Thursday, August 12, 2021

This is no time to be an Honest Simpleton

When I look back at the majority of people who are not Jews (and I always have to make the distinction between Jews and non Jews because they are different categories entirely) I see them as honest simpletons.  When I look at myself for most of my life, I see that I was an honest simpleton.  What do I mean by the term honest simpleton?  Specifically someone who has these two characteristics:

1. They are honest.  This does not mean they are Saints but they are basically honest people.  They believe in being honest with others and they make the assumption that everyone else is also honest as they are.

2.  They are simpletons in that they think in simple terms. They see the world in simple terms.   They believe that WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). They believe that the world they see on the news is the world as it really exists and its inconceivable to them that any other world could exist than the one that appears to their simple minds.  They are very na├»ve and gullible.  They are very easily deceived.  They are be very easily lied to. They believe that what they see and hear is the truth. They are like innocent children inside their minds.  

This is how I view most non Jews today and the way I certainly was in the past. I view this as the natural state of human kind. This is how any non Jew is before they take the red pill. We are born this way and we are also conditioned to be this way by Christianity.  Christianity has a huge influence on non Jewish society to influence people to be honest simpletons, which is one of the main reasons I have become such a huge opponent of Christianity as Jewish brainwashing for non Jews.  Its taken me decades to realize what the influence of Christianity has been on the world but I tell you that Christianity 100% serves the Jewish Master Plan today.  There is no doubt about that in my mind.  Those who call themselves Christians are being used as dupes by the Jews but I don't want to go too far into that in this post.

In contrast to non Jews, most Jews are entirely different animals and have these characteristics:

1. They are dishonest.  They have no problem at all with lying to and deceiving non Jews.  Their religion encourages them to do this but even if it didn't Jews will still do it because it is their basic nature to be dishonest with those who are not like them.   

2. Jews also see the world in simple terms but in a completely different way than non Jews see it.  The simple way that Jews see the world is that whatever is good for Jews and favors Jews is good and right and "Godly".  Whatever is against Jews is evil.  The way Jews view the world is based on racial superiority and racial separation.  Jews believe that God favors their race over all others and has commanded them to own the entire world and enslave all others.  The way Jews view the world is not based on naivety and gullibility but on cunning and deceit to rule the world while keeping the Goyim completely clueless of what is really going on.  Jews believe they have a right to treat non Jews any way they want.   Jews believe that to treat non Jews evilly is God's will.

Those who take the red pill stop being Honest Simpletons and become fully aware of who the Jews really are and how Jews view non Jews and the entire world. Red pilled non Jews must understand the way Jews view the world in order to understand the world as it really exists outside of the illusion shown on the nightly news.  Those who take the red pill stop thinking like a sheep and learn to think like a Jewish Snake. 

The big thing that every red pilled non Jew must become fully cognizant of is this:

Jews are Predators of non Jews

If you don't understand that by now then you don't understand anything.  This is the Jewish Problem in a nutshell. I am against anything like Christianity that makes people dumb and blinds them to the truth of the Jewish problem.

God gave man eyes to see and a brain to think but Christianity teaches people to use neither of them.  Christianity teaches people not to use their eyes to see what goes on in this world (especially not to see what goes on in Gaza).  It teaches people not to use their brains to think about what goes on in this world.  And it definitely teaches people not to use their brains to question anything Christianity says is true.  Christianity is not about seeing or thinking.  Its about simply believing what is written inside of a book.  It teaches not to see or think about anything outside of that book and never question what is inside the book but simply believe or have faith that what is written in the book is true.  It turns a thinking rational man into an unthinking irrational Jewish zombie who is NEVER going to oppose the status quo because the status quo is God's will and to oppose the status quo is to oppose God Himself.  Even if (((they))) smite you and rob you blind and spitefully use you and even if (((they))) kill you, you should just let that happen because it's God's will. That is why I am so against Christianity. It robs a man of his humanity and transforms him into a puppet. It teaches pacifism and to never to go war against evil under any circumstances.  This is why I view Christianity as my enemy in trying to wake up the human race to the Jewish Problem.  The only solution to the Jewish Snake is for humanity to go to war against it but Christianity teaches only to pray silently for your enemies and do nothing against them.  Can you not comprehend how Christianity serves the Jewish Master Plan?

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  1. dont get me wrong but i agree with you...But... it isnt the True Christianity we are talking about is the religion Christianity we are talking about...there is a big have to remember that the true Christianity is the opposite of Jews..jews are the number one enemy of the real christianity...jews just infiltrated it and turned it into religion...we dont have to go back very far to see this...THE TRUE CHRISTIANITY,NOT RELIGION,used to be against The Jewsish snake...openly and taught that...but of coarse all that officially ended with the defeat in World war 2..the true original teachings of christianty was that the Jews are the enemy of mankind...must bring back the true wording of bible to understand this....its been twisted by the snake to deceive all...

    1. Don't get me wrong either. I am talking about what Christianity has become today. Perhaps it was originally different and pure but it like everything else has been infiltrated and subverted so it serves Jewish interests. I do not know but Christianity is part of the Jewish problem as I see it. I was raised in the Christian religion. I am not a Christian now so perhaps I have no right to judge it but to me Christianity revolves around the Bible and the Bible is all about Jews and Israel. The Bible takes the Jewish view and teaches non Jews to even think like Jews. Even the Jewish God teaches that deceit is good and is encouraged in tale of Jacob and Esau. You know it? What kind of God would reward deception and cheating someone out of their birthright? Think about that if you have not. Christianity is fundamentally Jewish. Even God and Jesus are Jewish according to the Bible. Its ALL about Jews. I understand why you as a Christian defend it. I was there too at one point. I am just trying to make sense of it in light of everything else I have learned about the Jewish problem and the way the Jewish race has been supremist and separatist since ancient times. We have been lied to about history in many cases. Jews have rewritten history to be in their favor. Jews have rewritten everything to be in their favor. I do not trust anything in this world not to be contaminated by Jewish lies and deception and revisionism.

  2. Your blog is very interesting. I read quite a few blogs but yours seems so heartfelt as you struggle with trying to figure everything out in this age of deception (which has been going on a LONG time--we just didn't realize the extent of it!)

    I just want "Truth"--who would have thought that would be so hard to find?!

    I used to be a Christian up until about a year ago. About 2 years ago, I started questioning the origins of the old and new testaments (i.e. we are basing our beliefs on ancient books where we don't even know who wrote them and when?! Not to mention the various translation discrepancies, who decided which books should be included or not, and what to do when bible verses conflict in their messages...and so on!)

    What finally red pilled me about Christianity was the covid nonsense--for many reasons. First, so much fear coming from many church-going people...isn't your "faith" supposed to make you stronger? Ha, not from what I have seen in my circle...Plus, for all of the countless hours spent studying "Revelation", do most Christians not see a connection between "the jab" and the mark of the beast (especially now with the restrictions/etc)? Incidentally I now believe "Revelation" is being used as a roadmap--"predictive programming" just as 1984, Brave New World and other dystopian books were not written to warn us, but were promoted for the same reason--instruction manuals!

    Before my "break" with my Christian faith, I also considered
    "if Christianity is real, where has God/Jesus been during the covid situation? How about throwing us a bone?--i.e. letting us see examples of good overcoming evil." If the shot is truly as bad as some people say (e.g. for mind control), how come God let it get this far if children or disabled people are being forced to take it?--that's not free will. It appears we are all on our own right now--but "God" will take care of things in "the next life"-- that seems like too little too late! I have no idea what the truth is about the human condition (why we were put here and what happens after we die)--that's something I struggle with daily...but I know the real answers are not found in the bible!

    Christianity seems like a bad operating program that overlays the mind--you can't talk to true believers because they will not respond to reason or logic...if you try to question their beliefs, they will just trump any point with "faith" they are scared/superstitious to question anything themselves, because they don't want to piss off God by having a "lack of faith". I am overgeneralizing but this is my experience with myself and loved ones.

    It feels good to get this off my chest! Thank you for listening. I really appreciate you and hope you continue searching for "Truth" and appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us! Free speech is precious--I am sure we all have differences of opinions but that is what makes life interesting :))

    PS What exactly makes you think Miles Mathis is Controlled Opposition? I value your opinion.

    1. If you look at the Book of Revelation in the Bible you will find very strong parallels with the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Both are basically saying the same thing in different ways. Christians are like simple children who do not understand what they are reading and they do not see that the Book of Revelation is taking the side of Jews against non Jews. I was very startled to realize that and it really opened my eyes to something people who are actual Christians are never told about, intentionally so. There is so much ignorance and dogma and ritual in Christianity and truth is not there. I am sorry to be heretic but truth is not there or if truth is there it has been misinterpreted so it is rendered meaningless. There are some who say that God (divinity) is running this world but I do not see it. I see evil men (Jews/Satanists/Elite rich) are running this world. Maybe God is letting that happen and plans to come in suddenly and correct it. I don't know. But to say that this world is run by God is the same as calling God a Psychopath. God is not a Psycopath but the men who are ruling this world clearly are. I believe that God works through good men. The only way to defeat the evil happening today is for good men and women to rise up against it in Revolution. Pacifism is our enemy. Christianity being a Religion of 100% pacifism is our enemy here. To be pacifist is to just sit down and let the enemy rule. How could anyone be a pacifist? I all Christianity Jewish brainwashing because that is how I see it. It makes non Jews completely unable to resist Jewish will and control of the world, and that makes Christianity my enemy. Anything that blinds non Jews and weakens them against their Jewish enemy is a bad thing.

      Miles Mathis is obviously a very intelligent person who knows how to talk to other intelligent people. He talks like me which is why I initially accepted him but after reading many of his posts I reached a bad conclusion about him. I believe that some deaths have been faked such as the Paul Walker "death" but Miles Mathis takes fake deaths to a ridiculous level IMO. If you believe Miles Mathis, almost every celebrity death has been staged and all these people are still alive in the world. I do not believe that. But the big thing that exposes Miles Mathis is what he said about the JFK assassination being staged. I have devoted a good part of this Blog to exposing that JFK was assassinated by his wife who was put up to that very evil act by others who wanted JFK dead. This is the truth as I see it. So for Miles Mathis to claim that the JFK assassination is faked is not only absurd. It is also offensive to me. Here I am trying to convince everyone that JFK was not killed by Oswald and MM is saying it didn't even happen. How could anyone who is after the truth say such a thing? That is why I call MM a disinformation agent for the red pilled. You can use false logic to convince someone of almost anything and that it was I see MM doing in many of his posts. He speaks some truth but he is also saying a lot of disinformation based on false logic. I cannot explain it to you better than that. I do not trust him or anything he says. I read what it says and I glean what truth I can from him but I certainly do not trust him. He is just another person on the Snake payroll to me.