Tuesday, September 29, 2020

 Lies Expose the Truth:

That was the title of one of the threads at the WebSleuths forum that I saw before Tricia, the Gatekeeper Administrator of that forum permanently banned my account there for spreading Anti-Establishment truth on her forum.  Although Tricia herself is a completely dishonest person who administers her forums so she can control the information that gets posted there, there are many good honest people on the WebSleuths forum who do care about the truth and are willing to follow it wherever it leads.  Such is the person who created the thread called "Lies expose the Truth" and indeed they do.  I have said the same thing in different words on various posts in this Blog.  In this post I want to talk about some lies that have been told and the truth that they expose.

I consider John Ramsey to be a Pathological liar of the worst kind.  Since the death of his daughter this man has told every lie he possibly can to cover up the truth.  The book he co wrote with Patsy called "Death of Innocence" is full of lies from the top to the bottom.  That entire book is a lie factory but in this post I want to examine some of the lies told by John Ramsey and the truth that they expose.  The truth is not always easy to see.  It is usually buried underneath a mountain of lies and red herrings and only the most perceptive of people who have connected all the right dots will be able to see it.  Today I saw something clearly for the first time about this case.  It is a truth that is hidden in plain sight but I have been unable to see it as clearly as I did today despite years of looking at this case from every possible angle to try to determine what the truth is.

In this post I want to talk about the lies John Ramsey told about Fleet White Jr. and Priscilla White and also about Fleet White's father.  First I will document the lies that John Ramsey told then I will dissect them to see what hidden truths they expose.

In "Death of Innocence", John Ramsey said that he and Patsy first met Fleet White Jr and his wife Priscilla in 1994 where the Whites were living in a small rental house.  They quickly became the best of friends and did a lot of social activities together such as skiing together in Aspen, Colorado.  Although John Ramsey had money, Fleet and Priscilla were poor and John Ramsey had to foot the bill for all the expensive travelling and social activities they did together.  John said as far as he knew, Fleet's father might have owned a gas station in California but that's it.  So according to John Ramsey, the Whites don't have any money and Fleet White Sr. just owns a gas station in California and is not rich by any means.  

Those are the lies that have been told and they are obvious lies for anyone who has done any research at all into the history of Fleet White Jr and Fleet White Sr as I have done extensively on this Blog.  Let me document the lies one by one and then correct them with the truth.

Lie Number 1:  John and Patsy Ramsey first met Fleet White Jr and Priscilla White in 1994. It is my contention that John and Patsy knew Fleet and Priscilla White far earlier than 1994 in Boulder Colorado.  I contend that Fleet White Jr. was a good friend of John Ramsey before 1980 and that Fleet White Jr. was invited to the wedding of John and Patsy on November 5, 1980 in Atlanta Georgia.  

Lie Number 2:  Fleet White Jr and Priscilla White were just some poor anonymous couple living in a small rental house in 1994 in Boulder Colorado.  In fact Fleet White Jr and Priscilla were neither poor nor anonymous. Fleet White Jr. was the son of a wealthy oil magnate from California who was a partner in his father's oil company, Fleet Oil Company.  Priscilla White was the daughter of the chairman of the board of Century Financial Corp. and immediate past president of the USC Alumni Assn.  Fleet and Priscilla White were children of wealthy families whose parents held leadership roles in big important companies.  Neither of them was poor nor was either of them anonymous.  Fleet Oil Company was expanding its operations from Southern California into Colorado in the early 1990's and Fleet White Jr. was in Colorado to oversee and manage the expansion as a partner of his father's company.  He was an oil magnate himself in Colorado just as his father was in California.  There is no way that either of them would be living in a small rental house in Boulder in 1994 as John Ramsey says in "Death of Innocence".  Instead they would be living in a big home and even a mansion because of the wealth of Fleet White's father and Fleet Oil company in Boulder, Colorado.  So this is a direct lie by John Ramsey to conceal the truth about the circumstances and financial means of Fleet Jr. and Priscilla.  Later in this post I will describe why John Ramsey is lying about this. 

Lie Number 3: Fleet and Priscilla were poor and John Ramsey had to foot the bill for the expensive travelling and social activities they did together, such as skiing together in Aspen Colorado in the below image:

Fleet White Jr and Priscilla White were anything but poor and unable to pay their own way in these social activities.  In fact, Fleet and Priscilla were wealthy socialites similar to Fleet White Sr and Nyla White.  Fleet White Jr. knew how to ski because his parents owned a Chalet in Aspen Colorado since 1964 and took frequent trips there.  Every year they held a big New Years eve party in Aspen, Colorado.  Activities such as skiing and sailing had been a part of the White family for a long time and in fact was a family tradition.  Again, John Ramsey is telling a complete lie about the Whites to portray them as poor nobodies when in reality they were rich somebodies who were the children of rich somebodies.  

Lie Number 4: John said as far as he knew, Fleet's father might have owned a gas station in California but that's it.  In fact, Fleet White Sr. owned a very successful oil and gas company called Fleet Oil Company in California that branched out into Colorado in the early 1990's.  John Ramsey was not ignorant of this fact because of his long association with Fleet White Jr.  Again, John Ramsey is telling a huge lie to hide who both Fleet White Jr. and Fleet White Sr. are.  He is part of a purposeful cover up of the truth.  

John Ramsey's lies particularly pertain to Fleet White Jr.  To summarize the lies told by John Ramsey about Fleet White Jr., they are this:  Fleet White Jr. was poor.  Fleet White Jr. lived in a small rental house.  Fleet White Jr. was unemployed or underemployed.  Fleet White Jr. was an insignificant nobody in Boulder, Colorado.  His father is unsuccessful too in California.  Neither of them are wealthy or successful. 

Why is John Ramsey telling such huge obvious lies about his long time friend Fleet White Jr.?  The answer directly concerns the death of his daughter of which Fleet White Jr. and Fleet White Jr's family and Fleet White Jr's Home in Boulder, CO. play a very significant role.

Remember the lie told by John Ramsey that Fleet and Priscilla White were so poor that they were living in a small rental house in Boulder in 1994?  Now consider the home that we are told that Fleet and Priscilla White were living in at the time of the murder.  Although I cannot find it now, I once saw a picture of Fleet and Priscialla White photographed walking outside this home. It is just an average sized suburban type home that was much smaller than the home owned by John and Patsy Ramsey in 1996.  Just as in the case of the small rental house, this home is not the type of home that would be lived in by a rich family who themselves were children from rich families.  Although the official story says that this is the home the Whites lived in on Christmas 1996, I contend that this may be a lie and part of the cover up. 

This is not the home that a wealthy family like the Whites would live in.  Instead they would live in a much larger home that was as large or even larger and more expensive than the home the Ramsey's lived in.  The Ramsey's home was large and although some people describe it as a mansion, it really was not.  I have seen mansions and the Ramsey home was no mansion.  But the home that Fleet and Priscilla White really lived in may well have been a mansion because Fleet White's parents were very wealthy international socialites and Fleet White Jr. was an executive with Fleet White Oil company in Boulder Colorado.  Although all this information has been carefully hidden from the public, it is a fact.

So I must reconsider what I said about the sex party happening inside the home of Fleet White Sr and Nyla White.  Which of the two following scenarios is more likely?

Scenario 1:  Fleet White Sr and Nyla White owned a mansion in Boulder, Colorado and hosted a Christmas day party in 1996 in this home that they owned.

Scenario 2:  Fleet White Jr and Priscilla White owned a mansion in Boulder, Colorado.  Fleet White Sr. and Nyla White who were known for hosting big parties were visiting this mansion owned by their son in Boulder, Colorado in 1996.  Fleet White Sr. and Nyla White hosted a party at the home of their son, which would be a very natural place for them to host a big Christmas Party. 

I consider Scenario 2 to be much more likely after considering all the lies told by John Ramsey about Fleet White Jr.

Monday, September 28, 2020

 Dots to be connected:

~1975 - 1978: North Fox Island, Michigan pedophile ring and child pornography operations.  The head of the Michigan Aeronautics Commission during this time was John Ramsey's father, James Dudley Ramsey.  Described as very controlling, he was nicknamed the Michigan air czar because he liked to control everything.  In his position he had to know about the operations happening at North Fox Island which involved many air flights to and from the island. At the very minimum he was complicit in allowing the operations to go on under his nose without interference.  At the most, he was one of the pedophiles who was involved in what happened at North Fox Island.

1976-1978: The last time Fleet White Jr. sexually abused Nancy Krebs in Trona, CA. According to Nancy, the only reason he stopped is because others were noticing the signs of the sexual abuse and he did not want to get into legal trouble as Macky Boykin got in a short time later. Note that this period of time is approximately the same period of time as the pedophile and pornography operations on North Fox Island, Michigan.

1977:  Patsy Paugh is Miss West Virginia.

Late 1970's (assume ~1978): Nancy Krebs met Patsy Paugh at a Rainbow Girls convention in Sacramento California. This was before Patsy was married to John Ramsey.  I assume this was before Patsy even met John Ramsey.  

April 1979:  James Dudley Ramsey quietly retires from his long held position as the head of the Michigan Aeronautics Commission even though he is young enough to continue in that role.  Not coincidentally, he retires as the scandal about North Fox Island is exploding in Michigan.  As far as I know, James Ramsey was not even questioned by Michigan investigators of the North Fox Island scandal.

Summer of 1979:  Patsy moved to Atlanta, Georgia.  Shortly afterwards the rest of her family also moves from West Virginia to Atlanta, Georgia.

1979:  John and Patsy allegedly meet for the first time in Atlanta, Georgia.  What was John Ramsey doing in Atlanta, GA?  How long had John Ramsey been in Atlanta, GA before meeting Patsy and what was he doing during this time?  Was he living in Atlanta Georgia?

Late October 1979: Fleet White Jr. and Priscilla Brown Johnson are married in Pasadena, CA.

1980: Fleet White Jr. and his wife Priscilla live in Laguna Niguel, CA, a luxury community by the ocean in Southern California.

November 5, 1980:  John and Patsy Ramsey are married in Atlanta, GA.  

More to Come

 The Manson Family connection to Nancy Kreb's family:

Nancy Krebs said that her mother was friends with Catherine Gillies, who was part of the Manson family.  Looking at the dates involved, this would be around 1968.  In 1968, Catherine Gillies was 19.  In 1968, Gwen Krebs would be 26.

Catherine Gillies of the Manson family of Southern California in 1969:

More to come

 TODO: Was Satanism involved in Sandy Hook?

 A possible early picture of Fleet White Jr.:

So I came across a picture from the 1980 wedding of John Ramsey and Patricia Paugh that caught my eye.  In the background of the picture I recognized a face I knew I had seen before.  Here is the picture with the face circled in red:

I knew I had seen that face before, but where?  And then I remembered this picture:

If you look closely at the face in the two pictures, you will realize its the same person at different ages. The person in both photographs is Fleet White Jr.  In the first photograph taken in 1980 he is much younger than the second photograph taken sometime in the 2000's but the person is the same.

What this shows is that Fleet White Jr. was a close friend of John Ramsey in 1980 and attended his wedding to Patsy.  This is much earlier than the purported meeting of the Ramseys and Whites in 1994 in Boulder Colorado.  This is evidence that Fleet White Jr. knew both Ramseys in California before any of them moved to Colorado.  

If true this would mean that John and Patsy Ramsey, Don and Nedra Paugh and Fleet White Jr. all knew each other as early as 1980 or even before.  I consider that to be a very significant possibility. 

Sunday, September 27, 2020

 A Word about Don Paugh, Patsy's father:

Don Paugh, Patsy's father in 1980:

These are some attributes of Don Paugh that I have learned or that I contend are true about him:

1)  He was a high level Freemason of the 32nd Degree. 

2)  He was wealthy.

3) I contend that he was part of a Satanic inter generational family.

4) He and Nedra were both Satanists in secret.

More to come

 TODO:  Create a post about the Church that John and Patsy belonged to being a Satanist front and a way for Satanists to meet with each other secretly under the guise of Religion. 

As I said before in my main post about the JonBenet Ramsey murder, Satanism was very heavily involved in the death of this child.  Many of the key people in this saga were Satanists. What follows is a list of all the names of people that I contend were Satanists at the time that the death of JonBenet occurred. 

John and Patsy Ramsey - Members of St John's Episcopal Church in Boulder.

Don and Nedra Paugh

Fleet White Jr. and Priscilla White

Glen and Susan Stein

John and Barbara Ferni - Members of St John's Episcopal Church in Boulder.

Rolland Hoverstock - Reverend of St John's Episcopal Church in Boulder.

Dr. Francesco Beuf - - Member of St John's Episcopal Church in Boulder.

More to come.

Saturday, September 26, 2020

 The Two Worlds Paradigm Example of  Roderick Hotham

Two Worlds Paradigm

FALSE WORLD EXPLANATION:  About to be indicted, this Maine accountant went missing in the 1980's and has never been seen since.

REAL WORLD EXPLANATION: Roderick Hotham was about to release very damaging information to the public about Maine Senator William Cohen.  Just before he was about to release this information, Rod Holtham was kidnapped and murdered and his body was either cremated or hidden somewhere where it would never be found.  Afterwards a cover story was invented to explain his sudden disappearance that involved him running away after being caught embezzling money.  This cover story was a complete lie because Rod Hotham was an honest man who would never do what he is accused of.

Roderick Hotham. Congressman from Maine State Legislature:

William Cohen, U.S. Senator from Maine:

I first heard about this case when I was still on Twitter when the brother of Rod Hotham explained Rod's case in a tweet and appealed to anyone to help him bring justice for his brother under the hashtag #justice4rod.  Rod's brother was (and perhaps still is) harboring the illusion that Donald J. Trump is an honest man and that his 2016 election as President would help bring justice to his brother's case. I told him at that time on Twitter and, if he is reading this, I tell him on my Blog that Donald J. Trump will never bring justice to his brother's case.  To even hope for such a thing requires a complete misunderstanding of who Donald Trump really is and who he serves as President of the United States. But I do not want to make this post about Trump, who is not even worthy to be discussed in this post about an honest man named Rod Hotham.

When I first heard about this case back in 2017/2018, I was deeply intrigued by it because the case exposed a secret world that existed in the shadows that I had long suspected existed. What it exposed is that Satanists owned both the U.S. Government and the state and local governments in Maine.  It exposed that Senator Cohen was a blackmailed pedophile who is owned by Satanists and is probably a Satanist himself. 

More to Come.

 A Word about High Level Satanists:

In a previous post I discussed Satanism in the Real World and differentiated it from the false Satanism of Anton Lavey.   The Satanism preached by Anton Lavey is the Exoteric version of Satanism meant for consumption by the general public.  It has no relationship at all to the Esoteric version of Satanism as it is known and practiced by the inner circle of Satanism.  

In this post I want to talk about the Satanists, who are the practitioners of Real World Satanism.  When talking about Satanists, a differentiation must be made between Low Level Satanists and High Level Satanists. This post is about the common traits or attributes of High Level Satanists.  Not everyone with these attributes is a Satanist by any means but High Level Satanists will generally have one or more of these attributes that can be used to identify them.  With this introduction, I list the common attributes of High Level Satanists and give specific examples of Satanists with these attributes.

Common attribute: Wealth.  

Common attribute: Highly Intelligent.  

Common attribute:  Ambition for money and/or power.  

Common attribute:  Controlling.  

Common attribute: Dishonest and corrupt.  

Common attribute: Ruthless.  

Common attribute: Completely immoral.  

Common attribute: No Conscience.  

Common attribute: Emotionally cold when it comes to dealing with non Satanists.  

Common attribute: Satanists are often upstanding members or even VIPs in the communities in which they live.

Example:  Fleet White Sr and Nyla White were VIP celebrities in Aspen, Colorado where they owned a home and were very influential in the community.  I contend that Fleet White Sr and Nyla White were also VIPs in Boulder, Colorado in 1996 where they owned a home and were very influential in Boulder Colorado because of Fleet Oil Company and the wealth and influence of Fleet White Sr. 

Common attribute: Involvement in High Level Freemasonry.

Senator Robert C. Byrd of West Virginia was a 33rd Degree Freemason

Don Paugh (formerly of West Virginia) was a 32nd Degree Freemason:

Although I have no picture of him to show or evidence of my claim, it is my contention that Fleet Russell White Sr. was a high level Freemason, very possibly of the 33rd Degree. 

Common attribute: Hollywood VIP Actors and Celebrities.

Nicole Kidman, daughter of Satanist Dr. Antony Kidman:

Common attributePolitical Leaders.

Ted Heath, former British Prime Minister:

Richard Nixon, former U.S. President:

George H.W. Bush, former U.S. President:

George W. Bush, former U.S. President:

Barak Hussein Obama, former U.S. President:

Common attribute: Religious Leaders.

Pope Francis:

Billy Graham, 33rd Degree Freemason:

Common attribute: Leaders of Main Stream Media.

Harold W. Anderson, Publisher of the Omaha Nebraska World Herald during Franklin:

Common attribute: Leaders in the military.

Lieutenant Colonel Michael Aquino:

Common attributeLeaders in Technology.

Bill Gates, Plandemic planner and vaccine pusher:

Common attribute: Leaders of Business.

Warren Buffet of Omaha, Nebraska:

Common attribute: Are frequently Husband and Wife Teams.

Common attribute: One of more of the sons but frequently the eldest son of the Satanist Husband and Wife Team will also be a Satanist.

Example:  Satanist George W. Bush was the son of Satanist couple George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush.

Common attribute: Satanists maintain two completely different faces, one a public face shown to non Satanists and the other a private face shown only to other Satanists.  Wearing an invisible mask and a false persona in public helps to hide the Satanist and what he is involved with in private.

Common attribute: Satanists may be publicly Religious and even Religious leaders in the communities in which they live so that nobody would ever suspect them of being Satanists.  In this case, the Satanists wear Religion as a mask in public to hide who they really are in private. 

Example:  Billy Graham.

Common attributeThey or members of their immediate family hold high level positions in the Financial/Banking sector.

For example, Priscilla Brown (wife of Fleet White Jr.) was the daughter of the Chairman of the Board of a major financial corporation headquarted in Los Angeles, Century Financial Corporation.

Another example, Barbara Ferni was the daughter of a senior vice president for investment management at C. J. Lawrence/Deutsche Bank Securities Corporation.

Common attribute: Holds a high level position in intelligence (civilian or military) and/or high level/top secret security clearance.

John Ramsey held a top secret intelligence post while in the U.S. Navy:

Barbara Ferni's father Claude S. Vanden Broeck was a former intelligence officer.

Common attribute: Come from Inter-generational Satanic families.

The Ramsey family that John Ramsey comes from is one of these Satanic inter generational families.  The Paugh family that Patsy Ramsey comes from is another of these Satanic inter generation families.  The White family that both Fleet White Sr and Fleet White Jr come from is yet another of these Satanic inter generational families. 

Common attribute:  Connections, both public and private with other High Level Satanists in a Satanist Network.

Common attribute: Marriage to other Satanists or to the children of other Satanists.  

The Freemason organizations "Rainbow Girls" and "Job's Daughters" are privately used for the purpose of training the daughters of Freemasons and Satanists to marry the sons of Freemasons and Satanists.  Note that Patsy Paugh was one of these girls before she married John Ramsey.  John Ramsey found Patsy Ramsey through Rainbow Girls.

Common attribute:  Satanists like to hang out with and party with other Satanists. 

Common attribute::  Practiced in mind control techniques such as Monarch mind control programming.

Common attribute:  Obsessed with Sex and pleasure seeking, including sex with children.

Common attribute:  Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) of children, either children from their own family or the children of others. 

Common attribute:  World travelers. 

Common attribute:  Often live to a very old age while staying active.   

Common attribute:  They get repeated face lifts to stay young looking even into old age.

Common attribute:  Submission to a Global Satanist Hierarchy.

Just as there is a Hierarchy in Freemasonry, there is a Hierarchy in Satanism. An individual high level Satanist cannot do whatever he wants to do.  He must seek the permission of the leaders of the Global Satanist Establishment and get their approval before doing anything significant that will affect other Satanists and their ambitions.  Satanists must submit to the authority of higher level Satanists or there will be strong repercussions against them.  The Satanist Hierarchy is a pyramid and those lower in the pyramid must submit to the authority of those higher in the pyramid, just like in Freemasonry.

Common attribute:  A secret contempt for the rest of humanity that is not one of them.

Common attribute:  Satanists own the legal system with key positions in Police Departments, District Attorney's offices, the FBI and in the courts (both State and Federal) being filled by Satanists or people directly controlled by Satanists through bribery or blackmail. 

More to come.

Friday, September 25, 2020

 A Word about the Cabazon Indian Reservation in Indio, California:

I notice that the Cabazon Indian Reservation in Indio is close to Los Angeles, CA where Fleet Oil Company had its headquarters for many years.  This made me think that Fleet Oil Company was perhaps doing Oil and Natural Gas drilling on this reservation.

To be researched and continued.

 A Word about Useful Idiots:

Useful Idiots and Shills both spread lies and disinformation that the Establishment wants spread with an important difference.  Shills know they are spreading disinformation and they are getting paid to do so.  Useful idiots on the other hand do not know they are spreading disinformation.  In fact they are so convinced that the disinformation they have heard is the truth that they take up the mantle and start spreading the disinformation themselves for free because they believe it to be true.  In their ignorance they believe they are doing a good thing by spreading the truth but in reality they are helping the deceivers to spread disinformation which the useful idiot is completely clueless of.

In the case of the JonBenet Ramsey murder, the useful idiots are a hundred thousand BDI proponents hopping around like frogs smugly ribbitting "Burke did it!  Burke did it!" on all the JonBenet Ramsey murder videos on Youtube.  As someone who is trying to spread the actual truth about the JBR murder, it is very depressing and disheartening for me to encounter these people.  In fact they have become my main opposition in spreading the truth that JBR met her death outside of her home at the hands of no Ramsey.  These BDI Proponents are like a fanatical cult and trying to convince them of anything that does not agree with what they already believe is an exercise in futility.  The people behind the cover up must be laughing their asses off to have so many geniuses doing their work for them on the internet for free.  Who needs Shills when you have an army of BDI proponents spreading your message for you?  

Another group of useful idiots are all the Trump supporters who actually believe Trump is an honest man working against the Deep State instead of a puppet who is a willing tool of it.

The Deceivers never had it so good.  Unfortunately Green Day was right.

 Four corrupt, Zionist owned people, one of whom is the current President of the USA:

The irony is that there is an army of idiots on the internet who believe that Trump is fighting child sex crimes and here is Trump standing beside his close friends Epstein and Maxwell.  But the hypnotic voice of QAnon knows how to speak to idiots to make them believe completely false scenarios. QAnon is the pied piper of Pro-Trump lies to help get this shameless immoral Zionist re-elected to a second term as President.  It worked in 2016.  Will it work in 2020?  

 A Word about Timothy Charles Holmseth:

This man is a Shill.  At first I thought he was genuine until I listened to some videos that he was involved in.  On one of the videos he and his cohorts can clearly be heard laughing in the background of the video.  He is trolling. Do not trust anything coming out of this man's mouth.  He is a CIA/Establishment owned Wolf in Sheep's clothing. He does not serve the truth. 

 A Word about a video on mind control that was allegedly found at the Ramsey home:

Alan Dershowitz referred to a military video found in the Ramsey house that was censored under National Security. 

When I first heard about this long ago, I was extremely interested in it.  I tried to find out more about this but I could find nothing else about it on the internet.  Finally I let it go and forgot about it.  Now after many years I am circling back around to once again address this topic.

Certainly not everything that is said on the internet can be trusted to be true.  In fact, the majority of information posted on the internet is false.  It takes a perceptive person to be able to differentiate the needles of truth hidden in the haystack of lies that is in the internet. 

Is this information about a mind control related tape being found during a search of the Ramsey home true or false?  I cannot say.  It may be true or it may be disinformation.  But if it is disinformation then what would be the purpose from an Establishment point of view of spreading it?  I do not know if it is true or not and I remain neutral about it.  With the caveat that it could be untrue disinformation, here is what has been said about this video:

1) It was reportedly identified as a video entitled "How to Create a Mind Control Slave using a Stun Gun".

2) The video is military.  In other words it is created by and/or associated with the U.S. military.  I note that many people have talked about the U.S. military being involved in mind control.  For example, it has been said that mind control training and operations have taken place at U.S. military installations such as Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha, Nebraska and China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station in California.

3) This video was reportedly filmed in Huntsville Alabama by NASA.

4) The video was found by Boulder, CO. LE as they were searching the Ramsey home during the JBR murder investiation.

5) The video was seized and its existence hidden on grounds of U.S. National security.  In other words, the video was secret and not meant to be known to the public. The contents of the video if disclosed to the public would be very damaging to the U.S. Government.  This is the reason why it would be seized and hidden for National Security reasons.  National Security is frequently used by the U.S. Government to hide things from the Public that would be damaging to the U.S. Government so it is perfectly understandable why they would seize this video and hide its existence. 

6) John Ramsey, in whose home the video was allegedly discovered has ties to the U.S. military and U.S. military intelligence.  He was a member of the U.S. Navy and held top secret U.S. military intelligence clearance during his service.  His company, Access Graphics was mostly owned by Lockheed-Martin, a major U.S. Defense contractor that supplies the U.S. military with both equipment and services.  So for a top secret video on mind control techniques associated with the U.S. military to be found in his house is not such a big stretch of the imagination.  

7) The implication is that John Ramsey was the main handler for a mind controlled slave and that this slave was his daughter, JonBenet Ramsey. 

8)  Alan Dershowitz stated on televised news that justice would never be obtained in the Ramsey case for reasons of National Security.  I am no fan of Alan Dershowitz who is a Jewish Lawyer but in this case I agree with him and have said basically the same thing on my Blog in previous posts when I stated that a cover up is in place to conceal the truth from the public about the JBR death.  The reason for the cover up is simple.  JonBenet Ramsey died under such circumstances that, if the truth was revealed to the American public would be very damaging to the U.S. Government and the Satanic Establishment.  Unfortunately a hundred thousand useful idiot BDI proponents parroting "Burke did it!" everywhere help the Establishment to keep everything focused on the Ramseys and the Ramsey home and nothing focused on anything bigger.

More to Come.

 A Word about the Paugh Family:

The entire West Virginia Paugh family, Patsy's family, were members of Masonic fellowships. 

Don Paugh was a 32nd Degree Freemason.

Note that Senator Robert Byrd also of West Virginia was a 33rd Degree Freemason involved in Satanism and Satanic Ritual abuse.  

High level Freemasonry is very often connected with Satanism and Satanic Ritual Abuse of Children.  Although Freemasonry falsely portrays itself as a God fearing organization doing good works for humanity that would never be involved in child abuse, in reality its membership at the highest levels such as Senator Byrd has been involved in horrific child abuse and mind control activity.  There has never been a more two faced organization than Freemasonry in the history of the world.  Its public face is a complete lie.  

Patsy's Mother, Nedra, was a member of the Order of the Eastern Star. 

Thursday, September 24, 2020

 My fondest wish:

 A Word about 2020 and what is to come concerning "Convid 19":

 Fleet White Jr. is the new prime suspect in the death of JonBenet Ramsey:

If you look at my Two Worlds Paradigm Explanation of the JonBenet Ramsey murder,  I state that the death of JonBenet was accidental and happened while she was being sexually abused at a Sex Party held at the home of Fleet Russell White Sr. in Boulder, Colorado. I contend that Fleet Russell White Sr. was sexually abusing JonBenet at the time of her death but I do not accuse Fleet Russell White Sr. of being guilty of murder.  I call him a direct accessory to the death of JonBenet but I do not say that he is the one who killed the six year old child Beauty queen. I contend that Fleet White Sr. had another person applying child sexual asphyxiation techniques to JonBenet as Fleet White Sr. was sexually abusing her so that JonBenet would feel sexual arousal as she was being abused.  I contend that this other person who was strangling JonBenet as Fleet White Sr was sexually abusing her made a mistake and he accidentally strangled JonBenet to death and that she could not be resuscitated.

Up to this point I have believed that the person who accidentally strangled JonBenet to death was some unknown person working for Fleet White Sr who would probably never be identified but then I read a poem penned by some Anonymous person titled The Manchurian Doll.  It was this poem that gave me a clue to the identity of the person who accidentally killed JonBenet that I had never thought of before now. It was this line of the poem that suddenly gave me the identity of the strangler: An elder cleric's errant son.

As I have said many times, Satanism was involved in the death of JonBenet Ramsey.  It is my contention that the Ramsey family and the White family and many of the other people involved in this story were Satanists.  In Satanism as in Freemasonry there is a hierarchy of membership in the Cult.  There are low level members who are initiates and there are high level members who are in a leadership position in the Cult. It is my contention that Fleet White Sr was a high level Freemason, very possibly of the 33rd Degree and that he was also a high level Satanist.  His son, Fleet White Jr. was also a Satanist but of a much lower level than his father.  John Ramsey was also a Satanist who was of the same level as Fleet White Jr.  Understanding these relationships is important to being able to see the Big Picture of what really happened in Boulder on Christmas Day of 1996. 

It is my contention that it was Fleet White Jr. who was acting as a Handler for JonBenet Ramsey late on December 26 and that he was strangling JonBenet while his father sexually abused her. It was Fleet White Jr. who killed JonBenet accidentally. In the remainder of this post I want to discuss the evidence that points to Fleet White Jr. being the accidental killer of JonBenet Ramsey.

Nancy Krebs stated that she was a victim of child sexual abuse by Fleet White Jr. starting in 1965 when she was 3 and Fleet White Jr. was approximately 16.  This abuse by Fleet White Jr. continued up until around 1978.  He only stopped abusing her because other people were starting to notice Nancy Kreb's abuse and Fleet White Jr. did not want to get into trouble like Macky Boykin did not too long afterwards.

I believe that Nancy Krebs told Boulder authorities in 2000 that Nyla White told Nancy that Fleet White Jr. and Fleet White Sr. accidentally killed JonBenet but this has been removed from the transcript:

But that she (Nyla White) was very resilient that she was doing fine. And then she (Nyla White) up and told me that Fleet Jr. and ....

[Content removed to the end of this side of the tape].

All the content that Nancy Krebs was saying about this was removed. 

More to come.

 TODO:  The Exoteric version is that Fleet White Jr. wants justice for JBR and everything he does after the murder is because of that.  The Esoteric version is that Fleet White Jr. wants to protect himself and his direct involvment in the murder because in fact Fleet White Jr. accidently killed JBR.  Fleet White Jr. is the murderer!

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

 Fleet White Jr. as a suspect in the death of JBR:

As I was reading the poem called the Manchurian Doll documented in the previous post, one line from this poem jumped out at me and that line is An elder cleric's errant son.  In the context of the poem where it was just talking about a Handler of a Monarch controlled child sex slave making an error and accidentally killing JonBenet, I can only think that this line is talking about this Handler.  The elder cleric is Fleet White Sr.  His errant son is Fleet White Jr.  So what the poem seems to be suggesting is that Fleet White Jr. was the person who was acting as the Handler for his father when he (Fleet White Jr.) accidentally strangled JBR to death.  It had never occurred to me before now that Fleet White Jr. could be the murderer but when I look at his behavior afterwards, especially the bizarre way he behaved during the Grand Jury proceedings, this has the ring of truth to it.  

Fleet White Jr. during the Grand Jury proceedings:

When I first saw this picture I thought it was Fleet White Sr. but this is actually a picture of Fleet White Jr.  Look at this man's face as he anxiously watches.  This man looks guilty to me.  I now consider him to be the prime suspect in the death of JBR.  

The Manchurian Doll:

So I came across this poem by an unknown author called the Manchurian Doll. It appears to be written about JonBenet Ramsey by someone with an insider's knowledge of what really happened.  First I will show the poem as it was published online and then I will dissect some information from it that I believe is very significant.  Here is the poem:

The Manchurian Doll by Anonymous:

They say that innocence prevails

And evil cannot master time

And riches, fame and fortune sow

Some evil seeds which then will grow

To devour the progenitors

Of thirty duos, some must know

That they themselves will out their crime

And have.

Within an old man's fleeting leer

The cycle of the dolls came round

It poisoned sick the world's Yule cheer

The use their own. In passing down

The rituals remain unfound.

And Christmas break gives time to heal

Parties abound, all wounds congeal

But one.

At blithely festive New Year's bash

Some candidates en route stopped there

As if by feigning toasts and cheer

They could undo the fatal sash

The week before.

But handlers die. And what to do?

With Christmas nigh, the one in lieu

Did err.

Saint John would roll o'er in his grave

To know the smut that crossed his nave

Yet Christmas day he held her near

As if he knew she'd disappear

That very night.

An elder cleric's errant son

His extant crush now on the run

Did they supply the candidates

With fodder for the lewd e-fun?

Do tell.

Truth blazes in but from Mcfar

The hunt team's snare was too adept

With keen eyes placed to guard the bar

The talk of dolls in silence kept

They tripped the truth while jurors prepped

Then sacked the hunter as inept. But hunters now

The hunted are.

Death's officer perfidy bared

Though taint of roofs fast disappeared

No antidote this Snow White spared.

The other signs were clearly there

Yet all were hastily interred

And silky-dressed and golden-haired

Truth slept

Of one who died outstretched on high

Most gentle hand His swaddle made

And in sepulchral cloth she laid

His arms tucked in, nor twine replayed

'Round captive limb

This mortal braid is our demise

When angels parish in its vise

Betrayed by kindred's galling lies

As purloined justice turned blind eyes

A panicked lapse left unsurmised

Clues carried home, already prone


However, one must study greats

Take, for example, William Yeats

Who spoke about Byzantium

No governor could stop the run

Your split in planning took its toll

You race spun out of your control

Things fall apart.

The antichrist lurks in the head

It festers in the carnal eye

Which takes young victims from their bed

To suffer that and then to die

Now vacant, half glazed tears are shed

From ambidextrous author's head

One doll, now grown, hides in dread

Another Manchurian candidate

is dead.

Now I will dissect some information from this poem that I think is very significant.

The Manchurian Doll refers to JonBenet Ramsey as a victim of Monarch mind control programming.  In Monarch mind control programming little girls are programmed to be sex toys for adults.  JonBenet was one of those children who was programmed from a very young age to please adult men sexually, starting with her own father and grandfather (Don Paugh). 

Within an old man's fleeting leer.  The old man is Fleet White Sr., who at this time was in his eighties.  His leer was focused on JonBenet Ramsey.

They use their own. Satanists use their own children and grandchildren for sex and share them with other Satanists to use for sex.  John Ramsey was a Satanist who voluntarily shared his young daughter with another Satanist named Fleet White Sr. to have sex with.  

In passing down the rituals remain unfound. This refers to inter generational Satanic families who are involved in Satanic and sexual rituals from one generation to another.  The Ramsey family that John Ramsey comes from is one of these Satanic inter generational families.  The Paugh family that Patsy Ramsey comes from is another of these Satanic inter generation families.  The White family that both Fleet White Sr and Fleet White Jr come from is yet another of these Satanic inter generational families.  These rituals that involve sex with children are done in the strictest secrecy so they remain unfound to the public eye but to the inner circle they are known and common. 

And Christmas break gives time to heal. Christmas day is a common time for Satanists to sexually abuse children during Satanic parties so that the children have time to heal from the sexual abuse before returning to school.  This helps to ensure that the sexual abuse remains secret and will not be discovered by others outside the Cult.

Parties abound.  Satanists hold many sex parties around the USA during Christmas time.  It is one of the most common times for them to hold sex parties. 

All wounds congeal but one.  All normal wounds done during sexual abuse heal but death during sexual abuse does not heal.

At blithely festive New Year's bash; some candidates en route stopped there; as if by feigning toasts and cheer; they could undo the fatal sash the week before.  The festive New Year's bash is the New Year's day Party hosted by Fleet White Sr and Nyla White in Aspen, Colorado on New Year's eve 1996. The candidates are Hollywood celebrities and others who stopped by to attend the party, including Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. The fatal sash the week before is a different party hosted by Fleet White Sr and Nyla White in Boulder, Colorado on Christmas day 1996 sometime during which JonBenet Ramsey met her death. 

But handlers die.  A Handler in this context refers to a person who knows how to handle and control a Monarch mind controlled slave.  Handling such a monarch controlled slave can refer to many things.  One of the things it can refer to is a person who is trained in applying sexual asphyxiation techniques to a young child to make her feel sexual arousal while she is being sexually abused by an adult.  Macky Boykin was such a person who was used by Fleet White Sr to apply sexual asphyxiation techniques to children Fleet White Sr. sexually abused because he wanted his victims to feel arousal as they were being abused.  But Macky Boykin died in November of 1995 so he was not available to be used by Fleet White Sr. during his Christmas 1996 sex party. 

And what to do?  With Christmas Nigh.  Knowing that he was about to participate in a sex party on Christmas, Fleet White Sr. had to quickly find another handler practiced in applying sexual asphyxiation techniques to young children.  He found a substitute handler who could do what Macky Boykin used to do for him before Macky died.

The one in lieu did err.  The handler that Fleet White Sr. chose to replace Macky Boykin made a mistake and accidentally strangled JonBenet to death while Fleet White Sr. was sexually abusing her.  It is my contention that this handler was none than his own son, Fleet White Jr.

Saint John would roll o'er in his grave to know the smut that crossed his nave. This refers to St John's Episcopal Church in Boulder, Colorado that the Ramseys, the Whites and many other key people in the JBR murder were members of.  Satanists were using this church as a front to hide behind and to meet in secret.  

An elder cleric's errant son.  I interpret the elder cleric to be Fleet White Sr and his errant son to be Fleet White Jr.  Is this saying that Fleet White Jr. was the handler his father to be a substitute for the deceased Macky Boykin???  I had never before considered that Fleet White Jr. might have been the handler who accidentally caused the death of JonBenet but this makes a lot of sense especially considering the odd behavior of Fleet White Jr. after the death. 

Did they supply the candidates with fodder for the lewd e-fun? Do tell. Was child pornography of JonBenet's sexual abuse and a snuff film of her accidental death distributed to others so they could watch it and get off on it?  

With keen eyes placed to guard the bar. This applies to the cover up and the Gatekeepers (such as Tricia on WebSluths) who keep the public from knowing what really happened. 

The talk of dolls in silence kept.  The secret of what really happened to JonBenet was kept from the public eye.  First John was the favorite patsy.  Then Patsy.  And now Burke.  A million BDI proponents parroting "Burke did it.  Burke did it." is proof that most of the public has not a clue of the truth to this day. 

One doll now grown hides in dread.  Nancy Krebs was a Manchurian doll who went through very much the same thing JonBenet was going through before her death.  Unlike JonBenet, she survived her abuse and grew up and escaped from the Satanic cult she was born into.  She hides in dread because she is afraid of being murdered to silence her for what she knows. 

 The Esoteric version of Christmas Day, 1996 in Boulder, Colorado:

We have heard from the Ramsey family, the White family and others the Exoteric version of events of Christmas Day, 1996 in Boulder, Colorado.  In this post, I want to describe the Esoteric version of events of that day that the public has not heard about. 

The four members of the Ramsey family (John, Patsy, Burke and JonBenet) wake and they go out to eat breakfast on Christmas morning in Boulder.

At a different home in Boulder, Colorado, Fleet White Sr. and his wife Nyla are preparing for the party that they are planning to host later that day.  Nyla White is cooking up a storm all the good food they plan to serve to all the guests that have been invited to attend their Christmas Party in Boulder, Colorado.  They have chosen Boulder, Colorado as the location to host their yearly Christmas Party because Fleet's oil company has recently expanded into Colorado and has facilities in Boulder.  Fleet White Sr's son is living in Boulder and is overseeing and managing the company's expansion in Colorado for his father. 

A lot of people have been invited to the Christmas Party that the Whites are hosting in Boulder, Colorado this year. The Whites are known for hosting big fabulous parties and their Christmas Party in Boulder on 1996 will be no exception. Invited of course is their son Fleet White Jr., his wife Priscilla and their children who are already living in Boulder, Colorado. Besides Fleet White Jr., other important executives from Fleet Oil Company involved in Colorado and their families have been invited to attend.   Prominent members of the business community in Boulder and their families are also invited to attend.  Among them is the family of John Ramsey, President and CEO of the very successful Access Graphics in Boulder, Colorado. Local politicians and officials living in Boulder Colorado such as the Mayor and the Chief of Police of the Boulder P.D. have also been invited to attend.  Celebrities have also been invited to attend.  Some of them will travel from Aspen, Colorado where celebrities like to frequent to Boulder Colorado to attend this party.  Others will fly to Colorado from California, such as Nicole Kidman.  This Christmas Party will be a big party with many important people attending. 

Later that afternoon the long planned Christmas Party begins at a Boulder, Colorado home owned by Fleet White Sr. and his wife Nyla. 

More to come

A Word about Nyla White's alleged illness on Christmas 1996:

Sometimes you hear information and you do not perceive what it means right away.  You need to time to think about it in order to understand what it really means.  Such is the case concerning Nyla White's alleged illness on Christmas 1996.  First let me go over the information about her supposed illness before I explain what it really means.  As I do this, keep in mind the concept of Exoteric vs. Esoteric that I described earlier because it applies here.

There was a 9-11 call allegedly made from the Ramsey residence on December 23, 1996. John Ramsey, in his book "Death of Innocence" attributed this call to Fleet White Jr. ordering medicine for his sick mother Nyla White in Aspen, Colorado. Fleet White Jr. never denied this story but he told a very similar matching story in a December 27, 1996 interview with Ramsey investigators.

The problem is that a longtime Ramsey case researcher spoke to an Aspen Times reporter who covered their local high society (which included Fleet's parents), and the reporter told them that Nyla was fine on the 23rd.

More to Come

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

 Miscellaneous links with pictures of JonBenet Ramsey

Sometimes a picture paints a thousand words.  What words do these pictures paint for you?




























 Exoteric vs Esoteric and Freemasonry:

In the previous post I explained the concept of Exoteric vs. Esoteric.  In this post, I want to apply that concept to Freemasonry.

The Exoteric Explanation is that Freemasons worship and believe in the Christian version of God.  The Esoteric explanation is that Freemasons worship and believe in Lucifer as God.

The most common symbol of Freemasonry is the letter "G" surrounded by a compass:

What does the letter "G" stand for?  

The Exoteric Explanation is that the letter "G"stands for God or "Great Architect".  The Esoteric Explanation is that letter "G"stands for Gaonim, which concerns the Jewish Babylonian Talmud.  I hate to quote Wikipedia about anything but in this case I will since they seem to want to tell the truth in this case.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geonim  Remember in my post on Freemasonry when I said that Freemasonry was Jewish at its core?  This is what I was talking about.

A good link about Gaonim discussing topics that Wikipedia will never mention:  https://www.truthcontrol.com/gaonim

More to come. 

 A Word about Exoteric vs. Esoteric:

The concept of Exoteric vs. Esoteric is an important one to be discussed on my Blog.  In fact, this is the essence of the Two Worlds Paradigm that have I have describing on this Blog for many months.  In a nutshell, this concept says that there are two versions or two explanations for many things.  Esoteric is the truth or the real explanation but it is intended to be known only by an inner circle of people.  In the Two Worlds Paradigm, this is the Real World Explanation.  Exoteric is a cover story and a false explanation that is intended for the public who are not a member of the inner circle.  In the Two Worlds Paradigm, this is the False World Explanation. There is one version of reality that is true but is intended to be known only by a select few.  There is another version of reality that is false and is intended to be believed by everyone else. Understand this concept well because you will see it again and again in many things.  

Monday, September 21, 2020

The Cult of Aton:

I am a researcher and in my research I have come across something that seems significant and concerns some of the things I am discussing on my Blog and it is called the Cult on Aton.  At this time I have only the briefest of an introduction to what it is but I am going to find out more about it.  Whatever this Cult of Aton is, it appears to be the deepest secret of Freemasonry that is hidden not only from the public but from lower level Freemasons.  

Aton, also spelled Aten, in ancient Egyptian religion, a sun god, depicted as the solar disk emitting rays terminating in human hands, whose worship briefly was the state religion.  https://www.britannica.com/topic/Aton

This cult allegedly involves an Egyptian Pharaoh named Akhenaton.  I remember him as the Pharaoh who forcibly changed the Religion of Egypt to worship the sun God called Aton.  He had a mysterious new city built in the middle of the desert and moved the entire Capital of Egypt there.  There was a later a rebellion against him in Egypt.  The Religion was changed back to the way it was before.  The old Capital of Egypt was restored.  All images of Akhenaton were removed and his name was blotted out from Egyptian history and nobody was allowed to speak of him.  His entire existence was basically memory-holed in Egypt.  

More to Come.

 A word about Aaron Russo:

Aaron Russo:

Once there lived a man named Aaron Russo who was so esteemed by the Powers that Be that Russo was invited to a seat on the Illuminati/Freemason Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).  Russo was also told by the people who were grooming him that they had plans to chip people in the future so they could track everyone using chips and also control their finances this way. Russo was not told how they planned to chip people but he was told the plan that the Elite had sometime in the future for humanity. For whatever reason those who were grooming Russo for a seat on the CFR misjudged him and Russo was not happy to hear about the plan to chip everyone. When he objected, those who were grooming him asked him "Why do you give a fuck about these people?  They mean nothing." or something to that effect. Russo was a good man who cared about humanity and he did not like what he was being told.  He rejected the offer of a seat on the CFR and he went on one or more talk shows and said in public about his offer of a CFR seat and the Elite plan to chip everyone to identify them and track them and control them by the Elite.

Shortly after this, Aaron Russo died a sudden mysterious death.  Maybe he died of an illness or a very rapid cancer that came out of nowhere such as those that infected Venezuela's Hugo Chevez or Dave McGowan or Jack Rubenstein.  Maybe he had an unfortunate accident or maybe he committed suicide.  However he died is not really important but the reason he died is important.  Russo was murdered to prevent him from telling the public the plans that the Elite had in mind for them.

Fast forward to 2019, when Bill Gates (a member of the Elite if there ever was one) creates a simulation about a world wide virus caused by Bats that starts in South America and ends up infecting the entire world with eventually up to 50 million people dying from it.  It was called Event 201 and it predated the so called Corona Virus by around just six months.

And then just six months later, an alleged real event caused by Bats allegedly starts in China and, just like in the simulation a mere six months earlier, it spreads around the world, infecting people in every country.  If anyone thinks that it is just a coincidence happened just six months after Event 201 then what can be said about such people?  They simulated the alleged outbreak in 2019 and then six months later it just coincidentally happened for real for the first time in the history of the world.  What are the odds of that being a coincidence?  It is NO coincidence.

I do not need to paint a picture for everyone about where this is leading but I will.  Where we are heading if the Elite get their way is forced vaccinations of most or all people in the world for the "Corona Virus" but this is just a cover story for what the Elite are really doing.  What the Elite really want to do is to inject everyone with something that can be used to uniquely identify a person and that can be scanned. For example, a new type of scanner at the grocery store can be used to scan a person before they even start checking out the groceries.  Everyone's finances will become digital.  There will be be no need for paper money or credit cards.  This is an Elite Banker's wet dream to be able to control everyone's finances in a central location that THEY control and this is the ultimate plan IF they get away with their nefarious plans.  It is up to every one of us on an individual basis not to cooperate with their plans.  It starts by not wearing a mask.  If you are wearing a mask then you are playing right into their hands.  Wearing a mask signals compliance with anything that the lying deceiving Elite want to do to YOU.  After the mask, forced or voluntary, comes the "vaccine" that is in the works.  It is not a vaccine for any virus but a way to identify and control YOU. See ID2020. If you care about your freedom, stop wearing the masks. And by all means DO NOT GET VACCINATED FOR THE CORONA VIRUS, even if they attempt to force you or blackmail you into doing it (which I predict they will).  Its your choice.  Freedom or slavery.  Everyone must choose.  

If you take the "vaccine" say goodbye to first your privacy and then your freedom.  Once they inject you, you will have neither.  Its the mark of the Beast in Disguise.