Friday, January 15, 2021

We have Great Opportunities for Positive Change in 2021

Although it may not be apparent to most, we have Great Opportunities for Positive Change in 2021 on two different fronts:

1) The end of the Trump Presidency and the guaranteed dissatisfaction of tens of millions of American citizens with the upcoming Biden Presidency set to begin January 20th.

2) The Snake push to take away individual freedoms and liberties, to censor free speech and to push for every American citizen to take an unwanted vaccination against "Convid 19".

I will now elucidate in the following how these are great opportunities for positive change for those who do not see it.

Regarding the Trump Presidency coming to a quick end on January 20th, let me begin the discussion by saying that a large number of people who were initially Trump supporters in 2016 (because we were against Hillary) have become completely alienated by the Trump Presidency.  Trump showed us his ugly Zionist face and we disowned him as our President. This happened years ago.  Unfortunately many people did not see through Trump and continued to support him and Champion him as the American Patriot's best ever friend in the White House.  This charade continued up to the 2020 election and it continues today.  With the defeat of Trump in the 2020 election, many Americans who should know better have circled the wagons around Trump as if he personally is our last hope against the evil Democrats and Liberals who want to turn America Communist.  Oh yes, I have read the articles by these people saying Trump is our only hope and we must put our faith in him for the future of freedom in America.  The people writing these articles are fools who cannot see anything past their own brainwashing and they should be ignored by all sane rational people.  Trump followers are a cult and we should have nothing to do with them.   Our cause is not about Trump but about bringing positive change to America which Trump never once brought during his entire Presidency.  Although Trump campaigned in 2016 about Making America Great Again, in 2021 America is significantly less great than it was before Trump took office.  If you ignore Trump's words and just look at the sad state of America now you realize that Trump has done absolutely nothing to change America for the positive.  He has been the most do nothing President in American history.  That is the truth.  If he had been reelected, he would continue to be the most do nothing President for another four years.  Everyone needs to realize that.  Trump does not represent the American Patriot movement.  He hijacked the American Patriot movement and transformed it into his own personal cult of personality.  So its very good he is getting kicked out of the White House regardless of how bad Biden/Harris is.  At least with Biden/Harris we know who they are.  With Trump, you always had a man saying one thing and doing another.  So it is far more honest that Biden/Harris becomes President.  Its better that we have a Snake as President that everyone knows is a Snake than a President who is a Snake in disguise who wraps himself in the American Flag and shits red, white and Blue for a cult of clueless Trump worshippers and QAnon followers chanting to themselves endlessly "God Bless POTUS!"  At least that Bullshit is coming to an end and I say Thank God for that.  QAnon is a Psyop but if it were a person I would have it up in front of a firing squad for blatant Treason against the American people for all the lies it told about Trump and all the good things he is doing for American Patriots.  

As long as Trump was in the White House, he gave the false impression that there was at least someone in the U.S. Government on the side of the American people and American Patriots in particular.  He was like a Placebo to those who want the U.S. Government to work for the American people.  Now that he is going and is being replaced with someone who is clearly against the American Patriot movement, that Placebo will be no more.  Now that the Democratic Party is going to control the Presidency, the Senate and the House, the entire U.S. Government is against the U.S. Patriot movement.  All illusions are gone and that is a good thing for us. Trump was a liar and deceiver from the beginning but Biden is not a liar.  He is a WYSIWYG President.  All bad for us without a doubt but I prefer him 100% over Trump because he is not a deceiver like Trump.  I prefer a clear enemy like Biden as President who lets everyone know he is the enemy over a President like Trump who talks our language to seduce us into believing in him and then totally betrays our cause.  That is exactly what Trump did to deceive so many in 2016 but there will be no deception with Biden.  Take Obama and Hillary combined and you will have Biden/Harris.  So the opportunity we have, in case you still do not see it, is that now that Trump is gone and we have repudiated his name, we can reestablish the true American Patriot movement against the U.S. Government.  The entire U.S. Government is against us now.  The Presidency.  The House.  The Senate.  The Supreme Court.  All against us. Much better to know where we stand and this is where we stand in 2021 going forward. Now it is us against the U.S. Government.  All American Patriots must know it.  

As I said earlier, it is guaranteed that tens of millions of American citizens and particularly those who call themselves American Patriots are not going to accept the Biden Presidency set to begin on January 20th or an American Government that is represented by the Hated Democratic Party.  This is a great opportunity for us to use these tens of millions of people effectively to implement the kind of changes that truly benefit us for a change.  Trump was never one of us and he never represented our interests.  Likewise, the Republican party never represented our interests but only pretended to.  But with Biden and the Democratic Party, there is no pretense at all.  Biden and the Democratic Party are openly against our interests and they are the new face of the U.S. Government for the next four years at the minimum.  So we know that for the next four years at least the U.S. Government is our enemy and it is very good that we know it.  No more pretense.  Now it is us against them.  Do you see the great opportunity we have in the next four years to use the ex-Trump supporters to implement positive change?  If not, you are blind.  To be more specific, what I am NOT talking about is creating a new political movement around some other political leader who will represent our interests within the totally corrupt U.S. political system.  What I AM talking about is the American people rising up against the corrupt U.S. Government in protest completely outside of the American political system.  The Solution to the problems we face is not a political one.  The Only Solution is a Revolution by the American People against the corruption that has completely taken over our Government.  

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Thursday, January 14, 2021


An article about Trump I 100% agree with.  I wish all current Trump supporters would get wise about the Snake that has conned you into believing in him.  He is not worthy of your support.  He is a Snake in Sheep's clothing whose only purpose is to deceive YOU and prevent you from doing anything to change the status quo in America.  You have to be smart enough to recognize the great con of Don the Con.  To continue to support this man undermines everything we are trying to achieve.  Put Trump in the garbage can of History where he belongs and give your support to someone who is truly worthy of it.

Following is excerpts from this linked article that I particularly agree with in Black and my own commentary in Blue.

TRUMP IS FALSE OPPOSITIONAs I have been saying from the beginning of the creation of this Blog, Trump is controlled opposition whose purpose is to neuter the Patriot movement of America and to transform it into something it was never meant to become.   Trump is just a controlled opposition puppet to the Snake on the Right just as Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Shumer are controlled opposition puppets to the Snake on the Left.  Since before he became President and all during his Presidency Trump has been a willing tool of the Jewish Establishment while pretending to oppose it.  He is a False Prophet who very unfortunately is still believed by many to be the voice of the American Patriot movement.  The very best thing that the American Patriot movement could do is what I have done and this is to completely disown Trump.   He is our enemy pretending to be our friend.  MAGA is good but Trump never represented it or believed it in outside of a cheap meaningless campaign slogan which he quickly discarded once be become President so he could he be could be all he could be for Israel.  He threw MAGA and the American Patriot movement under the bus, which is why no American Patriot should support him.  He is a Snake who knows how to speak our language but he does not represent our views.  

 For the Trump Supporting Idiots

This post is for all the idiots who are still supporting Trump.  I know you are out there, not because of the lying Main Stream Media but because I read your articles on the internet. I know you are deceived by Trump's talk and you see him as the greatest thing for America since George Washington.  Like Baseball, the American Flag and Apple Pie, he represents America to you.  I have told you repeatedly on this Blog to ignore Trump's talk and to watch his actions.  Trump is a master manipulator of his supporters in his speeches.  He knows how to reach inside his Base's heart and push the buttons to get people to support him.  I fully acknowledge that Trump talks the talk even today that can make people who sees themselves  as Patriots to America gravitate around him as a "Savior" of America.  Remember, I used to be one of you before I saw through Trump.  Trump's actions are completely at  odds with his words. It has been so for his entire Presidency since he took office in 2017. And here is something else that Trump has done (or that someone acting in Trump's name has done since I say Trump is no better than a puppet for his masters who are really running the show).  Look and learn Trump Supporters to see who Trump really is.  You have been deceived.

Click on the image:

Outside of all the talk, this is who Trump really is and what he supports.  He is not one of you.  He is one of the (((them))).  I pray to the God of Truth and Justice that all those who are still supporting Trump will recognize that this man is unworthy of their support and that he is a Snake wearing Sheep's clothing.  Stop supporting an evil man who does nothing but tell lies and work against what you believe in.  Find someone honest to support.  

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

False Heroes and False Villains

We live in an age of False Heroes and False Villains.  A lot of individuals and groups who are supposed to be Heroes are in reality anti-Heroes who are working for the Snake while pretending to be on the side of Humanity.  Likewise, a lot of individuals and groups who are seen as the ultimate enemy to humanity are in reality just false fronts to the real enemies of humanity that hide in the shadows.

False Heroes:

In this section I discuss various False Heroes, which are individuals or groups seen by many as being on the side of Truth, Justice and right when in reality they are lying and corrupt and not who they appear to be.

Donald J. Trump: 

Although a majority of the population has seen through this fast talking, narcissistic con artist, he is still seen by many as the leader of the Patriot movement in America.  This is very unfortunate because this man is the very opposite of what a Patriot should be.  He talks the talk of being a Patriot to his followers but his actions are the opposite of his words for anyone paying the slightest bit of attention to his complete joke of a one term Presidency.  Although he wants his followers to believe he won the 2020 election by a landslide, this is just more bullshit from the ultimate bullshit artist that is Donald J. Trump.  He is nobody's Hero except for Israel's.  My recommendation to all those who are currently supporting this man is to drop him like a sack of garbage and follow someone who actually cares about your values.  Trump is an impostor who uses your Patriotism and your anger about the direction America is going to get you to support him personally and he does nothing to help you.  Its all about him.  For the love of God, stop worshiping this Jewish (yes, he is Jewish) con artist as if he was George Washington resurrected to save America. He is not our friend.  Enough said about this lying sack of shit.


When I talk about Trump being a False Hero, I must also talk about QAnon being a False Hero since Q is closely associated with Trump.  How do I even begin to describe QAnon?  For those who have had the misfortune of being taken in by this "thing" that told us all the great things that Trump was doing against the "Deep State" in secret, including myself, now we clearly see at the end of Trump's term that everything QAnon said was a lie to get people to support Trump.  If you are going to tell a lie, then tell really big lies and that is what QAnon did all during the last four years and I am sure its still doing the same thing today. What QAnon did is to create the illusion of a completely fictional world with Trump as a Super Hero saving the world from the nefarious "Deep State".  It told a sometimes convincing story but unfortunately its story was nothing but fiction.   Remember all the secret indictments that Trump had against members of the "Deep State" that he was waiting for the right moment to make public?  All of that was 100% bullshit.  Remember QAnon telling us that Trump was fighting child sex trafficking in secret?  Again 100% Bullshit. Remember QAnon telling us that the good guys were winning and the bad guys were losing under Trump?  Again, 100% Bullshit. Every thing QAnon said that Trump was doing in secret to make people support Trump was just a lie.  QAnon is a non stop lie factory.  Although it pretended to be a Hero working for truth and justice, in reality it was just a con game to get people to support a lying con artist and the Republican party.  It did nothing but lie.  As a former QAnon follower, I had to see through the lies myself to be able to see QAnon for what it is.  Its just a liar supporting another liar.  If any of you are still trusting the plan, I have news for you.  There is no plan except to get you to support a man who should be unsupportable.  I pray to God that QAnon dies with the Trump one term disaster of a Presidency but something tells me that both Trump and QAnon are going to continue their lie campaign to 2024 and beyond.  There is a sucker born every minute and Trump supporters and QAnon followers are born suckers to believe any lie no matter how absurd as long as its what they want to hear.  Both Trump and QAnon give the truth a very bad name.

False Villains

In this section I discuss various individuals and groups who are believed by many to be arch villains when in reality they or false fronts or puppets for the real arch villains that hide in the shadows and remain unknown to the public.  The perception is that these groups and individuals are the source of all the evil and corruption infecting the USA and the world when in reality they are just the public face of those who prefer to remain hidden from the public and work through false fronts.  It is important to distinguish between the real enemy we face (the Snake) and the mask that it wears to deceive the public, which is false fronts.  Remember, the Snake uses deception to get what it wants.  Know who your real enemy is and know who your real enemy is not.

Nancy Pelosi

Seen as the arch villain and leader of the evil Democratic Party by the Conservative right, Nancy Pelosi is just a controlled opposition Drama queen for the liberal left in the same way that Donald Trump is a controlled opposition Drama queen for the conservative right.  Just as liberals and Democrats love to hate Trump, conservatives and Republicans love to hate Pelosi but she is really just a false front.  Those who see Pelosi as the ultimate evil have no understanding of controlled opposition and how both political parties in the United States are used like puppets by the Snake to put on a show for the clueless American public on the Main Steam Media.  I am certainly no fan of Pelosi but I understand that she like Trump is just a puppet and other people are pulling her strings.  I do not look at the puppet but the puppet master as the real enemy we face.  If you are wise, you will look past Pelosi to see who is standing behind her in the shadows pulling her strings.  But so few on the conservative right are wise and they just lash out at Pelosi and Clinton and all their other perpetual punching bags in the Democratic party that they love to lash out at again and again and again like a dog chasing a car that it can never catch.  They are fools to do this.  They never see the real enemy laughing at them behind their back. 

More to Come

Quotes by Alexander Solzhenitsyn that are extremely relevant to today's America and World

For those with the wisdom to understand how these quotes apply to today's America and World:

Monday, January 11, 2021

What the Snake did on January 6th.

The Snake is always dishonest.  The Snake is Cunning.  The Snake is Clever.  The Snake is intelligent enough to know how to use deception to get want it wants.  Unless one is aware of the Snake and the way it works, it is very easy to be deceived by it.  The Snake has a dishonest ulterior motive for everything it does.  Everything it does has a purpose which helps the Snake in some way, even if it is difficult to tell at first glance exactly what it is that the Snake is trying to achieve. 

I said all that to discuss what happened on January 6th with new eyes.  I keep going back to the Two Worlds Paradigm because that is applicable to everything that happens in a world based on lies and deception which unfortunately is the world we live in today.  Its certainly not the world we want to live in but its the world we do live in and its important for everyone who cares about the truth to know it.

Regarding January 6th, what the Snake tells you and wants you to believe is that that the so called Trump insurrection was all about Trump.  Trump made it happen.  It was Trump's fault.  It was all about a supposedly stolen election.  This is all a lie.  In the following I am going to give my interpretation of what January 6th was really about.

Donald J. Trump since before his joke of a Presidency even started was a dishonest controlled opposition Drama queen acting as a puppet for the Jewish Establishment.  With CNN attacking him 24-7 it made it difficult to see that Trump is working for the Establishment but he was.  He pretended to be anti Establishment while secretly working for the Establishment.  Jews love controlled oppositionIt is their primary method of controlling the people.  Trump is one of (((them))) pretending to be one of us.  It has been that way since before he was President and it was that way on January 6th.  Don't be fooled by the shit show the Snake shows you on its Main Stream Media.  Remember what I said about the Snake in the first paragraph of this post because that is extremely applicable here. 

As I have said many times on this Blog, Trump is a Snake working for the Snakes who hijacked our cause and turned it into his own personal political opportunists movement.  This was never supposed to be about Trump himself.  It was always about MAGA.  Trump was supposed to be just the means to accomplish MAGA.  But after Trump became President, MAGA got thrown under the bus and our cause got twisted into something ugly and crazy and about Trump himself that we who originally supported Trump never intended to happen.  But this was the plan of the Snake, to transform our cause into something that would be perceived by the general public as ugly and crazy and deranged and dangerous.  Trump himself did everything he could to help the Snakes do this.  He played the part of the insane deranged anti Patriot pretending to be a Patriot to make all Patriots to America look the way he does.  I hope you can see that as well as I can see that.  Now our cause is unjustly associated with a man who never supported our cause and who makes us all look bad even though we want nothing to do with Trump.  The Snake has created a misconception that Trump speaks for all of us who see ourselves as Patriots to America when in reality he speaks for none of us.  He is a false Prophet who unfortunately is still seen by many as a  Patriot to America. This has been extremely damaging to our cause, which was always the intent of the Snake.  The Snake used Trump to hurt us and it worked. 

IMO what happened on January 6th was really a preemptive blow against us who call ourselves Patriots to America and who want a Revolution against the U.S. Government. Trump is just a circus performer doing the bidding of the Snake as he has been since before he became President.  This is not about Trump at all.  This is about us and our anger and complete dissatisfaction with a U.S. Government that no longer serves the American people except in name only.  Now the Revolution that we want to bring will be associated with Trump and we will be associated with these clowns and circus performers who staged a drama on January 6th.  That IMO is the real purpose of what happened in Washington D.C.  The Snake knows a lot of Americans are very unhappy with the status quo and that we are angry and restless and we demand change.  Its action on January 6th was to paint us all as deranged angry Trump supporters who believe Conspiracy theories on the internet instead of who we really are and what we really care about.  Now anyone wanting to protest against the U.S. Government is going to be seen as an insane Trump supporter butt hurt about the "stolen" election instead of as honest Patriots who are fed up with the status quo in this country.  Do you see what the Snake did?

More to Come.