Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Jews use people as PSYOPs

In the previous post I refer to the world as a Jewish Stage for non Jews to believe in, which becomes the basis for the Two Worlds Paradigm.  In this post I am going to turn my attention from the stage to the actors on that stage.  Jews use certain people as PSYOPs to manipulate and control the general public in the False World.  Think of these people as actors on the Jewish stage.  Following is a list of people who I see as Jewish PSYOPs.

Donald Trump

I had an epiphany not too long ago that Donald Trump from the time he first became a Politician was a Jewish PSYOP.  I plan to make an entire post in the near future explaining why I see Donald Trump as a PSYOP so I will not discuss that further here.

Isaac Kappy

I saw long ago that Isaac Kappy was a Jewish PSYOP from the time he became "an anti-pedophile whistleblower". I created a previous post outing Isaac Kappy as a Jewish PSYOP here. It is my very strong contention that this man, whose real name will probably never be known, faked his death and that he is alive well somewhere in the world, probably in Israel.  

Paul Walker

I contend that the actor known as Paul Walker was also a Jewish Psyop.  Here is a link to a post where I discuss Paul Walker.  I very strongly contend that this man faked his death and is alive and well in the world somewhere, perhaps in Israel.  

Elon Musk

I consider Elon Musk to be a manufactured person who is an actor on the Jewish stage.  Unknown to most, this man is Jewish.  Very telling is the way that this man is repeatedly played up in the Jewish press.  Whenever you see the Jewish press repeatedly talking about someone like this it is a big red flag that the person is a PSYOP that they want the general public to see.  Of course they play up their own agents.  I am not the only one to smell something fishy about Elon Musk.  Miles Mathis outed him in a post here

Bill Gates

As one of the front men of the Jewish Covid 19 PSYOP, Bill Gates is an obvious agent of the Jewish agenda.  His former "leadership" of Microsoft was also a phony. I could say a lot more to out this man but I have no need to do so because so many others have done it for me.  He is a snake.

Steven Jobs

Just as Bill Gates was manufactured and put on the Jewish world stage as head of Microsoft, Steven Jobs was manufactured and put on the Jewish stage as Microsoft's major "competitor", Apple Computer Company.  Remember, the truth is not what they want you to believe but something far different.

Dr. Fauci

Another front man for the Jewish Covid 19 PSYOP.

Klaus Schwab

Another front man telling the non Jews what the Jews want them to hear, such as you will own nothing and be happy. 

Jeff Bezos

This man is a Jew who is in charge of both Amazon and the Washington Post.  As with Elon Musk, he is frequently played up in the Jewish press.  He is a manufactured person as he has been placed into his position on the Jewish stage.  Miles Mathis did an expose on Bezos here.

Fiona Barnett

I have gone back and forth on Fiona Barnett because I want to believe her story but at the end of the day I must conclude that she is a PSYOP.  I have looked very closely at the claims made by Fiona Barnett but I have exposed some things she said that IMO reveals her entire story as a fraud.  For one thing, she does not blame Jews for anything but Satanists who she sees having nothing to do with Jews at all.  Another thing that exposes her is her tale of seeing two statues of Dagon inside a secret Australian facility.  Dagon is the God of the ancient Philistines, known today as Palestinians.  Very revealing.  So what Fiona Barnett wants us to believe is that Jews are completely innocent but its Palestinians who secretly rule the world as evil Satanists.  I don't think so.  She is a fraud.

Alex Jones

Alex Jones who is married to a Jew is the fake truther that the Jews put onto the stage long ago so they could discredit the truth that this shill pretended to expose.  It is astounding to me that even today there are people who call themselves truth seekers who show videos from this Zionist agent as if he is an honest man instead of a Zionist snake.  If you see any web site showing a video from this man then know you are on a shill site and close it immediately. This man is a pure Zionist snake.

Derek Chauvin

I've talked about Derek Chauvin before on this blog and pointed out the fact that there are at least two different individuals playing the role of Derek Chauvin.  The George Floyd murder was a PSYOP and Derek Chauvin is a manufactured entity as part of that PSYOP.  You cannot believe anything that the Jewish press has said about this man as authentic.  He is just an actor on the Jewish stage playing a role to deceive the Goyim.

Besides these, there are many many other actors on the Jewish stage that the world has become under Jewish control. Using individuals and showing them repeatedly in the Jewish press is another way that Jews manipulate and control the world.  Every person in the above list are one thing in the False World of the two Worlds Paradigm and a completely different thing in the Real World.  In the Real World, all of these people are Agents for their Jewish masters who willingly serve the Jewish Snake for money, for power, for fame, etc. All of these people serve the Jewish agenda in secret. You should view all of these people as Agents pretending to be what they are not.  They are nothing more than actors on a Jewish stage in reality and you should view them as such.  


  1. Bro, if people like Bill Gates serve the Jews for fame so why he accepted to become a front man to receive all the heavy insults from people for the "pandemic" that obviously he cannot do it alone to deceive people on worldwide scale. Very very few people think of the entire Jewish establishment which so many Jews behind it, it is ridiculous that they think Bill Gates is the one man who is behind the pandemic, the man who created covid. No, he cannot do it alone, and, likely, he is not the one on the very top of the pyramid who orders people to do this kind of psyop. Bill Gates tried to become so suspicious by provoked actions and provoked statements to distract people, to make people focus on him only so that people will suspect him only. Now the Jewish press even attacked Bill Gates strongly and even accepted the "conspiracy theory" between him and Epstein so that people will think Bill Gates is a very bad man who can be the culprit behind the pandemic if there is a culprit behind this pandemic. There is no benefit to destroy your fame like that. No man wants to sacrifice himself for others to become the only "man who did against humanity" for them.
    Maybe these people sold their soul for Satan, they don't care about people hate them or insult them, as long as they can achieve the common shared agenda of the Jewish establishment (which the Jewish rabbis on the top who connect with Jewish Satan)

    1. People serve the Jews for various reasons. For money, for power, for fame, or because they believe in the Jewish agenda. Miles Mathis believes that Bill Gates is Jewish or comes from a Jewish background, and if so that would be big reason why he is serving the Jews. Jews know that the Goyim will hate those who they perceive are lying to them and so they want that hate to be directed toward front men such as Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci and not directed at the Jews who are the real architects of the Covid 19 plandemic. My perception of the common man (aka "the mob") is that he is stupid, shallow and incapable of seeing the truth. He does not think. He is easily deceived and misdirected. All of his focus will be on Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci, especially when there are so many controlled opposition articles on the internet that focus entirely on these men and do nothing to expose the Jews who are really behind it. The comman man is like a child who needs to be told what to think. He will believe anything.

      You are correct that Bill Gates (and Dr. Fauci too) purposely said many things to put negative attention on himself. He is an actor on the Jewish stage who is taking the heat for his Jewish masters. You make the mistake of thinking he cares about fame. Bill Gates does not care about his fame. He is an agent serving the Jewish agenda. Gates allows himself to be attacked and demonized, just as Trump does, because that serves the Jewish agenda.

      I would like you to stop focusing on Satan as a real spiritual evil entity and keep your focus on the Jewish race and its evil war against non Jews to control the entire world. To me, that is the real definition of Satan.

  2. I think the Jews use their "sacrificial pawns" so often because the pawns only get blamed and insults for the fault of the entire Jewish establishment. The "sacrificial pawn" deliberate receive their bad reputation, they get no fame, just to serve unconditionally for the common benefits or common goals of the establishment.

    1. Bingo. Now you are understanding what I am trying to say in this post.

  3. I remember I was going to ask you how can people like Elon Musk "the Martian" go to Mars when even the much easier thing like moon landing is fake. Now you have already answer my question even before I ask you.

    1. You are starting to learn that nothing these snake say can be trusted to be the truth. Elon Musk is a Jew merely playing a role that has been given him to play by others on the Jewish stage. In the False world he says and does what has been given him to say and do. Although he appears to be an independent person making his own decisions, that is just an illusion. (((They))) may be and probably are planning to stage a fake manned mission to Mars sometime in the future. That would not surprise me at all. Anything they can do to deceive the public in furtherance of their agendas they will do. Once you see the game then you are no longer fooled by it.

    2. In addition to not being fooled by it, you learn how to predict what they are going to do in the future. In fact, they often show via "predictive programming" on their media what they are going to do in the future. You just have to be smart enough to figure it out. After a while you gain the ability to think like them so you understand what they do and why, and you can see what their intentions are with a PSYOP like Covid 19 for example. Once you get to that point then you will be very far along on the road of truth.