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A New Thought About Jackie assassinating JFK

As I was creating the previous post discussing the Israeli attack on the U.S.S. Liberty, I started connecting dots to the JFK assassination with this incident.  I concluded that post with the realization that if JFK would not have been assassinated and would have been elected to a second term that there would have been no U.S.S. Liberty incident.  I also said that it is highly likely that LBJ, who was a Zionist in bed with Israel before he became Vice President, was purposely chosen to succeed JFK as President of the United States because Israel and Jews wanted a corrupt Zionist stooge like LBJ who would let them get away with what they wanted in the world instead of an honest American President like JFK who would oppose their plans. And this got me going down the rabbit hole about Jackie, which is what this post is about.

First I want to say that I am aware that (many) readers of this Blog do not agree with me when I say that Jackie killed JFK but this is of no consequence to me.  This Blog is not about what other people say is or is not the truth.  This Blog is about what I say is the truth and I say that Jackie assassinated JFK exactly as is shown in the below gif.  


There is no doubt in my mind that Jackie assassinated JFK based upon what is shown in the Zapruder film but the big question I have always had is in explaining her role as the assassin.  She is the least likely person that anyone would ever suspect of being the assassin but yet, there she is, in living color, blowing her husband's brains out all over the back seat.  She was married to the man.  She had children by the man.  Why on earth would she kill her own husband and the father of her children in cold blood? What explains this? 

As I have said from the start, the CIA was very heavily involved in the JFK assassination.  In fact, if you watch the Zapruder film you can see CIA agents standing in the grass beside the Limousine filming it as Jackie does the head shot.  Since there was undoubtedly a high degree of CIA involvement in the assassination and since the CIA is known to have been involved in mind control technology before the assassination that could be used to make a person do something completely against their will, I initially thought that Jackie must have been under some kind of CIA mind control to get her to assassinate her husband against her will and then to forget all about it.  There is no doubt that the CIA had this technology prior to November 1963 so they could have done this to get Jackie to assassinate JFK.  It is the realm of possibility but I do not believe this to be the case.

I have been as deep down this rabbit hole as I can go and it is my contention that Jackie willingly and knowingly shot JFK and was not under mind control.  But this just left me without an explanation of why she would willingly kill her husband.

Another possibility is that Jackie was shown evidence of JFK's private sexual indiscretions by the CIA and this caused her to have such hate for her husband that she agreed to kill him for the CIA.  I reject this notion. Hating JFK for having affairs behind her back does not in any way equate to cold blooded murder. I do not believe this is an explanation.

One thing about the Jewish Master Plan that I have not said before now but should have is that Jews are planners.  Jews constantly plan for the future so that the world turns out the way they want it it to be and then they implement those plans.  Jews do not wait for things to happen and then respond to them.  Jews make things happen in secret.  This is one of the biggest ways in which Jews control the world.  They plan five, ten, twenty or even fifty years into the future and then they work to bring their plans into reality.  They also constantly tweak their plans to keep them up to date with any new circumstances. It is very important to understand that this has been a basic tenet of the Jewish Master Plan for decades and even centuries earlier.  For example, certain Jews have accurately predicted events more than 50 years in the future (and I have proof of this) and this proves that Jews have short term, medium term and long term plans that the Jewish leadership all knows about and are all working together to make reality.  Understand that because its very important to understanding what I am about to say next concerning JFK and Jackie.  Are you ready to go down this rabbit hole?  Probably not but I am going to take you there anyway.

What got me going down this rabbit hole, you might ask.  It was the realization that LBJ was one of the built in remedies of the JFK problem, the JFK problem being defined that JFK was going to be a thorn in the Jewish side and oppose their plans in the world. Jews who plan events long in advance knew even before JFK became President that he was going to oppose their plans. LBJ was purposely chosen as his VP candidate to replace him if and when JFK became too much of a problem for the Jews.  JFK did become a big problem for the Jews in 1963 over Dimona.  But outside of Dimona, Jews had other long term plans that they knew that JFK would oppose if he were reelected.  So LBJ was a built in remedy to the JFK problem. At any time, Jews could assassinate JFK and install LBJ as President and have their own stooge in the White House who would cooperate with whatever Jews and Israel wanted. 

Here is the new thought about Jackie Kennedy being the assassin of her husband and there is evidence to support it.  Just as I contend that LBJ was a built in remedy to the JFK problem who was ready to assume the Presidency any time that JFK became too big of a thorn in the Jewish side, I also contend that Jackie was also a built in remedy to the JFK problem.  In a previous post, I said that Jews use people as PSYOPs. What this means is that certain people who come forward into the public eye are really agents in disguise who are working for the Jewish snake and cooperating with Jewish agendas.  I contend that Jackie Kennedy, whoever she really was, was one of these agents in disguise. I have said that Jackie was Jewish no matter how much this has been concealed from the public, but whether she was Jewish or not I contend she was an agent who was working for the Jews and their minions even before she met JFK.  I contend that her introduction and later romance and later marriage to JFK was purposely arranged to put her in place to be a monitor of JFK at the very least for them.  I contend that she was a deep cover agent all along and even though she was married to JFK and mothered children by him. she was still an agent in secret.  And I contend that when it came time for JFK to be assassinated that she was chosen as the assassin because nobody in the public would ever suspect her.  The best possible candidate of an assassin of JFK that none of the public would ever suspect of being an assassin was Jackie, his own wife.  But I contend that Jackie had a hidden side and that her true loyalties were never to her husband.  

The rock group Queen is Jewish, as shown by this link. I knew they were Jewish before I even looked it up because the Rock group Queen outed themselves as Jewish in one of their songs named Killer Queen. I am not going to show the video or the lyrics of that song here but there is no doubt in my mind that this song is about Jackie killing JFK and discloses a Jewish secret about her, which is that she was a built in remedy to any problems caused by JFK to the Jews.  What this means is that she was chosen for JFK before he even met her and then she seduced him into falling in love with her and a later marriage.  But she was always an agent first, and wife and mother second. I contend that Jackie shot JFK because she was an agent for the Jews/CIA all along and that they gave her that assignment and she took it.  And she killed her husband.  And part of the payoff for doing that for the Jews is that five years later she married the richest man in the world and got to live a life of complete leisure for the rest of her life.

Was Jim Morrison Murdered Because his Father Proposed Attacking Israel?


When I first saw the title of this link, I instantly understood the question. First of all, you need to understand the Israeli attack on the U.S.S. Liberty in 1967. This blatant unexplained attack on a U.S. warship has been documented by many people.  I did a post about it here.

Although it is unknown to most people, the father of the sixties rock singer Jim Morrison of the Doors was a high ranking Admiral in the U.S. Navy.

Jim Morrison of the Doors:

Admiral George Stephen Morrison (Jim Morrison's father):

In 1967, George Morrison was promoted to Real Admiral, a position in held when the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty took place.

It is known by many that Wikipedia is a pro Jewish/pro-Israel web site that spins everything and hides the real truth, but even on Wikipedia we find this said about Admiral Morrison in relationship to the U.S.S. Liberty Incident:

In 1967, in one article in the British paper, The Telegraph, it is unofficially reported by some that Morrison vehemently opposed the US response to, and findings of, the USS Liberty incident which exonerated Israel of malice. Morrison did not rise in rank again after his outspoken criticism of Israeli intentions. 


So even the pro Jewish Wikipedia acknowledges that Admiral Morrison was an outspoken critic of Israeli intentions in the U.S.S. Liberty incident and that he did not rise further in rank in the U.S. Navy because of this criticism.

But the Wikipedia page on Admiral Morrison has been edited to hide some information about him that Jews do not want non Jews to know. Here is what Wikipedia originally said about Admiral Morrison:

But back to the title of the link an why it makes sense as a possibility to me. Anyone who becomes an outspoken critic of Israel is likely to become a Jewish target but especially a man like this, who was a high ranking Admiral in the U.S. Navy in charge of forces in the area that was involved in the U.S.S. Liberty attack.  

Jews do not want the ignorant Goyim to ever connect any dots or grow a brain, but here is the truth about Admiral Morrison that has been hidden from the public:

Admiral Morrison was the Naval Officer who personally launched American fighter jets from the USS America to engage the Israeli jets that were attacking the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967. The President of the United States personally countermanded the order of Admiral Morrison and the U.S. fighter jets were ordered to return to the USS America without providing any assistance to the USS Liberty under attack from Israel.

The USS Liberty radioed for help when it was attacked and Admiral Morrison sent fighter jets to defend the USS Liberty that was under a vicious attack.  His command was countermanded by the U.S. Secretary of Defense (Robert McNamara) on orders of President Lyndon Johnson.  This was outrageous. Here was a U.S. warship being attacked that called for assistance. Assistance was being sent and then the U.S. government stopped the assistance for purely political reasons. President Johnson said that he would rather see the U.S.S. Liberty sunk than to embarrass Israel. This has been completely hidden from the public by the pro Israel/pro Jewish press.

Admiral Morrison did not even have to suggest attacking Israel, which I do not see that the U.S. Navy under the corrupt leadership of Zionist Lyndon B. Johnson would ever consider doing.  All he had to do was to try to wake up others in the U.S. Navy and U.S. military establishment about the danger of Israel to the U.S.  This alone would make him a target of Israel, subject to evil retaliation such as murdering his son to silence him. High level Jews are so evil that they will murder people's children in retaliation for anything a non Jewish person does that angers the Jews.  As an example of that is the murder of Ennis Cosby, son of Bill Cosby, who was murdered to punish his father for trying to acquire control of NBC.  Jews are evil bastards who will do anything to keep control. Murder is certainly in their toolbox of the Jewish Master Plan.

Going back to Wikipedia, here is what the Wikipedia page about Admiral Morrison used to say before Jews edited it out:

Some believe his Naval career may have been slowed by political undertones surrounding his analysis of the USS Liberty incident which occurred in 1967. Morrison opposed the official US Navy response to the attack, and proposed an immediate and swift economic and military response against Israel for the attack on an official US Navy ship. Morrison's analysis and political motivation was at odds with the soft non-militaristic response ultimately taken by the US State Department and US Navy. Morrison asserted Israel intentionally attacked the USS Liberty, trying to disguise Israel torpedo boats as Syrian vessels in an attempt to provoke a war between the United States and Syria. This would have increased United States military and financial assistance during the Six Day War. 


From this we learn that Admiral Morrison proposed an immediate and swift economic and military response against Israel for the attack on an official U.S. Navy ship.

Why would Wikipedia hide that information which is accurate?  Because Wikipedia (controlled by Jews) does not want people to consider the possible connection between Admiral Morrison’s anger towards Israel for their attack on the USS Liberty, and the mysterious death of his son a few years later. Must keep the Goyim clueless is the Jewish motto.

Following are some articles about the USS Liberty attack that may be enlightening:

I note that there is another possible reason for the attack on the USS Liberty which I deduced myself but which I have heard nobody talk about, as follows:

The USS Liberty was an intelligence ship which was in the vicinity of the six day war between Israel and Arab forces in 1967.  It was steaming slowly in international waters off the Sanai peninsula when it was suddenly attacked without warning by planes and torpedo boats on the 4th day of the six day war. My alternate theory is that this intelligence ship, which was certainly monitoring what was happening during the six day war, overheard something which it was not supposed to hear. Who knows what that would be, but Israel became aware that the ship had overheard something that was not supposed to be known and that in response Israel launched an immediate attack on the ship to sink it before it could report this "forbidden information" to Washington D.C.  This is just my own theory but considering that this was an intelligence ship it makes sense to me.  I do not believe the USS Liberty was randomly chosen as a target by Israel but that this ship was specifically targeted because it was monitoring radio channels during the Sanai war and that it overheard something which it was not supposed to hear. Or alternately, Israel was planning to do something secret in the six day war that it did not want Washington D.C. to know and so this ship was purposely attacked so it could not report on Israeli activity during the six day war.  In any case, I contend it was the fact that USS Liberty was an intelligence ship that explains why it was attacked. It was not just a random attack but an attack meant to maintain secrecy about some aspect of the Israeli six day war against Arab forces.

To bolster my own theory, the above article makes the claim that the real reason USS Liberty was attacked was to hide Israel's attack against Syria during the six day war. The U.S. had told Israel not to attack Syria and the USS Liberty as an intelligence ship would have been in a position to immediately know if Israel attacked Syria.  So the USS Liberty was attacked so it could not report Israeli military action against Syria.  It is noteworthy that Israel did attack Syria after the USS Liberty attack.  So it seems apparent that Israel attacked the USS Liberty to hide what it was doing against Syria from Washington D.C., who it already knew would not approve of the attack.

Here is a video on this topic:

Was Doors singer Jim Morrison assassinated in revenge for father's order to bomb Israel? 

Also I want to make clear that Jim Morrison was red-pilled. Here is an important quote from him that shows that.

Red pilled people who are sons of opponents of Israel have no place in a Jewish World.

See also:

The Strange Death of Jim Morrison


What could have easily been a reason for the Jews to murder Jim Morrison to punish his father is because his father threatened to upset/harm/damage the good relationship between the U.S.A. and Israel. Jews and Israel very much depend upon that "good relationship" status staying intact, on which depends basically a free yearly supply of U.S. tax dollar money to Israel as well as military and other support.  If Israel were to somehow lose that status then it would bring great harm to itself.  So a man like Admiral Morrison who became a very outspoken critic of Israel in military circles in the U.S. could be viewed as a real danger by Israel that could harm the relationship between the US and Israel.  IMO, Admiral Morrison was viewed as a threat and his son was murdered in retaliation in order to silence him.  Connecting a dot to the JFK assassination, IMO the real reason JFK was assassinated was because he threated to damage the good relationship between the USA and Israel over Dimona.  He threatened this twice by letter to two different Israeli Prime Ministers.  It was JFK's warning that the good relationship between the US and Israel would be irreparably harmed by Israel's failure to allow US inspections of Dimona that triggered his assassination.  So see the link between Admiral Morrison and JFK.  Both threatened the US - Israel relationship.  The Jews reacted to that threat by murdering JFK and by murdering Admiral Morrison's son.  Connect the dots.  


Imagine what could have happened if the U.S. fighter jets that Admiral Morrison sent to rescue the USS Liberty had not been recalled and that U.S. fighter jets and Israeli fighter jets became involved in direct combat.  Imagine what a fiasco that would have been for the U.S. - Israeli relationship.  So it was politically expedient (but completely cowardly) for the Zionist Johnson Administration to order the planes back and to allow Israel to even sink the USS Liberty to maintain the U.S. - Israeli relationship.  This is what happens when a predator nation like Israel gets control of the U.S. Government. And you just know that the control Israel had over the U.S. Government in 1967 is just a fraction of the control Israel has over the U.S. Government in 2021.  Israel and Jews OWN the U.S. Government in secret.  The "Democracy" that CNN and MSNBC constantly crow about today is just an illusion for the blue pilled to swallow, while those who are red pilled know that there is no true Democracy in the U.S. and has not been for a long time.


I guarantee you that if JFK had been President in 1967 which he undoubtedly would have been if the Jews had not assassinated him then there would have been no USS Liberty Incident.  What the treacherous cowardly Zionist pawn LBJ allowed to happen, JFK as President would have vigorously opposed. And this shines the light of illumination on another possible reason that JFK was assassinated that goes beyond his opposition to Dimona.  What the Jews want in the U.S. Presidents are dishonest pawns who will not oppose Jewish/Israeli plans in the world.  What they do not want is an honest U.S. President who will oppose their plans.  It can be argued that LBJ, who was a corrupt crooked Texas Politician but one with a lot of political clout in the Democratic Party was purposely chosen to be JFK's Vice President so that the Zionist LBJ would replace the non Zionist JFK during his first term and certainly before his second term. Jews already knew that JFK would oppose their plans to develop nuclear weapons and to attack Arab countries in the middle east to expand their land and power base there. They knew this in advance and LBJ was their answer to the JFK Problem. (Jackie was another answer to the JFK problem but I digress). It is very possible in fact even likely that the Jews and Israel planned to replace JFK all along with LBJ no matter what, because it was far better for them to have a Zionist stooge in the oval office than an honest person who would not just bend over to do whatever they wanted.  I can very much see this being the truth.

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The New Two Worlds Paradigm Example of the JonBenet Ramsey Murder


It is time for me to create an update of my original Two Worlds Paradigm example of the JonBenet Ramsey Murder.  After being asked some very good basic questions about this case which my first post failed to address and also after a lot more dot connecting to see the bigger picture myself, I think I can paint a picture of the truth about this case in a much more concise, less ambiguous manner.  The first post was rather rambling in its content but I hope this post will be much less rambling to say exactly what I believe about this case after all the time I have spent going down this rabbit hole. I highly recommend you look at this post also: The JBR Murder Compendium, because this gives an overview of the case. 

The Two Worlds Paradigm

FALSE WORLD EXPLANATION:  John, Patsy, Burke and JonBenet Ramsey attended a Christmas Party at the Boulder CO home of Fleet Russell White Jr. and his wife Priscilla White. At around 8:30 to 9:00 PM the four members of the Ramsey family left the Fleet White Jr. residence to go back home, merrily passing out Christmas presents to neighbors along the way. After arriving at their home, they put JonBenet to bed sometime before midnight. JonBenet was murdered inside her home by an unknown person sometime late on December 25, 1996 or early in the morning hours of December 26, 1996. Who murdered Jon Benet inside her home is unknown to this day.  Some say that an unknown intruder snuck into the Ramsey home, murdered Jon Benet and then snuck out again. Others say that a member of the Ramsey family committed the murder inside the home.  Some say that John Ramsey was the murderer.  Others say Patsy Ramsey was the murderer.  Others say that Burke Ramsey was the murderer.  This murder remains unsolved to this day.  This case will never be solved.

REAL WORLD EXPLANATION: John, Patsy, Burke and JonBenet Ramsey attended a secret Satanist ceremony on the night of 12-25-1996, the location of which has never been disclosed to the public. During this Satanic ceremony, JonBenet Ramsey died but her death was not intentional. After she died, the Satanists who were involved in the ceremony were much more concerned with preserving their secrecy than they were with the unintentional death of this child. So they created a cover story to conceal both the circumstances of the death and the location of the death and other people besides the Ramsey family who witnessed the unintentional death. This cover story involved moving the dead body to the Ramsey home and staging a false crime scene there to support the lie that the child was murdered in her home. The cover story was intended to confuse the public about who actually committed the murder inside the Ramsey home. Part of the cover story would point to an intruder breaking into the home and killing the child in a botched ransom.  Another part of the cover story would purposely point the finger of blame at all the other members of the Ramsey family. This is the cover story that was created and shown to the public as if it was reality. Many people know the true circumstances of this case but this has been completely hidden from the public eye. 

The Boulder Police Department as well as the Boulder DA's office were both involved in the cover up.  While I do not say that every single member of the Boulder PD and Boulder DA were corrupt in this case, the leadership of the Boulder P.D. and Boulder D.A. was part of the cover up.  See this post for some details of some of these people.

Although I do not know the location where the death of this child actually happened, I strongly suspect that it happened in Denver, Colorado instead of Boulder Colorado for various reasons. First of all, Denver Colorado is one of the major cities that is known to be a Satanist "hot spot", or an area where many Satanists are located and where Satanists have a high degree of control in the city. Denver is so close to Boulder that it would be very easy for the Ramsey family to drive there on Christmas day to attend Satanic ceremonies and then to move the body back to their home after the death.  In addition, Shirley Reed (who is the younger sister of Nancy Krebs) worked in Denver, Colorado and allowed her then five year old daughter to be used in the same Satanic ceremony where JonBenet died.  Also, John Fernie who I contend was another Satanist who attended the same Satanic ceremony owned an investment management firm in the Denver, Colorado area.  So there are many reasons to suspect that Denver Colorado was the true location of the death and then the location of the death was moved to Boulder Colorado where the Ramsey family lived to support the false cover story. Keep in mind that JonBenet was just one of the children being sexually abused during this ceremony and that she was never intended to die.  The only reason that Boulder Colorado is significant is that she lived in Boulder. But Denver was the real location in my very strong opinion.

Following are some basic questions and answers concerning this.

Question: Why would they move the body to the Ramsey home and stage a false crime scene there?  Why not just get rid of the body in another way, such as having it be found dumped by the side of the road somewhere?

Answer: It was much easier for the Satanists to control the situation by having the murder appear to be in the Ramsey home, which they controlled than in a location they did not control. Since the other members of the Ramsey family were all members of the Satanic cult, they would all cooperate with the cover up and maintain the secrecy of the cult. In terms of doing damage control, the best alternate location for the child's death was her own home.  Also, the other members of the Ramsey family would allow the suspicion of blame to be placed upon them in order to confuse the public and spread the finger of blame to many others, none of which could ever be proven by LE. It was logical for the Satanists to move the body to the Ramsey home and then to confuse the public by pointing the finger of blame at multiple suspects, with those suspects allowing themselves to be suspects as part of the cover up.

Question:  Does the death of John Ramsey's first daughter, Elizabeth Ramsey, relate to the JonBenet Ramsey murder and if so, how?

Answer:  It does relate because it shows that John Ramsey was involved in Satanic Cult activity prior to the death of JonBenet Ramsey. In the case of Elizabeth Ramsey, she was John Ramsey's daughter from his first marriage who as a teenager began to recover memories of Satanic Ritual Abuse including being abused by people wearing robes in bizarre ceremonies. After she started disclosing her memories to therapists and others, Elizabeth Ramsey suddenly died in "a car accident" in 1992. But the car accident was just a cover story for the truth, which is that Elizabeth Ramsey was killed to prevent her from disclosing what she remembered about SRA activities involving her and especially to prevent her from disclosing anything about her father, John Ramsey, as being the primary abuser of her in these ceremonies. Although Elizabeth Ramsey died in 1992, her memories shows that John Ramsey was involved in Satanism earlier. This collaborates what Nancy Krebs said about John Ramsey being a long term Satanist who was involved with other Satanists, for example those in Southern California (the White Family, etc.).  Just as Elizabeth Ramsey recovered childhood memories of being abused by people wearing robes in Satanic ceremonies, I contend that JonBenet Ramsey was also being abused by people wearing robes in Satanic ceremonies, her own father and others being the abusers.  She was being ritually abused prior to December 1996 but on 12-25-1996 something went wrong and she died during the SRA. And everything else has been to cover up the secrecy of JonBenet's SRA.

Question:  Who killed JonBenet Ramsey?

Answer: I do not know but I contend it was no member of the Ramsey family but someone outside of the family who was abusing the child during the Satanic ritual abuse and accidently killed her in the process.  Nancy Krebs said she very strongly believes that the true killer was either Fleet White Sr. or Fleet White Jr.  and she gave this testimony to the Boulder Colarado D.A.'s office in February 2000.  I believe Nancy Krebs to be an honest second hand witness to the death.  After looking at everything, my honest opinion is that the true killer of JonBenet Ramsey was probably Fleet White Jr., who was one of the members of the Satanic cult in attendance at the Satanic ceremony. What I believe is that Fleet White Sr. was sexually abusing JonBenet Ramsey while his son, Fleet White Jr. was performing sexual asphyxiation techniques on the child and that Fleet White Jr. accidently killed the child in the process of trying to bring her close to death as part of the ritual abuse.  I very much believe this.

Question: Was JonBenet Ramsey used in child pornography before her death?

Answer: Yes, by members of the Satanic cult, including by her own father but also by professional photographers such as Randy Simons, who was hired by her father to take child pornographic pictures and video of his daughter.  It is also my contention that child pornography was being taken of JonBenet during her accidental death and that this video became a snuff film that is in the possession of Satanists today.  The child may well have been under mind control techniques as the child pornography was being made of her so she would have no conscious memory of it afterwards.

Question: Was JonBenet Ramsey involved in child prostitution before her death?

Answer: Yes, but only to members of the Satanic cult who could be trusted never to disclose it.  I contend that this happened all during her childhood but she was usually brainwashed using mind control techniques to have no memory of the abuse afterwards.  This allowed her to appear to be a happy normal child with the abuse being hidden even from her.  I believe the same thing happened in the case of Elizabeth Ramsey, who had no memories of being abused until she became a teenager and the memories were revealed.

Question: What explains JonBenet Ramsey's use in the child beauty pageants and all the overtly sexual pictures that were taken of her during these pageants?

Answer: The child beauty pageants were then and are now just a front. In reality they are a form of sexual advertising of children to wealthy Satanists and pedophiles. If you are an insider with the money to play then you can have access to this child sexually and the child's parents will cooperate with it and keep the secrecy, as long as you have the cash to pay. I contend that John and Patsy Ramsey were involved in prostituting their daughter to wealthy individuals for a lot of money.  In my opinion, John Ramsey's company Access Graphics was nothing but a front for the Satanist activities he was involved in, including selling his own daughter for sex to wealthy individuals. 

Question: Was that really Ghislain Maxwell in the background of that image taken at one of JonBenet's child beauty pageants (see below image)?

Answer: Yes.  Although I do not see her as having direct involvement in the case of JonBenet, Maxwell is/was involved in the prostitution of children in these child beauty pageants. She is 100% corrupt.

Question: What is the biggest secret that Nancy Krebs revealed in her February 2000 testimony to the Boulder D.A.'s office?

Answer: That Fleet White Sr. was named as a suspect in the JonBenet Ramsey murder on a television program immediately after the murder on 12-26-1996 and shortly after this the story became completely changed and Fleet White Sr. was entirely removed from the picture. Apparently I was the only one who took the time to read the transcripts carefully enough to catch that.

If anyone has any specific questions about anything concerning this case then please ask in the comment section below.  I welcome these questions.  In questioning comes understanding of the truth.

More to Come

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The Jew World Order Unmasked

 This is yet another article exposing the Satanic nature of Judaism and the clearly evil intent that Jews have for non Jews.

The Jew World Order Unmasked

The Jews are Using Occult Power

Lately I am looking for a link between Judaism and Satanism, which I have noted both exist in the world in a relationship that I have not been able to discern. This is another article I found which shows a possible link between Judaism and Satanism. I am not saying that I agree with its contents. It is just food for thought to be explored.  I do not say that I believe that the occult actually exists as a reality but I am open to the possibility that it exists.  In any case, here is an article saying that Jews are using occult power in secret to control the world.  

The Jews are using Occult Power 

EDIT TO ADD:  Me posting this article here should not be construed as me saying that Jews use occult power and not physical means to control the world.  I am definitely not saying that.  Jews 100% use physical means to control the world, but in addition to that Jews at the highest level may also be using or attempting to use occult power to control the world.  I am not a believer in the occult but I see the occult as a possible reality.  I do not know but I do know that many people believe in the occult and see it as real. While I do not believe it myself, I cannot say its not true.  So the possibility that Jews are using some kind of occult means to assist in their world dominion plans in addition to what is being done physically cannot be ignored. 

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The Law is for All

I am creating this post not because I agree with the content but because IMO the following document sheds great light both upon Real Satanism and the Jewish problem.  It provides a missing link to explain how Satanists and Jews can both exist in the world and be following the same doctrine.  This document is a book by Allister Crowley called The Book of the Law. I had heard of the book before but I never took the time to seriously look at its content to see what it is actually saying until now. This book is deep. It is very deep.  Shallow minds will not even begin to comprehend its meaning. But for those who have understanding of the world, this book is extremely revealing.  I plan to be discussing more about what is contained in this book and my interpretation of it but for now I simply provide you a link to the book.  If you are curious to know what is in it, you can read it but not at leisure.  This is not a book to quickly scan over and forget. This is a rabbit hole to be gone down and explored. You have to have a lot of understanding to even begin to understand this book.  But for now I just want to show you the book and then I plan to discuss key parts of it later.

The Law is for All (AKA The Book of the Law) 

On the Satanic Nature of the Rabbinic Kabbalah