon a careful reading of Nancy Krebs' testimony, I do not think so.  I am no expert on Satanism by any means and I admit this but I am trying to learn what I can about it.  What I believe now is that there is one Satanic cult and it is world wide.  It is certainly International.  Inside the U.S., this one Satanic cult has many branches in many different cites and states and this all forms of a network.  These local Satanic cults in these various locations are not independent but they are all connected into a Satanic cult hierarchy.  If you look at Freemasonry which I have, its very much like Freemasonry.  In Freemasonry there is one organization of Freemasonry and many branches (or Freemason lodges) distributed all over the place in a network.  The very same thing happens in Satanism.  In fact I will go further and state that I believe that Freemasonry is Satanic at its core but that part of it is hidden from the public.  It does not mean that all Freemasons are Satanists but what it does mean is that high level Freemasons are very likely to be Satanists.  It also does not mean that every Satanist is a Freemason but there is an overlap between Freemasonry and Satanism.  But I digress in talking about Freemasonry here.  What I want to say is that this Satanic cult is one.  It is distributed in many different countries and states and cities but its all one organization under the same power structure.  A Satanist like Fleet White Jr. might move from Southern California to Boulder, CO and then meet up with other Satanists already there but he is still in the very same Satanic cult, just a different branch of it.  It may be helpful to think of Satanism like a virus.  It spreads its influence and its power to other locations and infiltrates other places and organizations over time.  It spreads in secret.  It does its operations in secret.  It sexually abuses children in secret but sometimes something goes wrong and its secret rituals are threatened with exposure.  This is what happened on Christmas night in 1996 when a child of a Satanist family who was being abused by another Satanist unintentionally was killed.  And that explains why her death was covered up better than any other explanation I could possibly give.  Anyone who wants to understand this death has to understand the Satanism aspects of it.  

 The Satanist aspect of the JBR murder:

Reading the Nancy Krebs transcripts more carefully, what she is saying is that all of the people who sexually abused her as a child were part of a Satanic cult.  This cult involved Fleet White Sr., Fleet White Jr., her grandfather Gordon Christoff, John Ramsey at a young age, Macky Boykin, her parents (Don and Gwen Krebs), her grandparents (Alyce and Albert Sprague) and many others.  Everyone involved was in a Satanic cult.  They were all involved with each other and knew each other through their involvement in Satanism.  

There was also a business aspect to Nancy's sexual abuse.  In other words, all of these people were profiting monetarily from her abuse.  This involves both child prostitution and child pornography that was created from her abuse which was sold to others for profit.

Nancy Krebs said that John Ramsey was involved in the business aspect of her abuse. He was handling that part.  

All of this happened to Nancy Krebs when she was a child in California in the 1960's and 70's.  Now fast forward to the 1990's when John Ramsey lived in Boulder CO and had a very beautiful young daughter.  If John Ramsey was a hardcore Satanist as I believe he was then he certainly did not stop being a hardcore Satanist between the events that happened in Southern California in the 1960's and 70's and the events that happened in Boulder, CO in the 1990's.  He was still a member of a Satanic cult in Boulder, CO and Patsy was a member of this Satanic cult also.  Their children, JonBenet and Burke, were automatically members of this very secretive cult through their parents involvement.  

Some of the same people that John Ramsey was involved with in Southern California are people he was involved with in Boulder, CO., especially Fleet White Jr.  I contend that both Fleet White Jr and his wife and John and Patsy Ramsey moved together to Boulder, CO. in the early 1990's to be involved in a Satanic cult that was already there before they came.  

Concerning the business aspect that John Ramsey had long been involved in, he was still involved in this Business aspect.  Access Graphics in Boulder was a front for child pornography distribution and it was highly profitable for this reason.  John Ramsey's leadership in that company as President and CEO was not coincidental.  He was profiting from child pornography distribution to and from Amsterdam along with a lot of other people.  Note that Don Paugh (Patsy's father) was directly involved with Access Graphics in Boulder.  Note that Glen Stine was working for Access Graphic in Boulder.  A lot of other people involved in this in Boulder were working for or in association with Access Graphics.  It was very profitable for everyone involved.  

Additionally John Ramsey was profiting from his daughter in two different ways.  He was profiting by pimping her out to wealthy Satanist pedophiles who wanted to use her.  He was also profiting by creating child pornography of his daughter's sexual abuse and selling it.  Randy Simons, the photographer John Ramsey hired was helping him create this pornography and getting a cut of the profits from it. 

Regarding the late night sex party at the White Residence, I believe that John Ramsey was filming his daughter's sexual abuse by various people at this party so it could be sold to others for profit.  I believe that John Ramsey was filming his daughter's sexual abuse by Fleet White Sr. when she was killed unintentionally.  Although unintentional, that child pornography instantly became a snuff film and became in very high demand.  I have no doubt that copies of this snuff film have been distributed to various people for a huge amount of money by John Ramsey and they exist in private collections to this day. Do not expect to ever see this snuff film on the dark web because it will never be shown.  Its existence will always be a secret of the Satanists.