Friday, April 30, 2021

An experience I want to share

 So yesterday I was going through the vicsim  information on,  where they list 9-11 victims who they believe are not real people but merely photoshopped creations.  I've been fascinated with that subject since I became aware of it and last night I was revisiting it, just to reaffirm it's truthfulness. But what I found instead was the opposite.  I was looking at a long list of people who says are vicsims. They showed photographs of all these people, one photograph showed the person with other family or friends and another photograph, obviously the same picture but photoshopped, showed the person alone. Because the pictures had been photoshopped to remove the family or friends, was using this as evidence that the person was not real, i.e. that they were simulated.  And I realized that the only reason for the photoshopping was to show the person by themselves so they could be shown in a memorial picture.  It's perfectly natural and understandable why a photograph would be photoshopped to remove other people and only show the deceased but to this was slam dunk evidence that these were vicsims.  Suddenly my entire explanation of 9-11 being a PSYOP was thrown into question. If there were real people inside the buildings when they collapsed then it is no longer a PSYOP because a psyop is staged and has no real victims, or that is how I define a PSYOP.  Suddenly I was questioning everything about 9-11 that I had previously assumed was true.  I even questioned if the official 9-11 story could be true.  I know there are a million things wrong with the official 9-11 story but the question I have is whether people really died during it or people did not die during it.  It's very important to know the truth about this.  I need to go back and reexamine it.  I hope you appreciate me being honest with you to express my own personal doubts about this.

Thursday, April 29, 2021

The False Red Pill

It's really painful for me to create posts on my phone but here is a post I feel compelled to make at this point concerning what I call the False Red Pill.  In a previous post I discussed herd mentality, which I define as the way most human beings have been conditioned to think about things.  In that post I said that most humans are so tuned in to the herd mentality that they can see nothing outside of it.  For them, herd mentality is the truth and if someone like me tries to tell them differently then that person is branded as abnormal and someone to be avoided. You should go back and read that post if you don't understand what herd mentality means.  In this post I will be discussing a different kind of herd mentality among those who see themselves as awakened.  These people do not accept the establishment lies, which is good, but unfortunately they have simply replaced one lie with another in their thinking and their supposed understanding of the truth. I may be stepping on the toes of some readers of this blog with this post but this needs to be said. I hope you whoever you are will be open minded enough to comprehend what I am saying and that you may transcend your current understanding about a great many topics.  With that said, I will continue.

There is a herd mentality among the supposedly awakened about a great many subjects and most of the anti-establishment writers on the internet are tuned in to it in exactly the same way as the normies are tuned in to the establishment lies.  They assume that they know how things are and they never question their assumptions. To them, there is one "reality" and they are all tuned into it.  It's very dangerous to believe you are right when you are wrong but these people do that. Sometimes it is the blind leading the blind.  At other times it is self serving deceivers who creep in to take advantage of the public's dissatisfaction with the establishment line to replace it with their own line that is just as dishonest as the establishment line.  Are you following me?

Let me give you some examples of the latter. Qanon. Infowars. Trump supporters. Qanon is a liar and a deceiver every bit as bad as the main stream media.  It tells lies that it's followers want to hear. Is one lie better than another lie because it sounds pleasing? No.  A lie is a lie.  If it's not the truth then it's evil but to the qanon true believers it is truth.  It's the qanon herd mentality that every qanon follower knows. In many cases it's complete bullshit but to the truly faithful it makes no difference.  The same applies to Trump supporters. They all think alike, which is their herd mentality.  The truth no longer matters to them, only their agendas. It's very sad but many people on the internet who see themselves as awakened are totally tuned in to the Trump mentality and anyone like me who tries to correct them must be a CNN watching Democratic party liberal.  They have very black and white, us vs. them thinking. Its a very sad thing to see for a truth seeker like me to see so many people who should know better have fallen under the spell of the pied pipers of the conservative right.  I want no part of them anymore than I want the establishment liars. Are you getting me?

Most of the allegedly awake people on the internet are tuned in to this herd mentality like they are all on the same page and anyone who does not think like them is the enemy. Truth has lost its meaning for these people. They have their own brand of truth which is what they discuss among themselves and actual truth if it falls outside of that is meaningless. 

The False Red Pill is the herd mentality of those who see themselves as awakened to the establishment lies but in many cases all they have done is latched themselves to a new set of lies that are every bit as dishonest as the establishment lies even if they are what the person wants to believe. Understand that.  Unfortunately that defines most of the so-called truth movement today.  People like me are interested in the actual truth without an agenda are the rarity is the truth movement.

I said in a previous post on this blog that the truth is like a long road that you continue to walk down all during your life IF you are searching for the truth.  Those who have just started walking down the road think they see it all, only to discover later that what they earlier took to be truth was a false illusion.  I know this for a fact because I have lived it.  I understand the herd mentality of the qanon followers and the Trump supporters because I used to be one of them. I transcended my earlier understanding to a higher understanding. It takes years of connecting dots to do that but I have which is why I created this blog to try to help others connect the dots i have connected.  

To be continued...

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

A web site I recommend 

Sometimes I find web sites with a profound message that I very much agree with. The following link is one such site.  It exposes in a very detailed way how that most supposed truthers and truther web sites are actually wolves in sheep's clothing whose only purpose is to deceive and mislead anyone who does not accept the establishment version of events.  It's long but I hope you will take the time to read it. One thing it does is to expose such web sites as as actually being a Zionist run web site which is the very same thing I have implied many times.  The big take away is that you cannot trust most people and most web sites to be honest, regardless of how they portray themselves. You should ALWAYS assume that the person or site is dishonest until you make the determination yourself that the person is not really a snake.  The sad truth is that most of the internet is bullshit and most people on it are bullshitters.  Never trust. Always question.  Always think for yourself.  It's so easy to be deceived in this environment. Deceivers are everywhere.  Read the info in this link:,Eric/TFC/by_Hufschmid11Oct2005.htm

In addition there are many fantastic links on that page exposing that Zionists are the master deceivers of the internet.  I really recommend that readers of this blog spend all the time they need to absorb this invaluable information. If you want to be red pilled about the internet, this is it.  Knowing this information will increase your awareness that the Jewish snakes are everywhere, trying to deceive everyone they can.  Please understand this.

Edit to Add: one of the main things I want you to understand in the above link is the car thief analogy which gives many great examples of how Jews and their minions manipulate and control the internet to deceive many people.  If you understand that then you see much about the internet and you know not to trust most of what you see as authentic and sincere.  The internet is like a minefield of disinformation and it's your job not to be deceived.

I see the creator of this web site as an honest, Jew aware person. That does not mean I agree with everything he says.  A person can be honest but wrong and I believe he is wrong about some significant things that I want to point out.

The first thing I disagree with is that 9-11 was a real attack in which thousands of people died, millions of dollars of property was destroyed etc. 9-11 was a PSYOP. Although the media told us thousands of people died, that is not the truth. And the towers were aging asbestos filled behemoths that were intentionally brought down by controlled demolition. The creator of that web site has not seen the truth about 9-11 yet, or at least had not seen it in 2005 when the site was created.  9-11 was a Jewish PSYOP and that is what I want the readers of this blog to clearly understand. If you still see 9-11 as a real attack in which thousands of people died, then you are not red-pilled about 9-11.

More to come

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Herd Mentality vs. The Truth

My PC has died so I am making this post using my phone. Until I get a replacement I won't be able to show pictures but I can still post text.  

Sometimes epiphanies come to me at unexpected times and I had one yesterday concerning Herd mentality. First let me define herd mentality, which is the way that most people think about any topic you can imagine. It's also the way that people have been conditioned to think about these topics by those who control society.  Examples of these topics are Covid 19, 9-11, the Apollo moon landings, the Sandy Hook school shooting, the JFK assassination and any other significant topic you can think of.  Regardless of who you are and how awake you currently see yourself, we all know what the herd mentality is about any topic.  It's what the main stream media says. It's what the government says. It's what "society" says. I want you to clearly understand herd mentality before you read further.

As I perceive it, the majority of people are completely tuned in to the herd mentality. For them, the herd mentality is the truth, period.  If the truth is anything other than the herd mentality then most people will never know it because it's inconceivable to them that the truth can be anything else.  I want you to fully understand and comprehend and realize it is true.  Herd mentality is not the truth in many cases but for most people it is the only truth they can comprehend.  Only the truly independent thinkers will question the herd mentality and look outside of its box.

It's impossible to reach those with herd mentality with the truth. Even if they understand the meaning of your words they will never accept it and the reason is because they believe they need the herd mentality to live.  Anyone who tries to tell them something different threatens their entire way of life. Most people view those who are not aligned with the herd mentality as abnormal. They are seen as dangerous. They are seen as a threat. They are ostracized. They are ignored. They are seen as potential terrorists who threaten the very fabric of society simply because they believe differently.  This is the reason most people can never be reached. You would have better luck convincing the wall than in convincing these people of any higher truth.  It's very sad but it is reality that most people are this way.  I have come to accept this as a fact. 

Those who are awake and those who are not awake might as well be different species they are so different in their thinking and communication between the two is impossible.  Nobody can be awakened from without.  Awakening must come from within or not at all.   All that I have said here is very fundamental. Society is full of lies and deception, which is the Matrix, but most people will be forever blind to it.

More to come

Monday, April 26, 2021

 Is this blog relevant?

I ask myself whether this Blog is relevant? It certainly seemed relevant when I created it but it seems like very few are reading and even care about what I say.  It seems like I am wasting my time trying to wake others up to the things I have seen.  It would help me to hear some comments from others who do read it to get some feedback about why I should continue it.  I do care about people and that is the only reason for this blog.  But I need to know if anybody cares besides me.  

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Pictures from the Real World of a former President

In this post are pictures from the Real World of a former President who has a few more secrets to hide beyond just being a gay Muslim man who is married in a Homosexual Relationship to another man. And see this post about his "family".

Angry Secret Service Agent is Angry:

Look at my legs:

Barry being unfaithful to Michael:


Obama is not the only pedophile President by far.  I have also named Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush as pedophiles.  According to Fiona Barnett, Richard Nixon was a pedophile who raped her during a secret plane trip to an Australian military base after his impeachment.  Trump is a pedophile too who has had sex with his own daughter Invaka when she was younger among other young girls. Biden is a pedophile too who can't even control himself in public photo ops without sniffing a child's hair. In the Real World, pedophile politicians are common and pedophilia is used by the Jews as a blackmail tool to keep their Goyim servants in line. Welcome to the Real World, where corruption is the norm and truth is not allowed.  The more you see it the more you will realize it. 

Monday, April 5, 2021

NASA is at it again

I really have not been paying any attention to NASA at all since I discovered that it was involved in the FAKE Apollo moon landing missions from 1969-73.  Discovering that put NASA's credibility in the toilet for me and I stopped giving a fuck about it.  But not too long ago I saw on the great American Lie Factory known as the Main Stream Media that NASA just achieved another huge milestone and the American Media was helping to bring this proof of American "greatness" to the attention of the clueless American mask wearers.  In this MSM spot, I saw a lot of NASA "engineers" cheering and patting each other on the back (or is it patting each other on the ass) and I thought to myself, there they go again.  Once a liar always a liar.  This concerned something that NASA apparently did concerning sending a spacecraft to the surface of Mars.  I did not investigate it.  I don't give a fuck about this great American Fraud called NASA but I thought to myself when I saw it, Sure you did that.  Fakers never quit faking because its a lot cheaper to fake than to do the real thing and there are no risks to staging a deception but there are plenty of risks with really doing something that is difficult.  But I digress from the purpose of this post.

A new image from the Real World recently came to my attention that concerns NASA's great "achievement" of landing a craft successfully on the surface of Mars.  Such American "greatness" just blows me away.  But here is the image and then I will discuss it below.  Its very interesting to say the least. Please click on the image to view it full screen.

I found this image on Twitter today just by chance and when I saw it I immediately knew what I was looking at.  What this is, dear readers is NASA FAKERY taken on earth that is supposed to be taken on Mars.  Straight up no doubt about it.

You can see that it is inside of a room that is actually not that large physically but the banner on the walls makes it appear to be a huge landscape. The same exact technique was used in many of the FAKE NASA Apollo moon landing images. Remember what the Jew Henry Kissinger said:

The image shown above is the natural conclusion of Henry Kissinger's quote.  It does not matter that the NASA Mars landing are filmed inside of a studio on earth.  All that matters is what is perceived to be true, which is that images taken by that camera are actually on Mars..Could there be any better justification for staging deception than that?  It practically invites deception.

But back to the image.  The thing that stands out to me in this image the strongest are the two men walking on the artificial set.  These are JEWISH men.  Just look at them and you can see that.  Which tells me a lot about the location of this studio.  Its not located in the United States.  Its located in Israel. NASA is a just a empty shell taking credit for the Fraud but the Fraud is really Jewish.  And the same applies to the NASA Apollo Moon Landings Hoax which I pointed out in previous posts such as this one. Everything ultimately goes back to the Jews when it comes to deception.  They are the master Deceivers of the world and the U.S. Government is owned by them. Still feel like waving that American flag?

EDIT TO ADD:  It actually made me mad to see that image but it did not surprise me. After everything else I have seen, its just more evidence that what I have been saying is true. This is the Real World.  Its a world of Lies and Deception and the Jew is at the very heart of that world.  This is why I call myself a Stranger in a Jewish World.  

After posting that image, it seems appropriate to post this image also because they go hand in hand:

EDIT TO ADD:  I would be interested in matching the various rock formations seen in that studio with actual images released by NASA as official Mars footage.  I am willing to bet that if a search was done that the exact same rock formations would be seen.  I am not going to go to the trouble of proving that because I do not need to prove it.  Its obvious to anyone what that image is about.  

More to Come maybe if anyone has questions.

Saturday, April 3, 2021

The CIA was behind the RFK assassination

I don't know how much good it does me to make a post like this here but it came to me very strongly that the CIA was behind the assassination of RFK in 1968 at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, CA.  The reason behind the assassination is that an RFK Presidency in 1969 would be a direct threat to the existence of the CIA just as a JFK Presidency in 1964 would have been a direct threat to the existence of the CIA.  The CIA is very good about protecting itself and very lethal too considering all the tools of assassination that it has access to.  One would never think that the CIA would be involved in the assassination of American Presidents and other Politicians but they are and have been since at least the early 1960's if not before.  This involves the Two Worlds Paradigm as everything does.  In the False World, the CIA is just an intelligence gathering agency that would never be involved in domestic assassinations but in the Real World the CIA is a monster that is involved in every evil thing under the sun including assassinations, mind control, child sex trafficking, distribution of drugs, etc. etc. etc.  The CIA is a Pandora's Box of evil in the Real World but I am digressing from the purpose of this post which is about RFK.

What the CIA did in the case of RFK was to abuse its mind control technology on an unwilling subject named Sirhan Sirhan to get him to assassinate RFK and then to forget all about it.  I showed you in at least one previous post that the CIA developed mind control technology very early to control a person to make them do things they would never do.  A person can be programmed to murder and it has been done many times.  Today this technology has been advanced to a very sophisticated level but even in 1968 and earlier it was capable of programming Sirhan Sirhan to kill RFK.  How many other murders are due to CIA mind control?  But the reason that the CIA could not allow RFK to be President is because RFK would expose the CIA role in the murder of JFK and so the CIA had to eliminate RFK to protect itself.  Nixon was dirty and in bed with the CIA (For example, the Apollo Moon Landing Hoax, among other corruptions) and he would never expose them so there was no danger to the CIA for Nixon to become President.  

Something else I wanted to point out is that the CIA is completely immoral.  It used Sirhan Sirhan to assassinate its political enemy and then allowed Sirhan Sirhan to take all the blame and rot in prison for life. That shows the true moral character of the CIA.  The CIA is immoral and ruthless and it will stop at nothing to achieve its agendas. It would be far better for the United States of America if the CIA had never existed because the CIA has perverted America beyond all recognition. If you look at the cesspool America is today in 2021, a good part of the blame for that rests on the doorstep of the CIA.  If I had my way, the CIA would cease to exist forever more because it is evil.  And the CIA is in bed with the Jews and the Mossad and helps the Jews accomplish their agendas.  The Real World is a cesspool of corruption with all the evil players connected and helping each other.  Also in the Real World there are no good guys in positions of power.  All the world leaders are corrupt and in bed with corruption to varying degrees or else they would not be allowed to become world leaders.  In the Real World Democracy is an illusion and corruption is king. I wish it were not so.  I wish we lived in a different world where good and right prevailed but that is not this world. Evil men have bonded together and turned what could have been a good world into an evil one.  That is what the Real World is.

The CIA like the United States Government is dirty and corrupt as fuck. If you were paying attention to 9-11, you should know that the USA is totally corrupt.  Its not even a country except in the False World. Its a toilet for Jews to shit in.  See this as an example of some evil Jewish shit. If you are still waving the American flag you are a fool to be doing it. I have lost all faith in America and that is a very healthy attitude have. Do not legitimize a cesspool by believing in it.


Just like the U.S. stock market is nothing but a confidence game, the U.S. Government is also a confidence game.  It only has value if you believe in it.  If you don't, its just a giant turd floating in a toilet bowl of Jewish filth and corruption.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Why the MSM still attacks Trump

I make this post not to defend Trump who I despise but to paint a clear picture of what is the real purpose behind the constant 24-7 media attacks on Trump even though he is no longer President.

The MSM trying to blame Trump for everything is NOT an attack on Trump as it appears to be on the surface but is in reality an attack on Trump's base, which for the most part is the Christian White Race.  By demonizing Trump, the MSM is indirectly demonizing the Christian White Race who supports him.  And it is no coincidence that it is the Christian White Race that the Jews hate the most. Because it was the Christian White Race who persecuted the Jews the most in the past and it is the White Race (at least that portion of it that is not blinded by the Israel and Jew worship of the Christian Bible) who has the potential to persecute Jews again once it becomes obvious that Jews are the ones who are pulling the strings on all the bad things happening in the world such as the Convid 19 Bullshit. Jews fear what the White Race could do if it were unified and so Jews do everything they can to hurt and divide and attack and smear the white race. If you watch the MSM its very clear that there is an agenda to paint the White Race in a very negative light and this is the reason.  The MSM also plays up the Black race and tries to incite racial tensions between the White and Black races.  Its happening right now with the Derek Chauvin trial. Its all part of a Jewish agenda. The American MSM is just reading a script given to them by their Jewish masters.

EDIT TO ADD: I want to make clear that it is my strong belief that Trump is a willing part of this scheme.  Trump is a complete pawn for the Jews.  If Trump is not a Jew, he might as well be because his behavior is 100% pro Jewish.  What I am saying is that Trump allows himself to be demonized now just as he has allowed himself to be demonized all during his Presidency.  Trump is a Jewish circus performer who will jump through any hoops for his Jewish masters.  Although a significant portion of the White Race in America apparently still believes in this man's integrity, IMO Trump has no integrity at all.  And I say this as someone who was formerly one of his strongest supporters back in 2016.  The man who I took at face value in 2016 I see as a Jewish scumbag in 2021 and for good reason.  Its time for the White Race to wake up and realize this Jewish tool is their greatest enemy pretending to be their greatest friend. Just because Biden/Harris is bad is no excuse for the White Race to circle the wagons around this Jewish tool.  He should be dropped like a rock into the ocean and forgotten about forever.

More to come