Thursday, September 2, 2021

Christopher Columbus


As most people likely already know, Christopher Columbus is credited with the European discovery of the New World that started from an expedition launched from Spain in the year 1492.  What most people do not know and that I myself did not know for the majority of my life is that Jews were expelled from Spain in the year 1492 by order of the Spanish Queen Isabella.  The reason most people do not know about the Jewish expulsion from Spain in 1492 is that this information has been purposely memory holed by the Jews so that the general public loses all awareness of knowledge of it.  I discuss this in a previous post called Rewriting History is part of the Jewish Master Plan.

More to Come


  1. First of all Christopher Columbus was NOT financed by Queen Isabella. He was financed by two rich Jewish merchants, Louis de Santangel, Gabriel Sanchez and a rabbi Don Isaac Abrabanel.

    Columbus was NOT a Catholic Christian. He was a crypto Jew-- a Marrano. Columbus's real name is Salvador Fernando Zarco.

    1. I would have gotten to that in this post but I am not planning to continue it based upon Google censorship of this Blog. If I cannot speak freely without the fear of being censored then I would rather not speak at all but you are probably right about Columbus. As usual, Jews have revised history to show a false history that favors the Jews and that hides the actual history that reveals the Jews for who they really are. I appreciate your information about Columbus which has been memory holed by the Jews. That needs to be heard by the public but I am muzzled here.