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Now I want to do a post about a topic that I came across a long time ago.  This is a very strange case but I believe it leads down several interesting rabbit holes that I want to explore further.  It is the case of Richard and Susan Hamlin of El Dorado, California.  Other people have covered this but I will want to go over it again because I think this case is very significant on several fronts.  

To get started, here are two links to articles about this story.  Its a long read but the story is a fascinating one.  I encourage you to read it and then later I will discuss some items of it that are of deep interest to me.

The following images lists the complaint made to the El Dorado County Sheriff's Office by Susan Hamlin.  Please click on each image to read it in detail:

In case you do not already comprehend it, Richard Hamlin is an innocent man who has been falsely prosecuted by a completely corrupt System.  I Believe a great injustice has been done to this man and that he should not be in prison at all.  Who will help me to seek justice for Richard Hamlin?  
A word about False Fronts:

Definition of a False Front:  A group or organization or entity (that may be real or may be fictional) that Jews hide behind.  People see the False Fronts (often they are purposely pointed to the False Fronts) but few people see the Jews behind them.

Jews love false fronts.  Jews love to create false fronts to hide behind and do their nefarious deeds behind the cloak of the false front.  Regular people who do not know any better see the false fronts and think they are real.  They put the blame for the evils of the world on the false front and do not even see the Jews hiding behind it.  It is important to understand that the Jews who control the world behind the scenes love secrecy and one of the primary means for them to attain that secrecy is by using False Fronts.  There are many many false fronts.  Sometimes you have multiple levels of false fronts that you have to see past before you can see the Jewish perpetrators at the center of it.   Now I am going to list some false fronts starting with some of the major ones.  I will add to the list from time to time as I see new false fronts. 

The Illuminati

The Jesuits


The Deep State


The Rothchild Family

George Soros


The Bilderburg group

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)

The Reptilians 

The Men in Black


.... more to come....

Jackie killed JFK Denial:

I believe that President Putin of Russia is just as much as much of a Jewish puppet as President Trump of The United States is.  Putin just does not make it so blatantly obvious that he is a puppet on a string as the bloated tweeting orange cheeto does.  Putin has a lot more class than Trump. Just as in the United States, the world is a controlled opposition circus with Jews pulling all the strings from behind.  Everyone sees and talks about the front players in the circus but few see and talk about the Jewish puppeteers running the whole charade.  I do.  
A word about the 43 Trillion Bankster Lawsuit and the murdering nanny:

Some of you may have already heard this story but supposedly back in 2012 during the Obama Administration an article was published by CNBC and other media organizations about a 43 trillion dollar lawsuit against Banksters by a mysterious entity called Spire Law Group.  Then supposedly on the very same day that an article about this was published by CNBC, two young children of a CNBC exec were supposedly brutally murdered by the children's nanny who was a trusted family friend.

The following link provides a good summary of the case:

The following link is of the Lawsuit itself allegedly filed by the mysterious Spire Law Group:

All of this is the story that they want us to believe.  What they want us to believe is:

1) These Banksters were sued on behalf of the American people for 43 Trillion dollars by a law group.

2) On the very same day or the day after, two children were brutally murdered supposedly in reprisal for the article being printed.

In this post we are going to look into this a little bit deeper.  When I first heard about this, I believed it was legitimate.  Now I do not.  Now I believe the entire thing is a deception or a Psyop.  Let me give you some reasons why I doubt the legitimacy of this entire thing:

The Law group that supposedly filed the lawsuit seems very unreal.  I tried to research into it and it does not seem to be a real law group.  It appears to be just a front.

The Law suit itself has disappeared completely as if it never existed in reality.  It came out of nowhere and it disappeared back into nowhere.  It was not a real lawsuit but part of a bigger deception that I do not yet fully comprehend.

Now let us turn our attention to the murdering nanny.

Initially I 100% believed that this woman murdered these two young kids as presented by the media but now I do not.  Now I see the entire event as being as unreal as the Sandy Hook School shooting was.  Notice that this alleged murder and the alleged murder of the kids in Sandy Hook happened in 2012 during the Obama Administration.  Also I noticed that the two kids who were murdered by the nanny are JEWISH.  Yes, that is right.  The CNBC executive and his wife are Jewish and the two kids that the nanny murdered are also Jewish.  Remember what I said about Sandy Hook, which is that many or all of the supposedly murdered kids were Jewish?  Well lo and behold these kids supposedly murdered by the nanny are also Jewish.  This is not a coincidence.  Looking at the fake Sandy Hook School shooting and the murdering nanny incident side by side what we see are two false events.  Both events have Jewish children as victims.  Both occur in 2012.  Both are highly publicized media events.  Both are unreal.

Another thing that tells me it is unreal is when I watch footage of the nanny who supposedly murdered the two kids.  This woman shows no real emotion whatsoever as she is being sentenced.  I mean NO EMOTION AT ALL.  No tears.  No sadness.  Its like she does not really give a fuck about any of it.  She is just an actor on a stage for the cameras to film.

The murdering nanny who does not give a fuck:

So I consider this entire event (the Bankster Law suit and the murdering nanny story) to be a big Jewish deception.  I do not comprehend the nature of the deception or what purpose they had in mind for doing this but I see it as a Zionist deception for some unknown purpose.  

Just as with the fake Sandy Hook School Shooting, this entire episode reeks of being a Mossad Psyop.  Remember, Jews control both the state and the media, so staging deceptions like this is no problem for them.  It is up to us not to be deceived by their deceptions. 

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Here is a Blog I would like to promote:

A word about the Franklin Credit Union Scandal:

I feel compelled to make a post about what is known as the Franklin Credit Union Scandal.  A lot of other people have covered this incident and I do not want to cover the same old ground in this post.  What I want to do in this post is to get to the heart of the matter as I see it and go past all the details that keep people from seeing the forest for the trees.  Of course the Franklin Credit Union is the least important part of this story.  The credit union part of the scandal is just a false diversion from the real scandals involved in this.

Where to start?  I guess the best place to start is by posting links to the original April 2005 Rusty Nelson interview where he describes some very interesting things related to this incident. 

If you do not know who Rusty Nelson is, he was a photographer who found himself in the middle of this incident.  He was interviewed in April 2005 by Michael Corbin

Listen to what he says in this videos in full and then we will discuss some of the details mentioned in the video later.  His testimony is crucial to understand what really happened in the Franklin Credit Union Scandal. 

I am not just assuming that everything this man says in this video is true but I want to examine some of the things he says in more detail to try to shed more illumination on them.  

Here are some key figures who are alleged to play roles in this scandal:

Rusty Nelson, Photographer:

Larry King, Director of the Franklin Credit Union (Omaha, NE) and Republican fundraiser:

Robert C. Wadman, Chief of the Omaha, Nebraska Police Department at the time:

John DeCamp, Nebraska State Senator investigating the scandal:

Loran Schmit, Nebraska State Senator investigating the scandal:

Harold Andersen, Omaha World-Herald (Newspaper) Publisher:

Bob Kerrey, Governor of Nebraska (1983-1987):

Warren Buffett, Omaha, NE based Business Tycoon:

Gary Caradori, Private Investigator:

Peter Citron, Omaha World-Herald Celebrity Columnist:

Hunter Thompson, Photographer:

Ronald Reagan, U.S. President and alleged frequenter of VIP sex parties in Washington D.C. during his Presidency:

George H.W. Bush, U.S. Vice President and President and alleged frequenter of VIP sex parties in Washington D.C. during his Vice Presidency:

Barbara Bush, wife of George H.W. Bush who was allegedly seen at VIP sex parties in Washington D.C. with her husband during Bush's term as Vice President to Ronald Reagan:

Allegedly Snuff film activity was initiated from Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha, Nebraska. Additionally Offutt Air Force Base was where Monarch mind control experiments and related activities allegedly took place:

Following are some of the claims made by Rusty Nelson that I want to examine in more detail.  First I will list the claims of interest to me and discuss them later:

Larry Flew little kids all over the country for people to be sex toys for people with perverse needs.

He (Larry King) got kids from all over the country.  A lot of them came from Boys Town (located in Omaha, Nebraska), orphanages,  or places where they would really not be missed.

He (Larry King) would also catalog kids; he would pick them to order.

He (Larry King) had another photographer who was shooting kiddie porn, the gay porn and the snuff films.  Rusty Nelson was made up to look like this other photographer in order to blackmail Rusty Nelson and to put blame on Rusty Nelson. 

They would sell the snuff films to the wealthy business people for tremendous amounts of money.

Rusty Nelson was approached by Hunter Thompson to do a snuff film with Thompson in order to compromise and silence Rusty Nelson.

He (Larry King) would have one party that was the social gathering then after that there would be  few people who would stick around or come back and they would have a separate party and that was the sex parties.  Let's call these VIP sex parties since VIPs frequent them.

U.S. President Ronald Reagan was seen by Rusty Nelson at at least one of these VIP sex parties during Reagan's Presidency.

U.S. President George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara Bush were seen by Rusty Nelson at at least one of these VIP sex parties during the time Bush was Vice President.

A lot of the alleged snuff film related activity was initiated from the Strategic Air Command (SAC) base in Omaha, Nebraska (Offutt Air Force Base).  Also MK-Ultra (mind control) related activity happened at Offutt Air Force Base.  Supposedly Larry King was so well known at Offutt Air Force Base that he was able to pass through the guard shack without ever being stopped.  [EDIT TO ADD:  I discovered that Larry King served a full four year term in the U.S. Air Force and was a veteran of the U.S. Air Force so this lends credibility to this claim of Rusty Nelson.  One question I have is was Larry King recruited to be in special U.S. Government programs while serving in the U.S. Air Force?  I suspect so.

Larry King was familiar enough with U.S. President Ronald Reagan that he was able to call Reagan to help King get his daycare center in Omaha Nebraska reopened that had been shut down because the owner of the property became aware that the daycare was being used for child prostitution.  After calling the President, the daycare center was quickly reopened. 

They would have what they called "Catalog Kids".  They would basically just go out driving around looking for kids and take pictures of them and then go to these wealthy influential people and say would you be interested in this one or that one or the next one?  And they would basically go snatch them.  [When I hear about this I immediately think of the group called The Finders.  I will probably be doing an entire post about The Finders in the near future since it is such an important topic that it deserves its own post].

Following the raid on Franklin Credit Union in Omaha, NE, Larry King was arrested but was soon paroled and went to work for the National Republican Party.  

The following are some things that Rusty Nelson did not say but that I grokked from his testimony:

Larry King had a photographer working for him who was used to film child pornography, gay pornography and snuff films.  This photographer was working for Larry King before Rusty Nelson even became involved in any of this.  His name is unknown and may never be known but for the sake of this discussion let us call him the "VIP sex photographer"

Rusty Nelson was approached by Larry King because of Rusty Nelson's similar build and resemblance to the VIP sex photographer.  The reason Larry King approached Rusty Nelson is to shift blame to Rusty Nelson from the VIP sex photographer if any of the activity the VIP sex photographer was involved in became exposed.  If this were to happen, the VIP sex photographer could quietly disappear from the scene and all blame could be placed on the innocent party, Rusty Nelson instead.

The VIP sex photographer was used in sex parties where VIPs attended.  Nancy Reagan's hairdresser was the hair dresser of the VIP sex photographer before Rusty Nelson even came on the scene.  After Rusty Nelson was recruited to be the fall guy, then this same hairdresser who made up the VIP sex photographer also made up Rusty Nelson so he would look as close as possible to the VIP Sex photographer. Although we never see a picture of the VIP sex photographer we can assume he looked a lot like this and dressed like this at these VIP parties:


Hunter Thompson was involved in the making of snuff films.  The reason Hunter Thompson approached Rusty Nelson to make a snuff film for him for $100,000.00 was for two reasons.  One was to corrupt Rusty Nelson and get him directly involved with the illegal criminal activity that Larry King, the VIP sex photographer and Hunter Thompson were already involved in.  The second reason was to Blackmail Rusty Nelson into silence about anything illegal he had seen so far or was about to see.  Bottom line reason was to silence Rusty Nelson so he would not think about ever telling the Police or anyone else about things he had witnessed.  

The following is a link to an article concerning Hunter Thompson and Snuff films that seems relevant to post here:

Here is what I consider to be a good expose about Gary Caradori, a private investigator who I believe was murdered:

Here is another good relevant link about this case:

A Drawing of what is alleged to be a VIP Sex Party.  Click on the image below to see it in more detail:

King was said to have provided the CIA with information gained from the users of the child sex ring.

Information from others outside of Rusty Nelson:

Peter Citron, Omaha World-Herald Celebrity columnist was named as one of the people who attended the VIP sex parties and who sexually abused children.  Citron was arrested during the Franklin Credit Union investigation.

Harold Andersen, Omaha World-Herald (Newspaper) Publisher was a promoter of Larry King.  After Citron's arrest, Anderson stepped down as World-Herald CEO after two decades and became a contributing editor.

For those who do not already know it:

Click on the image below and watch her do it:

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In a previous post I mentioned a tactic I had become aware of that the Snakes use in an attempt to suppress forbidden content that gets posted on the internet so that if anyone searches for the forbidden content what they find instead is a lot of meaningless content that is totally unrelated to what they are looking for.  I knew I had seen this tactic used before and I remember where I had seen it.  In this post I am going to describe that.  There is a certain video on Youtube of an ex Satanist who describes her childhood experiences in Satanism.  I have no reason to doubt this woman's testimony however bizarre it may sound.  Here is the video:

I am not a believer in Satanism but I do get curious when I hear someone talking about it especially if they seem sincere as this woman is. At the first of the video she talks about being the Fifth bride of Satan. Later she talks about having Communion every day at the Satanic Church and says that consists of Blood and Urine and Semen and a Black Widow.  Knowing nothing about Satanism, I thought to do a search on these terms (Blood and Urine and Semen and a Black Widow) and it is then that I first discovered the tactic I previously mentioned.  If you do a search in Google for Blood Urine Semen Black Widow and look at your search results you will see what I mean.  Here is one of the pages that comes up.  

Click on the above image to see it in better detail. Notice that the content on the page has many of the exact same terms that the woman in the above video was discussing.  For example "Fifth Bride of Satan" and "Blood, Urine, Semen and a Black Widow".  Notice the exact same terms used by the woman in the video are in this content.  What I am saying is that this is not a coincidence but is a purposeful misdirection, so that anyone searching to find out what these terms mean in reference to Satanism is going to find this Bullshit music group instead.  Its a way to hide something that they want hidden.  

As I said previously when you see this tactic being used, its for good reason.  If there were not something important to hide they would not bother to do things like this.  So there is something significant about these terms "Fifth Bride of Satan" and the Satanic communion using Blood, Urine, Semen and a Black Widow that they do not want people to know.  But the fact they they do not want me to know makes me want to know a thousand times more than I would have.  In fact, their attempts to hide the truth is like a magnet for me to hone in on it to discover what it is exactly they are trying to hide.  I am curious about this and I am going to look into it deeper.  I will post what I find here if anything but I can already tell you that no search engine is going to give me what I am looking for because they are not going to allow it.  This is hidden information for a reason.
A word about Zionist Deceptions:

In this Blog I have talked about many incidents of deception including the Apollo moon landings, 9-11 and the Sandy Hook School shooting.  What I have not said and I want to say now is that all of these deceptions I have mentioned are not just deceptions but Zionist deceptions.  In each of these incidents, Zionists created and planned the deception and Zionists benefit in some significant ways from the deception.  After the planning of the deception comes the implementation of the deception.  For the implementation, Zionists are involved but also tools of Zionists are involved.  For example, non Jewish crisis actors are tools of Zionists who are willing to lie and deceive if they get paid well enough for it. Another example is corrupt government politicians who cooperate with a deception such as 9-11 (*cough* George W. Bush *cough*) and who use their political position to give the lie credibility.  I also speculate that some non Jews are blackmailed into being tools for Zionists and to cooperate in their lies and deceptions.  I will be talking more about this subject in the future but its important for everyone following what I am saying to understand that Zionists are behind all of these deceptions because it is my contention that Zionists rule the world behind the scenes.  Of all the rabbit holes I am trying to point people to, this is the deepest rabbit hole of all and it leads everywhere.  If you want to understand the deceptions and the assassinations such as the JFK assassination you have to go down this rabbit hole. This reveals a deep secret about the world that Jews have done everything in their power to conceal.  I invite you to go down this rabbit hole with me to see what secrets can be uncovered.  More to come.
A word about NASA shills:

NASA shills are anyone who is purposely pushing NASA-related lies such as the Apollo moon landings.  A NASA shill does not have to work directly for NASA or the U.S. Government.  Anyone can be a NASA shill as long as they are willing to lie for NASA and the U.S. Government, usually for money.  Jews in Israel are perfect for this since lying to and deceiving non-Jews is part of their DNA, which is one reason why I have concluded that many of the NASA shills are from Israel.  The other reason is because I believe the Apollo moon landing hoax is a Zionist deception. Besides those NASA shills pushing the lies that NASA and the U.S. Government want them to push there are two other varieties of NASA shills who deserve special mention here:

The first are the shills who are pushing flat earth or that space is not real.  This is a discredit by association campaign by the Snakes to paint everyone who questions whether the Apollo moon landings were real as believing the earth is flat or space is not real.  You often find this type of NASA shill very willing to say that the Apollo missions were staged because the earth is flat or because space is not real.  Understand the tactic.  Of course these shills do not believe the ridiculousness they are spouting.  What they want to do is to convince anyone who is on the fence about the legitimacy of the Apollo moon landings that those who do not believe in it are lunatics who are completely detached from basic reality.  They want to turn off any truth seekers asking questions.  There are a whole lot of these NASA flat earth or space is not real shills on the Apollo moon landing videos on Youtube.  These are paid shills.

The second are shills who are saying that the Astronauts went to the moon and saw UFOs there and so that is why they stopped "going to the moon" or why the Astronauts act so strange in their press conferences.  Again, these shills do not believe this but they push this bullshit to make people who do not know any better believe that the moon missions were real. These are paid shills.
I have complete and total contempt for the government of the United States of America. It flushed its legitimacy and credibility down the toilet with all its lies and deceptions. Now this government is fit for only one thing:  Overthrowing.   Once enough of the American people become awake to the lies of the U.S. Government I am hopeful that REVOLUTION will be the result.  Let it come quickly.

I have become aware of a tactic used by the Snakes as part of their deceptions.  I became aware of it before but my awareness of it was deepened just now when I did a search for "Apollo:  Smoke and Mirrors" on Youtube.  Try doing that search yourself and be amazed at what comes up as the result.  Okay, I have an explanation for this but you to have to think like an evil lying snake to comprehend it.  Suppose there was some video being circulated on the internet exposing a forbidden truth that you did not want people to see.  If you were a snake, how would you deal with that?  Of course you could delete the video and ban the accounts of people posting it but after awhile that would start to look suspicious.  People might get the idea that something was being hidden from them and that would make them want to search for it and watch it even more.  So what else could you do, as a lying Zionist snake, to deal with something that people were searching for that you did not want them to see?  One thing you could do is to purposefully create false meaningless content that went by the same name as the search term for the forbidden content. So when people search for the forbidden content, all that comes up in their search result is the false meaningless content. I have seen this tactic used for several different forbidden topics but I want to emphasize it here for the Apollo: Smoke and Mirrors video that I was trying to find on Youtube.  Let's take a look at what came up in my Youtube search results instead:

Its a coincidence you say but I tell you it is not.  I have seen this same tactic used in several cases.  What they do, in case I have to spell it out for you, is to create meaningless bullshit content of the same name as some forbidden content that they are trying to suppress, so that anyone searching for the forbidden content will find the meaningless bullshit content instead.  I will post more examples of this as I find them but I thought it would be illuminating for people to see the way the snakes work when they want to hide and suppress some content.

These people are lying Psychopaths so to understand them and what they do you often need to think like a lying Psychopath and not like a normal honest person would.  Anything they can do no matter how shameless and dishonest and immoral it may be to hide their lies, they will do.  

Another thing I want to add is that whenever you see this tactic being used it immediately gives credibility to the content that the snakes are trying to hide.  If there was not a good reason to do it the Snakes would not bother.  If they do this its for a good reason and you should try to determine why.  

I contend that JFK was also part of the moon landing hoax.  I believe that when he gave his speech saying "we choose to go to the moon in this decade" he knew what the plan was.  I contend that JFK would never have made that speech otherwise. 
As I have indicated in multiple posts, the six Apollo moon landings were not genuine but were purposeful deceptions of the American people and the entire world.  Although NASA gets shit heaped all over it by many people including myself for its part in this deception, NASA is just the public facing part of the deception.  NASA gets the blame for being a shameless liar but the real perpetrators of the lie are behind NASA.  As I indicated in my previous post, I believe the CIA was very heavily involved in this deception and this to be expected.  Deception is one of the specialties of the CIA and so it would come as no surprise at all to discover that the CIA was very heavily involved in implementing the Apollo moon landings hoax.  But the CIA is not the source for the Apollo moon landings hoax and neither is the U.S. Government.  The CIA and the U.S. Government are what is referred to as "men in the middle" of the deception.  They help implement the deception but they are not the source of it.  One must understand that the U.S. Government would never risk being part of a Lie this huge unless someone much bigger and more important than the U.S. Government was backing it and guaranteeing that it would not be exposed.  Again, you have to see my avatar to understand the real source of this deception.  I will be talking more about this in future posts but in terms of the Apollo moon landings deception, here is the hierarchy of it as I see it now.


So the Zionist snakes (the real source) hide behind two levels of front organizations.  Most everyone sees NASA.  Few see the CIA and U.S. Government.  Even fewer see the Zionist snakes pulling the strings from behind.  More to come.
Although I have no direct knowledge or proof of it, I deduce that the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was very heavily involved in the NASA Apollo moon landings deception.  I also deduce that the CIA is the source for many of the shills that are still promoting this lie to this very day.  The CIA pays the shills to promote the lie as the truth about this and many other things.   Needless to say, the CIA is rotten to the core and is a willing tool for the Snakes.  The CIA is a tool.  It is not the source for the deceptions it is involved in.  Anyone who wants to blame the CIA as the source for any deception has not seen the big picture.  Although the CIA is guilty of being part of the deception, you have look behind the CIA to discover the Snakes who created the entire concept of the Apollo moon landings fraud.  The same can be said about the JFK assassination. People who say the CIA killed JFK do not understand. Although CIA was involved with implementing the assassination, it did not create the plan of the assassination.  Someone else did that.  The CIA only played a part in implementing the plan someone else created.  I can say a lot more about this and probably will, but my goal with this Blog is to get to the real truth of the matter and that includes going to the real source of this and all deceptions.  If you look at my avatar, I give you the answer.
As part of my exposure of the NASA Apollo moon landings fraud, I want to promote this video.  Its called Apollo: Smoke and Mirrors.  Take a look:
In a previous post I discussed how the NASA Apollo Moon Landings were a complete and total fraud but I have not discussed all aspects of this fraud.  The shills for NASA have various talking points that they use in an attempt to explain away the various anomalies seen in the NASA Apollo film footage.  One of those anomalies is the complete lack of stars in the sky in any of the photographs allegedly taken by the Astronauts when they were on the surface of the moon.  If you look at any of the NASA photographs allegedly taken on the moon you will see that the sky is completely black and not a single star is to be seen.  This is not what one would expect to see from the surface of the moon.  Since the moon has no atmosphere to block visibility, the stars should be visible despite the sun's glare.  So what explains the lack of stars?

The NASA shills have an answer for this, which is that the exposure settings of the cameras used on the moon were set in such a way where they were incapable of filming the stars in the sky.  This is a convenient lie but its the only one they can come up with.  So what the NASA shills say in a nutshell is that the stars were visible to the Astronauts walking on the moon but the settings of the cameras made them invisible in the photographs.  Let us examine this in more detail.

What I say and others say is that there were no stars seen in any of the NASA Apollo moon landing photographs because no pictures were taken from the surface of the moon.  As I and others have said, all the Apollo moon landings were faked on earth.  As part of the fakery, one would expect them to fake the star field in the sky to make it look realistic.  But the problem with that is that back in the sixties they did not have the technology to simulate the star field realistically enough and accurately enough so that regular people viewing the photographs would not be able to see that it was faked.  If they added the stars to the simulation it would expose the entire moon landings as being a fake.  So they chose to show no stars at all and to explain that away to the public.

Now back to the NASA shill lie that the stars were not seen because of the settings of the cameras.  Let us examine this lie in more detail.  If this were true, you would expect that the Astronauts who had supposedly been to the moon would have seen the stars that the cameras were not able to capture but from the mouth of the Apollo 11 Astronauts this is not so.  In the following link is a video of a press conference held between members of the "press" (do not miss the quotes) and the the three Apollo 11 Astronauts.  There are some very interesting quotes by the three Apollo 11 Astronauts concerning the stars after a member of the press in the audience asks a question about if they were able to see stars.

Open this video and go to around the 46:30 mark and just let it play from that point on and you will see the person who I assume is a reporter who asks two questions of the Astronauts.  I initially thought this reporter was in on the fraud and was asking the question purposely to help the CIA/NASA explain the missing stars but after watching it again I now think that this man asked these questions because he was skeptical about the entire thing.  From the looks on this man's face and the way he asks his questions, he does not believe in the reality of what is being presented but he asks two questions at 47:15 in this video.  It is this man's second question and the response of the Astronauts that I want to focus on.

Here is the second question:

When you looked up at the sky, could you actually see the stars in the solar corona despite of the glare?

Now keep in mind that the NASA Shills are saying the sky was full of stars but those damn pesky camera settings would not allow them to be filmed.  If only the settings would have different then the sky in the NASA photographs would be full of bright stars as expected.  But now listen to what the three Astronots have to say in response.

48:22 Aldrin:  "We were never able to see stars from the lunar surface on the daylight side of the moon without using the optics."

A little later Collins says "I don't remember seeing any" to a very uncomfortable looking Aldrin.

So apparently not only could the cameras not see the stars, the Astronauts themselves could not see the stars.  Interesting. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

In previous posts I indicated I am a big fan of music from the 1960's and I listed some of my favorite songs from that era.  I am also a fan of music from the 1980's and in this post I list some of my favorite 80's songs.

After The Fire Der Kommissar (1982)

Bananarama Cruel Summer (1984)

Bronski Beat Smalltown Boy (1984)

The Clash Rock the Casbah (1982)

Culture Club Do You Really Want To Hurt Me (1982)

Dead or Alive You Spin Me Round (1984)

A Flock of Seagulls I Ran (1982)

Gary Numan Cars (1980)

The Go-Go's Our Lips Are Sealed (1981)

The Human League Don't You Want Me (1981)

The Human League Fascination (1983)

Lipps Inc Funky Town (1980)

Men At Work Down Under (1983)

Men At Work It's A Mistake (1983)

Men Without Hats Safety Dance (1981)

Midnight Oil Beds Are Burning (1987)

New Order Blue Monday (1983)

Patrick Hernandez Born to Be Alive (1980)

Peter Gabrial Sledgehammer (1986)

Peter Schilling Major Tom (1983)

Talking Heads Burning Down the House (1983)

Thomas Dolby She Blinded Me With Science (1982)

Wall of Voodoo Mexican Radio (1982)
Here is a web site speaking the truth that I want to promote:
I did an update on my exposure of the NASA Apollo moon landings fraud, this one in response to a shill who is pushing a certain piece of disinformation on me.  See it here:


Monday, July 27, 2020

Two Worlds Paradigm Example of Alex Jones:

Two Worlds Paradigm

False World Explanation:  Alex Jones is a Truth teller.

Real World Explanation:  "Alex Jones", if that is even his real name, is a controlled opposition Shill who is funded by the Snakes.  One of the main purpose of Alex Jones is to be the controlled opposition voice of the Truther movement.  His purpose is to discredit the Truth.

As a truth seeker, I was initially deceived by Alex Jones.  Early in his "career" he was actually telling the truth about some significant things which drew me to him.  It was only later that he started doing things like this to discredit himself and to make everyone who followed him look like fools:

I could say a lot of things about Alex Jones, but the main thing for everyone to know is that he is a controlled opposition shill.  His purpose has always been to discredit the truth, often by association, instead of spreading the truth.  Alex Jones makes a mockery of the truth.

In the case of the Sandy Hook Hoax, Alex Jones was supposedly sued for spreading falsehoods about the Sandy Hook School Shooting.  After being "sued", Alex Jones recanted what he previously said about Sandy Hook and now says it was a legitimate school shooting.  Thanks Alex for shitting all over the truth to keep your fat lying Zionist ass "out of jail". With friends like this, who needs enemies?  Jones or whatever his real name is is a joker who gives the truth a very bad name.  There are some truth seekers out there who still listen to this man.  My advice to you is to stay as far away from this man as possible if you care about the truth.  He is an agent of the enemy.

Sunday, July 26, 2020

A word about the Death of Marilyn Monroe:

Although I have not investigated her death, intuition tells me very strongly that Marilyn Monroe did not commit suicide but was murdered.  In other words, Marilyn Monroe was suicided.  When someone is suicided, they are actually murdered but the murder is passed off as a suicide.  This is a common tactic of the evil Snakes who control the world.  Many people have been suicided when they become inconvenient to the Snakes.  I believe that Marilyn Monroe is one of them.  Maybe some day I will do a deeper investigation into it but for now let us just say that my inner sense of truth tells me this woman was murdered because the Snakes wanted it.  Perhaps the reason for her murder involved JFK.
Every time I see Trump's face I feel like I want to throw up.  I reject this man 100%.  He is not my President.  He is not the President of anything.  He is a Jewish puppet on a string. I SHIT all over him.  He is a complete and total fraud but unfortunately there are millions of good honest Americans who have been deceived by this man.  I pray to God that they will wake up to realize who Trump really is and who he really represents, which is NOT them.

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Paul Walker Faked Death

The Two Worlds Paradigm Example of Paul Walker:

Two Worlds Paradigm

False World Explanation:  Paul Walker was a Hollywood actor who died in a fiery explosion in a car accident.

Real World Explanation:  The man known to the world as "Paul Walker" was actually a man whose name has never been revealed in public.  His entire public life was a Psyop.  This man did not die but is still alive somewhere.  He may be living in Israel.

IMO there is a similarity between Paul Walker and Isaac Kappy.  Both were Hollywood actors.  Both were famous people known by one name in public who had another name, a REAL NAME, in private that few people know.  Both faked their deaths. or more accurately their deaths were faked for them.  Both men were Psyops.

Some might ask, why would "Paul Walker" want to fake his death?  I cannot tell you why his death was faked.  Only that it was. It probably was not his decision to make.  The decision was made for him by those who controlled him.  Why the Zionist Snakes who rule the world do the things they do is not always apparent but I believe there was a good reason why this man was suddenly taken out of circulation after a long string of successful movies (the Fast and Furious franchise).

Here are some web sites that discuss this:

A Word about DBA (Discredit by Association):

There are some Snakes out there who are pushing the truth about some things but at the same time mixing in obvious disinformation with that truth to discredit it.  This strategy by the Snakes is called Discredit by Association.  For example, you may see a person who says truthfully that the Apollo moon landings were staged on earth and never happened but then this same person goes on to say such things as the Earth is Flat or Space is not real.  You have to watch out for these people because they can sneak their disinformation in under the radar, but you understand the tactic.  Their purpose is to convince anyone who questions the reality of the Apollo moon landings that everyone who believes the Apollo moon landings were fake also believe the earth is flat.  It can be a very effective strategy for turning off truth seekers who believe the person is real instead of a Shill.  This is just one example of DBA but it can be used on basically any topic.  Speak the actual truth and then discredit it with an obvious lie.  In a world full of lies and disinformation as this one is, this is just one more tactic to keep the clueless believing in the Establishment lies.

Friday, July 24, 2020

Although I am a big fan of the rock group "The Beatles", there is something not right about them.  I suspect that they were an engineered group and that they and the entire British invasion of the 1960's was some sort of big Psyop with a purpose of changing world culture.  I probably will have more to say about this but for now let us call it a growing suspicion that The Beatles were an engineered rock group and their fame was purposely promoted by the Zionist owned world-wide Establishment.

When going down this rabbit hole, one has to be very careful not to fall into the trap of following a purposely created Establishment Conspiracy theory meant to lead truth seekers astray and to discredit the truth.  As I mentioned in previous posts, the Establishment not only gives you Lie Number 1 but they also give you Lies Number 2, 3, 4 and 5.  The Establishment itself is the creator of Conspiracy Theories and it is done to hide and discredit the truth so the truth is never discovered.  With this thought in mind, we begin to delve into the possibility that The Beatles were an Establishment created group that appeared to be one thing but was actually something else entirely.  This is consistent with the Two Worlds Paradigm that I have previously talked about.

Perhaps the best way to begin to go down this rabbit hole is to post some pictures that indicate the possibility of a Psyop.  These would include pictures suggesting that the identities of the four members of the Band were not consistent and that multiple people were playing the roles of the Band members.  I very strongly suspect this is in the case especially of Paul. I am not suggesting that Paul is dead.  I am suggesting that several people played the role of Paul. Here are some pictures to get the ball rolling. The pictures speak for themselves and do not need commentary but later I will come back and discuss some of these pictures in more detail.

A word about Noam Chomsky:

This is a man who is seen by many as a truth teller but he sure as Hell did not tell the truth about 9-11.  Noam Chomsky could have helped the 9-11 truth movement so much if he would have tried to expose it, but Mr. Chomsky did the opposite.  Noam Chomsky supported the 9-11 lies of the U.S. Establishment.  He did this for two reasons:

1)  He is a Jew and a Jew is not going to out what others Jews do.

2)  He knew that for him to out 9-11 would hurt him financially.  In other words, his book sales would dry up and his paid speaking engagements would dry up.  Telling the truth about 9-11 would hurt him financially.  So, even though this man is intelligent enough and perceptive enough to know the truth about 9-11, he purposely chose to support the lies told by the U.S. Establishment.  He put his own personal profit over the truth.  Now this man has no credibility.
I did another update to my Sandy Hook Hoax thread here:

The Sandy Hook HOAX

Thursday, July 23, 2020

This is why you cannot even say the word "Jew" in any Youtube comment without an automated bot automatically erasing your entire comment. You can mention any other race that you want but mention Jews and your post goes *POOF* Now you know who owns and controls Youtube, if you didn't already.  I call it Jewtube.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

The United States of America cannot stand the exposure of any of its big lies (and there are many of them) to the general public.  America is so tied to its Lies that general exposure of any of them would be like dropping a nuclear bomb on American society.  American society would be completely destroyed by that exposure.  This is why the USA has become a propaganda machine pumping out new lies and repeats of its old lies 24-7.  America NEEDS its lies in order to continue to survive.  If the Truth comes out and the Lies are exposed, American society is no more. 

Lies are the Life's Blood of American Society and Truth is a Deadly Poison.  Inject enough truth into the American System and this is what happens:

This is the reason the U.S. Establishment does everything it can to keep the American population brainwashed and ignorant of the Truth.  Its very survival depends upon it.
A word about the Holocaust:

The fake six Gorillion number gets spread everywhere and everyone talks about it but the real number of Russians that died at Jewish hands (greater than the fake number) never gets talked about. The Jewish manipulators make sure their fake story gets told but the truth about them never gets told. 


 I did not even know about this because nobody told me. Our taught History is Jew owned Deception.   Give me the truth and flush the Jew owned false history down the toilet where it belongs. 
I have talked extensively about the Two Worlds Paradigm or about how there are two "realities".  One is the false "reality" that they want people to believe is real and the other is the actual reality that is the Truth.  This is a general way of seeing the world and everything in it. Many things in this world that people believe are real are actually lies or fabrications or deceptions. Once a truth seeker becomes sufficiently aware of this, then they can look at anything with new eyes and intuit the truth.  Once you gain enough awareness of this then you can intuit the truth about many things from inside yourself.  You don't need someone else to tell you what the truth is or provide a source for you.  You become your own source. 

Before you can intuit the truth about something you often first have to intuit the Lie.  You must discover the Lie in something before you can discover the truth about it.

Once you have this awareness then you have your very own pair of "They Live" glasses that you wear from within everywhere you go.

As with the movie "The Matrix" (1999), I see the movie "They Live" as an allegory for the Two Worlds Paradigm.  Without the "sunglasses" you see the world as they want you to see it.  With the sunglasses on you see the world as it actually is.  They cannot hide themselves or their true intentions from you once you are aware. All is revealed.

Of course the Snakes are going to lie everywhere they can and as much as they can. What else would you expect a Snake to do?  Expect to be lied to because you will be lied to.  Let the Snakes do whatever they are going to do.  Ignore them.  Ignore their Lies.  Find your truth and follow it.