Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Friends of the Truth

In this post I want to document those individuals and web sites which I see as Friends of the Truth.  In a world full of Lies and Corruption as this one surely is, its important to know who are the friends of the Truth.  Here is a list of friends of the Truth as I see them. Some are living and some are dead.  If you click on each image it will open a web site that discusses the Truth that these people have exposed. All friends of the Truth are Friends of God and Humanity.  All friends of the Truth are Enemies of the Snake (i.e. the Jewish Establishment).  Some of them have been assassinated by the Snake.  All these people are Heroes. If anyone wants to know the truth, get your truth from these people and not from the Establishment or from controlled opposition web sites. These people are the real deal.

Sibel Edmonds

Truth about the Convid 19 Evil Establishment Agenda

Bobby Fischer

Truth about the Jewish Menace

Benjamin Freedman

Truth about the Jewish Menace

Wolfgang Halbig

Truth about the Sandy Hook School Shooting Deception

Bill Kaysing

Truth about the NASA Apollo Moon Landings Deception

Dave McGowan

Truth about the NASA Apollo Moon Landings Deception, etc. 


Truth about the JFK Assassination

Ralph Rene

Truth about the NASA Apollo Moon Landings Deception

Simon Shack

Truth about 9-11

Nancy Schaefer

Truth about Child Protective Services and Satanism

Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Truth about Many Subjects

Bart Sibrel

Truth about the NASA Apollo Moon Landings Deception

David Sorenson

Truth about the Convid 19 Evil Establishment Agenda

Brandy Vaughan

Truth about the Convid 19 Evil Establishment Agenda

Harry Vox

Truth about the Convid 19 Evil Establishment Agenda, etc.

More to Come


  1. Many of this list are juice. You should do more research into names and their genealogy.

    Remember it was theodor herzl, not Stalin who first said "we shall lead our own opposition". It also helps to promote the idea that not all juice are in on it.

    1. A Jew can tell the truth. I am not against all Jews. I am only against the Jews who are doing evil against non Jews. If a Jew tells the truth and is not doing evil against non Jews then I have no reason to be against them. An individual member of the Jewish race can choose to be for humanity instead of against it and the Jews in the above list are IMO examples of this. You should not stereotype all Jews as evil simply because they are Jews. That is wrong thinking.

    2. It is the behavior of Jews that makes them bad, not because they are members of the Jewish race. Its all about behavior and character, not race. The enemy we face IS Jewish but not every Jew is part of the problem.

    3. Now you changed your mind. You stereotype all Jews as dishonest and you even advise people should not trust Jews who you proposed in your own post 'Friends of the Truth' (such as Henry Makow or Benjamin Freedman). This new post 'Jews cannot be trusted not to be Disinformation Agents' ( contradict this old one. Should you edit this old post?

    4. I do change my mind. I am still learning. I may say one thing at one time and then later discover I was wrong and revise what I said before. I am aware that I identify Henry MaKow as someone to be trusted in this post but in the later post I say I do not trust him because he is a Jew. I stand by the later post. I do not trust Henry Makow because he is a Jew and because I believe that Jews cannot be trusted. You say that I stereotype all Jews as dishonest. Perhaps but if I do that its based upon my awareness of what the Jewish race is and how it differs from the other races. I do not trust the Jewish race to be anything other than a parasite and predator upon the other races. I do not edit earlier posts on this blog even if I change my mind about someone. For example, I advocated Miles Mathis at first and then later I said he is a disinformation agent. After I said he was a disinformation agent I did not go back and delete those earlier posts advocating him. Perhaps I should. But I create this blog as a type of running documentary to what I think and feel. If the way I think and feel changes I do not feel compelled to go back and alter this blog to keep it all consistent. I say what I think and feel day by day. If tomorrow I contradict what I say today its because I have seen a higher truth which I cannot see today. I have talked about the red pill as a life time journey of knowing the truth. Nobody ever sees it all. What a person sees further down the path of the truth they could not see earlier. What truth is to me is an evolving concept and I try to state exactly what I see. But no, I do not feel compelled to alter earlier posts to keep the blog consistent. I understand why you might think I should but I do not want to do spend time doing that. Tomorrow I may see something different about Henry Makow to change my personal view about him. Who knows? But for now I do not trust him simply because he is Jewish and I know what the Jewish race is about.

    5. I did go back and remove Henry Makow from the list because I believe he can no longer be trusted but there is one person who as a Jew who I do trust and that is Bobby Fisher.

    6. You are great. Please don't delete your old post because it is a precious documentary to know how you think and feel. Also, with your old posts, even when you think you are deceived when creating them, there are still some precious knowledge and experience in them. I hope you don't delete any of your old posts.