Monday, December 14, 2020

The Red Pill vs the Blue Pill

So I received some comments recently that I feel compelled to address in a new post because the answers I have are very fundamental and I want everyone to understand.  The Red and Blue pills are concepts from the movie The Matrix (1999) that represent real world concepts.  Another way I could have titled this post is The Truth vs Happiness because that is what the two pills really symbolize.

The Red Pill is choosing to know the Truth over personal happiness.  

The Blue Pill is choosing personal happiness over knowing the Truth.  

In this post I am going to discuss this in detail to make it clear to everyone what I am talking about. 

To begin my discussion of this topic I want to explain my own personal history because in this way I can illustrate these concepts.  For most of my life I have been a very selfish person who was only interested in my own happiness.  The misfortunes of others did not really concern me if I was not personally effected by it.  All I cared about was myself and my feelings.  What was happening to me and my family and perhaps my friends is all I really cared about.  Everybody else was on their own. To me, this was the easiest way to live.  Some people call this taking the Blue Pill but its really not.  This is the state a person is in before they even know about the two pills. It is a state of unawareness and complete apathy about the world.  I know it well because I lived that way for many years until something happened which was to eventually change my point view and that was 9-11.  

9-11 led to an epiphany

For a long time I believed that 9-11 was a terrorist attack on America by Islamic terrorists, exactly as it appeared to be on television.  I had no thought or reason to question it.  I accepted what I was told about it was the truth and I went on with my life.  Fast forward to around 2006 when I began seeing web sites on the internet saying things about 9-11 that called into question what I had originally been told about it.  I looked at these web sites not as the truth but more as personal entertainment to satisfy my own idle curiosity about something which seemed very strange and unusual.  I did not believe what I was seeing was the truth but I was curious to understand what was being said.  In previous posts I talked about the Anomalies that these web sites exposed that did not fit with the official narrative of what we were told about 9-11 on the cable news channels.  The more closely I examined the Anomalies the more I realized there was something not right with what everyone had been told but I did not know what it was.  After seeing enough Anomalies on many different web sites about 9-11, I went on my own personal mission to discover what the truth was about 9-11 that could explain the Anomalies.  I did this because I wanted to know the truth about 9-11 and I believed I was not getting the truth from MSM stations such as CNN about 9-11.  So I went in search of the truth about 9-11 to understand it for my own curiosity.  I wanted a single explanation of the truth about 9-11 that explained all the apparent evidence and I went on my own personal journey to explain it to myself. I told myself that I should be able to understand what really happened in this event and all I have to do is focus hard enough on understanding and I will see the truth. But I discovered the hard way that this approach to understanding 9-11 was completely wrong.  I spent years trying to understand by attempting to reconcile all the evidence but it was impossible.  There was something wrong.  Everyone should know what 9-11 was.  It should not be a big mystery.  Why could I not understand what should be simple to understand?  One thing I realized is that there can be only one explanation for 9-11 but on the internet there are many different mutually exclusive explanations that all say they are telling the truth.  When I looked at one web site, it looked valid to me.  When I looked at another web site giving a completely different explanation, it also looked valid to me.  But both could not be valid.  My lack of understanding about 9-11 was caused by having many different explanations about it presented as the truth and trying to reconcile all the information into a unified explanation that was impossible to do. I literally broke my brain trying to do that until I gave up trying to understand it.  I knew there was something wrong with 9-11 but I did not know what it was.  I could not figure it out.  I stayed this way for around ten years until I had my epiphany moment. 

I am not going to explain all the steps I went through to reach my epiphany but I understood that the reason I could not understand 9-11 for so long is because of an assumption I maintained which turned out to be false.  This assumption was that society is honest and would not purposely lie to the people about anything.  The assumption was that everyone wants to know the truth and that nobody would purposely tell lies especially on the news and from the government.  As long as I held that assumption, 9-11 would forever be a mystery to me.  Only by invalidating that assumption could the truth about 9-11 be seen with clarity. But this goes far beyond 9-11. This is talking about the entire world and the way it works.  To understand 9-11 requires a total change of world view which is a HUGE step for most people to take.  It was for me.  It took me tremendous effort and time and questioning and looking at 9-11 from every possible angle before I could see it.  Those who have not seen it have no idea what I am talking about.  Those who have seen it can see the entire world as it really is. 

There is a Conspiracy by the Few to manipulate and control the many and the Few control the entire world. The world is ran by bad people with bad intent toward the rest of humanity. This is not a Conspiracy Theory but this is the Reality that we ALL face.  

The No Pills.  Problem?  I see no Problem.

Most people will never see this reality.  They will go through their entire lives and die without a clue of this reality.  I call these people the no pills.  They do not know anything other than what they have been told and what they believe to be the truth.  They are blind sheep who know only what they have been told and they never question what they are told. 

You have to at least partially see the truth before the pills come into play.  And the truth is that the world is a bad place that is run by bad people.  The truth about the world is negative.  It is scary.  It is unpleasant.  Most people do not want to know it because to know it is to feel bad.  Nobody wants to feel bad.  Nobody wants to be afraid.  Nobody wants to feel depressed.  So here is where the two pills come into play.

If you see the truth at least partially and you run from it and you choose not to know so you will not feel bad by that knowledge then you have chosen to take the Blue Pill.  You have chosen to feel happy instead of knowing a bad truth.  This is the easy path but it is not the truth.

If you choose to know the truth and you face your fear and put the truth first over your personal feelings then you have chosen to take the red pill.  This is the difficult path.

Why would anyone choose the red pill over the blue pill?

Choosing the red pill is not going to bring you happiness so why would anyone choose to take it?  Here are some answers that come to my mind:

Because you give a fuck.

Because you want to know the truth.

Because you are not a coward.

Because you care about humanity and want to help save them from those who are exploiting them.

Because you believe it is your God given DUTY.

Because you care more about other people than your own little life.

Because you want to save the world from falling into Dystopia.

Because you want to wake up the rest of humanity to what is really going on.

The Blue Pill

For those who choose to take the Blue pill, they choose not to know the truth which scares them. They tell themselves if I do not see it, then it does not exist.  What I don't know can't hurt me.  I just want an easy life without having to deal with any of this shit.  All I care about is me.

I know all about the Blue pill because I took it many times after I started seeing the truth that I did not want to see. It is human nature to flee from what scares you but it does not serve the truth.  It does not serve humanity.  It does not serve God. It is selfish and cowardly. 

More to Come


  1. The first days I believed a few of your posts by my naivety of believing anything, I could not sleep well, it was so depressing and hopeless that I cannot sleep well. Then in the next morning, I woke up and I met my positive friends (they are not positive "ignorant peasants", they are the CEO of an English-teaching institute and successful and logical people who have well-paid jobs, at least in Vietnam), I look at their smiles, I realized that this world is beautiful and happy although sometimes natural disasters like typhoons, storms, or diseases happen. They are all natural disasters that humans have to face for thousands of years. Then I realized that the sources of your posts could be fictional hate stories from nazis haters who hate the Jew or poor people who hate the rich elite...etc...(at least maybe my mind forced me to believe that to maintain my happiness, I don't know). In Vietnam, the countries which have competitiveness between Christianity and Buddhism. Half of the religious people follow Buddhism, the other half follow Christianity, so I often saw many detailed made up stories from both sides, these stories from haters are so detailed and well-made that you will think they are real. There are Christians who dream they went to hell and met Buddha who has been burning in hell and vice versa...They are not hard to find these stories on the internet, which to believe, which side is true? Christianity or Islam? Christianity or Buddhism? None of them.

    1. I really appreciate your honesty in sharing your feelings with me about the effect that my Blog has had on you. When I first started down the path of taking the red pill, I went through exactly what you describe. I read things that deeply disturbed me and that threatened to turn my world upside down they were so radical. I could not sleep and became hopeless. For this reason I ran back to what I was comfortable with and told myself "This shit I am reading is not real. I am going to just ignore it. Its crazy talk." When you run away from a truth that is too scary to know then that is taking the blue pill. I did it many times but my curiosity to know the truth always brought me back searching and questioning these deep subjects that were so strange and disturbing to me. What I discovered is that the more times I approached the forbidden truth that scared me, the less afraid I became of it. Its kind of like swimming in a deep pool where you cannot see the bottom. At first you are terrified but the more you do it the less scared you become until you can swim in the deep end without fear. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Its not all doom and gloom as it appears to you now. You have only just begun the journey should you choose to continue it. Yes, you can run away and deny everything I and many others like me are saying but if you really want to know the truth then that desire to know is going to bring you back. Learning the truth and breaking your own brainwashing is a long and tedious process that only the most determined are going to go through. Nobody said this would be easy. Its not easy. But there is a reward for knowing the truth. It is far better to know a bad truth than a comforting lie. I understand you because I came from where you are at. There are so many things I want to tell you to help you understand better if you are willing to listen to me. Fear and loathing and worry are an unavoidable part of the process of waking up. You cannot allow your fear to keep you away from the truth. I will post more comments here to talk to you but start with this. If I can wake up even one person like you then I am doing what God intended me to do.

    2. You can choose to live in your own world and be happy in that and just ignore the bad reality. This is the Blue pill and the majority of people take it. They tell themselves as I told myself, "Why should I know the truth if knowing it is going to turn my entire world upside down and make it impossible for me to live in the world? Its not worth it. If the truth is that bad and scary then I really do not want to know it. I just want to live my life and be happy."

      You should look up the term "Cognitive Dissonance" because it describes what you are going through right now. Your mind is going through a conflict between two different versions of reality that is trying to process and it does not know which one is true and which is false. Its like having your feet in two different realities at the same time and trying to walk. Its not a pleasant to experience to go through. Of course your mind wants to deny and reject the new information it has heard which is so different from what it has been used to and it comes up with all the reasons you listed why the new information must be wrong. Its fiction. Its based on hating Jews or rich people. Its Nazi propaganda. etc. etc. etc. You look for reasons to reject what makes you uncomfortable just as I did when I first started learning about all this shit. You think are so unique and different from me but you are not. I have been where you are at. I am not going to tell you to just go live your life and be happy and forget all this stuff I am saying. Something inside wants to know or you would not be here looking at my Blog which is not as entertaining as it used to be to you. Now it is bringing you unpleasantness. I urge you not to run away. No matter what your mind may tell you, my motivation is to spread the truth. It is not to spread hate or propaganda or anything else bad. There is enough of that in the world already without me adding to it. I follow no Religion except the truth. If I have a Religion, it is the truth. Truth matters. Knowing the truth outside of your own little world matters. I will try to make you understand why it matters.

  2. When I had difficulty sleeping because of reading and believing your horror stories, I even invite my best friend, my closest friend to my home to sleep with me. He is a very intelligent and very generous man. I told him about your stories but he constantly told me these stories are all bullshit, so nonsense and childish with horror taste. He even looked down on me because I am an adult but believe these stories. He came to my house and slept with me a few more nights and encouraged me. He pointed out tens of illogical points in your stories that I feel it is so logical. However, I don't want to waste my time to explain to you because it is so long to write. Time will tell, who is right.

    1. I am not going to apologize to you for being upset and having difficulty sleeping from reading my Blog because as I said that is an unavoidable part of the process of waking up and seeing the truth. Everyone who chooses the red pill goes through it. Its unpleasant at first but the unpleasantness will pass if you stay the course and do not run away. Have you ever heard it said that the Truth will set you free? Although you cannot see it yet from where you are at, that is a true statement. This Blog is not really intended for a newbie like you. Its more for people who have already taken the red pill and want a deeper analysis of the truth. You describe my Blog entries as horror stories because to you they are too horrible to be true. You doubt them. You say thay are illogical. I have not reached you yet because I have not been trying to talk at your current level of understanding. I have been talking at my current level of understanding and perhaps that has been my mistake in assuming that others can see what I see. Obviously many do not see. I have not explained my point of view well enough to be understood by someone like you. But I really appreciate your honesty in sharing your true thoughts and feelings with me. Keep doing that because it tells me where you are at. If you will give me the opportunity then I will try to show you some deeper things in a way that you can understand. I would like to increase your understanding of what I am really trying to say in this Blog. Don't let your fear prevent you from seeing what I want to show you.

  3. The future will tell. Let see what is inside the vaccine. Is it a genuine vaccines? Or is it a "ID2020" vaccines to create cashless society dystopia world like you warn me.