Monday, December 28, 2020

Kathleen Sorenson died to give you this

Satanism is real.  I am not talking about the Anton Levay type Satanism that most people are brainwashed into believing is all there is when it comes to Satanism.  No, I am talking about the Satanism that is involved in murder and child sacrifice and every other evil thing under the sun.  Anton Levay was a Saint compared to real Satanists.  I have talked about this in various posts on my Blog such as this one and here is another article I want to publicize so that people know what real Satanism is all about.  Most people reading this probably won't accept it as the truth but this is the truth and its just the beginning of going down a deep scary rabbit hole that is not for the squeamish.  Its only for those who really want to know the truth and are not afraid of finding out what it is.  Most people do not want to acknowledge that such evil exists in the world but it does and it is far more prevalent than anything I have described in my Blog.  When it comes to Satanism, I have only scratched the surface of discussing it.  I need to discuss it more so that I shine a light of illumination upon what it really is.  

Remember, all that I offer is the Truth. I did not say it would be pleasant to know.  

Here are some significant Revelations from this document:

1) Children from Satanist families would be sacrificed without the parents' knowledge or consent.  In other words, leaders in the Satanic cult would make the decision of which children were to be sacrificed and the parents of the children had no say so in it.  When I think about this, the JonBenet Ramsey murder immediately comes to mind.  Although I have maintained in my Blog Entry about that murder that it was an accidental death that had to be covered up to protect the Satanic cult, I have always maintained the possibility that it was a Ritual Sacrifice of JonBenet Ramsey by the Satanic cult.  If this is the case, then I fully believe that Patsy Ramsey had no knowledge that it was going to happen before it did.  Had she known, then Patsy Ramsey would have never consented to the murder of her daughter.  She would have protected her daughter. 

 2) Christmas time is a common period for ritual sacrifice of children in Satanic cults.  Again the JonBenet Ramsey murder immediately comes to mind when I think about this.  I always thought that the date and time of JonBenet Ramsey's murder was not coincidental but was significant in understanding her death.  She could have been murdered at any time but to be murdered at midnight on Christmas is significant to Satanic cult ritual sacrifices.  Why?  Christmas has significance to Satanic cults because it is a Holy Day of Christianity.  Satanism has such a rabid hatred of Christianity that it turns Christian Holy Days such as Easter and Christmas into evil Pagan holidays that involved ritual sacrifice.  This is one of the biggest reasons for me to suspect that the death of JonBenet Ramsey was a premeditated murder ritual sacrifice instead of an accidental death during Satanic Ritual Abuse.  

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