Friday, July 3, 2020

Two Worlds Paradigm Example of 9-11:

Two Worlds Paradigm

False World Explanation:  19 Islamic Fundamentalist terrorists led by Islamic terrorist Mastermind Osama Bin Laden planned and carried out a brilliant attack against the United States of America to punish it for its sins in the middle east and because they hate us for our freedoms.  Four planes were hijacked and used in this attack against America.  Two of the planes crashed into WTC 1 and WTC 2, causing each of the twin towers to collapse.  One plane crashed into a section of the Pentagon.  The fourth plane was heading toward Washington D.C. to possibly crash into the White House before the brave passengers aboard that plane said "Let's Roll" and stormed the cockpit, causing the plane to crash in Shanksville, PA with no survivors.  All the passengers on all four planes died as well as all the innocent victims in WTC 1 and WTC 2 when they collapsed.  Some 3000 Americans died in this senseless attack on Ameica.

Real World Explanation:  9-11 was a long planned Zionist Psyop that centered around the twin towers of the WTC Complex in New York City.  The Twin towers were aging Asbestos-filled Albatrosses that, had they not been destroyed in a convenient "terrorist attack" would have cost many millions of dollars to safely demolish.  But the Snakes (many of whom are located in New York City) devised a way to demolish the towers for very little cost to them as well as to use them in a Psyop that would accomplish many agendas for them.  Osama Bin Laden, whoever he was, had nothing to do with 9-11.  He was the chosen patsy of the Psyop.  9-11 was not an attack on America of any kind.  It was a staged deception to make the American people believe that America had been attacked.  No planes were hijacked.  Whether actual planes were used to crash into WTC 1 or WTC 2 or not is debatable.  It is possible that real planes were used (which were not civilian airliners) and were flown by remote control into the towers as part of the deception.  Its also possible that no planes flew into the towers.  Whether planes flew into the towers or not is not important.  Either way, it was a deception and there was no attack.  The twin towers had been vacated at the time of their collapses and nobody actually died in the collapses.  No plane crashed into the Pentagon.  Its possible that a U.S. cruise missile was fired into a section of the Pentagon to cause the damage seen there but it is equally possible that all the damage seen was from pre-planted explosives.  In any case, it was a deception and no attack.  As for the plane that allegedly crashed in Shanksville, this too was a lie.  No plane was used.  No passengers on the four alleged hijacked civilian airliners died in this.  Also nobody in the twin towers died in these false attacks.  The twin towers had been vacated at the time they were purposely collapsed as part of the planned demolition of the entire WTC complex.


Faked Deaths

The following people are known to have existed before 9-11-2001 and are alleged to have died during 9-11-2001 but I say that none of these people died in the 9-11 PSYOP.  Either they did not die in reality or if they died, they did not die the way they were alleged to have died but due to some other cause.

Barbara Olson:

This woman may have had facial reconstructive surgery to reappear as a different identify after 9-11, Lady Booth.  Both Barbara Olson and Lady Booth were married to the same man, Ted Olson.

Lady Booth (shown on right):


  1. US Government had made deal with Middle East, weapons of mass destruction in exchange for 100yrs (or a long contract) supply of oil. After some time of honouring this deal, the Middle East decided they would up the cost or cut them off all together. This suited them as they had the WOMD. Demolition of twin towers (and the 3rd trading centre no-one ever talks about) not only destroyed all records of transaction. This is why Bush was so certain Iran had WOMD. They sold them. And they wanted them back. THIS is what they were looking for and this is why petrol prices have continued to skyrocket to this very day.

    1. I know the U.S. Government is rotten to the core and has been infiltrated by snakes (Satanists) long ago. I would put nothing past them. I cannot speak as to what secret deals were made behind the scenes but I can say 100% that 9-11 was a U.S. Government deception. It was never a terrorist attack but a Psyop on the American people. And the American people are so blind and stupid that to this day the majority of them do not have a clue it was all a big lie. The American people are their own worst enemy. Bush was 100% dishonest and corrupt. Nobody believed Iraq had WMD. That was all just a big lie. You have to see that. You are also wrong about oil prices skyrocketing to this day. oil prices actually went negative for the first time in world history in 2020. You do not see the truth about this. You still rely on the MSM to get your information which is a mistake. The truth is not what they tell you. The truth is what they never tell you and it is up to you to discover it. Truth is never given to you. You must find it on your own. Its never what they tell you.

  2. *and gave them an excuse to start invasion

    1. Part of the reason behind 9-11 was to give the U.S. Government an excuse to militarily invade the middle east and the entire purpose of that was to secure the energy needs of the U.S. Government in the future. The U.S. Government is a snake that takes care of itself and it has no problem using lies and deception to do that. Unfortunately the American people are so blind and stupid that they do not see that it is their own government that is behind these things. And now the American people do not know they are being told another big lie about Convid 19. America is a nation of blind programmed sheep.