Sunday, February 28, 2021

Who Runs the World?

This is a post I should have made on my Blog long ago but it is easy to get so distracted by all the trees that one loses sight of the forest.  In my introductory post about the Two Worlds Paradigm I state that the world is controlled by dishonest people and that these people have created a false illusory world using Lies and Deception in order for them to easily control the real world that most people know nothing about because its been completely hidden from them. 

If we apply the Two Worlds Paradigm to the question "Who runs the world?", the false answer that (((they))) want us to believe is that nobody controls the world.  Everything that happens in the world happens on its own and there is nobody pulling hidden strings to make things happen.  Its all just natural. What (((they))) want you to believe is that there is no Conspiracy at all and no Conspirators.  And if you think otherwise then you are just a Conspiracy Theorist who is imagining things inside your own suspicious paranoid mind that have no basis in reality.  If you watch any of the Main Stream Media news channels such as CNN, this is the clear message they are giving the public but I contend that the truth lies elsewhere.

I wish I could tell you exactly who runs the world but I honestly cannot do that, and the reason is because I do not know. Even after almost twenty years of research and investigation and hard looking, I do not know.  But just because I do not know does not mean that nobody runs the world.  Instead what it means is that the people who run the world are very good at keeping themselves and their control of the world a secret from everyone who is not them.  But I have determined some very important things about them that can be used to identify who these people really are. So come down this rabbit hole with me to see what I have discovered about these people.


The first attribute that I have discovered about these people is that they like complete secrecy about themselves.  They like to operate from the shadows, completely hidden from public view, so that not only does nobody in the general public know who they are as individuals but that the general public does not even know that they exist as a group or organization.  But in my research I have discovered they are members of a single organization that operates in complete secrecy.  How this secrecy is accomplished and maintained I will be discussing later but secrecy is the most important thing to these people since their very survival depends upon it.  They are a secret society that is hidden within normal society. 

They Control Society

These people control the Society we all live in but it is a secret control in that it is known to the few but invisible to most.  These people control all of the world governments in secret.  They control all of the world's main stream media.  They control all of the major institutions of society such as scientific institutions and health-related institutions.  They control the military.  They control Law Enforcement (police, District Attorneys, and courts).  They control politics.  All of this control is secret. By having their people or their minions in leadership positions they can control an entire organization from the top without most people in the organization having any idea of what is going on.  All these organizations serve the agendas of the dishonest people who hide in the shadows.  

Main Stream Media Control

Control of the Main Stream Media is very important to the people who run the world and the reason for this is very easy to understand.  The Main Stream Media is the ultimate tool for the few to control the many, and I can demonstrate this if you have not already figured it out.  Those who control the media control the truth (or what the public believes to be the truth) and that is an enormous power to have that just invites abuse so that truth becomes transformed into whatever those who control the MSM want it to be.  In other words, truth gets turned into propaganda via the MSM in order to control the population.  Control of the Main Stream Media is a key component of the Matrix, which is a completely false reality that exists only in the minds of people who watch the Main Stream Media and believe what it says.  Those who control the Main Stream Media can (and have) turn complete lies into truth simply by reporting them as truth on the MSM.  

Here is a short list of complete lies turned into "truth" by the world main stream media:

George Floyd Murder by Cop (2020)
Covid 19 Pandemic (2019 to Present)

Those who control the Main Stream Media can also completely suppress the actual truth by simply never talking about it.  To all those people who get their information from the MSM, if it isn't talked about on the MSM then it didn't happen.  Lately the MSM has gone beyond simply not talking about the actual truth to labeling it as disinformation or Conspiracy Theory.  So those who control the MSM turn their lies into truth and turn the truth into lies.  This is an enormous perversion and what I call a crime against humanity but it is 100% the case today.

They control the Money

The people who control the world control the monetary systems of the world.  They control the currency in every country.  The control the Banking system in every country.  What this means is that they have unlimited financial resources available to them for anything they want to do.  When you talk about control, owning the money and every aspect of it is perhaps the greatest control these people have over others.  What it means is that they control the world economy.  What it means is that they can control entire Governments using money which they control.  They can buy anyone and anything that they set their mind to do.  If you want to know how they control society, one of the biggest ways is by controlling the money.  

World Leaders are Chosen Minions of the Establishment

What the people who run the world in secret, who I often refer to as (((them))) want you to believe is that the publicly known leaders of the world achieved their positions on their own and that nobody pulled any strings to get them into those positions.  (((They))) want you to believe that these world leaders are completely independent and that no hidden authority is controlling them.  

The truth is that world leaders are chosen not by the people but by the Establishment and they are chosen to be minions who will obey the will of the Establishment.  Sometimes these world leaders are chosen many years in advance and carefully groomed and trained and prepared to be a leader before they achieve that position.  Democracy is a sham.  It is not the will of the people that decides who becomes President or Prime Minister or any other of the world leadership positions.  It is the hidden Establishment that chooses and everyone who becomes a leader is expected to be a minion to the secret Establishment that runs the entire world.  The Establishment has many ways of guaranteeing that the people it chooses to be leaders will be submissive and compliant.  One of those ways is Blackmail.  The people who are cultivated to be world leaders very often have something hidden in their past that can be used to control them once they get into office and it is for this reason they are chosen so they can be blackmailed.   Or the future leader is told to commit a crime (such a sex crime against a child) and to allow it to be filmed as Blackmail material.  Complying with this is a condition for being allowed to become a world leader.  So if the person ever attempts to defy the Establishment then this Blackmail material can be shown on the Main Stream Media and the person will be immediately removed from leadership.  So the Blackmail material allows the Establishment full control over the leader just like a puppeteer has over a puppet. This method of Blackmail control is used on anyone in any position of significant authority, such as Senators in the U.S. and M.P.s in the UK.  Its the way that the Establishment guarantees that the Government will be under its control.  By controlling the leaders of the government as individuals, it effectively controls the entire Government.  

Lies and Deception are their hallmark

The people who run the world freely use Lies and Deception to do so.  It may be said that these people have no morality at all when it comes to lying to and deceiving others to maintain control.  In their book of rules, anything is permissible to them as long as they can get away with it, which means that there are no rules at all except to not be exposed as a liar and deceiver to the general public.  Because these people control the Main Stream Media it is very easy for them not to be exposed as a liar and deceiver.  Even if their lies and deceptions get exposed on certain web sites on the internet, all they have to do is to make sure they never talk about it on the Main Stream Media and the general public will be completely clueless about it.  So (((they))) can get away with virtually anything, no matter how blatant or outrageous the lie or no matter how obvious the deception.  Some will see through it but the general public who trusts the MSM to tell it what is important to know will never have a clue.  

Controlled Opposition

These people secretly control all sides and any conflict between the sides is not genuine conflict but is merely a drama to manipulate the general public that serves one or more Establishment agendas. In simple terms, when two sides appear to be in opposition to each other in reality the opposition is staged and both sides are merely players in a drama to control the public. Its very important for everyone to understand this because its very easy to be fooled by the drama, which of course is heavily covered by the Establishment controlled Main Stream Media.  And that is the biggest key to recognizing controlled opposition.  When the Main Stream Media is showing a conflict between two sides then that is a controlled opposition drama intended to manipulate the public in some way.  

 Here are some examples of controlled opposition sides that are in reality just playing a big con game with the public:

The Republican Party vs. The Democratic Party.

Liberals vs. Conservatives.

CNN vs. Fox News.

CNN vs. Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump

Antifa vs. Trump Supporters

Most people get caught up in the controlled opposition trap and cannot see past it.  Manipulated using their emotions and beliefs, these people choose a side and stick with it usually for life.  They are blind to the fact that they are being deceived and manipulated to satisfy an agenda(s).  Here is a word of wisdom for anyone who wants to know how to avoid this trap.   Do not choose either side no matter if it feel right to do so because both sides are wrong.  No matter how convincing the drama, realize that the same people control both sides and the purpose is to manipulate YOU in some direction.  Neither side serves the truth.  The sides only exist to manipulate the public and they serve no other purpose.  Don't play the Establishment game because you can only lose.

Various people have talked about them

Humanity as Cattle

These people see Humanity as slaves (or cattle) to them.  They have no respect for human beings who are outside of their group.  They believe they have the right to do anything they want with humanity and they have no morality to prevent them from doing things that cause great loss of life such as starting world wars or genociding an entire group of people who they want to get rid of (such as the Palestinian people or the Syrian people).  To reduce carbon dioxide emissions they believe they have the right to forcibly reduce the earth's population by any means necessary.  These people are actively transforming the world as (((they))) want it to be without caring what the rest of humanity wants.  (((They))) are supremely arrogant and only care about themselves and what they want.  To them, Humanity has no inherent value other than to be exploited and used, just like cattle.  

More to Come 

The Seven Noahide Laws

In this post I will discuss the Seven Noahide Laws that Israel and Jews expect all other nations of the world to keep.  In blue below each law is my own personal assessment of it.  This Blog and I as the creator of it is all about Truth and Justice.  It is not about being anti Jewish or anti Semitic.  I say that to make clear that if a Jew or a group of Jews stands for truth and justice then I do not oppose that Jew or group of Jews.  The only Jews I oppose are the ones who promote lies and deception and who promote injustice and who promote Jewish and Israeli Supremacy (which is inherit racism).  With that said, here are the seven Noahide Laws with my commentary.

Law one:  Not to worship idols.  In other words, not to worship anything as God other than Yahweh, the Jewish God.  I do not believe in or accept a Jewish God or a God who favors Jews above all other races and one that condemns all other races to slavery to the Jewish race.  That is one hundred percent in opposition to my concept of a God who created all of humanity and who treats all of humanity the same, including the Jewish race.  What this Noahide Law is really about is for all Nations to accept the Jewish race as being Supreme over all others and to accept Israel as being the supreme nation intended by God to rule the world.  This is what Jews want non Jews to believe certainly but it is not the truth.

Law two:  Not to curse God.  Along with Law one, this law attempts to force non Jews to believe as Jews want them to believe and to enforce behavior on non Jews according to the Jewish Religion.  Jews have no right to tell non Jews what to believe in or what to do in terms of Religion.  It is completely unjust for Israel and Jews to attempt to impose their Religious laws and standards to people and nations who do not share their beliefs.

Law three:  Not to commit murder.  This law does not say not to kill but not to commit murder, which is unlawful killing.  This is a just law but who determines what is murder and what is lawful killing?  It is my very strong opinion that Israel and Jews have committed open murder of many Palestinian residents of Gaza and yet they do not punish their own for such acts.  The Jews are hypocrites when they tell non Jews not to murder and yet they themselves murder non Jews every single day and do not hold themselves accountable for their behavior.  So there is one standard for non Jews and a completely different standard for Jews when it comes to murder.  Jews undermine their own laws by their behavior.

Law four:  Not to commit adultery, bestiality or sexual immorality.  While I completely agree that Bestiality should be absolutely forbidden, adultery and sexual immorality are just someone's idea of morality and not a basic law that should be forced upon everyone else.  Who determines what is sexual immorality?  What right does one person have to tell another person how he should live his life?  He has no right to do this.  

Law five.  Not to steal.  I agree with this law but only if it is enforced on everyone equally.  Unfortunately Jews themselves do not believe in this law.  This is a law that Jews expect non Jews to follow but Jews themselves do not follow it.  Jews say it is perfectly fine for Jews to steal from non Jews, and I can give a hundred references that say that if required.  Jews expect for non Jews not to steal from Jews but if a Jew steals from a non Jew it is perfectly fine as long as they get away with it.  Just as in the case with the murder prohibition, Jews are completely hypocritical in the application of this prohibition.  There is one standard for non Jews and a completely different standard for Jews.  Jews undermine their own laws but not practicing them themselves but expecting others to practice them.  

Law six.  Not to eat flesh torn from a living animal.  This is some very archaic law that has no real application today.  Although this may have been a common practice in the past it is certainly not today.  It has no application today.

Law seven.  To establish courts of justice.  While I agree with the concept of creating courts to administer justice, who defines what justice is?  In today's Jewish world, justice has been so perverted that it is unrecognizable as justice.  Also truth has been so perverted in today's Jewish world that it is truth in name only.  Lies and Deception have replaced truth and justice.  In such a world as Jews have created by their own behavior, Truth and Justice no longer exist.  The words remain but the concepts they stand for have been completely perverted and destroyed, and Jews themselves are largely responsible for this.  Jews are complete Hypocrites who want to enforce Jewish justice and Jewish truth on non Jews who want no part of it.  Jews have no right to enforce their laws and their justice and their truth on non Jews and yet they reserve this right to themselves because they believe it is their God given destiny to control and rule the entire world.  What the seven Noahide laws are really about are enforcing Jewish Supremacy over a non Jewish world and calling it God's law.  God has nothing to do with this.  Racist hypocritical Jewish men who conspire to control the entire world have everything to do with this.  

Saturday, February 27, 2021

A very Strange and Bizarre 9-11 ceremony

In the previous post I stated a hypothesis that 9-11-2001 beyond being a mere PSYOP was symbolic in that it marked the death of the Old World Order and heralded the soon to be birth of the New World Order and as I thought of that I remembered a very strange ceremony I had seen occur on the grounds where the Twin Towers had once stood but at the time of the ceremony all the debris had been removed and this entire area had been dug out so it was just a huge empty dirt pit.

This 9-11 ceremony was televised and Dan Rather was one of the narrators who was talking about it, so it must have been on CBS at least and if it was there then it was surely on the other television stations too.  I was completely unaware of this ceremony until around 2009 - 2010 when I was doing my intensive 9-11 research but to say that the ceremony was bizarre is an under statement.  Even today when I think about this ceremony and what was shown on it, it seems surreal to me, almost like a dream (or a nightmare) but it was very real.  Someone recorded a small part of this ceremony and put it on the internet which allowed me to watch it.  I do not know if I will be able to find it again because things like that tend to disappear down the memory hole, never to be seen again.  But I do want to find it and show the video clip here to demonstrate what I mean when I say this was a very strange and bizarre ceremony.  When I think about it, what it reminded me of exactly is a cult ceremony, where everyone is walking around wearing hooded robes where you cannot see their faces.  If I can find the video clip, you will see that.  But you will also see something far more strange concerning the Eye of Horus.  

I found a video of this ceremony and it says that it happened one year after 9-11, which would be 9-11-2002.  Click on the image below to view this video.

Although you cannot see it well in this clip, all those people forming the Eye of Horus symbol on the grounds of 9-11 are wearing black hooded robes where their faces cannot be seen, just like a cult would.  When I try to explain this ceremony, I come up with blanks.  It is bizarre to the extreme.  There is no doubt in my mind that this is a cult ceremony.

More to Come 

9-11-2001 and the significance of that date to Jews

In the previous post I gave a link to a Jewish document from 2015 that was an indictment from the Jewish Sanhedrin against various individuals and organizations that were considered at that time to be enemies of Israel.  Here is another link to this document for your reference.

I read through that document looking for anything that I considered significant and noteworthy to me. The document is specifically concerned with Israel and those individuals and groups that the Sanhedrin sees as defying Israel and the Jewish God Yahweh's will.  I care little about what the Jews want or believe so I was not interested in that but when I came to the bottom of this document I did find something of interest to me.  It is found on page 9 of the document in the following paragraph, emphasis mine:

You are hereby summoned, collectively and individually to answer to these accusations. The commencement of the trial will take place on Mount Zion, on the 25th of Elul 5775 (which this year corresponds to September 9th), the anniversary of the creation of the world. There, you will be allowed to speak in your own defense.

As I have said on this Blog multiple times including in this post, it is my contention that the event that happened in the USA on 9-11-2001 was not a terrorist attack at all but a PSYOP that had been planned for many years in advance.  All the real evidence points to this but what has not been clear at all to me is why this date was chosen for the PSYOP.  Was this just some random date that they chose or is there some hidden significance to why this date was chosen and not some other date?  I have never known anything about the possible significance of this date because I have been kept completely ignorant about it.  I have suspected this date was chosen for a reason but I have never had a clue what that reason might be.  So when I saw the text in blue above my mind immediately went to 9-11-2001.  Can you see why?

According to Jewish Tradition, the 25th of Elul is the day the world was created.  See the following link.

From the above link:

The creation of the world corresponds to the Hebrew date of the 25th of Elul. It says in Leshon Hakhamin that the 25th of Elul must be sanctified by us (Jews).

The specific date on the non Jewish calendar that this very important date falls on varies from year to year.  In 2015 it corresponded to September 9th.  So I as a non Jew who is very interested in why this date was chosen am very interested in knowing what date this was in 2001.  It is my very strong suspicion that there is a relationship between the Jewish creation of the world date and 9-11-2001.  So that is what I will be investigating here.  Because if it is found that there is a relationship then it shows the Jewish hidden hand behind 9-11 that many many people already say is the case.  This would be just one more piece of very strong evidence to prove that the Jews are behind 9-11.  

As it turns out, the 25th of Elul corresponds to September 13th, 2001 which is two days after the event known as 9-11.  Could it be that the Jews purposely chose a date two days prior to the anniversary of the creation of the world (as they see it)?  Click the image below. 

So 9-11-2001 falls on the 23rd of Elul. I am curious if there is any significance about this date according to Jewish tradition.  If the 25th of elul marks the creation of the world, is there some Jewish significance to the 23rd of Elul, which would be two days prior to the creation of the world?  Or if this is not the case, then did 9-11-2001 signify the destruction of the old Gentile world order (before the NWO) and 9-13-2001 (two days afterward) signify the start of the Jewish world (the New World Order)? Always the curious researcher, this was my next inquiry.  

More to Come 

An interesting link leading to an interesting Jewish document

Someone left a link on one of my Blog posts recently that discussed Jewish plans or Jewish intentions of world domination and also for the slaughter of non Jews that refused to behave in a way acceptable to Jews.  Here is that link, which I will be discussing in more detail in this post.

Temple movement rabbi proselytizes for genocide

This post leads me to a conclusion which I have not fully understood before now but perhaps after reading this others who have their eyes wide open will see better and that is the question of why did Donald J. Trump become President in 2016?  More specifically, in a completely rigged political system as the U.S. political system is, why did Trump become President?  It certainly was not because of the will of the American people or just because so many people hated Hillary.  No, it goes deeper than that.  

Although it is not well known by most people, Israel and Jews turned against U.S. President Barak Obama because Obama was calling out Israel and Jews for their behavior and attempting to hold them to some account for it, at least verbally.  

Here is a link to an article by a Jewish Rabbi condemning Barak Obama for being against Israel:

Barack Obama’s Visceral Dislike of Israel, the Jewish State, Revealed in his Latest Book

What I am exploring here is why Donald Trump became President at all and who his Presidency really served.  Its to be noted that the U.S. Establishment, what some people refer to as the Deep State has controlled the Presidency since LBJ.  It controlled the Presidency up through Barak Obama.  It controls the current Presidency of Joe Biden.  It did not control the Presidency of Donald J. Trump.  This does not make Trump a good President serving the American people.  It just means that Donald Trump was an anomaly in the U.S. political system that the U.S. has not seen for decades and probably will not be seeing again.  But the real question is why Trump who was clearly an outsider to the U.S. Establishment was allowed to become President.  The wrong answer is because his election was the will of the American people.  Nope.  I used to believe that was the case but no longer.  Something else entirely explains his Presidency and why Hillary Clinton did not become President.  I say the reason for Clinton's loss and for Trump's win had more to do with Barak Obama and Israel than anything else.

Israel expects world leaders to bow down to it and when they don't Israel gets directly involved in undermining the position of the world leader to ensure that future world leaders in that country will be subservient to Israel and definitely are not anti-Israel or opposing Israeli will.  This is especially true in the USA.  The last U.S. President to oppose Israel ended up dead with a head shot by his own wife, but that drastic step was taken only because JFK was directly threatening the National Security of Israel by his opposition to nuclear weapons being developed at Dimona. 

In the case of Barak Obama he was not threatening Israel's existence but he was verbally critical of Israeli behavior and for a U.S. President to be critical of Israel was totally unacceptable to Israel.  Israel became opposed to Obama in 2014 and by 2015 Israel viewed Obama as an enemy.  Of course the American public who are told what to think and believe by the Jewish owned media were told none of this but its a fact that Israel viewed Obama as its enemy.  See the following Jewish document that concerns Obama as an enemy of Israel along with others.  Click on the below image.

Note that this document is by the Jewish Sanhedrin, the very same Sanhedrin that Jesus said was part of the Synagogue of Satan and the very same Sanhedrin that later acted to ensure that Jesus was condemned to death by the Romans.  The Romans were intent on setting Jesus free but the Sanhedrin insisted he be crucified.  Yes, that Sanhedrin.  It still exists today and in 2015 it was against not just Barak Obama but also Secretary of State Kerry and others associated with the U.S. Administration.  If anyone wants to understand the real reason why Trump became President in 2017 they need to look no further than this document.  Its not about Democracy or the will of the people at all.  That is just an illusion.  Its about pleasing Israel and other power players in the world.

Hillary Clinton and what would have become her Administration in 2017 had become President was way too similar to that of Obama.  After Obama, Israel demanded that one of its own that was going to bend over backwards for Israel would become the next POTUS and that person was Donald J. Trump.

I do not need to list everything that Trump did for Israel here but the two main things Trump did was:

1) Unilaterally give Jerusalem to Israel, something that any other U.S. President would have been 100% against.

2) Unilaterally give the Golan Heights (Syrian territory) to Israel, something that no other U.S. President would have done.

Trump was Israel's choice to become U.S. President so Trump could be very very good to Israel and make up for what Obama did.  As a former Trump supporter I find it completely disgusting that I was deceived by Trump to believe that he was going to work for America when he did not work for America even once.  His loyalty from the beginning despite his MAGA campaign slogan was never to make America great again.  Trump does not give a fuck about America except to use it as his own personal platform to serve his huge ego.  Hillary would have been a better President than Trump.  I hate to say that but I believe it with all my heart at this point.  The amount of dishonesty at work here is mind staggering.  

To be continued.

Friday, February 26, 2021

The Vaccine (Dis)Information War

Click below image

Big Brother is Watching Me and I am Watching Big Brother - Part 2

See this post I made previously about Google Big Brother watching me and me watching them back.  In that post I discussed Google censorship of my Blog concerning the Sandy Hook School FAKE shooting.  Two different posts of mine concerning Sandy Hook have been censored from this blog.  The first post was deleted from the server without me being given any notification at all.  The second post was unpublished from this Blog without my consent and without me having a way to publish it without censoring my own post, which of course I refuse to do.  So I created a third post about Sandy Hook in defiance of the Google censors.  Here is that post:

As I mentioned before I like to see who is looking at my Blog, which I can check from statistics kept by Google.  I check this ever so often and when I checked it recently I discovered an unusual IP address access that caught my attention.

So Google Corporation, which is the owner of the Blogging platform I am using, makes a single access to this Blog.  Now, I don't know what page was accessed but intuition tells me it was the new Sandy Hook Hoax page I made after my two previous Blog entries were fucked with.  Why would Google be so interested in this page?  Because someone is reporting it to them and requesting it be removed.  Someone sent a link to one of my Blog pages to them and this access is Google checking it out. 

Not too long before this I saw that someone did a Bing search on "Noah Pozner" and the above Sandy Hook link came up in the search results and the person making the search accessed my Blog page via that search.  Is it possible that the same person who accessed my Blog page from a Bing search of "Noah Pozner" later reported my page to Google to get it removed and if so who could that possibly be?

More to Come

 Another video to watch concerning the Covid 19 scam

Click on the below image:

The Pharmaceutical Industry does not make money off a healthy person.  They make money off a perpetually sick person.  The sicker people are, the more money is made.  Its not about keeping people healthy.  Its not about Truth.  Its about marketing a lie so that a certain class of people make as much money as possible.  As sad as it is to talk about, this is where we are at 2021, and its going to get worse.  Are you ready to fight yet?  No?  Just wait.   The time is coming when a bad reality will force you out of your complacency. 

One of the big things that this video presents is that the vaccinations which are supposed to be about ending the Covid 19 threat in reality have nothing to do with Covid 19 other than that Covid 19 is the deception that is being used to get the public to take these injections into their bodies.  What is being said is that these injections have a completely different purpose unrelated to Covid 19 and that the general public has been told nothing about this but the people behind the vaccination programs are fully aware of it.   This discussion starts at around the 40 minute mark in this video and I highly recommend you watch that part because its significance cannot be overstated.

(((They))) are seeking to gain control over the human mind, body and will using technology. 

This may sound like an incredible claim to some but I fully agree with it.

EDIT TO ADD:  I feel like I am living in an especially evil episode of the Twilight Zone.  I have no words to describe this.  Its too horrible to even be described.  If you don't know that the bad guys are in control of the world by now, its time to wake up.  This world could be a good world.  It was meant to be a good world.  But bad people have gotten control of the world and they are using that control to transform the entire world into a bad place for everyone else.  Its that simple.  These bad people are in the process of transforming the entire world into something alien and so radical and different than it has ever been and was ever meant to be.  If you are not alarmed by what is happening then you are asleep and not paying attention at all.  If you don't know that the only way these bad people will ever be defeated is to go war against them then you are asleep.  The people behind this will never quit as long as they are in control of the world.   The time for being complacent is at an end.  We are at the point now that the future of the Human race is in great danger of being altered forever and changed from its God given form into something perverted that serves evil men.  If there was ever time to go to war, this is it.  And the enemy is not located on some foreign shore but is right here in inside your own country in control of the Government and the media and the "Health" industry and everything else.  That is what is so insidious about this.  The enemy is in control of everything except for us, but that is not good enough for them.  The enemy wants control of us too by hijacking our own bodies.  Unless we fight back, Humanity is going to fall into a very dark place.  I said it will get worse than this and it will.  Unless we resist, this is only the beginning.  The control freaks want it all and they will get it all unless we organize and resist and fight back.  We are losing this war simply because we don't recognize it as a war.  We have been deceived as to the true nature of what is happening but the time for being deceived is at an end.  We have three choices:

Fighting back and living free.

Not fighting back and living in complete slavery (economic and every other form of it)


Wednesday, February 24, 2021

What Else the Zapruder film shows

In the previous post I talked about how I became aware that Jackie shot JFK and that the Zapruder film clearly shows her doing it.  In this post I want to go beyond Jackie to discuss what else I see in the Zapruder film and various conclusions about the assassination I have reached from watching it.

Every person inside the Limousine except for JFK knew about the assassination in advance

This is one of the first conclusions I reached from watching the Zapruder film after determining that Jackie was the assassin.  Its simple logic that for Jackie to have been the assassin then it is inevitable that everyone inside the Limousine knew about the assassination in advance and so that nobody was surprised by it or reacted to it in any way because they all expected it to happen.  Here is a list of these people inside the Limousine who knew about the assassination before it happened.  All of these people are co-conspirators.

U.S. Secret Service Agent William Greer (the driver of the Limousine)

U.S. Secret Service Agent Roy H. Kellerman:

Texas Governor John F. Connally:

Wife of John Connally, Nellie Connally:

Jackie Kennedy (the assassin)

An immobilizing Toxin was delivered to JFK's throat

What the U.S. Government wants the American public to believe is that the wound to JFK's throat was one of Lee Harvey Oswald's bullets which entered the back of JFK's neck and exited out the front, but the truth is far different and they know it.  In reality a small toxin coated dart or flanchette was fired into the front of JFK's throat for the purpose of immobilizing JFK and making him helpless to the head shot that was to be delivered by the assassin (Jackie).  In order for JFK to be easily assassinated by Jackie without him being able to resist he had to be immobilized first and that was the entire purpose of the throat shot.

The CIA is an expert at creating unconventional weapons.  For example, the CIA has created a weapon that induces a heart attack in the target and another weapon that spreads virulent fast acting cancer inside the target so that death is delayed.  The CIA also creates weapons disguised as harmless items such as fountain pens and umbrellas.  Pictured below is a figure of a CIA created weapon disguised to look like an umbrella that can fire tiny darts (AKA flanchettes) into a victim at high speed.  These darts can be coated with any toxin or biological agent to quickly deliver the agent to a target surreptitiously.  

The source of the above diagram is contained in the following link, but before you read it the link contains a mixture of accurate information and disinformation which you need to be aware of.  The accurate information in this link is that which discusses the Umbrella weapon system and how it was a prelude to the assassination of JFK.  The disinformation in this link is that Daley Plaza was a "Turkey shoot", meaning multiple assassins firing into the Limo from outside it.  This is 100% disinformation.  Despite what the public has been led to believe there were no snipers outside the Limo firing into it, Oswald or anyone else.  There was only one assassin of JFK, and she was sitting right beside him inside the Limo.  Keep this in mind as you look at the information in the following link and ignore the disinformation. 

Note that this umbrella weapon is designed so it can be accurately aimed at a target with high accuracy.  

This Umbrella weapon is visible in Frames 206 to 239 of the Zapruder film.  Here it is in Frame 221, just as the Limo is coming out from behind the Stemmons Freeway sign:

By the time of this frame, the Umbrella weapon has already fired its dart into JFK's throat and we see Jackie staring over at her husband as she reacts to it.  As you can see in the above frame, the umbrella was just in front of the Stemmons freeway sign and very close to the Limousine as it passed by that point.  I estimate it was from six to ten feet away from JFK at the closest point, which is when it fired its dart.  If you watch the Zapruder film closely as I have you will see the umbrella slowly spin as the Limo passes by, showing that it is targeting JFK as he passes by.  The man holding the umbrella is a CIA agent sometimes referred to as the Umbrella Man.  

In the business of assassinations, the CIA scoured the entire world for fast acting toxins that would quickly kill a person but in this case the CIA did not want to kill JFK with the dart but to immobilize him and make him helpless and they found or simulated a toxin that would do just that and also be very fast acting.  What the CIA wanted was to immobilize JFK as quickly as possible and then once he was fully immobilized kill him while he was helpless to resist.  This was the main plan of the assassination, which consisted of two stepsOne shot with a toxin coated dart to quickly immobilize and then a second shot with a projectile through the head at point blank range that would kill JFK while he was helpless to resist.   This was the fool proof method that the Conspirators came up with to kill JFK with no chance that JFK would be able to avoid being killed.  At the conclusion of the second step,his death would be a certainty.  

Direct Involvement of Texas Governor John Connally 

As I intend to show later, everyone inside the Limousine except for JFK was aware of the assassination plot before JFK was murdered but only one of them outside of the assassin (Jackie) had direct involvement in the assassination and that was Texas Governor John Connally.  

In trying to understand Jackie's assassination of JFK I watched what she did in the Zapruder film very carefully and what I saw and what others have seen and what you will see too if you watch the Zapruder film with eyes wide open is that after JFK has been shot in the throat and before Jackie delivers the fatal head shot she has a very interesting conversation with John Connally inside the Limousine.  JFK had been shot in the throat and at first appeared to be in extreme distress from that throat shot but shortly afterwards JFK became strangely docile, almost zombie like, before Jackie and Connally had their strange conversation.  Its almost surreal watching the Zapruder film at this point.  The President of the United States has clearly been shot in the throat and nobody around him is reacting to it as one would expect.  No one inside the Limousine is reacting to it and no one outside the Limousine (for example, the motorcycle cops very close to the Limo) is reacting to it, even though they have had plenty of time to react to it.  Its as if they are all following a script and they are not reacting to the throat shot because this was all planned and rehearsed in advance.  

Now let's focus on what Jackie did after the throat shot. Although the throat shot occurred when the Limo was not visible to Zapruder's camera behind the Stemmon's freeway sign, the first frame of the Zapruder film after the Limo comes out from behind the sign shows Jackie looking at her husband, showing that Jackie is fully aware at this point that JFK has been shot in the throat.  Below is Frame 221 which shows Jackies staring over at at her husband sitting beside her who has been shot in the throat.  At this point or before in the Z film, Jackie is aware that her husband has been shot and now we can look at what she does afterwards.

Notice that Jackie makes no attempt to aid or assist her husband who is clearly in distress after the throat shot.  Instead she just watches him until JFK becomes strangely docile and passive at some point after the throat shot.

Frame 231: JFK in Distress.  Jackie just watching.

In the above frame also notice that U.S. Secret Service Agent Clint Hill who I will be discussing later is also just watching JFK in distress without making any move to assist or help him. The same applies to who I assume to be another U.S. Secret Service Agent beside him. All of these people were part of the Conspiracy and so none of them reacted to JFK being shot as they should have.  

In Frame 255 we see Jackie put out her white gloved hand to steady her husband to keep him from falling over in the seat while at the same time turning her head away from her husband toward John Connally.  At the same time John Connally is turning his head around to look toward the President and Jackie in the back seat.  

John Connally is talking to Jackie before his head is even fully turned around which is why her attention in focused on him and not on her incapacitated husband where it should be.  I called it a conversation before but in reality it is a one sided conversation, with Connally telling Jackie what to do and Jackie is focused only on Connally and not her husband.  This communication lasted from approximately frame 257 to frame 286, after which Connally starts to turn his head back around in the seat.  What I contend and others who have examined this footage contend is that Connally was making sure that JFK was fully incapacitated from the throat shot and that once he saw JFK was helpless then Connally gave Jackie the go ahead to assassinate JFK.  In other words, Connally was working directly with Jackie and assisting her in assassinating her husband, all this having been planned out in advance. 

I contend that the JFK assassination was a carefully planned and choreographed event with many people playing parts in it who each had a very specific role in the assassination to make it a success.  John Connally's role in the assassination was to ensure that JFK was fully incapacitated by the toxin that was delivered in the throat shot (which he had been trained to do by the CIA) and then to give Jackie the go ahead to deliver the killing head shot.  Connally had an additional role which I will discuss later to feign being wounded to give the false impression that bullets were being fired into the Limousine from outside and that he was hit by one.  Jackie's role was to wait for the throat shot to incapacitate her husband so he would be unable to resist what she did before she executed him.  She looked to John Connally for guidance and waited for his okay before she proceeded as had been planned and rehearsed in advance.  So John Connally assisted Jackie in assassinating her husband. 

Direct Involvement of U.S. Secret Service Agent Clint Hill

Of all the U.S. Secret Service Agents who should have protected JFK from being assassinated I hold Clint Hill in special contempt.  As I will show, Clint Hill just stood and watched as JFK was first shot in the neck and later as JFK was shot in the head by Jackie.  It was only after Jackie had killed her husband that Clint Hill started running toward the Limousine.

Clint Hill was one of five U.S. Secret Service agents standing up on the vehicle directly behind the Presidential Limousine in the motorcade. Below is Frame 189 before JFK was shot in the throat.  In this image the five U.S. Secret Service Agents are numbered.  Clint Hill is Number 1 wearing the dark suit. Note that this image is just before the Limousine traveled in front of the Stemmons Freeway sign where the Umbrella man is waiting and where JFK will be shot in the throat. Click on the image to see it full size.

Here is Frame 231 after the Limo has passed in front of the Stemmons Freeway sign and after JFK has been shot in the throat.  Notice in this image that Clint Hill is looking directly at the POTUS who is holding his hands to his throat in clear distress and yet Clint Hill just watches and does nothing, and the reason he does nothing is simple to understand.  Clint Hill is a co-conspirator in the assassination who knows full well that Jackie is about to shoot JFK.  For him to attempt a rescue of the President in distress would interfere with that plan so he does nothing but watch like the snake he is as events unfold toward the assassination. 

Shortly after this point in the Zapruder film, the camera focuses in on JFK and Jackie because Abraham Zapruder also knows that Jackie is about to shoot JFK and his entire purpose is to film that head shot in graphic detail.  So we do not see Clint Hill in the Zapruder film until later but be certain that he is still watching like a snake until a later point, at which he starts running toward the Limousine. I contend that he did not start moving until after Jackie fired the head shot or until the guns from the grassy knoll started going off which were to give cover to Jackie's single shot (see the next section). 

Multiple shots fired from the Grassy Knoll concealed Jackie's single shot.

A conclusion I have reached is that there were multiple shots fired from the grassy knoll as reported by many witnesses on the scene but these were not snipers firing at JFK as popular opinion suggests.  Instead they were shots to distract the attention of the crowd away from the Limousine and to hide the sound that the weapon Jackie used to kill her husband made as it went off.

As I said in a previous post it was important to the Conspirators to do the assassination in public and to quickly blame it on a chosen patsy in order to avoid investigations which would reveal the Conspirators.  But the problem with doing the assassination in public is two fold:

1)  Someone who is not under the control of the Conspirators might see the assassin killing JFK and report it.

2)  Someone who is not under the control of the Conspirators might hear the sound of the assassin's weapon going off inside the Limousine and report it.  

So the assassination plan must take this into account and provide cover for the assassin so nobody in the crowd sees or hears the assassin doing her wet work on the POTUS.  And I contend that this explains the grassy knoll shots that many witnesses reported that day.  

Here is the way I believe they did it.

Two or more people were in position on the grassy knoll and ready to fire loud shots in the air when given the go ahead.  These people were very likely CIA agents.  Their role in the assassination was to distract the attention of the public away from the Limo during the actual assassination.  These agents were in radio communication with other agents who were either in the Presidential motorcade or on the ground around the Limo when it stopped.

The agents in the motorcade or on the ground near the Limo watched to see when Jackie was ready to shoot JFK.  This would coincide with the time that John Connally finished giving Jackie the go ahead and started turning his head back around (Frame 286).  At this time, these agents in or around the motorcade let the agents on the grassy knoll know to start shooting their weapons, scaring the crowd and causing everyone to look toward the sound of the shots and away from the Limo.

It was during this grassy knoll shooting that Jackie delivered her fatal shot, the sound of which was hidden by the sound of the shooting on the grassy knoll.  Only after the head shot had been delivered did the agents with the motorcade let the agents on the grassy knoll know to stop shooting.

Those in the crowd who had heard the shooting from the grassy knoll and then discovered that JFK had been shot would naturally assume that the shot(s) that hit JFK came from the grassy knoll and there would be no suspicion at all that the shot actually came from inside the Limo.  

Again, what this shows is that the JFK assassination was a carefully planned and choreographed event which involved many people working together, each performing a specific role, to make the assassination a success.  


The Zapruder film is full of hidden secret information that only those who have the eyes to see it can see and understand.  Such is the case with the below image, which is Frame 221 of the Zapruder film. Click on this image to see it better.

Frame 221:

This frame is of particular significance because it is the first frame that shows a significant part of the Limousine after JFK has been shot in the throat.  Even though JFK is not visible in this image, you can clearly see Jackie staring over at him in apparent shock indicating that he has already been shot in the throat at this point.  The umbrella weapon that delivered that shot can be seen right in front of the Stemmons freeway sign just as the Limousine passed in front of it.  I have discussed these things in previous posts on this Blog but what I have not noticed until now is all the people standing on the balcony in the background who are watching this.  I have said before that a lot of people knew about the JFK assassination in advance.  I have also said that the location where JFK was shot was carefully chosen and that most if not all of the people there were either in on the assassination or aware of it in advance.  What I am saying is that all those people shown watching the throat shot from the balcony were there to witness the assassination of JFK.  They had been previously told about it and where it was going to happen and they were gathered there to watch it take place.  None of these people are fans of JFK just as the couple seen clapping at the left of the Limousine are not fans of JFK.  These people are clapping because JFK has been shot.  All those around the kill zone are are in support of the assassination.  And do I even have to tell you that the motorcycle cops were in on it also?  Everyone in the kill zone area was aware of the assassination in advance.  A LOT of people knew in advance that this assassination was going to happen.  This is the reality. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

How I became aware that Jackie shot JFK

American Psychopath:

I thought I would make a post describing how I became aware that Jackie shot JFK.  This is my own personal experience to explain my journey from having no clue at all that Jackie was the assassin to becoming 100% convinced that Jackie assassinated JFK.  At this time it is not my belief that Jackie killed JFK but my knowledge that she did.  My other posts about Jackie assassinating JFK are based upon this knowledge but I did not always know it or even suspect it of being true. 

Like many others I have long been fascinated by the JFK assassination and the Zapruder film that showed it in graphic detail.  Something about the horrible way that JFK died got my attention and something inside me wanted to know more about it.  

For the majority of my life I believed that Lee Harvey Oswald was the assassin of JFK simply because that is the story that I heard everyone else saying.  For most of my life I have been what I now call a no pilled person.  Contrary to popular belief, a Blue pilled person is not a sheep who believes whatever they are told without question.  A Blue pilled person is one who makes the conscious choice not to know once he or she has become aware that a deeper truth exists.  A no pilled person is one who is just ignorant that there is anything else other than what he or she has been told.  They accept what they hear from society as true because they have never heard anything different and they have been conditioned since birth to just trust and to not question.  For most of my life I have been a no pilled person and so it was that to me it was a fact that Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK simply because everyone else was saying it.  If everyone believes then it must be the truth is what I told myself and I had no reason to question it. Of course I did not know that LHO shot JFK but I believed that he did based upon my perception that so many others were convinced of it.  

It was my investigations into 9-11 that told me there was a whole different world (or reality) beyond what I had been told and that I should not just trust others to tell me what is true but I should do my own investigations to determine what the truth is.  After my investigations into 9-11 revealed that it was not a terrorist attack at all as I had been told but was something far different then I began to look outside of 9-11 to see what else that I had been told was in fact a lie and deception as was the case of 9-11.  

I next turned my attention to the Apollo moon Landings and discovered that it too was a lie and deception.  A whole new world had been revealed by these investigations.  What I discovered is that there are two worlds or two realities.  The first world or reality is what society wants us to believe but it is a false reality based on lies and deception that hides another reality that is the actual truth.  It was from this research that I came up with the Two Worlds Paradigm to explain the difference in these two realities.  One is a false reality of lies and deception that serves an agenda.  The other is actual reality that is completely hidden.  It is critical for people to understand the Two Worlds Paradigm before they try to comprehend what I say about Jackie killing JFK.  

It was when I was researching other events that could fall under the Two Worlds Paradigm that I came across multiple web sites stating that Jackie was the assassin of JFK.  I had never heard of this before then and my initial reaction to it was complete skepticism.  The idea that the assassin of JFK was his own wife was to me too outrageous to even be looked at seriously and for a long time I completely ignored these web sites, which I considered to be disinformation.  I was looking for the truth and this seemed very far away from the truth to me so I wanted nothing to do with it for the longest time. I made the assumption that it was Bullshit without even looking at the information on the web sites.  I did not want to even go there.

And then one day I decided I would at least look at what one of these web sites was saying, just out of curiosity, to see if there was any validity at all in what I considered a ludicrous claim that the President's wife was the assassin.  FYI Here is the web site I looked at:

If you go to that web site and examine the information in it, what you will find is that it says that the Zapruder film shows Jackie killing JFK.  To me this was a fantastic claim to make.  I had watched the Zapruder film all the way through many times and I had never seen Jackie doing anything so how could this to be true?  The above web site also gives instructions for how to see Jackie do it, which I tried to follow and even after trying my best I could not see it for a long time.  What I can tell you is that the Zapruder film does indeed show Jackie killing JFK but I had never been able to see it.  Even after being told what to look for to see it I had a great difficulty seeing it but it is there, just as this web site says.  I wish I would have had the following gif available to me when I was first trying to see this because it would have made it much easier for me.  The original Zapruder film is blurry and jerky and hard to follow so its very difficult to see what is going on in it.  But when the film is stabalized (so it does not jerk around) and if attention is focused on Jackie and JFK inside the Limousine around the time of the fatal head shot then it is much easier to see what this web site is saying.

Although I could not see it at all before, now I can see it very clearly.  Every time I watch the Zapruder film I clearly see Jackie shoot her husband in the head.  Why did I not see it before?  How could I have not see what is so clearly there?  Why do other people who view the Zapruder film not see what is so clearly there?  Why do these people look at the above gif and see nothing when I see smoking gun evidence that Jackie killed JFK?  How is it possible that the film can show something so clearly and people can watch the film and not see what it shows?  

When looking for an answer to the question of why I could not see at all before what I can clearly see now, I conclude that mind control (AKA brainwashing) prevented me from seeing what the film shows.  The human mind naturally filters out information from any picture or video or scene that it considers is not important so the conscious mind is not even aware of it.  This happens automatically and is beyond he conscious control of the viewer.  Put in simple terms, you cannot see what you don't believe is possible even if it is in plain sight.  

In terms of the JFK assassination I explain it this way.  After hearing about a million times that Oswald shot JFK from the sixth floor of the Texas Schoolbook Depository building, I came to believe that JFK was shot from outside the Limousine on a subconscious level.  Once I developed this belief, my mind prevented me from seeing anything that was contrary to this belief.  In the case of the Zapruder film, as long as I held this belief to be true in my subconscious mind then it was impossible for me to see Jackie shooting JFK from inside the Limo.  I was unable to see it.  The eye cannot see what the subconscious mind does not believe to be a possibility.  Even when told what to look for, I had enormous difficulty seeing it.  I had to play the Zapruder film over and over again on a loop in slow motion before I could even comprehend it.  Only after doing this many times and really concentrating on it was I able to see it.  And the thing that allowed me to see it was having an open mind.  I had to lose all my previous beliefs about the JFK assassination and believe that anything was possible before my mind would even let me see it.  Its all about belief.  Belief is extremely powerful.  What you do not believe is possible is not possible for you.  An open mind and losing false preconceptions is very important to be able to see Jackie killing JFK.  Once you see it, you will know just as I know who killed JFK.  And seeing it is the beginning of going down a very deep dark rabbit hole to try to understand it.  Because it goes way beyond Jackie.  Jackie is only the beginning of understanding who was behind the assassination and who else was involved in helping her do it.  

Monday, February 22, 2021

The Conspiracy to assassinate John F. Kennedy

This post is a continuation of my previous post so I strongly recommend that you read that post before reading this one.  That post lays a foundation for this post.  

In the summer of 1963 there existed a Conspiracy to assassinate John F. Kennedy as POTUS and to replace him with LBJ.  The members of this Conspiracy were many and the reasons behind the Conspiracy were many.

1) Israel wanted JFK out of the U.S. Presidency because JFK was determined not to allow Israel to develop nuclear weapons which Israel considered necessary for its nation security.  So Israel wanted JFK out and LBJ as POTUS because LBJ was a Zionist who would allow Israel to do whatever it wanted in terms of its nuclear program.

2) The Central Intelligence agency wanted JFK out of the U.S. Presidency because JFK was determined to neuter the power of the CIA at a minimum and if necessary to splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces. JFK was very much of an enemy of the CIA and a clear threat to the CIA's future.  So the CIA wanted JFK out and LBJ as POTUS because LBJ was corrupt and would cooperate with the CIA instead of working against it.  LBJ was a team player with the CIA while JFK was not.

3) Organized Crime in the U.S. wanted JFK out of the U.S. Presidency because JFK's brother, Robert F. Kennedy was an opponent of organized crime and as Attorney General of the U.S. was going after organized crime more than any other Administration had.  Robert F. Kennedy was intent on cleaning up organized crime in the U.S.  So organized crime wanted JFK out so that Robert Kennedy would no longer be Attorney General and the heat would be off of them.  LBJ was corrupt and would cooperate with organized crime while the Kennedy Brothers would not.

4)  Right wing hard line Conservatives in the U.S. who saw JFK as soft on communism.  These people were very upset at JFK because he had failed to back the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba leading to its failure and so that communist forces were right on America's door step.  They blamed JFK for the failure to get rid of the communists.  While JFK wanted peace, these people wanted war to deal with Cuba and Vietnam and other places.  They wanted JFK out and LBJ as POTUS who they saw as someone willing to go to war to defeat communism.

5) The Military Industrial Complex wanted JFK out who they saw as an anti war President.  Anti War Presidents, while being good for humanity are very bad for the military industrial complex that gets its money and power from war.  The military industrial complex saw great opportunities for a new war in Vietnam but it also saw that JFK was determined not to pursue military conflict in Vietnam.  So the military industrial complex wanted JFK out and LBJ as POTUS because in LBJ they saw a President who would use America's war machine which would be very good for both the U.S. military and the defense contractors supplying it.

6) The Jewish Bankers saw JFK as a big threat to their money making monopoly.  JFK as POTUS was issuing U.S. currency outside of the control of the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank.  This was seen as a huge threat to the Jewish Banking cartel which wanted total control for itself.  So the Jewish Bankers wanted JFK out and LBJ as POTUS.  LBJ was a Zionist who would cooperate with whatever the Jewish Bankers wanted.  LBJ would stop the U.S. currency that was outside of Federal Reserve control to ensure that it had no competition for total control of the U.S. monetary system and economy.

7)  And then of course there was LBJ himself who was a very ambitious Politician who wanted to be President all along but lacked the popular support to do so.  LBJ despised JFK and wanted to be President.  LBJ was totally onboard when the other Conspirators approached him and told him of their plans to assassinate JFK.  All LBJ had to do was to play along and he would get the Presidency he desired.  The only stipulation is that he would play ball with the Conspirators once he became President and do what they wanted and not do what they did not want.  In other words, LBJ would be a corrupt  puppet President and not a true Democratic President working for the good of humanity like JFK.  

In terms of a plan to execute the assassination of JFK there were two primary requirements that all members of the Conspiracy shared:

1.)  That the success of the assassination be guaranteed and that there be no chance at all that JFK would survive the assassination attempt.  Put in simple terms, the guaranteed death of JFK so there would be no way for him to continue to be President.

2)  That the assassination be carried out in such a way that none of the Conspirators would be blamed for it.  Put in simple terms, the assassination must be blamed on a patsy who is not one of the Conspirators and who actually knows nothing about the Conspiracy so that even if he is questioned by authorities he cannot name any of the Conspirators as being involved.  The public must blame the patsy 100% for the assassination and nobody must look outside of the patsy as being the culprit.  

Now I am going to explore these two requirements of the assassination plot in more detail to demonstrate why the Conspirators chose the assassination plan that they did instead of a different one.

The first requirement of the assassination plan is guaranteed success and no chance of failure.  This requirement is the biggest reason NOT to use a sniper located outside the Limousine and aiming into the Limousine to kill the President.  With the target located in a moving vehicle there is always the chance that the sniper will miss the target completely and that his missed shot will immediately alert the President so that the President quickly ducks out of sight, making future shots impossible.  So if the sniper misses on the first shot, the assassination attempt is over with.  Likewise if the assassin only wounds the President in the assassination attempt and the President ducks out of sight then the assassination attempt is a failure.  To attempt the assassination and fail would alert the President that he is a target and make future assassination attempts much more difficult if not impossible.  Any usage of one or more snipers has the chance of failure.  With the first shot the President would be immediately alerted and he would quickly duck out of sight.  There would be a high chance of failure using one or more snipers so this was not acceptable to the conspirators who wanted guaranteed death of JFK so that JFK had no possible way to avoid it.  I emphasize those words because they are very important in understanding why they Conspirators chose the plan they did.  As I will show, the plan the Conspirators came up with was fool proof and there was no way that JFK could avoid being killed by it. 

The second requirement of the assassination plan is that a patsy be used so that none of the members of the conspiracy are suspected of being behind the assassination.  It also means to do the assassination in such a way so that no honest investigation is conducted that could reveal the assassination plot and the conspirators behind it.  Of course JFK could have been killed in private but to kill him in private would have been a huge risk to the conspirators.  No matter how they did it, killing the President in private would lead to a massive investigation by multiple authorities who would want to get to the bottom of it.  These investigations would be impossible for the conspirators to control and they would very likely reveal the hidden hand of the conspirators behind it.  Although its not at all intuitive, it was far better for the conspirators to do the assassination in public and then to quickly blame the assassination on a chosen patsy whose guilt would then be "proven" beyond any doubt.  Any honest investigation by non corrupt authorities would reveal the conspiracy and the conspirators so this could not be allowed.  If there was an investigation at all it would be just for show to confirm the guilt of the patsy.  It would not be an honest open investigation after the truth. The conspirators and their minions would be in charge of the investigation and its only purpose would be to prove the guilt of the patsy to the American public.  Although I do not want to deviate from the discussion of the JFK assassination here, I just want to point out that the very same thing was done in the case of 9-11.  The 9-11 commission was not an honest investigation into who was really behind 9-11 but a show investigation for the American public to prove the guilt of the Establishment chosen patsy in that case, OBL and Al Queda.  Any attempt to look at anything or anyone other than them was not even permitted to be presented and/or completely ignored.  Likewise in the case of the Timothy McVeigh trial in the Oklahoma City Bombing.  That trial was just a show to prove the guilt of McVeigh and any attempt to look at anyone outside of McVeigh and Nichols was not allowed.  In the case of the JFK assassination, 9-11 and the McVeigh trial these were all just for show to prove the government's "case" against a chosen patsy and to completely ignore the truth.  In America, truth and justice takes a back seat to political expediency.    

Before I discuss the real assassin and the real assassination plan I want to discuss the false story that the conspiracy planners wanted (and still want) the American public to believe, which is that a lone nut communist named Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated JFK all on his own with no assistance from anyone else and without the knowledge of anyone else by firing rounds from a rifle he owned into the Limousine from the sixth floor of the Texas Schoolbook Depository building. We all know the official story about Lee Harvey Oswald killing Kennedy after hearing it about a million times.  Oswald was a made to order patsy for the conspirators but just who was LHO and how did he get set up to take the blame for the assassination?  This is what I will be discussing next.

When trying to research Lee Harvey Oswald on the internet what you will find is that there is a lot of contradictory information about him. There is a lot of disinformation and propaganda concerning him so that it is difficult to determine what the truth is about him.  But let's start with what the U.S. Government wants us to believe about him, which is:

Oswald was in the U.S. military where he took sniper training to become an expert marksman.

While in the U.S. military, Oswald had no involvement at all with U.S. military intelligence.  He was just a soldier and nothing more.

Oswald was a misfit in the U.S. military and was dishonorably discharged.

Oswald was a communist sympathizer.

Oswald hated the USA and was obsessed with the Soviet Union so he defected to the Soviet Union.  His defection had nothing to do with U.S. military intelligence or the Central Intelligence Agency.   Everything Oswald did he did completely on his own and for his own personal reasons. 

Oswald was never employed by the CIA.  He was never an agent of the CIA.  He had no affiliation with the CIA at all.

Oswald purchased the rifle that he later used to assassinate the President from a mail order company.

Oswald posed with this rifle in his back yard and pictures were taken of him holding it.  These pictures were found on film inside a camera inside Oswald's home after the assassination. 

Oswald was employed in the Texas School Book Depository.  His employment had nothing to do with the Central Intelligence Agency.  The CIA was not involved in any way in setting Oswald up with this job.

Oswald snuck the rifle he purchased into the Texas School Book Depository.

Oswald shot JFK from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository.

After shooting JFK, Oswald shot officer Tippet.

This is the official story concerning Oswald and the JFK assassination.  I now want to pick apart the official story about Oswald to shoot holes in it and to explain who LHO really was and how he became the patsy for the JFK assassination.   

It is my contention that Lee Harvey Oswald was secretly associated with the CIA (a CIA agent) and that in that role the CIA purposely set Oswald up to be the fall guy for the JFK assassination without his knowledge. 

Would the CIA set up and sacrifice one of its own agents to provide cover for an assassination to remove a U.S. President from office which the CIA saw as a great threat to its future existence?  I say in a heart beat.

Following are some key excerpts from that document which support my above contention:

Someone was controlling Oswald's movements in a manner that made him appear increasingly pro-Castro and pro-communist in the months preceding the assassination. Someone was also fabricating a leftist image for Oswald.

Oswald us enigmatic partly because he spent so much of his life in the shadowy, compartmentalized world of U.S. intelligence, where deception is more the norm that the exception.

As we shall see, he maintained a facade of leftism created by his politically-charged letters and solo public performances.  In contrast, his associations and contacts were decidedly right-wing and anti-communist.

More to Come