Saturday, January 22, 2022

What the Jews Fear Most

What the Jews fear most is to lose control of the System, of the narrative, of the money, of the world economy, of the perception of truth, of the world governments.  For centuries they have worked to gain control of the world and they most fear losing control.  They do not want to do something which could unravel their control. Regarding the Plandemic, they are careful not to do anything so overtly that it will wake the brain dead as to what is really going on.  Jews never planned on fooling everyone and they don't need to.  As long as the majority are deceived, its good enough for the Jews.  Keeping the deception alive to the brain dead indefinitely is the goal of the Jews and I see nothing to make me think they will not achieve it.  What we know about the Jews and their control does not really matter as long as we are nothing more than a minority who is never going to challenge Jewish control.  To challenge, undermine and defeat Jewish control should be humanity's highest goal if humanity were awake. But Jews are a predator race who make sure the majority of humanity stays dumb, stupid and distracted so Jewish control is never threatened.  

Monday, January 17, 2022

Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor was a Jewish Plan to get America into the war against Germany.  Notice that immediately after Pearl Harbor and war was declared, the first thing the U.S. did was to send troops to Europe to fight against Germany, not against Japan.  FDR was Jewish who conspired with other Jews to bring the might of the U.S. against Germany.  The Jews used everything in their favor.  They knew what the outcome of the war would be before it even started, 

Bill Gates

People reading my Blogs may wonder why I have such ire toward Bill Gates and why Bill Gates has become literally my public enemy number one recently.  Its not just because he is a Jew (which unfortunately most people do not even know that about him) but because he is a Psychopath.  A Psychopath is not an insane or crazy person as most people may think but it is person who can do evil without feeling guilt or remorse or any other normal human emotion that would prevent someone from committing atrocities in which real people die.  Anyone watching Bill Gates closely can read in his body language that he is delighted by the Plandemic and has no feeling at all toward all those who have died during it.  He is enjoying the Plandemic, which shows he is  one of the planners and architects of it.  The mask has fallen off his face and he is exposed for who he is to those who have the eyes to see it.  But there will never be justice for Bill Gates in this world because his kind are in full control.  He knows this better than anyone.  Short of some pissed off citizen blowing his head off, he will go on doing evil until the day he dies.  In this world, his evil is seen as good.   As long as his kind rule, the world is FUBAR. The only way that normal human beings can change this world is to unite against those who control it.  I am not holding my breath that this will ever happen. And even if it did, (((they))) hold the power in their hands to prevent their control from ever being circumvented.  This is the obstacle humanity faces that prevents it from being free.

Sunday, January 16, 2022

What happens when you lose faith in the system?

You go to  a world that you were ever taught about, by school or experience.  Its the real world and most people will not be happy to know it exists. They prefer the "predictable" illusory world that is much easier for them to understand and accept. But that world is a lie. That world is the Matrix that entraps so many people in the fantasy world inside the head. 

Saturday, January 15, 2022

My message

I don't think I can wake up anyone who is not at least already half way awake.  I created my Blog to red pill people who have no clue but I think I have utterly failed in that.  Even if the Jews let me speak my mind without censoring me, it would make no difference.  I cannot be responsible any longer for waking people up.  I have done what I could do and if I was meant to continue it I would not have suffered such obstacles to get my message out.  But the truths I have told on my Blog are not lies or propaganda.  They are truths but truth is not wanted in this world.  My truth falls on deaf ears in this world.  I wish I could change the world.

Monday, January 10, 2022

On the Death of JonBenet Ramsey

 This may be the last post I make about this, which is unfortunate because I was making so much progress at the end of my new Blog to uncovering the truth before they shut it down.  But for anyone reading this who does not know, here are the facts that I uncovered about this death.  There is much more to uncover but this is as far down the rabbit hole as I got.  The rabbit hole goes deeper.

There is a massive conspiracy and cover up involving the U.S. Government itself concerning this death.

The public has been lied to about Access Graphics and about John Ramsey.  Access Graphics in Boulder Colorado was a front and John Ramsey was a front man.

The biggest reveal I made on this Blog is that the death of JBR did not happen inside her home as the public has been led to believe.  She died elsewhere and her corpse was moved to her home and a fake crime scene staged there.  Many people participated in this cover up. The U.S. Government is behind the cover up.

The true location of the child's death IMO is not in Boulder, Colorado but in Denver Colorado, which is very close to Boulder. There are many reasons why I say this.

Shirley Reed is the younger sister of Nancy Krebs. Shirley Reed's daughter was at at the real location where JBR died.  Shirley Reed worked in Denver, Colorado.  Shirley Reed has an association with the U.S. Air Force. Shirley Reed and her daughter were transferred to Ramstein air base, Germany after the death of JBR.

There is an early association between John Ramsey and Martin Marietta.  Martin Marietta had a major Aerospace facility in Denver, Colorado (now Lockheed Martin). Martin Marietta in Denver had a strong connection to the U.S. Air Force.

Peter B. Teets (look him up) had a connection to John Ramsey and Access Graphics.  Peter B. Teets was strongly connected to Martin Marietta, Denver and the U.S. Air Force.  He later became Undersecretary of the U.S. Air Force.  

Investigate the real reason why Fleet White Jr. was in Colorado. He wasn't there coincidentally. He was involved in oil and gas development in Colorado for his father's company.  Also, both John Ramsey and Fleet White Jr. lied about meeting for the first time in 1994 in Boulder.  They knew each other in California as early as 1966.  Look at John Ramsey's hidden California history to reveal that. Fleet White Jr. was at John and Patsy's 1980 wedding in Atlanta.  That is how close they were.

The MSM totally failed to connect any meaningful dots for the public in this case.  One blatant example of this is that the MSM failed to reveal that Fleet White Jr. worked for his father's company.  There was a major effort to hide Fleet White Sr. and Fleet Oil Company from public view.  This secret has been maintained intact to this day.  No one cares about the truth.  The cover story has become the truth and the truth has been lost, despite my best efforts to tell the real story.

IMO after looking at everything, the true killer of JBR was Fleet White Jr., who killed JBR accidently during a sexual Satanic ritual.  His father, Fleet White Sr., was the one performing the sexual ritual on JBR when she died.  The Ramsey family was a Satanist family who involved their children in these rituals. The White family was also a Satanist family who involved their children and grandchildren in these rituals. There are many such families but they are not meant to be known to the public. JBR was not intended to die when she did.  It was her accidental death that spawned the huge cover up to conceal the truth and to protect a lot of other people. 

The Boulder Grand Jury findings against the Ramseys was not a lie.  It told the truth without revealing any details to the public of what actually happened. The Ramsey parents were guilty of putting their daughter into a situation which led to her (accidental) death.

The truth is not unknown.  In fact it is known by many people and has been since the death happened. The public is not told the truth because the public can never accept it.  The public is told a false truth that they can accept and will never be told anything more than this, but the truth is known and covered up. The cover up is justified on the pretext of protecting National Security interests but the real reason is different.

JonBenet Ramsey has never gotten justice and I expect will never get justice.  The cover up continues today and there are very few even interested in the truth.  Those who believe that a family member killed JBR are fools who believe exactly what the cover up wants them to believe.  I did what I could to set the story straight.  Nancy Krebs did not lie.

Sunday, January 9, 2022

The Biggest Mistake you can make

The Biggest Mistake you can make is to trust others and not think for yourself.  To trust others assumes the honesty of others and when that honesty is absent, trust is a fool's game. The dishonesty of the world is what every single human being should know.  To not know about the dishonesty of the world is what makes people fools. Do not be a fool.  Do not trust others and think for yourself about everything.  I cannot emphasize strongly this enough. When you assume dishonesty then everything makes sense.