Thursday, June 24, 2021

Pictures from the Real World Explained

As with most things discussed on this Blog, before you can begin to understand you must first have a clear understanding of the Two Worlds Paradigm and its discussion of the False World vs the Real World.  If you do not already firmly understand that then I encourage you to understand that before attempting to read this post.  Knowledge of the Two Worlds Paradigm is a prerequisite for understanding what I am about to say.

On this Blog I have discussed what I call Pictures from the Real World. These are pictures taken in the Real World that have been released into the False World.  These pictures only have meaning in the Real World and they have no meaning in the False World.  To understand these pictures you must first understand the Real World in order for the pictures to make sense.  You got that?

In the previous post I did something on this Blog which I have never really done before, which is take one of these pictures from the Real World and to give it context.  In other words, I took a picture from the Real World and I clearly explained what was shown in the picture as I see it to give examples of Real World concepts.  I think that doing this is very valuable in helping to wake people up who do not know about the Real World.  Its like an instant red pill to help people see the truth.

In this post I want to do the same thing by providing context for a lot of images from the Real World and clearly explain to you what they show.  This is a very valuable learning tool.  So I ask you to put on your "They Live" sunglasses and to see the world as it really is, as opposed to seeing the illusion (((they))) want you to believe about the world.  I am doing God's work in this post.


I could write a book exposing 9-11 as a deception and PSYOP but the biggest proof of all of that fact even to the brain dead is the Building 7 collapse. In the case of WTC 1 and 2, messy controlled demolition was used to facilitate the tower collapses, which were completely empty at the time of their collapses.  Why messy?  Because had perfect controlled demolitions been used then some of the brain dead might have recognized what was going on and the entire deceptive nature of the 9-11 drama would have been exposed so they used messy controlled demolitions to bring down the big towers.  But in the case of Building 7, a perfect controlled demolition was used, as is seen in the above gif.  That controlled demolition is as perfect as any controlled demolition has ever been but it does not matter because the main stream media said almost nothing about Building 7.  If you ask most Americans today what they think about building 7 collapsing you will get a blank stare because most Americans have no idea what Building 7 is.  Because most Americans rely on the Main Stream Media to tell them what is important for them to know and since the Main Stream Media purposely did not cover Building 7, most Americans have no clue that there even was a third building that collapsed that day. Why the main stream media would hide building 7 from the public is a no brainer, because the near perfect collapse of this building which had not been hit by any "plane" might wake up the brain dead, so best not to even show them.  But here is a building that had been purposely reinforced collapsing straight down into its own footprint and the only lame excuse that the snakes can give for this is that the secure building had been weakened by fires.  An idiot could see through this but not the American people.  No building in world history has ever collapsed due to fire, even buildings that had been almost totally consumed by fire did not collapse.  This building was brought down by controlled demolition and this is one of the big proofs of a PSYOP.  Another is that at least two different main stream media sources reported that the building collapsed before it actually did.  This is another proof of a PSYOP.  9-11 was a pre scripted event with these main stream media stooges simply reporting what they were told to report.  Building 7 was scripted to collapse earlier in the day on 9-11 but its collapse was delayed until later.  These MSM sources were not told of the change of script so they reported the building has collapsed when in reality the building was still standing right behind the reporter making the claim.  Can you say busted?

But even the brain dead Americans some of whom may be reading this post will still not get it and their brainwashed minds will dismiss this because it does not agree with their world view. Most people are destined never to know the truth about the world.

Click the below image to watch the video:

What is shown in the above video is a 9-11 commemoration ceremony that took place on the grounds of where the WTC site had previously stood.  If I recall correctly this ceremony was one year after 9-11 meaning it took place on 9-11-2002.  Why is this a picture from the Real World?  Because of what it shows which is so bizarre that words can barely describe it.  Although this video clip does not clearly show it, all of those people who are seen marching around the central circle are wearing Black robes.  I have seen other videos of this same ceremony and all these people are wearing black hooded robes where their faces are totally concealed in shadow.  Remember they showed this is on live television and that is Dan Rather of CBS News who is narrating it for the clueless public who have no idea what they are really seeing here.  While I am certain that MSM stooge Dan Rather made no mention about the Eye of Horus, this is exactly what I believe these hooded figures were creating when they made that shape of an eye

.This is the Illuminati Satanists telling the entire world that they not only were behind the 9-11 PSYOP but that they control the entire world.  They are bragging about their world control right in front of our eyes.  Are your eyes open enough to see this?   And if they are, are you not alarmed by this knowledge?

The above image is taken from a Simpson's cartoon circa 1995 and in this cartoon it shows imagery predicting the 9-11-2001 PSYOP.  This is an example of what is known as predictive programming. As I have said in previous posts, the Snakes who run the world plan things for many years in advance and then they work to make their plans become a reality in the world.  So as early as 1995 (and probably far earlier) they already knew that they had a PSYOP planned for New York City (where many Jews live and have major control of the city BTW) at a later date.  It was always planned to happen on September 11.  The reason this date is significant to the Jews is unclear to me but it has some unknown significance which is why they chose this date and not some other for this PSYOP to happen on.  But back to predictive programming.  For whatever reason, the snakes like to give hints about what they are going to do in the future without explicitly saying it.  The above image is one example of this.  Another example is in the movie "The Matrix" (1999) where Thomas Anderson's driver's license expires on 9-11-2001.  Once again, they like to put the truth out there in hidden form for whatever reason.  Perhaps they get a thrill from showing us their plans, but there is really no danger to them in doing this.  Its not like any of the brain dead Goyim are going to understand it.  Jews keep the Goyim like simple children who are incapable of understanding things like this.  But not all Goy are as dumb as a box of rocks, including this one.

Here is an image of people who are supposed to be running away in terror from a terrorist attack but if you look closely you can clearly see that all of these people are not genuinely afraid at all but they are just agents/crisis actors/whatever you want to call them playing a role in a PSYOP.  There is no genuine fear in these people at all just as there would be no genuine fear to actors playing in some disaster movie.  Its just an illusion that quickly breaks down once you see it in its proper context.  9-11 was just a PSYOP no matter what disinformation was planted in the head of the general public to make them believe otherwise.  I hate to be the one to break it to you but you live in a Jewish zoo.  If you cannot see your cage, its inside your own mind which has been planted there with a lifetime of brainwashing to deceive you that you are free.  You are free to move around in your cage, no more.  Real freedom is only available to the Jewish snakes in a world that (((they))) control.  

Here is another completely fake staged image showing crisis actors covered in white dust to present a false illusion during a PSYOP.  It is simply amazing to me now that so many people are still deceived by this illusion and still think that 9-11 was real.  My eyes must be much more open than most for me to see this so clearly while most everyone around me including members of my own extended family are completely clueless.  All I can do on this Blog is to show you what I see and hope that you are able to see the truth through my eyes. 

Apollo Moon Landings

While the above image appears to show a U.S. Astronaut standing on the moon, this image is a deception along with all other NASA imagery that suggests that U.S. Astronauts walked on the moon.  No man has ever set foot on the moon yet for various reasons, one of the major ones being that that the radiation in space beyond LEO is lethal to human beings passing through it unless very heavy lead shielding is used to protect the men.  The Apollo moon landings were a cheap fraud that anyone can easily see through.  But in the image above what is seen is a an agent of the U.S. Government (not an Astronaut at all) standing on a set made to look like the surface of the moon.  This is a very cheap trick that was used to deceive not only the American people but the entire world that America had actually sent men to the moon.  I will go even further and state that JFK already knew in 1962 when he gave his famous speech "We intend to go to moon" that it was impossible to do with the technology of that time and his speech reveals that JFK was part of the moon landing deception too.  From the very beginning there was no real attempt to put men on the moon.  All of that was a charade to fool the public.  What the Apollo mission was was not to put men on the moon but to stage a realistic simulation of that and to portray it to the public as real.  So Apollo was a deception from Day one.  Man's Greatest Accomplish in the False World is Man's Greatest Fraud in the Real World.  And what this shows with crystal clarity for any intelligent person to see is that this world is a million miles from enlightened.  This is a world that has been deeply deceived and continues to be deceived to this day about a great many things.  This says very bad things about planet earth and the people who are in control of it.  Humanity has become enslaved by ruthless immoral snakes who will do anything to maintain their control.  A very sad testament to the Real World for anyone who is able to see it.  Its right in front of your face.

The Beatles

Although I am a fan of the British rock group the Beatles in their pre 1967 form, I have long recognized that there is something not right about this group.  The story we are told and expected to believe about this group coming out of nowhere and rising to world superstar fame very quickly is not the true story about them.  I have made other posts on this Blog exposing this but here I want to focus on the above picture only.  What we see in that picture which is from 1967 are two men who supposed to be Beatles manager Brian Epstein and band member Paul McCartney but that is not Paul McCartney in the picture but a Paul McCartney look a like.  As I have seen in many other 1967 era photos of the Beatles, there were a variety of look a likes playing the role of Paul McCartney in the band during this time.  I am not saying that the actual Paul McCartney died but clearly he stepped out of the Beatles for awhile and substitutes were taking his place in various photo ops such as the one above.  Is that really Brian Epstein in the above picture with the Paul McCartney look a like?  I do not know.  It could very easily also be a look a like of Brian Epstein with someone filling in for him.  Did something happen to the original Paul McCartney and Brian Epstein at the end of 1966 to cause them to be replaced by substitutes?  I do not know but other people have hinted at this in their own research.  I do not know the full story about the Beatles but I look for any clues that I can to explain them. 

Here is another image circa 1967 or 1968 that is supposed to be Paul McCartney but there is something wrong with this picture.  Can you see it without me telling you?  This man is wearing a prosthetic ear that has become folded underneath his headphones and he is completely unaware of it.  While this man looks a lot more like the original Paul than the Paul McCartney look a like seen in the previous image, this man, no matter how much he appears to look like Paul McCartney is not Paul McCartney but is a carefully chosen look a like.  The fake ear(s) is explained by the fact that this man (agent) had something about his real ears that were different enough from the original Paul McCartney's ears which would allow people to realize  he was not Paul McCartney.  So prosthetic ears were used to conceal his real ears to keep the illusion that this man is Paul McCartney when in fact he is NOT Paul McCartney.  It is without doubt that British Intelligence (probably MI6) was involved in this deception, which gives a pretty good clue to what is really going on here.  Something has happened to the real Paul McCartney so he is not able to perform with the Beatles anymore and yet the Beatles were considered a national security asset by the British government in the 1960's.  Just because one member of the original band was out of the picture for some reason could not be allowed to destroy the Beatles so they created carefully manufactured substitutes for Paul McCartney to keep the Beatles going. This exposes another fact about the other three Beatles that they were part of a deception because none of them blinked an eye at this substitution but played along with it, but hold that thought for now.  I have observed several different individuals in the Paul McCartney role from late 1966 onward, indicating that something happened involving the original Paul McCartney that has been concealed from the public.  The big question is this:  Is the man who is known as Paul McCartney today the original Paul McCartney or a substitute?  I do not know but it would not surprise me at all to discover that he is also a substitute. 

This is a very revealing picture of "the Beatles" taken circa 1967 but some of these men are not the original Beatles.  Once more, the "Paul McCartney" in this picture is not the Paul McCartney from say 1965 but is a look a like that anyone can see through.  I also contend that this is not George Harrison and this is not John Lennon.  George Harrison looks so different here from the original George Harrison that I believe that this is an entirely different man playing the role of George Harrison in the 1967 iteration of the Beatles.  Likewise for John Lennon. The only person here who could be original is Ringo Starr but even he could be a look a like.  What I am saying is that every person in this picture could be a look a like of the original band members and they are all substitutes here.  

In this image is seen yet another Paul McCartney look a like who is different not only from the original Paul McCartney but also from all the other Paul McCartney substitutes in the above images.  This is just more evidence that a variety of different men were playing the role of "Paul McCartney" from late 1966 onward and the public was kept clueless about this.  This picture also reveals that significant others of "Paul McCartney" such as Linda Eastman pictured above played along with the deception. But what else would one expect from a completely manufactured group as I contend the Beatles actually were from the beginning?

As I am writing this post about the Beatles being a manufactured group and the Paul McCartney member of the group suddenly being changed in 1966, a new explanation for all the fake Paul McCartney characters has come into my consciousness, which is the following.  The Beatles were a manufactured group played by four men who had been purposely groomed for that role but after the summer of 1966 including the disastrous Philippines tour and all the flak that John Lennon got for saying the Beatles were bigger than Jesus then at least one of the members of the original group wanted out.  This is the person known as the original Paul McCartney who loved to tour and loved public performances but all the negativity associated with the Beatles in 1966 that led to the decision to stop touring led to the original Paul McCartney character wanting out.  So he stepped out of the role and a number of look a likes took his place until they finally created a look a like who permanently assumed the role of "Paul McCartney" which is the one we have today.  That is a theory of mine but it would explain much.

In addition to this are the images that the four original Beatle members made during what is known as the Butcher Block photo session.  I have examined these images very carefully and some of the images taken at this 1966 session show emotions on the faces of the four men which is very telling.  I see in their faces emotions such as unhappiness, depression, sadness, anger, resentment and even fear.  I have been trying to explain why these men who had always appeared to be so proud of their self image would suddenly make this album cover and attempt to destroy the previous image of the Beatles.  These men are clearly not happy about something, even if they manage to smile during some of the photographs taken during this session.  Instead they are depressed, sad, worried and concerned. Its written all over their faces during this session.  There is a hidden story being told here which I have not fully understood but I perceive it is shown in the below images. It is like they are trying to tell us something with their facial expressions in these images. I cannot explain it but its there. Are you able to see what I see?  Click on each of the below images and look into their eyes and see what they are saying non verbally.

I will go further and state the question that popped into my head.  Are the negative emotions expressed here a result of learning that they were all going to be replaced as the Beatles by new performers?  I suspect it.  And if so, what would happen to the original members?  Would they be killed?  Here is at least one web site that says the four original Beatles were killed after their last 1966 tour.  Link

George W. Bush

Although you may want to believe that the above image is photo shopped which is what I initially suspected when I first saw it, I do not believe it is photo shopped at all but that it shows the Real World.  George W. Bush is a homosexual and there are plenty of other pictures which I intend to show here to prove it.  What the above picture shows is that George W. Bush is about to get his dick sucked by the man down on his knees in front of him.  And the man behind George W. Bush is indicating that he has had sex with Bush.  Bush is what is referred to as a Bottom in gay sex lingo, meaning he prefers to be on the receiving end of gay sex. Put bluntly, he likes to get fucked in the ass.  Are you shocked?  After seeing that picture of Obama with the little girl you should not be shocked but you should become soberly aware that the wool has been pulled over your eyes to blind you to the sexual perversion which is rampant in the U.S. Government and that our Presidents and other leaders are often the worst kind of perverts, intentionally so.  Because Jews prefer it this way.  Choosing sexual perverts as politicians and then feeding their sexual perversion in public and photographing it is a way to for Jews to blackmail these politicians to easily control them. The pervert politician will do anything its masters want as long as it gets routinely "fed". 

If you don't know what you are seeing in the above image, here is the explanation.  As I said before, George W. Bush is bottom.  He is a flaming homosexual who has had many sexual contacts with various men.  That is who George W. Bush is in the Real World.  The man seen in the above imges is one of George W. Bush's homosexual partners who is almost certainly a Top.  This man was purposely brought into one of George W. Bush's White House Press conferences to ask the Homosexual President some softball questions.  In the first photograph above, you see Bush looking his lover in the eye knowingly.  Bush may have known in advance that his lover was going to be at the press conference or he may have been surprised by it.  Either way he is very happy to see his lover.  And the picture on the right is of him hugging his lover.  That such a thing happened in public during a White House press conference should be a sobering reminder of what the Real World is really like.  Its not hidden.  Its often shown right in front of the public's face but the general public is too blind and brainwashed to even notice it.  But this another proof of Bush's blatant homosexuality and that (((they))) flaunted it right in front of our faces.

Still don't believe George W. Bush is a homosexual?  In the above image is George W. Bush kissing the head of one of his homosexual lovers during a different White House Press conference. As you can clearly see by the hair of Bush's man, this picture is not taken at the same White House Press conference as the above image. It could be the same man or a different man.  How many times did this happen during Bush press conferences?  But what is really telling is what I assume to be members of the White House Press Corp watching in approval as Bush does this. You think Bush's homosexuality is a closely guarded secret but its not.  Everyone present knows Bush is a homosexual.  Its just hidden from normal people like me and you and we have to find out the hard way that the "War President" was in reality a flaming faggot.  Its time to burn your American flag. You live in Sodom and Gomorrah and just didn't know it.

Besides being a homosexual who likes to get fucked in the ass by men, Bush is also a Satanist, a trait he shares with many others.  In the above picture is Bush flashing a Satanic sign during some public ceremony during his Presidency. You notice he is not openly flashing this sign but is doing it in a disguised way.  I have seen other prominent people doing this.  For example, I saw John Lennon doing this during a performance in 1965.  There is a reason why they flash the devil sign in public like this. I believe they are encouraged to do so by the Illuminati. Its a way of secretly paying homage in public but in a disguised way so that the noobs won't notice it.

Derek Chauvin

As I have said on this Blog repeatedly in posts such as this one, the George Floyd Murder is just a PSYOP in the False World and all the actors in it, including "Derek Chauvin" are just that, actors who are playing roles in a drama. In the above image, the man on the right is the one who allegedly put his foot in George Floyd's neck until he died.  The man on the left is the one who was allegedly arrested, went or trial and was found guilty of the death of George Floyd.  These two people are not the same person but that have a close facial resemblance.  Neither man is a genuine Minneapolis, Minnesota police officer.  These are both actors AKA agents.  The entire George Floyd death was a PSYOP and Derek Chauvin is not a real person in the Real World.  If you believed this or if you still believe it then you have been royally played.  Its time to wake up and recognize. 

Bill Cosby

In the False World Bill Cosby is a notorious rapist who was sent to prison because he is a truly bad guy.  In the Real World, Bill Cosby was never a bad guy, despite all the false accusations made against him to make him appear to be a bad guy to the public.  The real sin that Bill Cosby committed was trying to acquire ownership of an American main stream media company called the National Broadcasting Company, commonly known as NBC.  For a non Jew to own a main stream media company in America threatened to overturn the Jewish monopoly of the MSM in America and to totally derail the Jewish Master Plan.  So Jews reacted very violently to this by putting a professional hit on Bill Cosby's son, Ennis Cosby, pictured above lying dead beside his car.  That is the real Jewish M.O., to kill any non Jew who gets in their way or to kill one of their family members to send them a very strong message.  Of course they would have killed Bill Cosby himself but he was too high profile to just assassinate and get away with it so they killed his son instead.  Jews are the most treacherous people in the world.  Never forget that.

Islamic State/ISIS

The above image is taken from a video that was found on a device stolen from one of the members of U.S. Senator John McCain's staff while John McCain and his staff were in Ukraine.  When the device was examined a very interesting video was found on it that shows an ISIS beheading that was shown on television is being filmed inside of a studio using agents/actors.  This video was released by Ukranian activists.  If you want a real glimpse into the Real World, this video shows it.  Here is proof that an ISIS beheading that was shown on the Jewish main stream media was filmed inside of a studio by agents, indicating that ISIS is nothing but a Zionist PSYOP and the main stream media has been lying its ass off about ISIS from Day one.  You notice nobody in the establishment tells the truth about ISIS.  Every single one tells the official story but in this video you see the truth that NONE of the main stream media or governments dare to discuss.  If you want proof of world corruption, its right in front of your eyes in that video.  Are you awake?  Is it time to go shop at the mall or watch a football game so you can avoid thinking about this?  I can only lead you to the well.  You must be the one to recognize. 

Jewish/Satanist Ritual Sacrifice

In terms of human sacrifice, there are some sacrifices that are clearly Jewish in nature and others which are clearly Satanist in nature.  In the above image is shown a real world example of Jewish Ritual Sacrifice.  What you see in that image is the throat of a woman has been cut and the blood from her still living body is being drained into a pan.  If you notice the woman is white and she is guaranteed not to be Jewish because Jews only select non Jews to be victims of Jewish Ritual Sacrifice, abbreviated JRS.  This collection of blood in a pan is a standard practice of Jewish Ritual Sacrifice going way back in time to the dark ages and before.  After the blood is collected in this manner then it will be usually be put into containers and distributed to many different Jewish communities, where the blood will be used in Jewish Religious rituals such as being baked into bread that will be eaten by Jews.  This is the barbaric Jewish custom which has been hidden from the False World from times of old but it is still practiced today in complete secrecy in the Real World.  This image is proof that is still practiced today. In that picture you can see lot of people who are Jews holding the woman down as her blood is being drained.  This is common in JRS.  Are you shocked?  Welcome to the Real World.

In the Real World, Jews and Satanists are involved in ritual sacrifice. In the above image is seen a man wearing a business suit and also wearing a Jewish hat called a Yamakah (see below)

This man is seen with what looks like newborn fetus with the afterbirth still attached to it.  Blood is clearly seen on the paper or parchment that the fetus is lying on.  In Satanic cults they have women in the cult who are known as Breeders. Their role in the cult is to have children who will be ritually sacrificed/murdered.  The fetus in the above image is very likely from one of these breeders. At the time this image was taken the child may already have been murdered and the blood seen in the image is where the child was stabbed or its throat was cut.  These sacrifices are bloody and violent and they involve murder of fetuses, babies, children and sometimes even adults.  If you look carefully in the above image you can see the legs in the background of at least two different other men who are watching the man in the foreground with the fetus.  It looks like they are standing on a stage looking down on the man and the fetus. It is very likely that there are many people watching this.  This is a Satanic ceremony.  You can also see the flame in the background which a part of the Satanic ceremony.  These ceremonies use a lot of symbolism. 

JFK Assassination

What is seen in the above image taken from the Zapruder film is an umbrella circled in red which was very close to the Presidential Limousine as it passed in front of the Stemmons Freeway sign in Dallas, Texas. This was no normal umbrella but a CIA created weapon that could fire a small toxin coated dart accurately over small distances (see diagram below).  The person holding the umbrella is a CIA agent who fired the small dart into the middle of JFK's throat. This toxin coated dart very quickly immobilized JFK and made him helpless to resist anything that was done to him by his loving wife in the back seat of the Limousine.  Read further down to see what his loving wife did to him. What you are seeing is evidence of a carefully planned. choreographed assassination involving many people. At the time of this image JFK has already been shot in the throat.  Those two people seen clapping on the right side of the image are clapping because JFK has been shot and because they know that this is the beginning of the assassination sequence. The throat shot was the beginning of the sequence which would render JFK helpless.  The end of the assassination sequence is when Jackie fired a projectile through JFK's brain, killing him instantly (see below GIF).  

Although the majority of people have been brainwashed not to see it, the assassin of John F. Kennedy was his own wife and this clearly shown in the film taken by Abraham Zapruder. Its not rocket science at all to understand how she killed him. Its shown right in front of your face in the above image but allow me to explain what is shown there in case your brainwashing will not allow you to see what is shown.  A small weapon firing a single powerful projectile has been passed to Jackie prior to this gif.  This weapon was very likely developed by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) specifically for this assassination. She held this weapon inside her right hand.  She presses the barrel of this weapon up underneath JFK's left cheekbone and pulls the trigger on the weapon.  The projectile fires upward, through JFK's brain and exits out the top of his head, killing the President instantly.  Do not believe the lie that JFK survived and died later in the hospital because that is pure disinformation.  JFK died instantly when that projectile fired through his brain from the bottom of the brain pan and exited out the top of the skull.  You can clearly see the blood splatter from the shot fired at point blank range to the left side of JFK's head and this is consistent with an image shown of one of JFK's shirts, shown below, that shows most of the blood is on the left side of the body exactly where the weapon was fired into his head and then dripped own onto his shirt.

Blood pattern corresponds to head shot on the left side of body:

Everyone inside the Limousine was in on the Conspiracy to kill JFK, including Jackie (the assassin), John Connally and his wife and the two U.S. Secret Service Agents in the front seat.  Only JFK was unaware that his assassination was planned in advance and everyone around him who he trusted to protect him and keep him safe were treacherous vipers who sold him out.  All those people standing outside the Limo watching as Jackie delivers to head shot knew about the assassination in advance and they were there to watch and photograph it close up.  All of this has been hidden from the public and yet the truth is hidden in plain sight for anyone who has the eyes to see it.

As I stated above, Jackie Kennedy was the assassin of JFK in the back seat of the Presidential Limousine.  The chosen patsy to be the assassin was Lee Harvey Oswald.  In the False World we have been told that the above photograph is that of Lee Harvey Oswald but that is not true.  Only the head portion of that image is of Lee Harvey Oswald.  The body portion of that image belongs to an agent of the U.S. Government, most likely an agent of the CIA since the CIA has been shown to have had such extensive involvement in the JFK assassination.  So the image above is a manipulated photograph of a CIA agent holding the rifle that supposedly killed JFK (except no rifle killed JFK, that was just the cover story to conceal Jackie as the assassin) with the head of Lee Harvey Oswald.  This photo manipulation was done by the CIA.  This image has been carefully examined by experts and it has been discovered that the way the man is standing and the shadows behind him do not line up properly. Also the way he is standing is wrong.  Lee Harvey Oswald was confronted with this image and asked about it and he clearly said that it was his head in the image that had been pasted onto someone else's body.  Oswald was fully aware that he was being set up and he was honest and telling the truth about this image.  There are some who have suggested that Oswald may have been employed by the CIA himself and that he was unknowingly framed for the assassination without his knowledge.  I see this as a strong possibility but in any case, Oswald was set up to take the blame for an assassination that was really committed by the President's wife, who herself had ties to the CIA before she even married JFK.  The CIA has its dirty little fingers everywhere in the JFK assassination when one looks closely enough.  However, what is the CIA really but just another front for the Jews to use in their plan for world dominion.

Barak Obama

This is a picture of a young man who later became "Barak Obama" shaking hands with another man. This is not a normal handshake but is a handshake that Freemasons are known to make among themselves, indicating that both men are Freemasons. I do not know where this photograph is taken or the circumstances behind it, but the important thing to note is that the man who later became President Barak Obama is a Freemason who was very likely groomed for the role of becoming U.S. President earlier in his life.  This is what the Jews do.  They select their own men or their minions who they want to become Presidents, Prime Ministers, Supreme Court justices, Senators, etc and then they groom and train them over many years to assume that position later.  When the Jews decide the time is right then they will install that person into public power, hiding their own involvement and making it appear as if it is the will of the people that made it happen.  This is why Democracy is an illusion that hides Jewish control. 

Shown above is the completely FAKE family of "Barak Obama". On the left is a man wearing a dress named Michael Laveigh Robinson, but in the False World he is known as "Michelle Obama", former "First Lady" of the USA.  Olympus has fallen to the ground by this act alone. The two children shown in the image are not the biological children of the former President and "First Lady" because two men cannot reproduce and have children, at least not yet until the Jewish perverts running the world figure out how to make that happen.  I am sure they are working on this.  The two children are not even adopted by this homosexual couple but they are the children of a completely different family, shown below.

Meet the Real Parents of the "Obama Children":

So the "Obama family" is nothing but a fraud to give the illusion in the False World that a normal family occupied the white house for eight long years instead of two men who were engaging in constant homosexual acts in the Presidential bed.  Sodom and Gomorrah. This is what the USA is in the Real World.  But its not just Obama.  Most all of the recent US Presidents are perverts behind the scenes and intentionally so because Jews love to install perverts as the "leaders" of the Goyim nations they control.

What is seen in this image is a young white child no older than six but as young as four who is engaged in a sex act with the former President of the United States, Barak Obama.  Does this mean that Barak Obama is a pedophile?  Very likely yes, but he is also a Homosexual. A person can be both a pedophile and a homosexual at the same time as well as being involved in many other sexual perversions.  If you do not see that the child is engaged in a sex act (oral sex) with the former President then you are blind not to see it. The two U.S. Secret Service agents standing behind the President wearing dark sunglasses are fully aware of what is going on.  The U.S. Secret Service agent on the left is flashing the photographer of this image a threatening warning look, as if the U.S. Secret Service agent is aware that this person should not be taking this photograph.  Who the person is who took the photograph will never be known but they released it to the public so I thank them for their service to the truth.  There are others standing around watching and photographing what is happening and they all are perfectly aware of what is happening.  This is the Real World.  I do not blame you if you see this as a being a version of the Twilight Zone because it seems that way to me too but in any case this picture is real and what it shows is real.  You can either choose to accept it or choose to disbelieve it.  The woman on the far right is very likely the child's mind control handler who may also be the child's grandmother.  In Satanist multigenerational families, children from these families are frequently tortured/traumatized to control their minds.  It is very likely that the woman and the child are part of the same family.  I project that this woman is aware of what Obama likes and she brought him this "gift".  As for the hand seen in the photograph, I believe that is from another person who is signaling to the U.S. secret service agent to the left that the person taking the photograph is not one of the normal people who attends such events and that he should not be photographing this.  If you see, his index finger is pointing to the camera taking the picture and the U.S. Secret Service agent has reacted to this notification that someone is taking pictures of this event who should not be.  It's very likely that other pictures of this event were taken by this same photographer but they could not be released with being deemed child pornography.  This image is as close as they could come to revealing the truth without being openly accused of distributing child pornography.  In any case, the far more guilty party is Barak Obama and not the photographer taking pictures of it.

Here is yet another picture of Barak Obama with a little white girl, because every Black President has a little white girl sitting on his desk on the oval office of the White House.  Once more this indicates Barak Obama is a pedophile in addition to being a Homosexual and whatever else he is behind closed doors. This child is very likely a mind control victim like the one in the previous image.  There is a special name given to mind control victims who serve Presidents and that is Presidential Model.  These mind control victims are given to U.S. Presidents to use in any way they choose. If you notice the girl in this image is entirely focused on Obama and is raising her dress up to show her legs to him as if she is in a trance. I am sure that that dress came entirely off in other images which have not been released.  But beyond the blatant homosexuality of Barak Obama and his "First Lady", this is the kind of filth that goes on in the USA.  The USA is Sodom and Gomorrah.

Above are two more images that indicate Barak Obama is a pedophile with a preference for young white children.  The girl in the above two images is named Maggie Nix, shown at approximately age seven and age ten.  It appears that Barak Obama had a long term relationship with this girl with the full approval of her parent(s).

Michelle Obama

"Michelle Obama" is the name given to the creature above, who was born a man named Michael Laveigh Robinson.  Regardless of what this freak chooses to call itself, it is a man and it will always be a man, not a woman.  That the Jews managed to put the homosexual filth of Michael and Barry in the White House for eight years (Michael is on top and Barry is on the bottom) is a testament that the USA in the Real World is Sodom and Gomorrah.  The "leaders" that the Snakes give us to be figure heads are the worst kind of scoundrels in reality.  But if you don't believe me take a look at the above picture of the former "First Lady" with a clear dick bulge showing under his dress. It was probably displayed on purpose because they like to put it out there right in front of people's eyes in plain sight. Extreme perversion passed off as normal to the entire USA, including children.  Olympus has fallen to the ground and has been replaced by Jewish perversion.  Do you feel like waving an American flag yet?

Another picture of Michael showing off his dick bulge because he loves to show the world that he is really a man and the Jews love to put this right in front of our eyes every chance they get.  The truth is hidden in plain sight so the Goyim have no excuse for not knowing that two men occupied the White House for eight long years who engaged in every homosexual act in the Presidential bed you can imagine and probably a lot more too which you cannot imagine.  Sickness and perversion have become the norm in the once great United States of America.  Now its just a toilet for Jews to shit and piss in. 

Whoa. There it is again.  Putting the perversion right in front of your face again and again and again so you have no excuse for not knowing the truth.  I hate to be crude here, but just imagine how many times that dick has been inside Barry's anus.  Probably more times than you can count.  But the point of showing these images here is to show that the truth is hidden in plain sight and has been for a long time.  Most Americans are completely blind to this and I am sure if you asked them if Michelle Obama is a woman they would answer, of course she is.  There are none who are so blind as those who refuse to see the truth. 

Are you tired of seeing Michael's dick bulge yet?  No?  Well here it is again when Michael appeared on the Ellen Degeneres show dancing around on stage with his dick clearly flopping around inside his pants.  If you go search you can easily find this video on Jewtube.  Because (((they))) love to flaunt the forbidden truth right in front of our faces and in front of our children who see this filth and are subconsciously affected by it.  This is the United States of America that you live in if you are in the USA.  It has not changed at all. Its on a one way trip to Hell that the Jews are dragging us all down into with them.  Unless we fight we are all doomed to this fate.  Are you ready to fight yet or is it time to go shop for clothes at the mall?

JonBenet Ramsey Murder

The above picture was taken at the wedding of John and Patsy Ramsey in Atlanta, Georgia on November 5, 1980. The reason this is a picture from the Real World is that there is face in the background of this image that should not be there, which I have circled in red. I contend that the person shown here is none other than Fleet White Jr.  When I saw that face I knew I had seen it before and the below picture of Fleet White Jr circa approximately 2006 is where I made the connection that this was Fleet White Jr.  This is significant for multiple reasons.  First it exposes the lie told by both John Ramsey and Fleet White Jr. that they met for the first time in Boulder, Co. in 1994.  That is the lie they were perpetrating in the False World.  But in the Real World these two men were such good friends that Fleet White Jr. was invited to John Ramsey's 1980 wedding and that they had an association that pre dated that.  And that earlier association between Fleet White Jr. and John Ramsey is exactly what Nancy Krebs described in her Feb 2000 testimony to Boulder CO authorities.    

Someone is in this picture who should not be in it, which is Ghislain Maxwell, daughter of the notorious Mossad agent Robert Maxwell and a close friend and associate of Jeffrey Epstein who also knew former President Donald Trump personally (see below image).

As I have said on this Blog in previous posts, it is my contention that child beauty pageants are a front for child sex trafficking.  Put in the context of the Two Worlds Paradigm, in the False World there is a nothing but an innocent beauty pageant with nothing sexual going on but in the Real World, these child beauty pageants are the perfect platform for young children to be advertised to wealthy pedophiles, almost like a commercial.  If a wealthy client has the cash to pay, he can have access to one of these children.  I believe that Ghislain Maxwell as well as Jeffrey Epstein were and probably still are involved in child sex trafficking.  So this explains why Ghislain Maxwell was seen at a child beauty pageant where JonBenet was.  I do not believe that Ghislain Maxwell has any direct involvement in the JBR murder or case and I think it is just a coincidence that she was photographed there but still it is very significant that Maxwell was seen there, which is likely in Colorado.  Are your eyes open yet?

Catholic Popes as Pedophiles

If you don't what you are seeing or deny what you are seeing in the three above images then you are blind.  Here are three different Catholic Popes engaging in or associated with behavior that reveals them as pedophiles in the Real World.  Forget about the False World.  If you allow the False World to confuse and blind you then you will never understand anything.  Look past the lies of the False World to the truth of the Real World which these images very clearly reveal.  You know that these images just hint at what is going on behind closed doors in the Catholic Church.  From the top down the Catholic Church is corrupt.  If you are a Catholic I hate to be the one to tell you that.  Come out of the Catholic Church and all such religions that are in reality blatant frauds that hide perversion behind closed doors.  Wake up.

The Sandy Hook School Shooting

The above image is smoking gun proof that the Sandy Hook School shooting is a PSYOP.  Its not only a PSYOP but its a Jewish PSYOP with all the children who allegedly died in it being Jewish.  I do not need many words to describe this image.  Its in front of your face.  If you are too blind or stupid to see it, whose fault is that?  Just one more piece of evidence that the USA is one big open air Jewish zoo, for those of us who have the eyes to see it. 

Mother Theresa

In this picture is shown Mother Theresa sitting inside a room with Robert Maxwell, who is a Mossad agent.  Yes, he is the same man who is the father of Ghislain Maxwell, partner of Jeffrey Epstein.  All these rats hang together in the Real World but I digress. What this image shows is that Mother Theresa was not an independent agent at all but was a tool of the Israeli Mossad. She was very likely a victim of mind control, with Robert Maxwell as her mind control Handler.  If you look at that image, she looks just like a child waiting to be told what to do next like she has no will of her own.  This is very common in mind control victims. We can see Robert Maxwell on the phone talking to probably his superior asking what he should do with her next.  Is your mind blown yet?  Is this too deep for you to handle?  

Paul Walker

I was going to do a separate post on Paul Walker especially with a new movie in the Fast and Furious franchise about to be released but this is as good of a place as any to discuss him.  In the False World, Paul Walker and another man died in a horrible car crash.  In the Real World, neither man died but they are still alive. I have already seen the evidence of this and I fully believe it.  You might ask me, why would these two men fake their deaths?  Someone wanted this to happen.  Although the reason(s) behind it are not yet clear to me, I fully believe it.  I also suspect that the above picture was taken after Paul Walker supposedly died.  Who was Paul Walker really?  Was his real name ever Paul Walker or was that just the name he was known by in the False World?  Was this man Jewish?  I have no direct evidence of this but I suspect he was Jewish because it is frequently Jews who are involved in these fake deaths.  Other examples of faked deaths by Jews are Jeffrey Epstein and Issac Kappy.  Where is this man now?  I have no idea but he just might be living in Israel where he came from originally.  His real family is very probably Jewish.  He may have been given a fake family in the False World to conceal who he really was from the public, which is a Jewish agent.  His two finger salute in the image above shows the contempt this man feels for the world.  I had to go on the wayback machine to find a good link to a site discussing Paul Walker's death being faked.  I suggest you read it.  Although Miles Mathis has not done an expose on the alleged death of Paul Walker, Mathis does state that he believes Paul Walker's death was faked as he believes that many other alleged Hollywood actor deaths have been faked.  Here is the way Miles Mathis puts it:

Most just retire and fade away. But for the most famous, that isn't a viable option. They can't fade away because they simply have too many fans. Intelligence can help with that. A faked death can easily solve that problem. This is what happened to many many stars, more than you think. Not only Elvis and Jim Morrison and John Lennon, but a large percentage of all the other deaths you know of. Very few Hollywood deaths actually occurred, and realizing what happened here may help you unwind any other death you may have questions about. James Dean, like so many others, faked his death. It has long been part of the actors' clause, allowing them a full exit. The most recent actor who took it was Paul Walker, and he took it using the same story as Dean. They get tired of having to make up new stories, so they tend to get lazy and just recycle the same ones over and over.

I am not saying I agree with everything Miles Mathis says but his contention that some famous people prefer to fake their deaths so they can live out the rest of their lives in freedom and anonymity makes sense to me.  If a famous person just wants to live free in the world without being hounded by fans and press and followed around wherever they go, this would be the way to do it and it would be perfectly understandable why a famous person would choose this.  Can you see this? 

Walt Disney

Although many people including myself have been conditioned to admire Walt Disney, Walt Disney was a Jew and very likely a high ranking Freemason and a member of the Illuminati.  Movies and cartoons from Walt Disney Studios have all kinds of hidden messages built into them such as the above image that is asking viewers to inquire about the Illuminati.  Once more the truth is hidden in plain sight for those who have the eyes to see it. 

Sexual imagery is hidden inside of many Disney cartoons and movies in order to subliminally influence children to adopt sexual behaviors.  The above cartoon is one example of this.  In this cartoon Minnie Mouse is holding a penis shaped dildo up to her mouth while Mickey is watching happily as she does that.  The symbolism indicating oral sex is clear to any adult seeing this but to a child who is the intended viewer of the cartoon it would not be understood consciously but subliminally.  Watching enough such cartoons could influence the child to accept sexual behaviors forced on them from adults as normal and I believe this is the intended purpose of it. 

Yet another example of sexual symbols being placed inside a Disney cartoon.  In this case the word "Sex" is embedded inside the cartoon as a subliminal message.  The conscious mind is unable to see the word "sex" but the subconscious mind is able to see the word and seeing this word has a subconscious effect on the viewer.  Young children who do not know what the word means would not be affected by this but anyone who does know the meaning of the word would subconsciously be affected by seeing this against their will.  These subliminal messages completely bypass the conscious will so that even a child who is moral or Religious will still be affected.  This is a form of mind control. 

I plan to be showing more pictures from the Real World but if you have found some picture that you think is from the Real World and you want my take on it, then please send me a link to the image or video in the comments below and I will be glad to take a look.  

More to Come


  1. Do you mean the breeders in the Satanic cult are one who have pregnant then give birth and then sacrifice their own children? Or do you mean the breeders are the one who kill children for the cult (and the children are often not belong to the breeders) ?

    1. Yes I mean exactly what you said in the former. Breeders allow the cult to sacrifice children to their deity while maintaining complete secrecy. Using their own children is a way to keep the death of the child completely secret, as opposed to kidnapping a child and killing it. I am not saying that all child sacrifices are done using breeders but a significant portion of these are. However this is not the case in JRS. In JRS non Jewish children or adults are kidnapped and killed.

  2. So what is wrong with this completely normal picture? This picture is from your old post "Pictures from the real world".
    This picture is about a father holding his own daughter, that all. Do you mean that Trump can commit incest? I don't think so, because his face is so gentle and kind that is clearly imply that he is not an incestuous person. No incestuous person can have a gentle face like that.
    The closest proof that I find on the internet about the possibility that Trump can commit incest is the joke he said to the public: "My daughter really have a good figure. If Ivanka is not my daughter, I would date her", that joke imply that he think his daughter is good-looking, that all.
    That is my view.

    1. If you don't see what is wrong in that picture then you probably will not believe what I say about it which is that it is proof of blatant incest between Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka in the Real World. You believe whatever you want to believe because you only see the False World. I see through the False World to the Real World.

    2. Bro, I respect your opinion, but it is so hard for me to believe people with kind-hearted faces such as Bill Gates, Donald Trump, mother Teresa to be morally bankrupt. You can go to instagram of these people and you can see clearly a lot of pictures of these people with very kind-hearted faces. Evil people such as George Soros, David Rockefeller, Rothschild, etc have clearly evil faces, but Bill Gates, Donald Trump, etc do not. You can go to their instagram and see their gentle faces, for example:
      This is the most kind-hearted face that any human can have. I have never see anyone who have the more kind-hearted face. How can "evil people" manage to have such kind-hearted faces?
      It is almost impossible to believe people with a kind-hearted face like Donald Trump can commit incest. Maybe I get deceived, but it is really HURT me because even evil people can have such kind-hearted faces, it make me lost hope of this world, so my uncle who have a very kind-hearted face can be evil as well? This make me so hopeless, do you understand?

    3. You cannot be deceived by facial appearances. If you have understood anything about what I meant about the world being a Jewish stage with actors on that stage then you know that false appearance is the norm in the False World but you cannot be deceived by appearance because it's an act of deception. You must look past the appearance in public to the hidden truth. That is what I am attempting to show you in this post about many things. As for your negative feelings upon learning this, that is normal for a person seeing this for the first time. Everyone feels bad when they see this. But if you will be brave and not run away then it gets easier to accept and you won't feel hopeless. Feeling hopeless is called the Black Pill. You must not allow yourself to

    4. (cont) feel hopelessness. The more you face this reality the easier it will get. I have gotten to the point where I can see the Real World without being hugely disturbed by it. I see it as my duty to wake up people like you to that world which you cannot currently see.

  3. I am so surprised. The Matrix is an extremely great movie which has many deep meanings and great quotes. It is really a good source of red pill because it is related to our reality. So I think this movie must be made by good people who is red-pilled and know what the truth is and want to wake up people for God's sake. However, these same people know about 9/11/2001 in advance and do not publicly warn people but only secretly show the hint about what they will do in the movie. So they are probably not as good as I think, or maybe it is just a coincidence?

    1. Only the first Matrix movie I see this way. The other two movies were garbage IMO. But yes the first movie is very much allegorical and tells a deeper story. Why would Jews make this movie if they want to keep humanity asleep and stupid and dumb? I do not know. Perhaps God works in mysterious ways and this movie is one of those ways. I don't know. I am just one human being trying to figure out this crazy world for myself and for everyone else. Why would they try to wake people up with this movie? It is a mystery to me. Sometimes I think that they may feel its too easy for them to control the world and they want to give hints to us so we understand what is happening and are not just dumb cattle living our entire lives and dying without knowing the truth. I don't know but all I can say is that the First Matrix movie opened my eyes.

    2. The directors who wrote and made the movie The Matrix are not Jews. But even if they are, there are good Jews as you know. Some people who want to oppose the Establishment but they do not want to say it openly and straighforwardly because they fear that they maybe get assassinated or their family members can be killed (like Bill Cosby's son). Therefore, they put their ideas and messages of opposing the Establishment into their movies, books, etc. which are somewhat or somehow related to our real-life situations. Dr. Pierre Gilbert did the same with his book, like the way the directors twin of the Matrix did. They want to expose the Establistment INDIRECTLY by their actions or products. Gus Grissom (a NASA astronaut who want to expose Apollo Moon Landing Fraud) also do not say the truth straightforwardly because he is surrounded by the snake, so he imply it indirectly by his action of hanging a lemon on a clothes hanger on an Apollo capsule. The Establistment considered this action as dangerous so they killed him, you know

    3. I am in agreement with everything you said in this comment.