Wednesday, December 2, 2020

 America is being Destroyed from Within

How long before the American people rise up?  Is America really just a nation of blind dumb sheep who believes CNN?  What has happened to this once great nation?  

Unless the American people rise up in revolt, America as we have known it will be a thing of the past.  If the Elite get their way, it will NEVER go back to normal.  They are creating a new normal for all the slaves to live in.  

Its sink or swim time, America.  Revolt or submit.  That is the only choice you have. 

When you finally get tired of the Bullshit, buy yourself one of these with plenty of ammunition. Believe me, you are going to need it to maintain your freedom and the freedom of your family from your own Government:


  1. American is a Jewish country. Its main founding father are Jewish Masonic Gentile (aka Honorary Jews) - including George Washington. I even hear a rumors that they has Jewish genetic but they just tried to hide it. Jews control America and its fate

    1. This is the way it has been. It does not have to be this way. Its time for American Patriots who are not Jews to rise up and take control over this Jew created fucked up mess that American has become in 2020.