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 A 2014 post about the JonBenet Ramsey murder 

So I found an old 2014 post I made about the JonBenet Ramsey murder in a private communication with someone on when I used to be a member there. Nancy Krebs was not the source of my information in this post. Long before I started posting about it on this Blog, I thought this:

Thanks for responding. I am a truth seeker and if I see something which I think is truth than I want to share it with others who are looking for the truth too.  I knew I would set myself up for ridicule for posting what I did here but I am beyond caring what others think of me personally.  Getting answers and finding out what the truth is is all that is important to me.

I do not believe this was a ritual killing but instead I think it was an accidental killing that occurred while JBR was being sexually abused.  Had it been a premeditated murder it would not have been handled so sloppily and would not have gotten so much media attention.  It is apparent to me that "they" did not plan for this to happen.

I believe the entire Ramsey family (and not just the four immediate family members) were involved with the "group" you describe.  PR's mother (JBR's grandmother) was also heavily involved. Its pretty much a family thing, so they were all involved in it as a family. I believe the "group" is Satanic in nature.

Yes, I could very much see JR involved in this with his first family.  I read the things his daughter said and also noticed she was tragically/conveniently killed in a car accident so she wouldn't divulge anything else she happened to remember from her childhood.  That is one of their signatures, to silence people who could expose them.  I think they silenced PR because she was a very emotional woman who I believe was very upset about what happened to her daughter.  Even though she allowed her daughter to be put in that situation, she never expected anything like that was going to happen.  I think it bothered her a lot.  She said a lot of things over the years that if you look, she was trying to come clean in some way. "We never intended for this to happen" is a very significant statement in this regard. That was PR being honest.  She said a lot of other things and I suspect someone felt threatened by her "loose mouth" and made sure she died of "cancer", or whatever else they could blame it on.

I appreciate the list of names you gave me and I will research them as best I can, but I want to say something special to you about Randy Simons.  I was very intrigued by what he said when I read his statements.  Although I cannot find it now, I read somewhere where he said "I'm dead!"  For a long time I did not understand his statements but now I believe I do.  In a significant way, RS exposed himself (and them) by what he said. He demonstrated he felt threatened by them and even said a paramilitary group was harassing him and that he had shot one of them in the leg with an arrow. I believe he was present at the time JBR was murdered.  He was present because he was involved in taking child pornographic pictures and videos not just of JBR during this event but also of the other children who were present.  JBR was not the only child there who was being sexually abused.

Although I am very curious about this individual case (because I have been trying to understand it for so long) I am also afraid to learn too many details about it.  Too much knowledge about something that powerful people do not want known can be a dangerous thing, if you catch my meaning.  I just want to know enough so that I understand without knowing "too much" about them and what they do in secret.

I believe that all members of the Ramsey family were involved in the group/ring/whatever you want to call it.  

I think Christmas was very significant in this crime because it is not just a Christian celebration.  Others celebrate Christmas also for an entirely different reason, not a good reason.  

I think JBR's murder happened at a private party somewhere.  That party did not take place at the Ramsey house.  We all hear about the party that took place at the White house.  It is possible it took place there but I think it took place somewhere else entirely in a much more secure location.  BR's electric fence comment comes to mind.  Why would there be an electic fence there?

From his statements and from his actions, I believe BR was present at the time of the murder and witnessed the murder.  He talked about a hammer being used on his sister. He saw his sister being killed but he was sworn to silence and would never speak of (and never will). 

I do not believe this murder took place in the Ramsey home for various reasons although a great deal of effort has been put into deceiving everyone to make it appear it happened there.  JBR's murder happened during a party with a lot of people present.  That party could not have been held at the Ramsey house because people would have seen it and reported it to police.  They can't get everyone to lie for them.  It is obvious when you think about it that the murder did not take place there.  It happened BEFORE they came back to their house. That is why I stress that everyone should try to find out where the Ramsey's really were before they came home.

In the past I have considered the forensic timeline to be the holy grail of solving the murder but now I believe it to be nothing more than a carefully crafted lie supported by false clues and false statements (from many parties, some of those parties within the BPD).

I am 100% saying that the gift deliveries the Ramsey's supposedly made on their way back to their house are a fabrication and everyone who supposedly confirmed their story is part of it.  Did you notice some of those people could not seem to get their story straight, as I did?

Let me just say this.  These are very deceitful, clever people who were involved in this, and I am not just talking about the Ramseys.  I am talking about powerful people who are connected and who can work together to deceive the general public. They can make it "very convincing" that something happened a certain way when in reality it did not happen that way at all.  Keep an open mind and realize that a lot of what you thought you knew about this case you really don't know at all.

I believe JBR was being sexually abused before this time/had been sexually abused by adult men at parties like this one before, but on this night they were escalating her sexual activity to vaginal intercourse with someone present who wanted to have sex with her. This person raped her, or was raping her.  She resisted much stronger than anyone thought she would even though she had long been in training for this event.  But she resisted strongly and someone got mad at her and struck her with a hammer.  The hammer is used as a punishment tool to force children to cooperate with something they don't like.  The head is the most sensitive place on a child and you can imagine how much fear it would put into a six year old girl to be struck in the head with a hammer.  It would be something they would want to avoid at any cost.  But whatever was happening to her was so unpleasant that maybe she screamed or fought back or whatever, and her adult sex partner or her "trainer" got angry with her and accidently delivered a fatal blow to her head, cracking her skull open. Nobody expected it to happen and there was a lot of panic and confusion after it did.  After it happened, the NUMBER ONE PRIORITY was to get her (JBR) out of the house and somewhere else, so nobody would know where the murder took place and who was really involved.  Security and secrecy are very important to these people.  JBR was strangled to death to silence her and make sure she could never reveal anything.  She was taken back to her house and all the staging was set up to make it look like it happened at the house.

The woman from California.  I'm sure you read about her.  I don't know how she knows what she knows but I think her account is accurate.  Read again what she said and she is saying the same thing I am but she is not the source of my information.

I have a lot more where this came from, but this is enough for now.  If you are in contact with others who are open minded as you are then please feel free to share with them what I have shared with you.

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