Friday, May 28, 2021

A Forbidden Topic

This Blog is not afraid to go anywhere to find the truth, especially when that truth concerns the Jewish Snakes that I contend rule the entire world in secret.  It should be less than a secret now to readers of this Blog but the vast majority of people are completely clueless to this fact and that is by design.  Because Jews work best in complete secrecy where nobody knows that they are the ones who are pulling the strings on things such as the Covid 19 plandemic and making it happen.  But the purpose of this post is to once again venture into what I consider a very forbidden topic, at least when it comes to what non Jews are supposed to know about the highest tenets of the Jewish faith or Religion.  High level Jews know this and it gets passed down from generation to generation but non Jews are not supposed to know anything about it, and this subject is Jewish Ritual Murder. 

Its very difficult to find out information about this.  Forget about trying to find information about this in the Google search engine because you will only come up with links about "Blood Libel".  This is the Jewish answer to anyone investigating Jewish ritual murder.  What the Jews want us to believe with the term "Blood Libel" is that all accusations against Jews for Jewish ritual murder are false and made purely to libel the Jews or falsely accuse the Jews just because some people hate Jews.  Understand that.  Jews say there is no such thing as human sacrifice in their Religion (Judaism, Talmud, etc.) and that anyone saying that is just an anti-Semite who is making false claims just to hurt the reputation of the Jewish race and the Jewish Religion. This is what the Jews want us to believe concerning the topic of Jewish Ritual Sacrifice but I contend that, like with so many other things in the world, the truth is not what the Jews want us to believe it is.  On this Blog we do not accept the Jewish version of events but we investigate them ourselves to determine what the actual truth is.  

I did a previous post on this topic early in the life of this Blog but I have not gone back to it since then (until now) because it is a very deep rabbit hole to go down as well as being a depressing subject to investigate.  In my investigations into it though, I 100% believe it to be true but it is a very secretive thing.  It is very difficult to find out information about it for one thing.  Jews go to a tremendous effort to keep this secret but I do believe it is part of the real Jewish religion that non Jews are meant never to know about, because this is the kind of thing that could destroy the Jews if it ever became proven public knowledge.  So its a very hidden subject and only those who are willing to go down the deepest rabbit holes will discover the truth about it.  I have not done enough research on this subject and I want to do more.  I would like to get readers of this Blog who are interested in this subject researching it also.  So, in the interests of further research by myself and others, the rest of this post is going to be links to information about this subject. I am not saying I agree with everything contained in these links but they are for further research.  You decide what the truth is.

2000 years of Ritual Murder

Jewish Ritual Murder (The Full Original Banned Documentary)

Jewish Ritual Murder - Chicago, 1955

Jewish Ritual Murder PDF

The Jew the Gypsy and El Islam (Sir Richard F. Burton)

Jewish Ritual Murder - Blood Magic

Jewish Ritual Murder - a historic investigation

Ritual Murder Resources


  1. It is really shock and depressing for me, I grow up with American comic books characters. Many of the most iconic, most popular, most famous comic character like Batman, Superman which are the most kind-hearted characters are created by the most evil race. Jews are the creators of comic book industry and countless famous American comic characters are created by Jews. For example, superman is the most famous fictional characters of all time, he is the symbol of America, he is the most kind-hearted superhero who never kill anyone, never kill villain no matter how evil the villain are, he is most compassionate superhero, the universal symbol of good, and he is created by the most evil race - the Jews. Two Jews created Superman, and Superman name means in Hebrew mean the voice of God. Before getting red-pilled, I always thought the creators of superman is someone very holy, special and compassionate person.

    1. Welcome to the red pill. I did not come to bring you peace of mind. There are so many illusions that get shattered when one becomes aware of the Jewish Problem and that Jews really have taken control of the world although that is hidden from most people. All I am trying to do is spread awareness of what I see. I did not say that you would like to know it. Many people prefer to take the Blue pill because they cannot handle what the red pill shows them and I understand why. I put the truth first.

    2. Anon, you must not have read the earliest Superman comics (called 'Action Comics'). In his first appearances, Superman: bullies a munitions magnate until the magnate promises to stop producing munitions, he bullies a mine owner into improving working conditions for his workers, he rescues juvenile criminals from the police who were trying to arrest them, he literally destroys blocks of slums, he imprisons a prison superintendent in a sweat-box, etc., etc..

      In a word, he is a Democrat through-and-through: exactly what you'd expect from a Jewish creation.

      And compassionate? In Action Comics 2, a criminal cries out in terror, "Good Heavens! He won’t die!". Superman responds, "Glad I can’t say the same for you!", before tossing the criminal into the night. He drugs a football player, is attacked by a squadron of bomber-planes (who were defending the city, because Superman was destroying city blocks), he frees himself from prison after being duly sentenced for committing a battery, he torches an oil well, he kidnaps the Mayor, he destroys a factory, he rescues criminals from the police, etc., etc. In a word, he acted like an utter villain: and that's just examples from the first dozen strips that he appeared in.

    3. You want to blame Democrats but Jews own and control the Republicans too. If you thinking in terms of Democrat vs Republican then you have not seen the truth.

  2. This is a very important thing that your doing, sharing this information with the world..or at least your little space in it. I’ve jumped down the rabbit hole, the same one as you, and it’s a dark, ugly evil place .when I stumbled upon the truth about “gods chosen people” I had just learned about the Noahide Laws, and was researching to find out if such a thing could really happen..I can, it has, and God help us, it will soon be the law of the land. Why do you suppose they aren’t hiding what they do anymore? Our government is theirs. Every facet of American life, every power structure that could possibly stop them has been infiltrated, our would be hero’s subjected to exposure of disgraceful acts , “mysterious deaths” or if they’re lucky, they can beg forgiveness on their knees like Jerry Fallwell did after his taped conversation w Nixon was made public. Knowing doesn’t make it easier, that’s for sure, considering every avenue of support or help has been infiltrated by the very people that need to be exposed, and trying to talk to average people these days is like talking to a wall..or 5 seconds after I open my mouth they check out. iven I get where old boy is coming from, once u know these things you can’t UN know them..I’ve tried my best to step away, particularly after I li watched the “ I’m your Daddy now” video by soul literally cried as I watched the shadows of that Podesta in the basement of Ping Pong was heart wrenching..I wanted them and there to stop.Are we beyond hope now?? I feel that way, how can we stop them? I don’t know why, .but something tells me not to give up hope, so until the bullet goes to my brain I will stay the course. Again God bless you and keep you safe.