Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Why I think Rusty Nelson is a Disinformation Agent

If any of you are unfamiliar of who Rusty Nelson is, he is the man who allegedly told the truth about the Franklin Credit Union scandal.  For a long time I believed Rusty Nelson's story and I did not question anything he said.  It is only after looking at a lot of other things and connecting a lot of other dots that I think Rusty Nelson is a disinformation agent.  This is the second post I have made about my suspicions that Rusty Nelson is a disinformation agent.  Here is the first one.

It has been my perception that Rusty Nelson is considered a paragon of truth in the truther community and I have never seen anyone question his legitimacy except for myself.  Why does it always have to be me who exposes these things?  For whatever reason the burden is on my shoulders to defend the truth so I must look every "gift horse" in the mouth who comes forward with juicy information about the Satanists or the bad guys and check out his story.  Every truther should be doing this.  Its the responsibility of an honest truther to not just stand there with your mouth open swallowing disinformation as if it was God's own truth.  Anyone who does not at least question the information they are being told is not a truther.  As we have seen, there are disinformation agents who come forward as truthers telling the truth about the evil child raping Satanists but some of them are definitely not what they appear to be.  The way I exposed Fiona Barnett is to realize that her story does not add up in many different ways.  It takes only a single exposed lie to uncover a disinformation agent but with Fiona we have many exposed lies.  Once you start exposing lies, the disinformation agent's entire story falls apart and nothing they say can be trusted.  Even if a disinformation agent is telling some truth in order to give him or herself credibility with truthers, it means nothing.  A disinformation agent cannot be trusted about anything they say.

With that preamble I turn my attention to Rusty Nelson once again.  As I noted in that earlier post, a careful examination of what Rusty Nelson says reveals that he is a deceiver.  In this post I want to discuss two separate things that Rusty Nelson said that IMO expose that he is a disinformation agent.

One of the claims made by Rusty Nelson if you are not familiar with his story is that former President Ronald Reagan was a Satanist who attended VIP child sex parties.  Rusty Nelson painted a picture of Ronald Reagan as someone who is totally corrupt but I do not believe that.  I believe that Rusty Nelson demonized Ronald Reagan for a hidden reason that has nothing to do with Satanism or child sex abuse.  Here is the big thing that makes me question Rusty Nelson about Ronald Reagan.  It is the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan in 1981 shortly after he became POTUS.  I believe that assassination attempt was not done by just a lone nut but that the CIA used mind control on John Hinkley Jr., pictured below, so Hinkley would kill Reagan and then CIA stooge George H.W. Bush would take over the Presidency. 

John Hinkley Jr., programmed by the CIA to Kill Reagan

So the CIA programmed John Hinkley Jr. to kill Reagan so Bush would be President.  And that right there exposes Rusty Nelson as a liar, because if Ronald Reagan were an evil Satanist then they would have no need to kill him and replace him, because an evil Satanist would serve them willingly.  But I do believe that George H.W. Bush was very likely a Satanist and I can definitely understand (((them))) wanting to get rid of Reagan and put one of their own in the Presidency.   Why would Rusty Nelson want to demonize Ronald Reagan as a child abusing Satanist?  I have no idea but I strongly question his story.

Another claim made by Rusty Nelson is that photographer Hunter Thompson, pictured above was involved in making child snuff films.  Nelson claimed that Thompson offered Nelson $100,000.00 to create a child snuff film in order to compromise and blackmail Rusty Nelson into silence about everything he allegedly witnessed in his relationship with Larry King.  As in the case of Reagan, there is something on the record about Hunter Thompson that exposes Rusty Nelson's account of him as a lie.  Its on the record and I will provide that record if anyone wants proof of it, that Hunter Thompson was very critical of the Bush family.  He hated George H.W. Bush and his son George W. Bush and his writing clearly shows that.  By his writings Hunter Thompson reveals himself as a man who wanted honesty in politics and the world and who condemned the corruption of the Bush family and the world in general.  This is not a man who would be an evil Satanist involved in making child snuff films.  Just as Fiona Barnett revealed her deception by claiming Richard Nixon was an evil Satanist who raped her when she was five years old,. Rusty Nelson reveals his deception by claiming Hunter Thompson was an evil Satanist making child snuff films.  Rusty Nelson horribly demonized Hunter Thompson in his testimony in order to discredit him.  Why would Rusty Nelson do that?  Well, one good reason I can think of is because Hunter Thompson made himself an enemy of the Bush family and the CIA and so they used a not so clever disinformation agent to smear and discredit him as an evil child raping, child murdering Satanist but that is not who Hunter Thompson really was.   

What else is Rusty Nelson lying about besides these things?  A lot.  If he is lying about anything then it is the same as him lying about everything. Nothing Rusty Nelson has claimed can be trusted.  

This is a warning to others who call themselves truthers not to believe everything you hear even if it sounds good.  Of course the deceivers know how to come up with a juicy sounding story but that has nothing to do with the truth.  You have the responsibility like I have the responsibility to question everything you hear.  Every person like Rusty Nelson or Fiona Barnett or some others I could name who come forward with juicy "inside information" about the Satanist underworld have to be questioned.  I am not saying everyone who makes claims about Satanism is lying but there is a disinformation campaign to use Satanism as a way to deflect attention away from other groups who are the real perps in some or many cases.  You just have to question everything.  Nobody can be trusted not to be a disinformation agent until you have vetted their story.  

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