Monday, November 30, 2020

 Jackie killed JFK for Israel

There is no Treachery like Jewish Treachery:

JFK never saw the knife coming and he especially never expected it to be held in the hand of his own wife.

This is the most Evil thing that I have ever seen in my life.  

But what is equally Evil is that most people do not even know about it and refuse to see it even when it is put right in front of their eyes.  That is the power of Jewish brainwashing.  For many years I was one of the brainwashed who could not see the obvious until I broke my brainwashing.  Its extremely SAD to me that people disbelieve what their own eyes tell them in favor of what their brainwashed mind tells them.  Anyone who does not see that Jackie killed JFK is a Blind fool.

Sunday, November 29, 2020

 Tweets I recommend

I don't recommend many Tweets but when I do it is from honest people telling the truth about the evil Establishment:

I feel the need to give my own answer to the question "what happens next?" although I will not be doing it on the Jewish cesspool called Twitter.  I will do it here on my Blog.

One thing that I have become aware of since I took the red pill is that the Establishment plans everything it does in advance. In my opinion, this world virus Psyop has been planned for at least a decade ever since their last major Psyop was so successful, 9-11. What I am saying is that the Establishment has carefully planned this Psyop in advance and they have predicted in advance every possible response that the people of the world will have to it and they have their responses prepared in advance to the people's responses.  I guarantee that (((they))) are carefully watching the internet every day to see what our response is and they are adjusting their Psyop accordingly so it will have the maximum effect that they desire to achieve.  One scenario they have certainly predicted and prepared for is that the people will see through the Psyop as a lie and stop believing in Convid 19 as a legitimate pandemic. They have a plan for our disbelief.  I do not want to be Black pill here or give these evil Psychopaths any ideas that they do not already have in mind, but I can already predict what their planned response is going to be.  If the people do not believe that the current virus is real then one thing they can do and are probably fully prepared to do is to release a more lethal strain of the virus (or a completely different virus) that will have a much higher fatality rate to get people to believe its real.  I am not saying they will do that but I can see them doing that.  Whatever they do, the Establishment has the whole game rigged so that they believe they cannot lose no matter what the people do in response.  They even have martial law prepared in case the people rise up in Revolution against them.  Is anyone reading this dumb enough to believe the Police really stood down during the Black Lives Matter Psyop?  Defund the Police? What a fucking joke.  America is a Police state waiting to be turned into a military martial law quarantined country if the American people ever get the Balls to stand up and resist the tyranny being forced upon them.  You better fucking believe it.

More to Come.

 "Jackie Killed JFK" disinformation.

In a previous post I said that the Establishment used Jackie Kennedy to kill her own husband and that the Establishment has purposely funded the creation of web sites and articles that say Jackie killed JFK (which is the truth) but then they discredit the truth with obvious lies and disinformation. In that post I said would be showing some specific examples of this.  As an exercise, I am going to do that with the first web site that pulls up on my search engine (DuckDuckGo) when I search on the term "Jackie Killed JFK". Here is the web site that comes up for me:

In this post I am going to document the disinformation in the web site and correct it with the truth as best as I have been able to determine the truth about this subject.  

Quote from the Web site:  Jackie Kennedy was hired by the CIA to shoot JFK in the throat in 1963, according to a new bombshell report. 

Disinformation:  Jackie Kennedy was hired by the CIA.  Jackie Kennedy shot JFK in the throat.

The Truth: The CIA was involved in the JFK assassination but it was not the originator of the plot to kill JFK.  Israel was the originator of the plot to kill JFK and replace him with a Zionist loyal to Israel, which was LBJ.  Nobody should be surprised that LBJ favored Israel against his own country's military in the U.S.S. Liberty incident, because LBJ was a Zionist stooge.  The CIA cooperated with and assisted Israel in the assassination of JFK.  Jackie Kennedy shot JFK with a projectile through his head.  She did not shoot him in the throat.

Quote from the web site: The Warren Commission states that two shots were fired from behind, yet Kennedy’s injuries it is claimed showed he was shot from the front, with the bullet making an exit at the back of his skull.

Disinformation: JFK was shot from the front with the bullet making an exit at the back of his skull.

The Truth:  JFK was shot from the left side at point blank range with a projectile making an exit at the upper right front side of his skull. 

Quote from the web site: Fetzer says: ‘The autopsy x-rays were fabricated to conceal a massive blow-out to the back of the head, caused by a shot fired from in front… The autopsy record was falsified.’

Disinformation: The autopsy x-rays were fabricated to conceal a massive blow out to the back of the head caused by a shot fired from the front.

The Truth: There was no massive blow out to the back of JFK's head caused by a shot from the front.  JFK was not shot from the front.  He was shot from the side.  The wound on the back of his head was created after his death to hide the truth.  If this is a legitimate quote from Jim Fetzer, then Jim Fetzer is a disinformation agent.  It would not be the first time that someone who is a known truther turns out to be a snake wearing sheep's clothing.  For example, did you know that Bill Cooper pushed the Driver Did it before he died?  Its true.  There is no way that someone makes a mistake like that.  Bill Cooper was a Snake in Sheep's clothing who was paid to deceive.  It would not surprise me at all to discover the same is true about Jim Fetzer.  In fact, most people on the internet who claim to be the truthers are really working for the Establishment.  This is why I trust nobody but myself to tell me what the truth is.  Snakes are everywhere posing as truth tellers but actual truth tellers are rare.  This is the dishonest, corrupt world we live in.  It takes true discernment to recognize the truth from subtle carefully crafted lies meant to deceive.

Quote from the web site: In fact, over 40 witnesses described the fatal injury as a gaping wound, the size of a baseball, at the back of the president’s head.

Disinformation: Over 40 witnesses described a gaping wound on the back of JFK's head.

The Truth:  No witnesses made any such description.  This is a bold face lie meant to deceive that a bullet either entered or exited from the back of JFK's head when in reality no bullet did.

Quote from the web site: Dr. Jim Marrs agrees with Dr. Fetzer that ‘Kennedy was shot from the front, not the back.’

The Truth: If this is a legitimate quote from Dr. Jim Marrs, then Dr. Jim Marrs is also a disinformation agent.  Remember, most people who are known to be truthers are really snakes in sheep's clothing. In fact, I can say it more clearly.  Anyone that you know of by name as a truther on the internet is extremely likely to be a disinformation agent in disguise.  This does not mean that everyone is lying on the internet.  Indeed there are people like me who tell the truth without an agenda but these are not well known people.  These are just regular people who are honest and tell the truth as they see it.  Navigating the internet is like a walking through a snake pit where you never know who is hiding behind each closed door.  There are many false prophets who know how to tell you what you want to hear to manipulate your emotions to make you agree with their message.  Do not be deceived by them. Again, it takes Discernment to see through the liars and there are many many liars on the internet. 

Quote from the web site: To suggest that the much-loved First Lady was responsible for such a heinous act would be something even the most hardened conspiracy theorist would have trouble getting to grips with.

Disinformation: Jackie Kennedy was much loved.  Anyone who would believe that Jackie killed JFK is believing a theory that is in total denial of reality.

The Truth: Was Jackie Kennedy much loved?  I certainly never loved her, even before I knew she killed her husband.  Why would anyone love her?  I have read a million comments on Youtube that seem to show she was loved but I get the feeling that all the people making those comments are Jews from Israel who love Jackie because she did Israel a great favor by killing her husband.  Of course the Jewish Establishment press of which this web site is a part of want to perpetuate the myth that Jackie was loved by the people but there is no reason to love her.  Jackie killed JFK is not a Conspiracy theory but a fact that anyone can see with their own eyes in the Zapruder film.  This web site is twisting the reality into a false reality where people who see the truth are lunatics and those who do not are sane and rational.  It is turning the truth upside down and this is what the Establishment does best.

More to Come

Saturday, November 28, 2020

 A Recipe for Wagging the Dog

1.  An unpopular unpredictable lame duck President who from the very beginning of his term has been more interested in serving Israel than the American people.

2. The firing and replacing of Defense Department/Pentagon officials AFTER his election loss to remove anyone in authority who would be opposed to using the U.S. military in a way that would not serve America's best interests.

3.  A warning that America is vulnerable to cyber attacks and attacks on the U.S. power grid system.

4.  The assassination of Iran's top nuclear scientist and Iran's vow to retaliate that has been publicized in the western media.

5.  A United States of America that is under lock down and a forced quarantine. A nation of dumbed-down Sheep who are pawns for another false flag being foisted upon them out of the blue.

6.  A U.S. Naval armada sent to the Middle East under the pretext that Trump is going to reduce the U.S. military in Afghanistan and Syria.  Anybody believe that lie?

7.  A limited window of opportunity before January 20, 2021 when President Israel is forced out of the White House.

8.  A President who has been against Iran from the beginning of his term with repeated warnings of annihilation against them. 

There is the Recipe for Wagging the Dog. Spelled out, what I am saying is that a False flag attack on the U.S. is about to happen that will be blamed on Iran.  The assassination of the Iranian nuclear scientist and Iran's vow to retaliate for it is setting the stage for this false flag.  Everything is done for a reason.  Moving the U.S. military back into the gulf at what should be the end of the Trump Administration is a red flag for anyone who is awake to see that they are setting the stage for something big.  

If you see attacks on the internet and attacks on the U.S. power grid, etc. that are blamed on Iran, watch out because this will be the pretext for the U.S. to launch a massive military attack on Iran. What the snakes want is to turn the American people against Iran (which they will be doing 24-7 with their main stream media) so the American people support a war against Iran.  I do not know if this will happen or not but my eyes are wide open to it. 

Another possibility is that they want to goad Iran into attacking a U.S. air craft carrier and possibly sink it in the Arabian Gulf.  Or they could sink a U.S. air craft carrier themselves and blame it on Iran.  However they will do it, what the snakes want is to give the U.S. military a pretext for a military attack on Iran between now and Jan 20, 2021 is my prediction.  

It does not take a rocket scientist to see that Trump is a dishonest puppet who is up for whatever Israel wants him to do.  And with his election loss, he has nothing to lose by using the U.S. military to bomb the Hell of out of Iran while he is still POTUS.  All he has ever cared about is Israel anyway and by doing this he is serving Israel better than anything else he could possibly do.  Fuck the American people.  They do not count.  They have never counted.  What Israel wants is much more important than what the American people want.  The American people are blind dumb sheep who will believe whatever Israel... oops I meant CNN....tells them anyway so what does it matter? 

Friday, November 27, 2020

 The World is Evil 

Although we are brainwashed from birth not to recognize it, the World is Evil.  Of course we all know there is evil in the world but the illusion is that the world (or more specifically those who run the world) is good and honest but has evil within it.  The reality is something different as anyone who has taken the red pill discovers.  The reality is that the world is evil and it is by design and the people who run the world are evil.  There are many good and honest people in the world but they are not running the world.  This is the message of the red pill and it is a very bitter pill to swallow.  Those who expect that discovery of the truth is going to be good and positive are shocked to discover that the opposite is true.  Those who control the world are evil and they have turned what should be a good world into an evil one.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news for those who do not know but that is the truth.  Once one becomes aware that the World is Evil, the only question is what can be done to change it?

 How the Establishment Discredits the Truth

In a previous post, I said there were three types of "Truth", which are Establishment "Truth", Actual Truth and Fake Truth.  I said that Fake Truth is purposely created by the Establishment to discredit the Actual Truth and to drive disbelievers back into the waiting arms of Establishment "Truth".  But in addition to Fake Truth, there is a another method that the Establishment uses to discredit the Actual Truth and it is as follows:

Create a web site on the internet that speaks the actual truth in its title and then discredit that truth with obvious lies that anyone can see through.  In this way, any truth seeker who is trying to discover the Actual Truth on that web site is going to discover the obvious lies mixed in with the truth and said truth seeker is going to become convinced that the entire subject is nothing but Bullshit and is going to be turned away from the actual Truth and driven back into the waiting arms of Establishment "Truth".  Although these may appear to be Fake Truth sites to the uninitiated, in reality they are are Trojan horse web sites that tell the truth only so they can discredit it.  It is important to understand the difference between these two types of web sites.

Put into other words, many web sites which appear to be truth telling web sites by honest people are in reality Trojan horses that have been purposely created to turn truth seekers away from the truth. The lies mixed in with the truth can sometimes be subtle but mostly they are very obvious.  They are intended to be obvious so that people will catch them and be turned off from the entire subject.  This is a very Machiavellian way to discredit the truth by intermixing lies and disinformation within it.  It has taken me years to discover this but most web sites on the internet that purport to tell the truth and that do tell the truth as the main title of the web site are actually not legitimate web sites at all but are traps to lure in truth seekers away from any legitimate web sites.  Web sites that tell the actual truth get shut down by the Establishment but these fake web sites never get shut down because the serve the Establishment.

I could give many examples of this but the example I want to focus on is Jackie killed JFK.  As I have said, Jackie Kennedy was the assassin of her husband and on my Blog and tell the Actual Truth as closely as I have been able to discover it.  But there are other web sites on the internet that are also saying Jackie killed JFK but these web sites are all of the type that I mentioned above.  All of them mix in Lies and disinformation with the truth so that they discredit the central premise of the web site, which is that Jackie Killed JFK.  And the Establishment owned Search engines such as Google are geared to pull up these fake web sites and show them and to not show the legitimate web sites.  For example, if you do a search of "Jackie killed JFK" in any major search engine a list of sites will come up that say that Jackie killed JFK but every single one is a disinformation web site.  My Blog entry on the topic does not show up in the list at all but at least half a dozen other web sites do.  So anyone who is curious about the possibility that Jackie assassinated JFK is going to find these web sites and not my web site.  In reality, it is a disinformation trap for the truth seeker.  The same applies to other Truths such as 9-11 being a staged Psyop and the faked Apollo moon landings.  But in this post I just want to focus on Jackie Killed JFK. In the remainder of this post I am going to list some of these web site and point out the obvious disinformation embedded in the content that actually discredits the entire notion of Jackie killing JFK while pretending to tell it.  Documenting the specific disinformation that has been mixed in can be very revealing to show which information the Establishment is trying to obfuscate.

Links for the Red Pilled about "Convid 19":

Thursday, November 26, 2020

 Three Types of "Truth"

There are three types of "Truth" in the world today and here they are, with examples of each.

Establishment "Truth":  This is whatever the JEWISH Establishment (the government and the main stream media) tells the people is the truth.  Sometimes this is not a Lie but sometimes it is.  Whatever serves the interests of the Jewish Establishment becomes the "truth".  

Delivery Method: Main Stream Media (owned and controlled by the Establishment)

Example of the JFK assassination:  Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated JFK by firing a high powered rifle from the sixth floor of the School Book Depository in Dallas Texas.

Example of the Apollo Space program:  NASA landed American Astronauts on the moon six times during the Administration of Richard M. Nixon.

Example of 9-11: Islamic terrorists attacked America because they hate us for our freedoms.

Example of Donald Trump:  In the case of Donald Trump, we have a mixed message from the Establishment.  From the Establishment government the message is positive.  From the Establishment media the message is negative, such as Trump serves Russia; Trump lies 24-7; Trump is a horrible President, etc.  This mixed message serves some nefarious purpose.

Actual Truth:  This is the actual objective Truth. This does not serve the Establishment and in fact is the enemy of the Establishment.  Whenever you see a video taken down by Youtube or a comment deleted from Youtube or a post deleted from Facebook or Twitter, it is because the video or post was telling the actual truth.  The Actual Truth is the enemy of the State and those who tell it are the enemies of the State. The Establishment labels the Actual truth as false conspiracy theory to discredit it.

Delivery Method: Intuition. Discernment.  Inner Wisdom

Example of the JFK assassination: The President's wife, Jackie Kennedy, assassinated JFK in the back seat of the Limousine by placing a weapon up underneath his cheekbone and firing at point blank range.

Example of the Apollo Space program:  The Establishment staged the moon landings on a set made to look like the moon on earth and showed it on television as if it was the real thing on the actual moon.  The primary reason for the deception was to overcome real obstacles that prevented an authentic moon landing and to eliminate any risk of failure that would make the USA look bad.  You cannot fail with a staged moon landing but they threw in one apparent failure (Apollo 13) just to make it look like it was not too easy to go the moon.  Web sites such as are pushing this lie to this very day.

Example of 9-11: Some old Asbestos filled buildings were demolished in a staged Psyop that was shown on television as a terrorist attack to deceive the American people and cause them to support U.S. Government wars in the middle east against Afghanistan and Iraq and also to accept huge restrictions on their freedom in exchange for "security" from "terrorists".  Only a Nation of blind sheep could be so deceived to believe this lie.

Example of Donald Trump:  Donald Trump is an Establishment actor on the Establishment controlled opposition stage.  Although he appears to be President, he is really doing nothing but running his mouth and tweeting 24-7.  He is just an actor pretending to be President while serving the real powers that be (Jews and Israel). Trump is a traitor to the American people because he does not serve the interests of the American people but only pretends to. 

Fake Truth: This is always a lie but it may be so carefully disguised that it becomes indistinguishable from the actual truth.  Although this appears to be against Establishment "truth", it is the Establishment itself that is behind this. The same Establishment that labels the actual truth as false Conspiracy theory purposely creates fake truth and also labels it as False Conspiracy theory as a way to discredit the actual truth and to make the actual truth be indistinguishable from Fake Truth. Its primary purpose is to discredit the actual truth and to push people away from the actual truth so that they have nothing else except Establishment "truth" to believe in.  Often times the Fake truth is so obviously a lie that anyone can see through it and that is by design.  The reasoning behind it is to get the public to see the Fake Truth and Actual Truth as the same thing:  Lies and Conspiracy theory.  Shills who pretend to be truthers push the fake truth everywhere they can and they are paid to do so by the Establishment. 

Delivery Method:  Usually the internet but some radio talk shows

The Trump/Republican party lying Pied Piper, QAnon (Trust the Bullshit):

The Fake Truther Judas Goat, Alex Jones:

Example of the JFK assassination: The driver of the Limousine turned around and shot JFK from the front seat.

Example of the Apollo Space program:  The Earth is Flat.  Space is not Real.  The moon is Plasma.  

Example of 9-11:  UFOs destroyed the towers.  Beams from space destroyed the towers (Judy Wood).  Israel attacked the USA.  America was really attacked and thousands of people were really killed.

Example of Donald Trump: Donald Trump is a great American Patriot and Christian who has been sent by God to fight the evil Satanic Deep State.  He is at war with evil everywhere.  The good guys are winning against the Bad guys and Trump is the cause of it.  Trump is hated by the media because he is good.  This is the message of QAnon and the Alt Right. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2020


Symptoms of Tyranny

Still think you are free?  Guess again.

Its happening. Who is awake enough to see it?  There are two choices facing every human being: Submission or Revolt.  There is no middle ground. 

Monday, November 23, 2020

 David Goldberg's Final Words

I Believe this belongs on my Blog.

I believe that is one of the shill channels that David Goldberg mentions.  It appears to be legitimate on the surface to give it credibility with its membership but as I and others have seen, Stormfront is a controlled opposition site that is full of shills of every kind.  There are good people in the membership but there are also many bad people, and the moderators and Administrators of the web site are censoring, account deleting snakes who are not interested in truth. For example, I am forbidden to say some things there and I am ridiculed for what I say about other things.  This is not a real truth oriented web site obviously.  Its more like a honey trap to identify who is against Jews and Israel and Zionism.

Tag, Track and ID (TTID):  To be further researched. I understand the concept, which is that they want to identify people who are against Israel and Jews and Zionism and web sites such as StormFront are a perfect platform for TTID. In fact, Stormfront is the only web site I know of that allows open criticism of Israel and Jews and Zionism.  I caught onto that some time ago and wondered why they were allowing this on Stormfront but nowhere else and this explains it. But for what purpose do they want to identify the enemies of Jews and Israel and Zionism?  To take retribution against them? According to David Goldberg, yes. 

One of the most interesting revelations from the documents Goldberg is reading from that is very relevant to what is happening today is the claim that Donald Trump is supposed to announce himself as King of Israel in a New World Order Government that has its capital in Jerusalem. That may sound absurd at first glance but let us consider a few things:

1. Donald Trump unilaterally gave Jerusalem and the Golan Heights to Israel during his term.

2. Donald Trump is the most pro Israel President the USA has ever seen.

3. Donald Trump has not conceded losing the 2020 election.

4. Even though Biden/Harris are the supposed winners, I get the feeling that something is going to happen between now and January 20th that is going to completely change the dynamic so that it no longer matters.

5. Remember that claim by Michael Moore when he said that Donald Trump would be the last President of the United States?  Of course I dismissed it as ludicrous when I first heard but now it does not seem so ludicrous as I envision a possible scenario that could make that prediction true.

6. Remember Trump saying "It's been my pleasure to have been your President."?  Yes, he said that as if he was no longer President in reality and he knew it.  Who talks like that?  

I am not saying that what David Goldberg says is true but it certainly sounds true.  We shall see. Is Donald Trump just going to lie down and accept election defeat or are they about to change the whole game on us all?  Time will tell.  In any case, this has my interest because it fits with a lot of things I have previously noticed but could not make sense of in terms of understanding their meaning.  If this is the real meaning, and I say if because I am not convinced but I am certainly looking, then I want to know about it as soon as possible.  


It would explain this:


The thought that this could be disinformation has already crossed my mind but I cannot yet say that it is or is not disinformation.  I cannot afford to simply dismiss it as disinformation and move on without delving into it deeper to find out what is fact and what is fiction.  I will get to the bottom of it. 


David Goldberg is a Jew who is (or was if he is truly dead) the husband of Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg.  That right there raises a huge red flag about the legitimacy of anything coming from him.  Facebook is enemy territory and someone married into that is automatically under a cloud of suspicion.  But my focus is on the message and not the messenger.  Forgetting about the messenger and his suspicious identity, I am just going to look at the message he supposedly delivered to determine if it is truthful or just bullshit disinfo.  

Here is another link to go deeper down this particular rabbit hole to see where it leads:


I find it particularly significant where he talks about the Blackouts across America and that they may be blamed on Iran.  That hits home with me as being a very real possibility.  It will be approximately two months from today that Trump is still POTUS.  What can happen in two months?  A lot.  When I think about Trump suddenly replacing Pentagon officials with loyalists immediately after his election loss, it raised a red flag that he was going to use the U.S. military for something while he was still POTUS and he replaced anyone who he thought would give him flak over it.  There has been recent talk about cyber attacks and attacks on the power grid that would cause the type of Blackouts discussed by the Goldberg identity.  Whether that identity is a real person or not, I am looking at the message and seeing if it could be true in some aspects.  Goldberg predicted these things would be happening in Winter of 2020 or 2021 which is where we are entering.  So it is something for all of us to watch.  

Also very interesting is where he talks about viruses being used to eliminate people.  He said these things before the Corona virus Psyop even started.  What do I think about that?  I think of the possibility of the Corona fake virus Psyop being used as a cover to deliver a real virus that is fatal to specific targets and to blame the deaths on Corona virus.  Just think about that.  What better disguise for assassination by biological means could there be than an environment where everyone already believes there is a deadly virus floating around?  Who would know the difference between a death by a real virus that was administered by some clandestine way and the existing Corona fake virus?  That would be a very evil thing to do but I would put nothing past them. 

One more thing:  What cover story could be created to explain fifteen million people being taken out of society?  The fake Rapture?  It makes me wonder. 

 Common attributes of Psyops

A lot of my Blog concerns Psyops so in this post I want to list some attributes common to all Psyops.

1. Deception.  All Psyops involve Deception to fool the target audience into believing some lie. Here are some examples of a few Psyops and the lie(s) associated with them.

9-11: Islamic terrorists attacked America.

Sandy Hook: The crazed son of an NRA affiliated mother killed 20 Elementary school children using big assault type weapons.

Apollo space program: American Astronauts landed on the moon six different times.

Convid 19: The entire world is infected by a global pandemic. 

2. Target Audience.  All Psyops have a specific target audience that the deception is directed toward. Here are some examples of Targets of various Psyops:

9-11: The American people.

Sandy Hook: The American people or more specifically the American people who own big guns like the assault type weapons that the fictional character Adam Lanza used to slaughter 20 Jewish living dead children. 

Apollo space program: The American people.

Convid 19: The people of the entire world (in every nation).

3. Agenda(s).  All Psyops have one or more agendas or goals that the Psyop is intended to accomplish. Sometimes the agenda(s) behind a Psyop is obvious. Sometimes it is well hidden.  Here is my interpretation of some of the major agenda(s) behind the four Psyops I have been discussing in this post:

9-11:  To cause Americans to hate Muslims and to support U.S. Government wars against Muslim Nations. To reshape the middle east and to secure America's energy resources into the future. To clamp down on the freedoms of the American people to control them.

Sandy Hook:  To remove big assault type weapons from the hands of civilians so that civilians will be unable to use them in a Revolution to overthrow the government and also will be unable to defend themselves from government imposed martial law and tyranny using said weapons.

Apollo space program: To unify the American people behind their government and to make them feel proud of America and its accomplishments and its government and its President during the time, Richard M. Nixon.

Convid 19: Global economic reset and an eventual cashless society where everyone is injected with an identifier that allows all their banking information to be controlled by someone else. To turn everyone in the world into slaves for the global Elite.  This is a major NWO agenda.

4. Main Stream media coverage.  Most all Psyops use the main stream media (mostly televised news) to accomplish the deception.  The MSM is the key mechanism that allows the Psyop to be performed.  Without the MSM, there could be no Psyop.  This is why people who no longer watch the MSM are largely immune from the effects of the Psyop. 

5. Negative Emotions.  Most Psyops play on human emotions to make the Psyop be successful and believable. Negative emotions such as fear, hatred, and prejudice are used to pull the target audience in and influence them to believe the Psyop. Examples:

9-11:  Hate and Fear Muslims and people from the middle East.  Seek Revenge on the middle east and support Wars against them.  

Sandy Hook: Hate and Fear people who own big guns and demand that the right to own big guns be taken away from everyone so children will be safe.

Convid 19:  Fear the Pandemic  Be afraid.  Be vewy vewy afraid.  Wear a mask everywhere. Stay indoors.  Stand in a line for the vaccine.  Do whatever the government says to stay safe. Submit to government authority to stay safe.

 About 9-11 being an "Inside Job":

There are some people saying that 9-11 was an inside job and I want to address this.  Those who believe that 9-11 was an inside job are just as blind and deceived as those who believe 9-11 was an Islamic terrorist attack against America.  To say that 9-11 was an inside job is to say that 9-11 was real.  It is equivalent to saying that 9-11 was a false flag attack against America and that is not true.  Most all of the so called 9-11 truth movement is based upon this premise but this premise is wrong.  It is this premise that prevented me from seeing the truth about 9-11 for more than decade until I finally broke my brainwashing that prevented me from seeing the obvious.  

9-11 was NOT an inside job.  9-11 was not real.  9-11 was a Psyop.  I have no doubt that most people who believe they are red-pilled about 9-11 are still blind to the truth.  And what is the truth?  The truth is that we are ruled by Snakes who lie to us to our faces 24-7 and think nothing of it.  The government and the media are 100% corrupt.  There is no truth in them.  

Of all the web sites purporting to tell the truth about 9-11 only one had the Balls to say that it was a Psyop and that was SeptemberClues.  Every other web site is controlled opposition and owned by the snakes to keep the people blind and deceived.  The snakes do not really care what lie you believe as long as you do not know the truth.  The snakes do not want the people to see that society is a lie and that everything is controlled and manipulated to keep the people deceived and placated.  

The illusion that the snakes want people to believe is that everything seen on television on 9-11-2001 happened on that day but the reality is far different.  The reality is that 9-11 was a long planned Psyop and was carefully prepared in advance.  Much of the footage seen on TV that people believe happened on that day actually happened before.  9-11 was a made for TV movie that was prepared in advance and then shown on all the television stations simultaneously as if it was happening in real time.  It was not happening in real time.  It was a dog and pony show to fool the public and it worked because most people are so brainwashed that they cannot even conceive of the notion that such a deception is even possible.  As I said, I was one of the brainwashed who could not even see the deception until I went through a tremendous effort to break my brainwashing.  Those who still think 9-11 was a real but inside job are blind and deceived and have not seen the truth.  They have not seen the truth about the dishonesty and corruption of the world and that everyone in authority is working for the snakes to keep the people under control. 

Sunday, November 22, 2020

 The Lesson of 9-11 applies to Convid 19

How many Americans have seen though 9-11?  I mean really seen through it to the point that they know it was not a Terrorist attack on America?  I cannot say. All that I know is that everyone in my family and everyone outside of my family I have ever known believed it was a terrorist attack and still believes it.  I believed it was a terrorist attack for a long time until I started seeing certain web sites that listed all the anomalies of it. These anomalies were things that were never shown on the news but these web sites all started listing them and that is when I started paying attention to the anomalies to see if they were real or imagined.  I discovered they were real and there were hundreds of them.  So, being a person interested in knowing the truth as I am I wanted to understand what the truth was about 9-11.  What was 9-11?  According to the main stream media it was a terrorist attack on America. 24-7 the media repeated the same thing over and over and over again until everyone listening to it was so brainwashed by the message that they became sick of hearing it.  But the well documented anomalies on these web sites showed that there was something wrong with the message we were being told by the media.  I wanted to know what the truth was about it so I started doing my own investigation into it that tried to reconcile all the information and all the anomalies into a single rational explanation for it. 

That was my initial attempt to understand 9-11 but it failed because what I discovered is that there were many mutually exclusive explanations for it and they all appeared to be valid to my brainwashed mind.  I need to make it very clear that everything I saw in the way of explanations was geared to appeal to my brainwashed mind and triggered me to believe I was seeing the truth.  But there cannot be multiple versions of the truth.  There can only be one version of the truth.  So I tried to reconcile all the multiple versions of the so called 9-11 truth into a single unified explanation that accounted for everything.  I drove myself crazy trying to do that so I abandoned the effort and just forgot about 9-11 and lived my life as if it did not exist.  

But the mystery of 9-11 plagued me and made me want to solve it.  I have a logical mind and I believe that logic can provide the answer to any question as long as all the information is known.  So I should be able to understand 9-11. So I came back to it and again tried to reconcile everything and failed.  I did this again and again without success for years.  What was wrong?  Why could I not solve a problem which should be easy to understand?  The answer to that question is because I was brainwashed NOT to see the simple answer which was actually in front of my face all along but I refused to accept it.  In my naivety and brainwashing from birth, I believed that the world was honest and it was inconceivable to me that both the government and the main stream media would be purposely telling lies to the people.  I could not get my brainwashed mind to accept that possibility so my attempt to understand 9-11 failed for years and years.  

I was too distracted by working and by life to see the answer until something changed and I was no longer working.  Only after I had eliminated that huge distraction from my life could I go back and focus all my attention on the 9-11 riddle. Long story short, I discovered more than decade after my initial attempt to understand what the actual solution was.  Here is what I found out on my own in a nutshell:

9-11 was not a terrorist attack on America.  9-11 was not a false flag attack by the U.S. Government or Israel or anyone else.  9-11 was a Psyop on the American people by the Establishment using the government and the media to lie to the people to convince them it was something it was not.    9-11 was not real except in people's imaginations. What was seen on television on 9-11-2001 was nothing more than an elaborate fictional Blockbuster movie presented as a real event to a completely gullible and trusting people.  The entire government and media apparatus is corrupt and dishonest and serves an agenda that deceives the people to keep them under control.  

There is my explanation for 9-11 and the exact same explanation applies to the Convid 19 media hysteria being seen today.  Just as during 9-11, the main stream media is working for the snakes and telling the people the same lie over and over and over again 24-7, ratcheting up the fear and brainwashing everyone in order to control them.  Just as 9-11 was never a terrorist attack but a Psyop, Convid 19 is not a pandemic but is also a Psyop.  It is a Psyop that has been long planned just as 9-11 was long planned.  Unlike 9-11, Convid 19 is a worldwide Psyop that is being operated in multiple countries across the entire world in a coordinated fashion by evil snakes who are pulling the strings of what is happening while standing behind curtains so they will not be seen.  . 


Revolution is Coming over the Convid 19 Psyop

This is just the beginning:

Buffalo, New York Business Owners Stand Up to Cuomo Lockdown Orders; Chase Out Sheriff & Health Dept:

Slovakia: Thousands protest COVID-19 restrictions on 31st anniv. of Velvet Revolution

Fuck the Mask Order and the New World Order:

 A Revolution is coming

Can you feel it?  Revolution is in the air and the U.S. Government itself is going to bring it over its Convid 19 Psyop.  When enough people see through the lies there will be a rebellion such has not been seen in America since the 1960's.  I will be doing my best to help light the fuse.  

The Establishment has severely overreached and underestimated the American people as blind dumb sheep who will believe whatever lies they are told.  

Although many Americans are brainwashed to believe, enough people are going to be forced awake by the Convid 19 Economic reset that there will be a violent response against it.  We are entering a period in America and the world where everyone is losing faith in the System and for good reason, because the System is completely morally bankrupt. Its based on lies and deception. 

Convid 19 is an unpredictable pandemic : LIE!

9-11 was a Terrorist attack on America - LIE!

Sandy Hook was a real school shooting with real victims - LIE!

The Apollo space program landed American Astronauts on the moon - LIE!

This Emperor is wearing no clothes. It relies upon our ignorance and trust to continue to exist. Now is the time to Rise up and overthrow the Machine.  We can do it together and there is nothing they can do except try to impose martial law to stop us.  Let's see how well that works out for them.  Second Amendment, Bitch!  Sandy Hook didn't do anything except to wake people up to the Snakes running the government and the media.

Friday, November 20, 2020

 Word to the U.S. Government:

If you push the people too far, the people will fight back!

In other words, if you try to turn America into a Prison over this Convid 19 BULLSHIT then the American people will rise up and burn the Government to the ground.  No threat but a promise.  Be very careful what you do.  We are Watching.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

 The consequences of taking the Red Pill

I realize that a great change has taken place inside of me since I made the choice to take the red pill.  As in the movie the Matrix, taking the red pill is not really a positive thing.  As Morpheus tried to warn Neo before he took it, the words "Remember, all I am offering is the truth" was a heads up that Neo might not like what he sees after taking it. The truth is supposed to be this shining light that we all seek after but as Neo found out and I found out and anyone else who has taken the genuine red pill and not some substitute offered by Trump or QAnon or anyone like them who spins truth into self serving propaganda, the actual truth can be a real downer.  Most people will never seek out the truth as I have done because its too difficult and they are too distracted by life and they really do not want to know it even though they say they do.  People want a sweet tasting Placebo for the truth which is why they latch on to charlatans who say they offer the truth but really they are just telling you what you want to hear.  90% or more of the online truth Gurus fit in this category.  Whenever you see someone trying to profit from the truth by selling you a book or a video, avoid that person.  The truth is not for sale and even if it were nobody would want to buy it.  But I am deviating from the purpose of this post which is to explain the consequences of taking the Red Pill as I see them.

I used to be proud of my country but I am no longer.

I used to be proud of the U.S. military but now I am no longer.

I used to be proud of the American government but now I am no longer.

I have lost all faith in the American way of life because I have seen through the facade of what it pretends to be to what it really is.  

I liked America in an earlier time period but in 2020 I no longer like it.  

I have no trust for anyone in authority.  None.  Zero.  Nada. 

All the Lies and Deceptions I have seen with my own eyes have destroyed the American dream for me forever.  

The only thing I care about now is helping to save the American people, or more accurately that percentage of the American people I deem worth saving.  

The red pill did not bring me happiness.  On the contrary, it brought me a sober awareness of a dark and dismal reality that is hidden by ruthless snakes who exploit the people like parasites to keep them enslaved to a system that does not benefit them but that benefits the parasitic elite.

Why did I spend over a decade taking the red pill and learning the truth that nobody would tell me?  Because I wanted to know.  Specifically, I wanted an explanation for 9-11 which nobody gave me.  All I got was a thousand different mutually exclusive explanations that there was no way to ever reconcile.  I did not find this acceptable so I went looking for the truth on my own and I found out.  And once I found out that truth, I had eyes to see all the other truths about American society and the world.  

Again I ask myself, why did I take the Red pill?  What good does it do me to know something that I can never tell to people who have never taken it because they will never understand my words and if they do understand they will never accept them?  I do not know.

For the longest time I lived under the illusion that I could spread truth to others and make them see what I have seen and pull them into the light of truth but I cannot.  Only those who have made the journey I have made can see what I see.  I can use the best possible words to help explain the truth to others and only the choir is going to agree with me.  From everyone else I will either get crickets or ridicule.  Maybe I have woken up a very few people who had no idea but for the most part I believe I have failed completely to spread the truth.  

As an individual I can do nothing except to maintain this Blog and try to reach people through it but what I really want to do is to join others who have taken the red pill and want to do something about changing the world.  The bad guys own everything and are a running a game on all the honest hard working people and I do not like that.  I want to help lead a war against them but I cannot do it alone.  I need help from above and help from others who like me want to do something to change the world for the better. Its not good enough just to try to enlighten others by spreading the truth. What I want is to be part of a Revolution that totally destroys the current corrupt snake-owned System and frees all the people from enslavement to it.  It was this desire for change that led me to support Donald Trump in 2016 under the misguided notion that he really was what he advertised himself to be. He was not.  I got burned very badly and I learned the hard way that charlatans are a dime a dozen but real Heroes who save the day for everyone are very rare. I need a Hero to get behind or a group of Heroes to get behind to begin to really do something about the problems facing America and the world. I have a lot of great ideas about how a real Resistance movement to the System can be effective but I cannot do anything alone.  I need to be part of something bigger than myself that wants to improve everyone's life for the better and does not give a fuck about profit or exploitation or Capitalism.  Capitalism is not the solution for the people.  Its great for helping the rich exploit most of the people but its very bad for humanity.  Capitalism does not give a fuck about people.  Capitalism does not give a fuck about the truth.  Capitalism cares about profit and it encourages a system based on lies and deception to keep everyone happily serving the rich.  I reject Capitalism.  We need to do better than this and we can.  


Wednesday, November 18, 2020

 Jet Li's Fearless:

Today I was watching Jet Li's Fearless and seeing the state of China in that movie reminded me of the state of America in 2020. In that movie, China, a once great powerful Nation had been infiltrated and owned and divided by corrupt wealthy non Chinese who did not give a fuck about China or the Chinese people other than how to exploit them for profit.  In the face of this horrible state that his country had fallen into, Jet Li's character stood up to try to restore National pride to the Chinese people. A true Patriot to his Nation, he hated the exploitation of his country by foreigners and he stood up as one man to do something about it with great courage and integrity. Although just a movie, it reminded me so much of what I see happening to America and my reaction to it.

I have already stated that Convid 19 is a false pandemic and in reality is a backdoor attempt to reset the world the way the Elite want to make us all better slaves for our owners.  America is under a full frontal attack right now from within and from without.  Our government, our political leaders, our media are all pushing the Convid 19 agenda with one voice and the America people are crumbling under the onslaught. This cannot be tolerated. America is a great nation.  The American people are a great people.  This nation and this people cannot be subjugated like this without a fight. 

When they force you to wear a mask even in your own home, when they close your churches, when they close your business, when they foreclose on your home you can no longer afford, when they blackmail you into taking a "vaccine" that will change everything about your life and the lives of your offspring and so much more, when will the American people rise up and resist this?  Where is the Hero that will lead America out of this horrible quagmire?  It certainly was never Donald J. Trump.  America needs a hero to save it now more than perhaps any other time in our history.  America needs a Revolution By the People, of the People and For the People. America needs a John Conner who will help the American people rise up and defeat the Machine.  And Fuck the Jews and the Elite and their minions who own the government and the politicians and the media.  We do not need you traitors.  When the Revolution I hope for comes, we will drive you all out of America permanently. You are all parasites. 

More to Come.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

 About Donald Trump and the Red Pill:

Followers of Donald Trump believe they have taken the red pill but they are wrong.  What they have taken instead of the red pill is a false red pill and a false truth spread by Trump and QAnon and Fox News, etc.  Truth gets spun into Conservative Republican propaganda by these people to keep their followers believing.  This has nothing to do with the Red Pill.

Anyone who has taken the red pill knows Trump is one of the bad guys too and just another actor on the Jewish Establishment controlled opposition stage.  True Patriots to America are not deceived by a fast talking con artist, who tells you what you want to hear but never delivers and whose main goal is to keep his followers in line. 

Whenever I go to a web site that purports to be telling the truth and that web site paints Trump as being a Hero against the evil Establishment or Cabal or the Deep State, I close the site immediately because whoever is behind it is either a Snake who knows the truth or a fool who does not.

The Real Donald Trump:

The Real Donald Trump fighting the Deep State and Child sex trafficking with his good friends Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell:


After watching the political scene in America, it appears that the American people are being given two choices in terms of Political leadership:

1. Republican Jewish Fascism AKA Zionism.

2. Democratic Jewish Communism.

If you don't accept either of those choices then you have another choice:

1. Choose the Jewish given alternative that is less evil and repulsive to you and just accept that there is nothing you can do to change it. So many Americans have chosen this category.  So many Americans chose Trump in 2016 under the misguided notion that he would save America going down the great big Jewish toilet.  Little did we know, Trump had his orange hand on the handle flushing with all his might as he served Israel as no other President in recent American history has. Clearly we were deceived. 

2. Take to the street in Revolt against the completely unacceptable status quo. I pray for Revolution but it is nowhere even on the radar.  Maybe the Convid 19 power grab will bring it.  

3. Stop caring about the circus entirely. This is where I am at.

4.  Leave the USA to go down the toilet and find a different country to live in. Tell me where.

Monday, November 16, 2020

 A New Post   

I have not made a new post on my Blog for some time but I want to make a brief one now about the Convid 19 hysteria being ramped into overdrive for the nth time.  As someone who has already seen the end game of all this, I am not surprised.  Although I want things to go back to normal I recognize that the Snakes who rule us do not want it EVER to go back to normal, which leaves us a clear choice.

1. Submission to the Snakes.  Fall to your knees.  Give up.  Take the vaccine they are going to attempt to force on everyone.  Sacrifice your privacy, your independence, your freedom and your bank account for security that is only a pipe dream.  Those who take this path (and there will be many) are zombie slaves already.

2. Stand up and fight for your rights.  Stand up and fight against the lies of the media and all the major governments.  Stand up and fight for human rights.  

There are only two ways this can go.  Submission or Revolution.  There is no middle ground.  Although some may want to stay out of it, the Snakes are not going to allow any of us to stay out of it as long as they are in control.  

I have long stated that what America needs to save it, perhaps the only thing that can save it, is a Revolution.  If what I predict comes true, they are going to force us to revolt.  When the choice becomes clear between slavery and Revolution, good people are going to revolt.  And those who depended on Donald Trump to wage the war against the deep state for them (he never did) are going to have the wage the war themselves.

What we need is a formal organized Resistance against the Convid 19 madness inside the U.S.  We have individuals who are resisting it but there is no organized resistance up to this point.  That is going to have to change.  Where are the leaders inside the USA who will lead this resistance?  Show them to me and I will follow them.  Show me even one and I will follow them.  I am tired of sitting on my hands watching this slow motion train wreck lead us all into Dystopia.  Rise up.  

If it has not become already clear, the Convid 19 great reset is not going away, ever.  What we are seeing with Convid 19 is a backdoor stealing of everyone's freedom, civil rights, economic liberties and everything else we hold dear.  We have a choice.  Submission or Revolution.  There is not going to be any middle ground.  The opposition we face is extremely well funded, well organized and completely ruthless in its determination to destroy the world as it has existed up to now and change it into a world that they want us all to live in as their slaves.  The rules that apply to us are not going to apply to the rulers.  We are pawns on their chess board.  

Its time that we recognize what we are really up against here and to form an organized resistance against this backdoor tyranny disguised as a pandemic.

I am sounding the alarm bells at this point.  Unless we organized and fight this then it is going to destroy everything we have ever been.  

United We Stand.  Divided We Fall.

Friday, November 13, 2020

I have seen Jewish Chutzpah with my own eyes in such beyond shameless hoaxes as the Sandy Hook School shooting and the Apollo moon landings and 9-11.  For anyone other than Jews and their gentile minions, these hoaxes would never be tolerated and allowed to stand as the "truth".  But in Jewish America, Truth is lies and lies are truth and if you disagree with this then you are an anti Semitic Conspiracy theorist and need to see a good shrink.  God help us that it has come to this. Satan must be very proud of his Chosen Race.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

 I hope the day will come soon when Trump fades from the political spotlight and I never have to talk about him again but until he is out of the White House the man is a dangerous wild card.  It has come to my attention that Trump has fired his Defense Secretary after his election loss.  Now I do not know what that is about but if I look into my crystal ball which I keep beside my bed, what it tells me is that is Trump is planning to do something with the U.S. military before he gets kicked out of the White House and the his Secretary of Defense refused to go along with it so Trump fired him.  Okay, so Trump has a plan to do something with the U.S. military while he is still POTUS which is not for very much longer.  By January 20 I think he will be forced out. So what can he possibly be thinking of doing with the U.S. military in such a short time frame?  Some ideas come to mind:

1) He could be planning to bomb the shit out of Iran whose government he clearly hates.  Israel would love him for this.  

2)  He could be planning to launch a major military attack on the Assad government in Syria.  Once more, Israel would love him for this.

3) He could be planning some kind of military martial law option to prevent from being removed from the White House.  This would be very bad.

He is clearly up to something.  Nobody fires someone major in their Administration at the very end of his term unless he is planning to use the Defense Department for something.  Hopefully nothing but knowing Trump, nothing would surprise me.  This man is a total wild card.  He is not thinking of the American people.  He is thinking of himself.  And that makes him a very dangerous person for the short time he has left.  


I was thinking about this more last night and it is becoming clearer to me that Trump and his backers (Jewish or otherwise) are planning to use the U.S. military for something before Trump is out of office.  I can see Israel being behind this.  Israel no doubt had Trump's next four years all planned out including missile attacks on Syria, bombings of Iran and whatever else they had planned for their obedient subservient puppet but now all of that is out of the window with Trump's clear loss.  (Yes, he lost no matter how many Fox News watchers deny it).  Now if they want to use their pawn they have a a very short window of opportunity to do so.  These sudden firings and replacements in the Pentagon are indicative that anyone of principle who would stand up and oppose what they plan to do is being quickly removed so there will be no opposition.  Trump is not going to go out with a whimper.  He is going to go out with a bang.  He is going to go out with his fat Jewish orange middle finger held up to everyone as he defiantly uses the U.S. military for whatever selfish goal he has in mind before he is pushed out permanently.  He is not doing this for the good of the Nation as some on a certain website have suggested.  He is doing this for bad reasons.  He is thinking only of himself and his Ego and his base and Israel.  He could do anything but whatever he does it will be wrong.  He could even cause a civil war to erupt.  I suspect the dog is about be wagged.

Friday, November 6, 2020

Trump did not get reelected and I cannot say that I am unhappy about this.  Not that I am for Biden by any means but I am so dissatisfied with Trump's Presidency that I do not want to see this man be rewarded with four more years in the White House that he clearly does not deserve.  As a former Trump supporter in 2016 I just want to say that Trump had a tremendous opportunity to make some real changes to America that I and many others who previously supported him fervently hoped that he would do.  But instead of change, all we got was more of the same with a different face.  I watched Trump closely for more than two years hoping that he would please me, and I was disappointed by everything he did.  

Remember MAGA?  Make America Great Again.  I and many others supported Trump in 2016 based upon this.  We really believed it and we expected Trump to make it a reality when he got elected.  Unfortunately Donald Trump clearly did not believe in MAGA beyond a cheap campaign slogan to help himself get elected.  Make America Great again had no more validity to Trump than Hope and Change had to Obama.  Once Trump got an office the MAGA hat got ditched for a Jewish Yamaka except during his campaign rallies to keep the rubes believing in him.

Remember Drain the Swamp?  That was another big thing that Trump and his QAnon Psyop pushed everywhere during the 2016 election and this was another reason we supported Trump.  But after he got elected we were shocked to see that Trump filled his Administration with the swamp, a total betrayal of everything he misrepresented himself to be during the election.  He is a fraud.

Unfortunately Trump was too busy sucking Israel's dick to ever stand up and do the right thing for the American people as I and others like me so fervently wanted him to do.  Instead what we got was a fast talking egoistic con artist who knows very well how to talk the talk but his actual actions as President NEVER lived up to his words. 

You cannot fool me with a lot of cheap talk, Mr. Trump.  Actions speak much louder than words and what your actions showed me is that you as President are nothing but a fast talking con artist serving the Jews and making yourself look good.  Its all about you when it should be about the American people. Its too bad you were never what you portrayed yourself to be. Don the con is a fitting name for you but you cannot con me. When I saw you not fighting the Convid 19 scam that was the final straw for me.  I know who you are and you are not my friend so you lost all my support that you once had.  Now you can go back to playing golf everyday and hanging out with your rich Elitist Jewish friends.  Bye bye.

And hopefully the end of Trump will also mean the end of the lying QAnon Psyop.  I trusted Q initially only to discover it was lying about virtually everything.  Remember Trust the Plan?  Nobody could ever tell me what the plan was although I asked.  Finally I found out there was no plan except to keep a lying Jewish con artist in office as long as possible.  Blowing smoke up Trump supporters' asses is what QAnon did best.  I will be glad to see the end of both Trump and QAnon. False prophets.

Sunday, November 1, 2020

 The Jews and their lies

PDF - The Jews and their Lies by Martin Luther

This is a PDF that I recommend everyone download and read carefully because the truth about Jews has not changed since the time this book was written.  Truth has merely been distorted and twisted to serve the Jews who have made themselves the masters of the world with their wealth and with their never ending lies and deception.  This is the world we live in today and these people are parasites upon every other race. 

 A word about the staging of the Ramsey home:

As I have said in multiple posts, the Ramsey home was not the real crime scene where JonBenet Ramsey met her death.  JonBenet Ramsey died in a completely different location in Boulder Colorado and then her dead body was brought back to her home and a false crime scene was staged at the Ramsey home to make it appear as if the murder had taken place there.  The purpose of this staging was to conceal both the real location and the true circumstances of JonBenet's death both from honest law enforcement (I say honest law enforcement because I contend that some law enforcement is definitely not honest) and the public.

It is my contention that a Satanic cult is responsible for the death of JonBenet and that the Ramsey family, the White family, the Fernie family, the Stine family, Rolland Hoverstock, Dr. Beuf and many others were members of this Satanic cult in Boulder Colorado in 1996. It is my contention that JonBenet Ramsey's death happened as she was being sexually abused by members of this cult and that her death was accidental and unintended. The location where the sexual abuse and the death of JonBenet occurred is still unknown to me at this time but what I can say with certainty is that the location was not the home of John and Patsy Ramsey but somewhere else in Boulder. 

In my research on Satanic cults, one thing that has become abundantly clear about them is that they take secrecy about what they do in private very seriously.  Since public exposure of their activities could be used to completely destroy them, Satanic cults have a vested interested in keeping the public completely ignorant that they even exist in reality. They are responsible for spreading the "Satanic panic" meme everywhere they can on the internet when anyone even mentions real Satanism as being a possibility to brainwash the public into the false notion that anyone talking about Satanism as real is delusional and spreading false conspiracy theory.  Once you realize the game the snakes are playing its easy to see them playing the same game on other topics.  For example, the Apollo moon landings.  Whenever anyone talks about the Apollo moon landings being faked and staged on earth, the "flat earth" meme automatically gets pushed by the shills to make the person making the claim of staged moon landings look like a delusional lunatic who denies basic reality.  Its shameless what they do but the purpose of it all is to maintain the lies and keep the public completely ignorant of the forbidden truth. But I digress from the purpose of this post.

Now I want to do a mental exercise as a way of shedding illumination on what really happened on December 25, 1996 in Boulder, Colorado.  Imagine if you will a Satanic cult in Boulder Colorado of which the Ramseys, the Whites, the Fernies, the Stines, Rolland Hoverstock and others are members of.  Midnight on December 25is a prime time for Satanists to do Satanic rituals and so on this Christmas night a Satanic ritual is being performed on a six year old girl, JonBenet Ramsey.  This ritual involves sex as many Satanic rituals do and JonBenet is being sexually abused during it perhaps by multiple people in the cult. Those people sexually abusing JonBenet during this midnight ritual could have been her father John Ramsey, Fleet White Sr., Fleet White Jr., Rolland Hoverstock and any other male members of the Satanic cult in attendance. It is likely that multiple men from the cult were sexually abusing JonBenet that night in this Satanic ritual.

During this ritual something goes wrong that leads to the unintentional death of JonBenet Ramsey.  We can only guess what that was.  Perhaps JonBenet's mind control programming that was intended to keep her docile and compliant during the abuse suddenly failed and she woke up and started screaming hysterically and struggling to get away, causing the person who was abusing her to strike her in the head with an instrument such as a hammer so hard that her skull cracked open.  Or perhaps JonBenet was being strangled during sexual abuse for sexual asphyxiation purposes to make her feel arousal during it and the person applying that accidentally strangled her to death.  Or perhaps some other reason caused her death.  But whatever the reason for her death, JonBenet has died during Satanic ritual abuse and she cannot be revived.  Imagine what the response of this very secretive Satanic cult is that does not want the public to even suspect that it exists. As part of this mental exercise, imagine you are in this cult and this unexpected situation comes up.  What does the Satanic cult do in response?  The most important thing is to protect the cult and the members of the cult who are all involved in highly illegal activity that can never be exposed to the public eye. 

A child has died during SRA and now her death must be explained so the Satanic cult and its activities are not exposed. It does not take a rocket scientist to imagine the response of the Satanists.  JonBenet's death cannot be known to have happened in the location it really happened in because that location exposes people in the cult.  Her death scene must be moved somewhere else.  Also a reason must be invented to explain her death that does not involve Satanic ritual abuse.  You already know where I am heading but let's fill in the missing pieces. 

What alternate location is the most logical for them to use as a false crime scene?  It is the location that is owned and controlled by Satanic cult members (John Ramsey and Patsy Ramsey) so they can control the scene there and also since it is where the dead child lived, it is the most logical place for her death to be staged. So they want to stage the Ramsey home as a false crime scene but they want to do it in complete secrecy.  How do they stage the Ramsey home in secrecy without any of the Ramsey neighbors becoming aware of it and reporting what they saw to law enforcement?  This is the major problem facing the Satanists.  Whatever they do at the Ramsey home has to be done in complete secrecy so that nobody suspects it is being done. Where there is a will there is a way and the Satanists are very determined to pull it off to cover their tracks.

There is a light that was normally always left on at night on the Ramsey garage but on this night the bulb is unscrewed so that none of the neighbors can see cult members coming to and from the Ramsey home in the light that this bulb made visible.  If you recall this is part of the evidence that LE later found.

Also they cannot turn on any lights inside the house that neighbors can see and later report to LE.  The cover story they have already devised is that everyone in the house is asleep and so they must use flashlights inside the dark Ramsey home as they stage false evidence in the false crime scene.  If you recall, people reported seeing what looked like flashlights inside the house that night, which is consistent with various people using flashlights to stage evidence.  If you cannot imagine someone going to this much trouble to stage a false crime scene then you are not thinking like a Satanist who will go to any length to maintain secrecy.

Also recall the flashlight found in plain sight on the kitchen counter.  I have always believed that this flashlight was false evidence of an intruder using it inside the Ramsey home but I also believe that it was initially used by one or more cult members inside the home during the false crime scene staging.  The fact that it was left out on the kitchen counter to be seen is not an oversight (because Satanists are far too careful and meticulous to make a mistake like that) but was intended to be used as part of the deception, so the flashlight served a dual purpose for the Satanists that both involved staging.  The same can be said for the unscrewed light bulb on the garage.  Satanists left it unscrewed so it could be used to point to a possible intruder unscrewing it to conceal his entry into the home.  So it too served a dual purpose. And you can bet that whoever unscrewed it used gloves so they did not leave any fingerprints on the bulb. I can see John Ramsey doing that.

They also had to conceal the vehicles they came in.  Multiple vehicles came to the Ramsey house in the early morning hours and they had to be kept concealed so that no Ramsey neighbor heard or saw anything that could later be reported to LE.  I believe they parked their vehicles away from the house so the sounds of the engines could not be heard and they walked in under the cover of trees on the Ramsey property.  I can see them even wearing black clothing so they would blend in and be virtually invisible in the night.  I contend that John Ramsey carried his dead daughter from their vehicle to the house under cover of darkness this way. 

More to Come