Monday, September 26, 2022

My desire

 My desire is for people to study all my posts regarding the JFK assassination and to understand my point of view. If I can spread awareness of what I consider to be very important then I will be happy. I could have written a book but I put this in Blog format. I want others to pick up the ball where I left it and carry this research further. Right or wrong, this work deserves a,serious analysis. The truth demands for all avenues to be researched and the Zapruder film is my primary evidence.  So I ask that you give it a chance. Have an open mind.

I see my work as ignored or rejected by most people but those who look at the Zapruder film can verify what I document. Jackie is seen killing JFK on that film. I do not need to defend it because it's self evident. 

I am still here

 I am still around and plan to maintain this blog. The most important topic on this blog is the JFK assassination and Jackie's role in it as shown in the Zapruder film. Those who view that film with an open mind will see the assassination in a new light. I stand by what I have said regarding Jackie being the assassin based on the Zapruder film. My analysis deserves to be examined on its own merits, especially since such songs as Killer Queen and Murder Most Foul hint at the forbidden truth. I want recognition for having worked to expose it by examining the Zapruder film. I am ignored but I stand by what I said. 

Monday, July 11, 2022

I am giving Jesus Christ the Victory over the World

I am a Christian and a follower of Jesus Christ.  I serve God.  I am a Steward of the Earth and all the good people in it.  I will Protect and Serve Humanity as God Directs me.  I Love you all.

More inspirational Videos

These are some inspirational videos for all of us to watch and believe in to improve the world.  The more people who watch these videos, hear the message and more importantly BELIEVE the message, the better.  You can improve the world without even leaving your home.  Simply Believe in a better future for all of us.

Crystal Blue Perssuasion

You can do Magic - America

This is God's World

This is God's World.  The God of Truth and Righteousness rules forever.

Sunday, July 10, 2022

What I Want for the World - Part 2

This post is a continuation of an earlier post I made What I Want for the World.

First, I do not want to tell people how to live their lives but I do want the following for all people.

I want people to be Free to live their own lives.

I want people to be at Peace with each other.

I want people to love each other.

I want people to genuinely care about each other, not because you are supposed to but because you genuinely want to do so.  If you love each other, you will care for each other.

I want people to be Honest and Sincere in everything they do.

I want people to feel Joy and Happiness.

I want people to really live fulfilled lives.

I want unity.

I want people to have compassion for each other.

I care about all of you, wherever in the world you live.

I love you all and I hope you love me too.

We are one people, wherever we are.

I know there is good all over the world because I have seen it.

I respect every country.

I respect every culture.

You are all wonderful and you should see yourselves as wonderful.

Now here is something more specific that I want to be done:

Take care of each other, starting with the most needy.


There should be no hunger or want in the world.

I do not tell you how this should be done.  I leave you to work that out.

Share with others

Be kind to others.

This is God's Will for Humanity.

Saturday, July 9, 2022

A movie that changed my mind

Over the fourth of July Holiday I saw a movie that really changed my perspective on things.  If you notice, there is a distinct difference in the content of my Blog posts before the fourth of July and afterwards and it is due in large part to me seeing this movie.  The movie is Top Gun Maverick.  Its just a fictional movie but its theme reached inside me and affected me in a way I had not expected. 

Because I have spent so much time exposing the lies, deception and corruption of the world, my attitude toward the entire world turned extremely negative but seeing this movie made me feel good about the world in a way I had not anticipated.  It opened my eyes and in a real sense restored my faith in humanity and the world so I saw the good side of the world for a change instead of just the negative.  After I saw that movie, my outlook changed and I went on to connect a lot of other dots to realize things I had seen many times before but had not been able to put together.  Well, I have put it together.  I still struggle with doubt sometimes and have moments of weakness but I am on a new path now.  I trust that there is a power greater than me that has put me on this path.  I had to walk a million wrong paths to discover the right path.

The journey I have been on is the most difficult journey of my entire life and I have felt so alone on that journey but I understand that I am not alone.  I realize I have a lot of friends who have been helping me to see the light all along.  I saw this light many times in the past and denied it but now I am no longer denying it.  I really do want to do the right thing for the world as has been shown to me from the inside.  

This is an entirely new thing to me and I am still learning what to do.  I do need help from others.  I cannot do this alone.  I want to do the right thing for everybody.  I just need a little help from my Friends.  I hope you appreciate my honesty and me baring my soul to you.  All I can do is be honest.

It is said that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and I can personally testify to the truth of that.  I have been through things that I did not think I would survive.  I have literally shed a million tears along this journey but I have come out the other side stronger and more aware because of the bad experiences I have gone through.  Those bad experiences touched me on the outside but on the inside I am untouched.  Perhaps I had to go through all that to get to where I am at today.